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Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-15-2016 06:21 AM


Welcome to a world of fiction and adventure. Well, actually, this world is just getting started on that. Before this day, the world was relatively normal, or so you think. No superheroes, no supervillains. In general, there were very few crazy guys dressing up in costumes to beat criminals to a pulp. That was all...well...that was all comic book stuff, you know?

But then, for some unexplained reason, the world seemed to change. People began getting powers. Some magic-based, some science-based, and some based on other crap entirely.

What kind of person will you be? A hero? A villain? Or something else in between?

So, this is a game where you play a superhero. Or a villain. Or an anti-hero. Or an anti-villain. Few ground rules, first.

Don't want any full-on Joker-tier psychopaths amongst the villains. Mainly because there'll be events from time-to-time where all the characters have to team up in some way to bring down a world-ending threat. And if your character literally burns buses filled with children, the heroes would probably just kill you or throw you in prison. I also want MOST of the players to be heroes or anti-heroes. I'll probably only be accepting a couple full-on villains.

Also, there will be benefits to embracing non-lethality for both heroes and villains. For heroes, it'll eventually gain you acceptance from the city's populace and police force. For villains, it'll make the creation of more extreme heroes less likely. By going around wantonly murdering people like the Joker, you might encourage the creation of more extreme anti-heroes. Like a Punisher. And having a Punisher going around is bad news for most evil-doers.

And remember, each power can only be used once. Only one player can have laser vision, or super genius intelligence, or whatever. I want to keep things really diverse, if possible. If somebody else has already created a full app around the use of the power you want, think up something else.

Finally, this is a comic book type universe. Meaning that reality will pretty commonly be bent. The masked heroes and villains will be more competent than the police, and FAR more competent than random mooks.

I'll probably be selecting about 8-10 applications, and sign-ups will either end in a week, or whenever all the apps are in. Whichever comes first.

Real Name: Rather straightforward. What is their legal name? And if applicable, stick a nickname in quotes.
Alias: You don't actually need this if your character wouldn't make a nickname for themselves. Either the media or the character's friends will make one of these for them if they refrain.
Home City: What is the name of your home city?
City description: Describe your home city. What are its issues? Where is it located (on the coast, near a river, on some hills, etc)? What are its main industries and economic cornerstones? Does it have a culture, and if so, what's it like? What's it's aesthetic? There's a significant difference between Gotham and Metropolis. Every city that you guys create will exist somewhere within the New England-New York-Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland area, to make you guys are close together. However, the cities themselves will all be fictional. Think DC.
Character description: Describe your character's physical appearance, including hair color, eye color, skin color, build, height, and any other noteworthy features.
Character personality: Describe your character's personality. Who they are, how they act, etc. Are they self-centered? Selfless? Brave? Cowardly? Pragmatic? Idealistic? What is their personal code of morality? The list goes on. Give me an idea of who they are and how they act.
Character background: What is their occupation and what is their history. If they have powers, how did they acquire them? Alternatively, if you want them to acquire their powers in the early RP, that's fine too. Just describe how you WANT them to acquire their powers in that case. If they have a particular set of skills, what led to them having those skills? If they possess shitloads of money, name how they have their money. I advise putting them at the head of a family multi-billion dollar corporation to give them a continuous source of cash.
Costume Description: What do they go out fighting crime in, at gamestart? Keep it within reason for the background. And remember that this is a comic book universe. You can have capes and heels and still fight fine, and a regular ol' black mask will protect your identity without issues.
Character advantages: A character can either have powers, have badass skills and experience, or have a shitload of money. Every power except flight, super strength, super speed, super healing, and super durability can only be used once. I don't want an entire universe of super geniuses. That would get incredibly old. The more powers you add, the more watered down they become. Invulnerability also requires an explicit weakness to that invulnerability, as otherwise your character becomes unbeatable.
Friends and Family: I want a detailed list of your character's friends and family. For family, I want everybody up to the character's paternal and maternal grandparents, including cousins, uncles, aunts, and what-not. If you want to include more, go right ahead. Include a short description of his or her relationship with each. Also include romantic relationships, or former romantic relationships.


Acolyte Doctor - Henry Drake
Anomaly - Seona MacLeòid
Bigshot - Wendelin Weiß
Galloglasses - Desmond McDonagel
Kocel - Marcus Loxley
MQuinny - Casey Kane
Pail - Cassandra Caldwell
Protoman - Isidora Cruz
Vancho - Maximilien Carlssen
Whimbrel - Alexandria Escher

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-15-2016 06:21 AM

Cities and Districts
Every city district has at least one police station and fire station, along with various clinics, banks, shops, markets, bars, and other generic buildings. Below I just list the vague feel or purpose of each district.

Albatross City, CT
[Image: bb3905f7d215e87e3418b96049418a18.png]
Public Transit
Albatross City is serviced by a bus system that runs throughout the entire city, as well as a lightrail that runs through the districts of Downtown, Birdhaven, South Albatross, the University district, West Albatross, and Fairhaven.
Albatross City's downtown district houses the city administration buildings (courthouse, police HQ, city hall, unemployment office, social security office, among other things), as well as many of the city's financial and corporate institutions. Downtown also has a healthy nightlife, with a few clubs such as Infinity and Club Magenta that are vibrant past the hour of 7 PM. Also houses one of the city's three major hospitals.
South Albatross
A low income housing district filled with cheap tenement apartment complexes. Also home to Laurel's apartment, and her workplace: The AACC.
Middle-class mixture of suburbs and relatively nice apartments.
West Albatross
Wealthy district filled with nice apartments, high-class bars and clubs, mansions, and small corporate offices. Has one of the city's hospitals, as well.
University District
With Albatross University at its center, the university district is home to its campus, as well as adequate student housing complexes, a community college, and a few parks and recreational areas. Also a higher-than-average number of bars. Also has one of the city's hospitals.
East Albatross
The city's industrial district. Large quantities of waste pour into the river from the district's many factories and plants.
Albatross International Airport
The city's airport, along with a lot of hotels, restaurants, and a few tourist traps.
Arden, FL
[Image: 836323773763de3ea258e1a1797f7d26.png]
Public Transit
Buses and the state-of-the-art monorail system!
Southwest Arden
The city's major commercial and entertainment districts! Lots of shops, night clubs, theme parks, and other services. Tourism galore!
Downtown Arden
The city's business and financial district.
Arden International Airport
One of the biggest tourist airports in the country, due to all the theme parks and tourist attractions in Arden.
East Arden
This is where all the residential areas of the city are, ranging from high-rise apartments near Downtown to sleepy suburban homes on the outskirts of town.
Northwest Arden
The city's various industries are located here, though Arden was never much of an industrial town.
Lake Arden
A large freshwater lake. Good for fishing, parties, and beachgoing.
Ciudad City, FL
[Image: f62d23b6e5e895c20954a6f529cc47eb.png]
Public Transit
Ciudad public transit consists of a bus system (which is always swamped in heavy traffic) and an underfunded metro system.
Pueblo Inconsecuente
Lower class suburb.
Norte Chico
Minor commercial district.
Mejor Norte Chico
Broke off from Norte Chico a long time ago. Declared themselves the Best Norte Chico.
Better minor commercial district!
Where all the rich people live.
Distrito District
Middle and lower class apartment buildings mixed with shopping districts.
Pan Blanco Del Norte
Very white communities with golf courses, malls, and beachfront property.
Pueblo de Cuba
Little Cuba. Home to many Cuban immigrant communities.
Lago Suburbio
Suburban housing built around many small ponds and lakes.
Peor Pan Blanco
Built out of a massive old golf course. Now home to many white communities.
Has a thriving textile industry, outdoor markets, gets quite metropolitan towards downtown. Has a lot of apartments, both middle and lower class. Has a bit of industry, and a few shipyards.
Playa Beach
The world-famous Playa Beach.
Ciudad City
The downtown district devoted to governance and finance.
Isla del Commercio
An island originally founded as a trading post by the Spanish. It is now a museum and park.
Parque Park
Home to many beautiful parks and plazas.
Sur Ciudad
Home to the city's small industrial sector. Many factories are no longer operational.
Tierra Vida
Houses the city's massive medical school (Ciudad Medical School) and main hospital.
Pan Blanco
Home to the University of Florida, Ciudad. Also has a lot of student housing.
Viva Pinata
Party district. Has a ton of night clubs and outdoor celebration centers. Also has the soccer stadium, which is way bigger in Ciudad than in the rest of America, for some reason.
Great Bay City, RI
[Image: 24940bd96dc9763ce47f78f14057e0ca.png]
Public Transit
Great Bay City is serviced by a bus system that runs throughout the entire city, as well as a cable car that runs downtown, and a metro train that runs throughout all the districts except for Oceanside. The metro train system is named Great Bay Rapid Transit, but is usually just called "the train".
Downtown is home to the city's administrative buildings (courthouse, police HQ, city hall, unemployment office, social security office, among other things), as well as many of the city's corporate institutions. Some of the financial institutions are housed here as well, though Great Bay City has its own seperate financial district that handles many of their needs.
The Sirloin
The heart of the city's working classes. Largely neglected, problems with hard drugs and alcohol, (as opposed to the rest of the city's problem with party drugs) dangerous reputation, home to a number of housing projects. Very seedy. Dotted with strip clubs, cheap bars, and various cheap restaurants with food from all around the world. Absalom's home.
The Chavez district
The center of the city's famous annual gay pride parade and tons of tourism. Characterized by gay bars, night clubs, theater, and a thriving number of locally-owned businesses. Proximity with the Sirloin district is a result of the openly gay community's traditionally working-class roots (possibly one of the reasons why the population of Great Bay City has traditionally been so welcoming to members of the LGBT community.)
The Wharf
Another hot tourist destination that just so happens to double as an economic center for the city. Part of the wharf is dedicated to tourism while the rest is home to the city's still-thriving fishing and canning classes, typically made up of individuals who live in the sirloin.
SOMA (South Market District)
More or less an entertainment district, servicing tourists by day and locals by night. Museums, theaters, and art galleries sate the appetite of those coming to the city to see something new, while locals of all economic backgrounds can find a bar, night club, lounge, or BDSM club that will suit their interests after sunset.
The city's richest district. Home to a number of politicians, celebrities, musicians, and businessmen. Tour busses are not allowed to pass through this district, nor is through traffic. Planes approaching the airport must also approach from the bay, to avoid disturbing the rich denizens with the noise of the jets.
A district that has history with the hippy movement. 1960s and 70s counterculture bloomed in this area, with a number of young vagabonds coming here to find peace, harmony, and love. Those times have long since passed, and this area of the city is now primarily dominated by hipsters and yuppies who were drawn to the mystique of the area's history. Subject to some of the worst gentrification in the city. Still a thriving tourist spot.
Lower Pell
Has always been harder-edged than its big brother, and recent years havent helped. While Pell-Pothier was experiencing hippy counter-culture, Lower Pell was populated by punks, anarchists, communists, and socialists. Gentrification has pushed many former P-P citizens into the lower Pell or the Sirloin, hardening the stance of the politically-minded youth against the yuppies invading their city.
Chinatown and Japantown
The centers of their respective cultures in the city. Great Bay City's rather large Asian immigrant population was not treated with much respect in the past, leading to de facto segregation. While the asian population has spread through the rest of the city in recent years, these areas still have an intense concentration of the city's asian population. There are tinier subsections of each district dominated by various other Asian cultures, they're just not large enough to warrant their own districts.
The Financial district
A financial district. Mostly just financial stuff, though there are some really fancy-schmancy bars as well.
Credit: District descriptions for Great Bay City were written by Protoman.
Freiwerk, PA
[Image: e132eb5bfc6b9fd4aaae487a948baacb.png]
Public Transit
Buses, the Metro train, and the light rail.
District Zoning
[Image: Freiwerkzoning.png]
Hooverville, NJ
[Image: ce266d7c59be2ed190c1861b3de6efd7.png]
Public Transit
Hooverville has a metro train, a bus, and a light rail.
Western Hooverville
Residential districts, mainly in Fearless HIlls, Memorial Heights, Floodtown, Redwash, and Fallen Fields. The areas directly across the river from Downtown are mainly high-rises.
Wilson International Airport
A major airport named after Woodrow Wilson.
Burrtown and Devon Depths
The city's old industrial districts. Lots of old factories and warehouses.
South Hooverville
Plainview and Crosston. Residential, primarily, with a lot of shops in clusters.
East Hooverville
The Reach and Carrionville. Residential.
North Hooverville
Lots of shops and clubs and other such things. Commercial and business hotspot.
Finance time! Lots of finance and what-not, and business, and yeah.
Independence, MD
[Image: 2e5be8275b8557ba0569b08a5e517768.png]
Public Transit
Independence is serviced by a thorough bus system, as well as an elevated rail system that runs throughout downtown and downtown's neighboring regions (with the exception of the rich residential districts).
Home to many of the city's administrative offices (courthouse, city hall, unemplyment, social security, etc) as well as corporate offices. Including the office of Burson Technologies: Layla's worlplace. It is also home to one of the city's four hospitals.
Low income housing district. Has a lot of giant poor tenements and apartment blocks. Does have a sense of community, however, even in the face of overwhelming poverty!
Used to be home to the city's thriving meat packing and butcher industry. Now home to a lot of automized meat packing plants and the occasional butcher shop, as well as many other automized industries. The automization has put a ton of people out of work, contributing to the city's problems.
The Forge
The city's primary industrial district. Heavily automized. Once again, this has put a lot of people out of work.
One of the nicer districts of Independence. Home to the city's rich and affluential. Far-removed from the city's troubles.
A middle-class district. Home to a lot of the city's bureaucrats, corporate drones, factory foremen, and business managers. Has a lot of moderately nice apartment complexes and condos. Home to one of the city's four hospitals.
Formerly an ethnic enclave of German immigrants. Now it's mainly a shipping district with a lot of low to medium income housing and canning factories.
Another fishing district. This one is a bit quieter than Germantown, and also houses the city's main marina for the people who actually enjoy going out on the city's polluted bay.
Home to the city's yachting movement, as well as many oceanside mansions and estates. Also has a lot of neat overpriced shops and bars. Home to one of the city's four hospitals.
A historic district. Has quite a few museums, as well as one of the city's four hospitals, its university, and its sports stadium.
Mishawum, MA
[Image: 2172ae6eb2cfc1bec0ee0dc33c67390c.png]
Public Transit
Mishawum is serviced by a bus system, as well as a metro train named "Mishawum Regional Transport" or MRT that services all areas of the city except for Monroe.
Home to the city's docks, shipyards, and piers, as well as its administrative buildings, corporate offices, sports stadiums, and one of its four major hospitals. Downtown also houses several coastal forts in use since the Revolutionary period, including Fort Freedom and Fort Liberty.
Home to a lot of educational facilities (such as MIT) and high tech businesses (such as GeneTech Labs). Oxford is one of the tech centers of the east coast, and MIT's alumni are counted amongst the foremost in their respective fields. Home to one of the city's four major hospitals.
Home to a lot of low income apartments and student housing. Also Elena's home.
Home to a lot of fishing canneries, docks, and meat-based industries.
Home to a number of hotels, shops, and beaches. Something of a tourist district.
Scott International Airport
Mishawum's airport. One of the largest in the country.
Home to a lot of low-income housing, apartment tenements, and duplexes.
An older, middle-income district of town. Recently underwent redevelopment that leveled many of the old houses, replacing them with condos, apartments, and a few high-rises.
Home to Mishawum University, as well as a lot of low and middle income housing. Also home to one of the city's four major hospitals.
An industrial district filled with a lot of clean, heavily-automized industry.
The city's rich district. Has a lot of mansions on the eastern edge, with luxury high rises and apartments on the western edge. Has classy marinas for the yachts, as well as tennis courts, golf courses, and horse tracks. Home to one of the city's four hospitals.
Neutaven, NY
[Image: 2ebad11b8b220bcef76cbae0cdb47941.png]
Public Transit
Neutaven is serviced by a subway that runs through Midtown, Utrecht, New Hanover, Queensport, University Hills, New Bristol, Luther Intl', Southharbor, Graysburgh, and Queensport. Neutaven is also serviced by a thorough bus system, and a ferry system. The ferries are very inefficient, and are used more by tourists.
Home to the city's administrative buildings, as well as a MASSIVE number of corporate offices, high rises, skyscrapers, and business interests. A few poorer areas of Midtown still use tenement blocks, but these are slowly being redeveloped by wealthy business interests. Home to two of Neutaven's seven major hospitals. Also the most densely-populated place in the United States.
Traditionally home to the African-American communities of Neutaven. These too are slowly being redeveloped and gentrified, with the poorer populations often being forced into Graysburgh or New Bristol. Home to one of Neutaven's seven major hospitals.
Home to a large portion of the city's middle class who simply can't afford to live in Midtown. They tend to commute there, often via subway or across the bridges. Home to one of Neutaven's seven major hospitals.
A poorer district of town. Home to a lot of tenement apartment complexes.
Home to the city's shipyards, wharfs, fishing docks, and canning industries, as well as its meat packing plants and other industries. The industries are all partially or heavily automized, minimizing the workforce needed to man them.
Luther Intl' Airport
One of the largest airports in the United States.
New Bristol
Poor district. Similar to Graysburgh.
University Hills
Home to Neutaven University, as well as University Hills Community College and Liberty Law School. Also has a lot of student housing and one of Neutaven's seven major hospitals.
New Hanover
Middle-class housing district. Also home to Neutaven's sports stadiums and one of Neutaven's seven major hospitals.
North and South Braxton
Low and middle class housing mixed with industry and fishing. Also home to one of Neutaven's seven major hospitals.
Paraselle Falls, MA
[Image: 8f89e6acfb493762575c731d1f821716.png]
Public Transit
Paraselle Falls is serviced by bus system with routes that mainly travel between the Paraselle airport and Downtown, with branches off into the residential areas. In addition, there is also a 'district local' bicycle rental system in place in all districts except for Paraselle Airport. The rental systems allow people to borrow a district owned bicycle at an hourly rate.
Downtown hosts the city's administrative buildings, as well as many of the shops, stores, and restaraunts that bring in much of the city's revenue. There are also a few parks scattered around that keep the green-ness aspect of the city intact. Downtown is also second place when it comes to protests of the growing construction business in North Meadows.
North Meadows
North Meadows is the least developed of Paraselle Falls' districts, and is host to only two low-income communities. Much of North Meadows is forest and field, and many students and locals swing by to hang out in the green expanse. However, North Meadows is also home to the Blue Slate Construction Company's headquarters and is the location of Paraselle Falls' primary expansion. Many oppose Blue Slate's operations, especially after their restoration of Riverview, and quite a few protests are started near their headquarters by some of the more rambunctious individuals.
Contrary to its name suggesting otherwise, Highbury is the poorest district in Paraselle Falls. The area is loud due to the constant travel of buses through the area, and there are plenty of apartment buildings and low-end shops that have seen better days. Despite that, Highbury is a favorite destination of the college students, as it holds many of the convenience stores selling cheap food and thrift shops, selling cheap clothing. In addition, Highbury holds the city's one and only VHS shop, which is still chugging along, and Xenon Zone, the city's most popular arcade.
Paraselle Airport
A somewhat understaffed airport that brings in plenty of tourists. The area also houses a few hotels for new arrivals and the city's biggest bus station, known as 'The Funnel' by the locals due to the fact that the large amount of travelers coming through are funneled through the singular bus station.
A district housing most of Paraselle Falls' high income characters, Westside is the most developed district aside from Downtown and the two colleges. Almost all of the city's native youth that attends one of the two colleges comes from this district. Most of the communities here are gated, and many are separated by sparse forests and golf courses.
Northern Unity
Northern Unity College is one of Paraselle Falls' two colleges, and houses not only the campus, two parking lots, and housing complexes, but also some of the city's finer restaurants. Much of the campus has tall trees and stout shrubbery, which meshes well with the laid-back 'art student' vibe that the school gives off.
Kordes University is the other of Paraselle Falls' two colleges. A technical school, Kordes is a streamlined area holding the university's campus, parking lot, and on-campus housing. In addition, Kordes is host to a decently sized botanical garden and many prominent and popular shops.
A medium-income residential district, Riverview is most famous for its proximity to the series of waterfalls that gave Paraselle Falls' its name. Much of the district has been restored, and many of its former population now reside in Southforest and Highbury. Besides the river, Riverview is also home to most of Paraselle Falls' movie theaters, including Waterfall Cinemas, which was shut down due to a sanitation incident a couple years ago.
A low to medium income district, Southforest is not particularly notable. It contains quite a few well-maintained apartment buildings, as well as a few suburbs. Southforest's most notable trait is that it is probably the seediest part of the city, which isn't saying too much. Southforests hosts most of the city's bars and liquor stores, as well as a few poorly maintained restaurants. There is a slight bit of unrest in the district from the slight overpopulation of available buildings due to Blue Slate's restoration of Riverview, but not enough for anybody to come forward abou it.
Credit: District descriptions for Paraselle Falls were written by SupahKiven.
Pauldros, PA
Public Transport
The most famous public transport in Pauldros is the elevated light rail network that runs parallel to most of the highways and connects through the districts. The network is well-used but its maintenance budget is often siphoned by politicians and subject to corruption, and it has a reputation for griminess and petty crime that drives away wealthier residents. There is also a chronically understaffed bus system, and a glut of private taxis.
The heart of the city, where the skyline is dominated by numerous skyscrapers. Smaller towers fill the gaps between them, casting shadows on the poorly maintained lakeside green spaces. The town hall is a looming concrete edifice overlooking the shoreline. Most city administrative buildings are here, and the towers are dominantly corporate offices, though there are some residential towers on the fringes. The city's biggest hospital is also here.
[Image: e5974f569e8fc4c4fef9e65fe712c08e.png]
McClem Hills
A primarily commercial area of the city, McClem hills is home to the Harris Expo Center and a major hospital. Most streets are sided with storefronts, and there are two large malls within the district, but no skyscrapers. The district is neither particularly free of crime nor mired in it, but instead is something of a middle ground.
A medium-to-low income area of the city, Henryville has a number of smaller shops but also a large number of low-rise tenements arranged in rows. The south side of Henryville is home to Pauldros' Little Italy, and as a result the entire district has a reputation of being the Ferri Family's turf. Also features a large paved square called simply the Henryville Square with a statue of a largely unknown Pennsylvania governor in the middle, where a crowd of transient market stalls are set up to sell things on weekdays. There is a major hospital in the western edge of the district, which is positioned close to one of the main entrances to the airport.
A medium-wealth region of the city, Lakeview has a large green park at the lakeside, overlooked by relatively clean and luxurious apartments. In fact, the Lakeview lakefront is one of the cleanest parts of the city. The apartments further back from the lakeside aren't so wealthy, but are still better than most of the city. The area is also home to the lesser of the two main community colleges of Pauldros.
Formerly part of Iron Heights, much of Haven was regenerated into low-rise offices after most of the factories in the area closed down. The small Pauldros Port still operates here, although it has long since shrunk and declined from its heyday, and only the area near it is still dominated by warehouses. Nobody really needs to ship on Lake Erie that much anymore, as attested to by the rusting iron frames of the dockyard cargo handlers.
Iron Heights
The industrial heart of the city. Although some of the factories lie empty and land is cheap, a good number of mixed industries still operate within the city, drawing on the large population. There are two freight stations connected to the US rail network in the district, entirely separate from the light rail. Ironically, one of the flattest parts of the city. Although not subject to much criminal pressure over turf control compared to other districts, many criminal groups do business in dilapidated warehouses and long-closed factories here, and as such it is considered something like 'neutral ground'.
Presque Isle Estates
Technically a part of the suburbs rather than the metropolitan area, Presque Isle was sold to private developers during the height of the 1970s energy crisis. These days it is a mix of postmodern and neomodern mansions that all have lakeside docks in their backyards. There is also a large green forested park in the interior of the island. The entire island is a gated community with restricted access. Notable sights include Bock Mansion and the private marina.
Ember Square
A low-rise mix of storefronts and offices, Ember Square is a low-wealth area highly contested by the criminal groups of Pauldros. Its unfortunate position between Henryville, South Pauldros and the Gutter means that all three groups frequently contest each other for control of the district's commercial enterprises, far from the averted eyes of the police. The actual Ember Square itself is a smallish paved square near the heart of the district with a squat obelisk that commemorates the destructive city fire of 1936.
The Gutter
Officially called Glory Hills, the Gutter is an area of low-rise tenements mired in crime and lost to order. Dominated mostly by the Glory Hills Gang but home to many other street gangs and criminal operations, the Gutter is the part of the city where even bought-and-paid-for cops fear to go. Street crime is rife, poverty is widespread, and life is miserable. Aside from the odd corner store and the bleedover of industry from Iron Heights on the north edge, this district is grid row after drab grid row of dirty tenements with unrealistically proud names.
An island of stability in an otherwise quite unpleasant part of the city, Fireside is built around Fireside College, the better of the city's two colleges, and Lake Fireside Park, which is a decently-sized green park. Other than that, the district is dominated by student apartments and small commercial enterprises. Also home to a major hospital and a lone out-of-place glass-sided office tower, the L'Oreas Building. When city hall wants to make a video to show off how nice Pauldros is to invest in, this is the part of the city they tend to film in if they leave Downtown.
South Pauldros
More low-income tenements and apartments flank the long, straight boulevards of South Pauldros, which is home to the local chapter of the Skulls biker gang. The infrastructure network in this part of the city is slightly overbuilt, meaning traffic is surprisingly good for what is effectively another extension of Pauldros' sprawl of low-income urban housing. There is also a scattering of cheap offices and street-level commercial venues, primarily along the central east-west boulevard.
The Suburbs
The suburbs of Pauldros sprawl out in all directions from the city. This is where most of the middle class residents of Pauldros live. Where the elevated rail extends into the suburbs it instead runs on the ground, and the stations are few and far between but easily identifiable by their large parking garages. The Pauldros Research University campus is out in the suburbs, with its own light rail station connecting it to the city and everything.
Pauldros International Airport
A large international airport that nevertheless services more national flights than international ones, Pauldros International has a large array of private hangars and even a restricted-access runway for private jets and an exclusive business lounge to go with it, in an entirely separate building complex to the public terminal concourses.
Credit: District descriptions for Pauldros were written by Demonsul.
Scath, CT
[Image: d7d6890333e1c1a27b9c8f8911a079cc.png]
Public Transit
Scath is serviced by a city bus system that goes through all the city's districts, as well as a metro train that services the western side of the river.
Downtown is home to the city's administrative buildings (such as city hall, the courthouse, police headquarters, and social security office), as well as its corporate buildings, financial institutions, and a few high rise apartments. It also houses Scath's sports stadiums, and one of Scath's three major hospitals: Scath General Hospital.
Pleasant Glen
Middle-income housing district filled with condos and apartments.
Clement Cross
Low-income housing district. Lots of tenements and apartments.
A moderately wealthy district filled with well-to-do homes. The river also houses some rather nice mansions and estates.
South Scath
The city's industrial heart. Home to a lot of dirty industry and high tech, which conveniently drains all its waste south of the wealthy Riverside district.
Fireheart Hills
Home to even more industry. Fireheart Hills has a lot of steel mills and manufacturing plants.
West Scath
Shopping district. Has a lot of malls, strip malls, and commercial activity.
Scath International Airport
A large and well-staffed international airport. The district also has a lot of the city's hotels, and other services for travelers and tourists.
North Scath
Low-income district slowly being gentrified and redeveloped by downtown interests.
East Scath
A decent enough part of town. The riverside portions have a number of nice homes, while the interior is dominated by commercial activity, malls, and shopping centers.
Home to Scath University, as well as a lot of student housing, shops, and stores.
Shermingham, VA
[Image: 8a1a964f528568fc157c484cc3325b2d.png]
Public Transit
A lot of buses. Get a truck, you goddamn hippy.
Industrial district, location of gun factories and the local national guard armory. Location of the annual Shermingham Jam Festival. Jams, like preserves, of course. Yeah, it's a weird festival. There's some residential blocks here, as well, but they're very poorly maintained and mostly serve as the home for workers of the factories.
Another industrial district, but also shares the city's river fisheries with Lee Hills. Several fish canneries are here. Also, the odd location of Brook Park.
Lee Hills
As stated above, shares the fisheries with Brookvale. Mostly a residential district, however. A mix of low and mid-level income neighborhoods.
A mid to high level income neighborhood with plenty of gated communities. Also some nice parks.
Jackson Valley
The home of various working class folk, particularly those who work services for the richer people of Stuartwood. Jackson Valley is also, historically, the "black" part of town, where minorities were forced to live. Low rent, with a surprisingly manageable crime rate, though a severe grafitti problem. Location of one of the best BBQ joints in Shermingham.
North Hills
A more recently built-up part of town, North Hills is the location of the city's surprisingly booming tech sector. The jobs here are mostly programming, with a few design firms here and there. Despite the boost to the city's economy, some claim the businesses here are corrupt and prone to breaking city zoning laws.
Longstreet Plaza
Riddled with strip malls and stores, if you want to go shopping in Shermingham, Longstreet is the place to do it. Also the location of the hub of the city's failed subway system. Rumors are that, at one point, there was also a push to build "Underground Malls" that never went completely through, leaving large, decrepit, underground structures.
Forrest Wood
A mid-income level neighborhood with a nebulous dark past. A couple less-important universities are here, as well as the city's largest sports stadium.
The Davis International Airport
What it says on the tin. The airport, as well as a slew of motels and chain restuarants catering to travelers are here.
Solomon City, CT
[Image: 356ff77175b55caee18a462ce707f573.png]
Public Transit
Buses and a metro train (called SCRT or "The S-Cart") service the entire city.
Home to the city's administrative buildings, sports stadiums, police HQ, and other such buildings. Also serves as a corporate and financial heart.
Industrial center of the city.
Burns Fields
Low income housing.
Low income housing.
Middle income housing
Rich district.
The Triad
Shopping district.
University district. Home to Solomon City University.
Low income district. Also home to Solomon City's Chinatown.
Middle income district.
New Stratford
Entertainment district. Houses the entrance to Under-Solomon.
New Devon
High tech industrial.
Solomon City International Airport
Has the airport, hotels, and tourist shops.

Bock Industries
Headquarters: Pauldros, Pennsylvania
Majority owner: Robert T. Bock (55%)
CEO and Chairman: Robert T. Bock
CFO: Stephanie J. Coleman
COO: Michael L. Combs
Description: Robert Bock was born in 1960, the son of Randall Bock, an American steel magnate. Over the years, Robert has transformed his father's company into a major global enterprise, competing in chemical production, steel production, manufacturing, and mining. Many in Washington are believed to be in Bock's pocket, and he is commonly regarded as a corrupting influence.
Focus: Industrial and Household Chemicals, Heavy Industry.

Werkhorse Incorporated
Headquarters: Freiwerk, Pennsylvania
Legal owner: Maximilien Carlssen
CEO: Maximilien Carlssen
Description: A small, highly efficient, highly productive firm founded by Maximilien Carlssen (AKA: Max Volts). They research and produce a variety of goods ranging from railguns to construction drones. It is rumored that the AI known as Emily has a strong role in managing the company.

Stimson Worldwide
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority owner: Gary Stimson (52%)
CEO and Chairman: Gary Stimson
CFO: Kirk Wells
COO: Craig Evans
Description: Gary Stimson was born in 1950 to Derek Stimson, the owner of several radio stations and newspapers. After taking ownership following his father's tragic death by cancer in 1974, Gary Stimson launched American News Network, one of America's premier news channels.
Focus: Media

Elephant Industrial
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: John Oliphant (62%)
CEO and Chairman: John Oliphant
CFO: Rosemarie Cox
COO: Sue Gunn
Description: Elephant Industrial is one of the largest manufacturers of construction equipment in the country. They pride themselves on durability and reliability.
Focus: Heavy Industry

Sloat Chemicals
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: Samuel Sloat (60%)
CEO and Chairman: Samuel Sloat
CFO: Brian Petersen
COO: Rochelle Garcia
Description: Sloat Chemicals is a major competitor for the Pauldros-based Bock Industries, and has a large amount of the market share for industrial and household chemicals.
Focus: Industrial and Household Chemicals

Moran Autos
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: Barney Moran (52%)
CEO and Chairman: Barney Moran
CFO: Brian Moran
COO: Clara Moran
Description: Moran Autos is one of several major US auto manufacturers. While the 2008 Financial Crisis impacted Moran Autos heavily, it impacted their US-based rivals more. Moran Autos was one of two manufacturers not to accept government bailout money. Produces the Buck, PowerBuck, and UltraBuck line of trucks. Also produced the Flux, a four-door sedan.
Focus: Civilian Automobiles

Garfield Motors (GM)
Headquarters: Cadillac, Michigan
Majority Owner: None
CEO and Chairman: Adam Davenport
Description: A formerly powerful automotive conglomerate that has suffered a long and steady decline in the face of foreign competition. They were forced to accept bailout money during the 2008 Financial Crisis, and their fortunes have not recovered much since. They made the GM Painto in the 1980s.

Hood Pharmaceuticals
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: Ivan Robinette (45%)
CEO and Chairman: Ivan Robinette
CFO: Olivia Jackson
COO: Ula Greene
Focus: Pharmaceuticals

Fontaine Industries
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: Michael Fontaine (40%)
CEO and Chairman: John Lay
CFO: Robert Walls
COO: Justin Simeone
Focus: Heavy Industry.

Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: Luthor Geld (70%)
CEO and Chairman: Luthor Geld
CFO: Greg Mason
COO: Edith Sampson
Focus: Consumer Electronics. Since the war, they've been researching an extensive amount of alien electronics, allowing them to update their designs.

Burson Technologies
Headquarters: Independence, Maryland
Majority Owner: Burt Burson (70%)
CEO and Chairman: Burt Burson
CFO: Floyd Burns
COO: Bonnie Williams
Focus: High tech items. Smartphones, Computers, and other electronics. Including the Burson S70, a popular smartphone. Since the alien war, Burson Technologies has worked non-stop to reverse engineer alien electronics and microelectronics, overhauling their smartphone, computer, and circuit designs, building new construction drones, and generally improving their technology all-round.

United Express
Headquarters: Thebes, Tennessee
Majority Owner: Will Johnson (20%)
CEO and Chairman: Will Johnson
Focus: A private delivery service with emphasis on fast delivery. Has several divisions devoted to ground freight, air express services, and home delivery. Is called UnEx for short.

Almaw Macrotechnology
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: Simon Almaw (55%)
CEO and Chairman: Simon Almaw
CFO: Gregor Reeves
COO: ???
Focus: Security software and hardware. Since the war, Almaw has been working primarily on alien electronics and alien security measures, keeping their edge and expanding their profits substantially.
Dragoon Security - A private security firm with two wings: one devoted to elite rapid-response forces, and another devoted to large numbers of moderately-trained professionals. Since the war, they've adopted mostly non-lethal measures, and have become far less gung ho. As a result, their reputation has improved substantially.

Fabbrica d'Armi Sabbatini
Headquarters: Verona, Italy
Majority Owner: Sabbatini family
CEO and Chairman: Averardo Sabbatini
CFO: Alina Sabbatini
COO: Alessandro Sabbatini
Focus: Firearms. Sabbatini is an ancient firearms manufacturer with a legacy dating back to the renaissance. They are known for high-quality weapons, particularly their pistols. Since the war, they've done extensive small arms research for the Italian government, keeping their game sharp in the new world of energy and magnetic small arms.

Headquarters: Lokeren, Belgium
Majority Owners: Belgian Government
Director: Jorn Jilesen
Focus: Firearms. Lokeren was initially an armory founded by the Belgian government. It continues to operate semi-independently, developing a wide variety of firearms for customers worldwide. Among their products is the Lokeren 72, a well-regarded pistol. Like BGS, Lokeren has done extensive research into alien small arms, and have developed a number of weapons for governments across the world.

Headquarters: Essen, Germany
Majority Owners: Bergmann, Gruenewald, and Schmidt families each hold 1/3 of the company.
CEO: Andreas Gruenewald
Focus: Firearms. BGS was founded in the years following World War 2, filling the West German demand for a new assault rifle. They are known for their rifles and SMGs, though their pistols are good as well. Since the war, they've done extensive R&D into alien weapons, and they have a number of contracts with governments across the world.

Augustine Arms
Headquarters: Angel City, California
Majority Owner: Gordon Holloway (31%)
CEO: Nathaniel Cole
Focus: Firearms. An American arms manufacturer based in Angel City, California. Founded in the early 1900s, they were known for their bolt-action rifles and double-action revolvers. As with all major arms companies, however, they had a full selection of weapons available. Following the war, they've focused on selling their traditional weapons to the general public, increasing their profits.

Rozell and Storm
Headquarters: Lamar, Texas
Majority Owner: Peter Rozell (52%)
CEO and Chairman: Peter Rozell
Focus: Firearms. Founded in 1948, they were dedicated to manufacturing excellent assault rifles and shotguns. They also had a good selection of pistols, SMGs, and foreign-licensed machine guns. Since the war, they've done a lot of research into xenotech weaponry, particularly magnetic weapons. The government has a number of contracts with them.

Haskell Motors
Headquarters: Neutaven, New York
Majority Owner: Doris Haskell (40%)
Chairman: Doris Haskell
CEO: Anne R. Chapman
Focus: Civilian Automobiles. In the post-war world, Haskell has focused on overhauling their various vehicle designs with principles introduced by alien technology.

Caughlin Corporation
Headquarters: Shermingham, Virginia
Majority Owner: Andrew Caughlin (55%)
CEO and Chairman: Andrew Caughlin
Focus: Small Arms and Military Hardware. Following the alien war, Caughlin did extensive research into alien weaponry. All of their research is currently classified, as the US government doesn't want xenotech weaponry falling into the hands of criminals, or ordinary citizens. Regardless, Caughlin has made a lot of cash from government contracts.

Trask Biotech
Headquarters: Hooverville, New Jersey
Majority Owner: Paul Trask (70%)
CEO: Paul Trask
Focus: Pharmaceuticals, Bioengineering, and Biotechnology. Previously Paracell Corporation. Radka Rykov, a previously unknown but apparently corrupt individual, took control of the company for a short time before it was restored to the control of original owner Paul Trask. He promptly lowered the prices on various products to reasonable levels, and fired a large number of Radka Rykov's appointees and hires. Celia Feingold, the previous CEO, was removed from her position.

Margand Industries
Headquarters: Freiwerk, Pennsylvania
Majority Owner: Eugene Margand (100%)
CEO and Chairman: Eugene Margand
Focus: Technology, including drones, consumer electronics, and military-grade hardware. Despite Vorcen Industries getting in on their lucrative drone-building activities, Margand has expanded substantially in the post-war world, getting a number of delicious government contracts.

Headquarters: Mishawum, Massachusetts
Majority Owner: Edward Rusnak (Privately-Owned)
CEO: Leona Holder
Focus: Bio-Research. Following the alien war, GeneTech did extensive research into alien biology, alien medicines, medigel (which Paracell beat them to), and genetic engineering. The results of their research is classified.
Founded: 1942

Advanced Intelligent Systems Incorporated
Headquarters: Mishawum, Massachusetts
Majority Owner: Billy Graham (Privately-Owned)
CEO and Chairman: Billy Graham
Focus: Artificial Intelligence and Software design. They did a lot of research into alien artificial intelligence following the war.

Ad Astra
Headquarters: Pauldros, Pennsylvania
Majority Owner: Marcus Matrose (55%)
CEO: George Duncan
Focus: Space exploration and exploitation, as well as military rockets. Rocketry. Since the alien war, they've expanded their pursuits into energy production and space resource exploration. Neither of these pursuits have given much fruit at the moment, but Ad Astra is currently experiencing record profits from the number of satellites they've been contracted to send into space. Score.

Aspida Corporation
Headquarters: Athens, Greece
Majority Owner: Narella Nanou (100%)
CEO: Narella Nanou
Focus: A family-owned corporation passed from mother to daughter for centuries, and quite a rich one at that. The company got its origins in the textile industry, but has since branched out into marketing, publishing, logistics, and stocks.

Vorcen Industries
Headquarters: Pauldros, Pennsylvania
Majority Owner: Victor Vorcen (80%)
CEO and Chairman: Victor Vorcen
Focus: Xenotech R&D. Vorcen's largest invention so far has been construction drones, which have been instrumental in rebuilding large parts of America. They've also done extensive work with various alien electronics, and have adapted a lot of alien technology into autonomous industrial production. Their main direct competitors are Almaw Macrotechnology and Burson Technologies (in their electronics businesses), Margand Industries (on the drone building front) and Bock Industries (in their more industrial pursuits).

Pop Culture
Fast Food
Happy Burger - Modern fast food chain
Mendy's - Wendy's
Jumba Juice - Jamba Juice
Noodles & Corporation - Noodles and Co
Betsy's Shake-n-Burger - Retro fast food chain
Bock-Bock's Chicken - Basically KFC
Taco Hut - Taco Bell
Pips - Starbucks
Arny's - Arby's
Leonard's - Denny's
Father Jack's - Papa John's

Wineyard Wines - Vineyard Vines

Googol - Google
Mississippi - Amazon
FriendFinance - Paypal
Viewcube - Youtube
Jameslist - Craigslist
Buzzeat - Buzzfeed
Flix&Chill - Netflix. Most people call it Chillflix or Flixchill.
Jumblr - Tumblr - a really weird website
Skitter - Twitter
Weeaboop - Voyer Media. Pro Wrestler Big Bogan sued them for sex tape.
encycloleaks - Wikileaks - Wikipedia
FaceSpace - Social media.
Yahzoo - Yahoo
Sawwit - Reddit.

SP (Sleuth Paperback) Comics - DC Comics
Wonder Comics - Marvel Comics
Bat-Guy - Batman
Dr. Chill - Mr. Freeze
Dual-Mug - Two-Face
Arachnid Kid - Spiderman
Roc-Man - Hawkman
Roc-Girl - Hawkgirl
Ultraman - Superman
Rex Ruthor - Lex Luthor
The Finisher - The Punisher
Bronze Guy - Iron Man
Grey Lamppost - Green Lanturn
Fairness Federation - Justice League
Miracle Maiden - Wonder Woman
Blue Bow - Green Arrow
Captain Columbia - Captain America
Daniel Phantasm - Danny Phantom

Food and Drink
Coke-Cola - Coca-Cola
Dr. Lightning - Dr. Pepper
Jack Bean's Kentucky Whiskey - Jack Daniels Whiskey
Lei's Chips - Lay's chips

Board Games
Capitalism - Monopoly

George Toreman Grill - George Foreman Grill
Dreadmill - Brand of Treadmills
Kawaiisake - Kawasaki
Weight-Shakes - Shake-weights

Other Businesses
Mollusk Oil - Gas station chain. Basically Shell.
Korling Hardware - Generic Small Brand Hardware store. Think TrueValue.
Highs - Lowe's. Major hardware store.
SuperMart - Wal-Mart
Paymore Shoes - Payless
Motel 66 - Motel 6

Political Figures
Donald Dregan - Ronald Reagan
Ronald Chump - Donald Trump

Big Bogan - Hulk Hogan
George Toreman - George Foreman
Arnold Blorzenegger - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Muhannad "The Supreme" Aalam - Muhammad Ali. The Greatest.
Sunny and Char - Sonny and Cher
Rob Boss - Celebrity painter. Deceased.
Phil Smith - Will Smith
Bashmaw - Smashmouth
Quarterspine - Nickelback
Bring My Life Back - Wake me up inside
Stopping The Addiction - Breaking the habit

Video Games
Mii - Nintendo Wii
Stefano Kart 10 - Definitely not Mario Kart. Starring Stefano, Giovanni, Wafano, Wahovanni, Yobby, Princess Plum, Princess Rose, and others.
Mineshaft - Minecraft
Fantastic Fight Friends - Super Smash Bros
Gateways - Starring the sadistic robot Sados.
Fate - Destiny
Fate 2 - Destiny 2
Furious Avians - Angry Birds
Gnome Castle - Dwarf Fortress
Jam Jam Innovation - Dance Dance Revolution
Underlook - Overwatch
Paycheck - Payday
Criminal Car Mischief 5 - Definitely not GTA.
Aura 4 - Definitely not Halo.
Ancient Tomes - Elder Scrolls
Undead Rising - Dead Rising
TKtroopers - Psychonauts
Satan May Weep - Devil May Cry
Hero Tale - Fable

Movies and Television
Defenders of the Cosmos - Wacky space adventure.
Gambits of Houses - Famous fantasy book series by R.G.G. Thomas! More famous in its show form.
Weiner Ball - Sausage Party
Jetplane - Airplane!
Karate Panda - Kung-Fu Panta
Jackson Birthe - Jason Bourne
Sailor Frank - Sailor Moon
Ramen Rider - Common Rider
Seppuku Squad - Suicide Squad
Deathpool - Deadpool
SpiritSquashers - Ghostbusters
Workspace - Office Space
Starnuts - Spaceballs
Light Haired Legalwork - Legally Blonde
Fourth of July - Independence Day
Fightings Club - Fight Club.
White Bread Can't Jump - White Men Can't Jump
Spaceship Soldiers - Thinly-veiled criticism of totalitarian Communism. Bug war.
The Z-Files - Starring Sculder and Mully. Totally not X-Files.
Crazy Craig - Mad Max. There's Crazy Craig, Crazy Craig: Highway Highlander, Crazy Craig: Past Thundercone, and Crazy Craig: Wrathful Highway. Starring Rex Wratha and Undying Dan.
Rando - Rambo!
Guys in Gray - Definitely not Men in Black.
Duke Dong - King Kong
Godlizard - Godzilla
Master of the Bands - Lord of the Rings
Knife Runner - Blade Runner. Written by PKB.
Home By Yourself - Home Alone
Kena: Warrior Princess - Yep.
Celestial Struggles - Starring Princess Meia, Jin Solita, and Jack Cloudflyer.
Rickey Rat - Mickey Mouse
Didny Worl - Disneyworld
Universe Studios - Universal Studios
Henry Do-Good - Dudley Do-Right
Grover - Garfield
Joe Pessi - Joe Pesci
La Maravilla de Rosa - Spanish show. Basically La Rose de Guadalupe.
The Learner, starring Ronald Chump - The Apprentice, with Donald Trump
Doctor Chicken, M.D. - A show about a chicken who is a doctor in a busy hospital. He's a professional, damnit! He is also a romantic.
The Adventures of Abstinence-Girl and Lady Lust - PSA superhero show from late night television. Funded heavily by Baptists and Mormons.
Ralph and Monty - Rick and Morty
Samurai Zack - Samurai Jack

Events and Public Knowledge
Albatross City, CT
Spring 2016
-The Cobra King, AKA Luis Quisenberry, was a man who robbed stores by throwing cobras at the cashiers and clearing out the register in the confusion. He was apprehended after being bitten by one of his own cobras. A sphere of ducks was seen fleeing the scene.
-The Albatross City Zoo was broken into, with MEAT being the primary suspects. A rather brutal Tigress was stolen, but was returned the next night. She had apparently eaten close to fifty tacos, and was very sick.
-Genetech's Albatross City lab was assaulted by MEAT, who were aided by a mysterious tiger that may have been the one stolen from the Albatross City Zoo. Dragoon thwarted their efforts, but the assailants were not captured.

Summer, 2016
-MEAT has become inactive in recent months, and the strange animal behavior has ended. Weird, right?
Arden, FL
Spring, 2016
-A robbery of an Arden Jewelry Store was thwarted when the keys to the robbers' getaway car mysteriously went missing. In an unrelated incident, the pawn shop owner across the street swore he saw an alien in his shop, leading to his arrest when he fired off his shotgun wildly in public.

Summer, 2016
-A tenement fire almost ended in disaster when twelve people were trapped on the upper stories of a collapsing building, but a mysterious woman managed to enter the building and single-handedly save them all. In an interview with reporters after the incident, she claimed that she was indeed human, was known as Lux, and that the light coming from her back was her 'shroud'.
-After saving the people from that tenement, Lux became something of a regular hero, stopping the feared criminal Blackjack, halting a bank robbery, and becoming something of an internet personality. She has been charged with vigilantism by the Arden Police Department, but so far, they've had no leads in catching her.
Ciudad City, FL
Spring 2016
-Two people (Alvaro Quezada Durazo and Justin Jibuski) were killed in a space of a few weeks, each stabbed in the heart. Police are unsure of who the killer is.

Summer, 2016
-The Ciudad City Mafia was wiped out in a single night by somebody believed to be a powered individual. They used abnormal control of water to kill their victims, and sacrificed many in an Aztec fashion.
-The Hellriders MC was similarly wiped out in a single night a short while later.
-A short while after that, a vigilante began hunting the criminal underworld down with firearms and advanced tactics. They were largely successful.
Freiwerk, PA
Spring, 2016
-Sightings of some unknown vigilante dressed as a lab technician have occurred in Freiwerk. He was seen driving a Painto.
Summer, 2016
-A number of Sons of Valhalla were killed outside of one of their bars by a stray grenade explosion. A destroyed Painto was also seen at the scene.
Great Bay City, RI
Spring, 2016
-A man originally known as 'Motorcycle Man' but now known as 'Watchman' has taken to protecting Great Bay City. His brand of vigilante justice has him attempting to talk down perpetrators, though he isn't averse to beating the hell out of people who force him to. The Tazer Totalitarian, another vigilante, is occasionally seen fighting crime alongside him. Watchman carries a shield, wears a motorcycle helmet, and occasionally uses a staff in combat.
-The Sirloin Butchers, led by the Burning Butcher of Barking, went on a bloody crusade to burn down the city after the death of the Burning Butcher's friend T-Bone. They blew up Great Bay City General Hospital, burned down large parts of the Sirloin, attacked the police headquarters, and were finally defeated by police forces outside of town, with the Butcher supposedly being killed. Watchman and the Tazer Totalitarian were involved in all major Butcher incidents, fighting against the Butchers, while the Shermingham vigilante Vigil was also seen fighting against the Butchers in the latter incidents.
-The Burning Butcher later appeared again (having apparently not died), threatening to kill Great Bay City reporter Haley Grey if Watchman (who hadn't been seen in a month) didn't surrender himself to the Butchers (whom had been resurrected over the course of a month). Watchman, the Tazer Totalitarian, and a mysterious new sniper fought against the Butchers at an old Sirloin warehouse, where Watchman defeated him and handed him over to the police.

Summer, 2016
-A bank robbery by a crew dubbed "The Paycheck Crew" was halted by an unknown woman in an Oni mask. She promptly fled the scene, escaping the police.
-Gang violence killed numerous cops in a suburm outside Great Bay City. The culprits are still at large.
Hooverville, NJ
Spring 2016
-A mysterious masked faith healer has been going around, healing people of terminal illnesses such as lung cancer and breast cancer. A local news anchor was cured for free, while bestselling author Robert White was cured for a significant amount of money. Both were very satisfied!
-A vigilante known as the Red Reaper has begun a one-man war on crime. His true identity is former Police Detective John Miller.

Summer, 2016
-A formerly private citizen named Radka Rykov took over Trask Pharmaceuticals, renaming it Paracell Corporation. Miss Rykov has since come out as a fierce opponent to vigilante justice and powered people in general.
Independence, MD
Spring 2016
-A new hero has surfaced in the city, though her name is currently unknown. She is known to fight with bursts of colored energy, and appears to be capable of flight.
-An entity known as Myriad attacked a hotel party involving numerous wealthy Independence personalities, killing many of them with her apparent ability to create and control fire.
-The new hero saved several people from a burning apartment tenement, using her powers to clear debris and pull them out.
-Later, the hero fought Myriad, thwarting her attempt to assassinate billionaire Burt Burson. Both Myriad and the hero disappeared after the battle, apparently onto a black helicopter.

Summer 2016
-The hero, now known as Valance, later fought a giant monster that was terrorizing Independence (the monster's body later disappeared), stopped bank robberies, and generally acted as a hero within the city.
Mishawum, MA
Spring 2016
-In the skies above Mishawum, two entities were seen fighting: a giant butterfly with a cattle prod and a giant pink dragonfly with a taser. The dragonfly triumphed, then disappeared for a while.
-The dragonfly was spotted again fighting against a giant mantis at the Mishawum Seaworld. The dragonfly was aided by a mysterious woman seemingly leading an army of walruses, while the giant mantis was aided by a giant humanoid killer whale that some onlookers compared to Seaworld star 'Shemo the Whale'. Shemo, the giant humanoid whale, and the walruses, along with the mantis, the dragonfly, and the strange animal-leading woman all disappeared after the fight, leaving a wrecked Seaworld behind them.
-The dragonfly then apparently called into 'The Crazy Joe Show', a local news show, and gave an interview to local personality Crazy Joe where she gave her name as 'The Dragonfly', said she would protect the city, and generally seemed to mess with an oblivious Crazy Joe. The video later went viral, and increased Crazy Joe's ratings significantly for a short while.
-The Dragonfly started a blog at "" to detail their exploits.
-The Dragonfly later helped police stop a car chase, by landing on the perpetrator's car, wrecking it, then disarming them and tossing them at the cops.

Summer 2016
-The Dragonfly became embroiled in a conflict with a group known as the "Paycheck Crew". Shortly thereafter, she disappeared.
Neutaven, NY
Spring 2016
-A self-described hacktivist named #Hero broke into an Almaw Macrotechnology building and managed to steal a large amount of data, giving them the ability to hack most Almaw systems. A new vigilante attempted to apprehend them on a subway train after breaking into a restricted area and shutting off the train line, but he failed to identify #Hero. Both the vigilante and #Hero are wanted by police.
-Simon Almaw, local billionaire and CEO of Almaw Macrotechnology, created a new security subsidiary known as Dragoon. They are reputed to be elite, well-equipped, and extremely dangerous, and act as a rapid response team to break-ins.

Summer 2016
-The anonymous vigilante continued his activities, fighting gangs in Utrecht on occasion.
Paraselle Falls, MA
Spring 2016
-Serial killer Mark Brown was identified and apprehended by a strange local vigilante that seems capable of both flight and moving through walls. They have not been seen since.
Pauldros, PA
Spring 2016
-A billionaire yacht party on Lake Erie was ambushed by armed assailants, who took a number of people hostage and sped off on boats. The hostages were tracked down a few hours later by a man known only as 'The Spaceman', who defeated the assailants with a suit-mounted electric dart launcher and a retractable shield. The assailants managed to get away, and the Spaceman disappeared shortly after.
Scath, CT
Spring 2016
-A string of robberies was perpetrated on a number of Korling Hardware stores by a man calling himself the Jackhammer (real name: Doug Glover). He was defeated by an unidentified man who appeared to be invincible (based on the fact that he suffered numerous strikes from a jackhammer to his torso, as well as a piece of rebar being launched into his shoulder). The Jackhammer was defeated after the invincible man kneed him in the groin with enough force to bend his codpiece up into his body, causing him tremendous pain. The invincible man disappeared soon after.
-The invincible man was later spotted at a hotel downtown. Police could not comment on the appearance.

Summer 2016
-Don Diamante, local crimelord, has disappeared.
Shermingham, VA
Spring 2016
-Four members of a local trailer park community were killed by an unidentified man known only as Vigil, who killed them with a bow and arrow before retreating on a dirt bike.
-Vigil surfaced again to fight somebody known as Tank Man, who operated a homemade tank with stolen military-grade shells in an attempt to tear down City Hall. Utilizing stolen police-issue grenades, Vigil managed to get Tank Man out of his tank, at which point he knocked him unconscious. He retreated before police could capture him in connection with the previously-mentioned murders.
-Vigil was sighted again breaking into the City Courthouse. It is unknown what was taken.
-Vigil was AGAIN sighted breaking into an office building. A helicopter was seen leaving shortly after.
Solomon City, CT
Spring 2016
-A number of people living in the Solomon City undercity have mentioned a rather scary figure known as the Raven, who drove them out of their homes with fire and terror. No confirmation on this story has been made.

Short Stories
Nick Urias: Problem Solver
Volume #1
Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea
March 28th, 2015

"Ugh," groaned Nick Urias, lifting his head up from the pillow. He was a Caucasian male of roughly average height with well-trimmed dirty blond hair and a bit of scruff on his face. He was also naked.

He glanced around the room. It looked nice, stately almost, with traditionalist East Asian furniture decorated with exquisite carving and gilding. There was a woman in bed with him, she was probably about twenty-five. Average in height, black hair, Korean by the look of her, and she was naked. A window was just beyond her with the curtains drawn.

Nick Urias rested his head back, trying to think. The last thing he remembered was partying in Vancouver. A lot of drinking, maybe some drugs...where the fuck was he?

He slowly, carefully climbed out of bed, his head throbbing. He lumbered over to the window and cracked the curtains, looking through.

He was in some kind of palace, and heavily-armed soldiers were patrolling the property. He recognized the uniforms from the news.

They were North Korean soldiers. He was in North Korea. He was in a palace in North Korea. With a woman he couldn't identify. Nick closed the curtains, bit his lip, and went to get dressed. Looking around for his clothes, all he could find was a ninja outfit and a pair of nunchucks.

Well, a wizard couldn't be picky. He got dressed in the ninja outfit, pulled on the boots that came with it, and concealed his face in the mask. As he did so, the woman began to stir and watch him get dressed.

"Good morning, Justin," she said, her Korean accent thick.

"Morning!" Nick said, slightly flustered, his Australian accent less thick as he raised his finger in confirmation. "Yes, Justin. That's my name."

She chuckled a little at that, smiling. "Last night was wonderful."

"I'm sure it was," he nodded, moving towards the door. "But I really must be going. A ninja's duty calls, you know how it is."

Her smile dropped as she began to frown. "But..."

Nick turned around. "But what?"

"You said you'd get me out of here. Get me out of the country," she said. "You said that was your mission."

Nick bit his lip, clenching his fists tightly in frustration. "Of course I did," he said through gritted teeth. "Miiight have overestimated my capabilities a bit there."

Her frown turned to a wrathful one as she sat up, glaring at him. "Justin, or whoever you are, if I'm caught after this I'll be executed. If you're caught period, you will also be executed. So you're going to get me out of here, or I'm going to scream. Really loud. So we both die."

Nick sighed, turning slowly to face her. "Have you ever held a gun?"

"No," she said.

"Have you ever stabbed a man?" he asked, hopeful.

"No," she said.

"Are you a quick learner?" he asked, holding up his arms in a hopeful manner.

"I like to think so," she said.

"Good enough!" he said triumphantly. "Get dressed, we're getting out of here."

He turned around to let her get dressed, cradling his head as he did so. God his fucking head hurt.

"Best get used to it, Nick. It's going to be a long day," he thought, preparing some spells.


A few minutes later, she was dressed in a rather nice black and green dress. Seemed to be primarily North Korean fashion with some Chinese and Western influences. She also had a pair of heels, but opted not to wear those. They probably weren't the best thing to escape a heavily-guarded mansion in.

"I'll be honest. I have no idea how I got in here, so we're going to fly by the seat of our pants on this one," Nick told her. "What's your name, anyway?"

"Eom Hyo-Seon," she told him. "I'm married to Kim Chi-Won. What does 'fly by the seat of our pants' mean?"

"God damn it, Nick. You fucked the Supreme Leader's wife," Nick thought to himself while smiling. "Great! Good to meet you. And 'fly by the seat of our pants' means we're going to have a whole lot of fun. Trust me. It'll be awesome."

He turned towards the door, cracked it, and peeked out. Armed guards were patrolling the corridors armed with AKs and clad in elite uniforms. Looked to be about six of them outside.

"You stay right here," Nick said, holding up his index finger to her. "One minute."

She nodded, and Nick rushed out into the corridor, generating a circular magical shield on his arm as he rushed the nearest guard, blasting another guard with a bolt of lightning. The guard he was rushing unloaded on him with the AK, the rounds glancing off the shield as Nick closed the distance. Nick delivered a solid punch to the guard's jaw that erupted fire, knocking the guard unconscious. The other guards raised their rifles and prepared to fire, and Nick generated a bright flash of light in response, encapsulating himself in a shield (and weakening its defensive properties) as he grabbed the fallen guard's rifle. Some of the bullets struck the weakened shield, but most missed due to their blindness, and Nick returned fire with the AK, shooting three of the guards in the chest. His AK ran out of ammo as the two surviving guards finished reloading theirs, crouching at the sides of the hallway preparing to fire.

Nick shot a burst of fire at one of the survivors and dropped the rifle as two bullets struck his right shoulder and arm. He generated another magical arm shield and began rushing the final guard. The guard emptied his clip on Nick, the bullets rebounding off his shield, and Nick closed the distance. Dropping his shield, he pulled his nunchucks from their holster and rather savagely struck the guard in the face. The guard dropped his gun and engaged Nick in hand-to-hand, delivering a flurry of punches and kicks that put the wizard on the backfoot. Kicking Nick to the floor and drawing his sidearm for an execution, he was suddenly shot several times in the chest before dropping to the ground dead.

Nick blinked, then glanced back, seeing Hyo-Seon holding a fallen guard's pistol.

"Guess you are a quick learner," he said, climbing unsteadily to his feet as he held his bullet-riddled arm and shoulder.

Just then, an entire platoon of guards rushed up the nearby stairwell and entered the hallway, raising their weapons to fire.

"Back inside the room! Inside the room now!" Nick yelled, grabbing the fallen guard's pistol before rushing back towards their room.

Nick slammed the door and turned to Hyo-Seon. "Help me move this dresser! And the bed!"

And together, they barricaded the door as the guards began trying to batter it down. Nick rushed to the window and looked out. Clear three-story drop, and a plaza/driveway beyond that. It looked as if the soldiers were rushing into the house. Conveniently, they'd left a lot of jeeps parked outside.

"Right, Hyo-Seon, this is what I call improvisation," Nick said, beckoning her to come over.

"What are we going to do?" she asked, approaching him.

"Improvise!" Nick shouted, grabbing her with his good arm and rushing towards the window. He shattered it with a telekinetic blast before barreling down towards the ground. Their fall was slowed down with telekinesis, and they landed hard in the bushes below. The sparse soldiers outside immediately began to shoot at the ninja and woman that had fallen out the window, and Nick generated yet another shield as he slowly climbed to his feet. Hyo-Seon, meanwhile, was already shooting at them.

"Follow me!" Nick yelled, charging forward with his shield raised while Hyo-Seon fired from behind it. Her pistol quickly ran out of ammunition, and Nick passed her his own as they neared the jeeps. He lowered his shield and shot a burst of lightning at one while Hyo-Seon fired at another (who had reacted with surprise and terror at his friend being shot by fucking lightning).

Taking cover behind a jeep, Nick glanced into it, seeing it was a stick shift. Nick only had one functioning arm. Nick's head was killing him.

"Can you drive!?" Nick shouted, bullets whizzing over their heads.

"Of course I can fucking drive!" Hyo-Seon yelled back, firing on some nearby soldiers.

"Then get in and drive!" Nick roared, diving into the backseat.

Hyo-Seon rushed into the driver's seat, keeping her head low as she started the jeep. Meanwhile, Nick spotted a shotgun sitting in the back seat with him.

He grabbed it and stabilized it with telekinesis as he fired on the remaining soldiers. Meanwhile, Hyo-Seon tore out of the driveway, racing down towards the gates. Bullets were tearing into the car, and Nick felt searing pain as another bullet tore into his right leg.

Nick was not having a good day. And the worst thing about it all was Nick's noticeable lack of trenchcoat. He kept all his potion ingredients in that fucking thing!

Hyo-Seon raced the jeep down the driveway as several other jeeps began to pursue them.

"All right," grunted Nick. "All right, time to stop fucking around."

Nick sat up and, looking back at the open-top jeeps chasing them, began grasping their steering wheels with telekinesis. He twisted them all violently to the left or right, causing the jeeps to flip or skid out and giving them some much-needed breathing room.

"Take us somewhere really fucking crowded!" Nick yelled. "I need raisins, walnuts, rotten cheese, water, and seasoned salt!"

"...WHY DO YOU NEED THOSE!?" she shouted back to him.

"Just trust me!" Nick yelled to her.

They smashed through the gatehouse, ducking to avoid being shot by the soldiers guarding it, and out onto a country road on the outskirts of Pyongyang. More jeeps came in to tail them, but Nick telekinetically spun them out.

A few minutes later, they were clear of the military.

"We need to ditch this first," Nick, sitting up in the back seat. "We need to ditch this, get some clothes that aren't ridiculously conspicious, find another car, preferably piss on a statue of your husband, and then get out of this country. Not necessarily in that order."

"Justin," she said, flatly. "You're like six feet tall and white. You are not going to blend in."

"Hey, it'll be a far sight better than a ninja outfit," Nick said.


A few hours later, Nick and Hyo-Seon were driving a stolen car. Nick was wearing a casual North Korean jumpsuit and a baseball cap, while Hyo-Seon was wearing a black overcoat, a white shirt, and a pair of slacks. Nick's wounds were healed (courtesy of a health potion), and things were generally looking up.

They'd accomplished all of this by driving to a top North Korean government official's house, holding him and his family at gunpoint, restraining them, raiding their kitchen for potion supplies, stealing some clothes, and then stealing their car.

Hey, it worked, didn't it?

The car wasn't too impressive. Some black sedan imported from China. Nick wasn't familiar with the brand, but he wasn't about to complain.

"Right," Nick said to her. "Now that that's all settled, there's just two things left to do."

"Get a plane and get out of the country?" Hyo-Seon asked him.

"Nope. I said I'm going to piss on a statue of your husband before we leave," Nick told her.

She blinked as he drove, then slowly turned her head to stare at him.

"If you do that, and ruin our chances of escape, I am going to shoot you in the balls," she told him.

Nick bit his lip again and sighed.

"Fine, we'll escape first. I can come back later to do that, anyway," Nick conceded. "The way I see it, we have three ways out of the country. One is to steal a plane, hope we can outrun the North Koreans, and likely crashland it somewhere in the vicinity of the DMZ."

"...okay. What are the other two?" Hyo-Seon asked him.

"Try to drive this car all the way to the Chinese border, and sneak across," Nick told her. "Or steal a boat and try to make it to Japan."

"Those all sound pretty risky, I'll be honest," she admitted to him, frowning.

"Risky's just another way of saying exciting, my dear Hyo-Seon," Nick laughed. "So take your pick."

"Well, the Chinese border is heavily guarded. We'll never get across there without being shot," she said. "And if we take to the skies, we'll be shot down before we make it anywhere near the South..."

"You're thinking a bit too small," Nick said. "Pyongyang has an airport, yeah?"

"Yeah..." she said, unsure of where he was going with this.

"An airport that charters out flights to Seoul to let divided families visit," Nick said.

She looked at him.

"So what if we knocked a pilot out and stole his plane?" Nick said, smiling.

"If we're discovered doing it, they'll shoot us down," she said. "If they discover the pilot..."

"We'll take him with us, then," Nick said, shrugging. "The more the merrier."


"That airport is way better guarded than I thought," said Nick, surveying the Pyongyang International Airport. Guards were patrolling the outer perimeter, watch towers loaded with snipers were watching the approaches, and the gates were heavily reinforced and loaded with soldiers.

"So...what now?" she asked.


Nick looked down the street, and saw a stoplight situated down there.

"Right, got an idea..."

Nick and Hyo-Seon proceeded down to the street corner, where they waited briefly for somebody to take the airport turn. Without much ceremony, Nick jumped in his backseat and let Hyo-Seon in, aiming his pistol at the man. He was a pilot, late-forties, looked pretty nervous.

He yelled something in Korean, and Nick looked to Hyo-Seon.

"Tell him he's going to drive us into the airport, take us to his plane, and fly us to Seoul," he said.

She spoke to him in rapid Korean, adopting a rather menacing and forceful tone.

He spoke back, seeming scared.

"He said he only makes flights to Beijing," she said to Nick.

"Close enough," said Nick. "Tell him that'll work."

She spoke to him, and he nodded nervously, telling them to duck down. He then drove up to the airport, presented his identification to the soldiers, and went through the gate. Before long, they were on a small passenger plane alongside a whole crapload of other people heading to Beijing. With the threat of being murdered by two people with pistols on his plane, the pilot didn't blow their cover. A few hours later, the plane touched down in Beijing.

They had made it. Ordinarily, they'd have to go through customs, present identification, and go through all sorts of security checks upon landing. But Nick knew some people.

And those people were KNIGHT, a secret elite organization dedicated to protecting humanity from extraterrestrial, paranormal, and supernatural threats.

And they owed him quite a few favors.

A short while later, Nick Urias and Eom Hyo-Seon were situated in a rather nice Beijing hotel room. Nick was now dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red t-shirt, though he was still missing his trenchcoat. He'd have to get that back one of these days. He was lying on the bed, watching TV while Hyo-Seon glared out the window at the city below.

"So. You're free, and my buddies will get you a new identity," Nick told her. "What now?"

"I don't know," she said.

"Well, keep in touch," Nick said, hopping up and passing her his business card. It read 'Nick Urias: Problem Solver' and had his name, phone number, and e-mail.

"Nick Urias," she said. "That's your real name?"

"Real enough," Nick nodded with a smile.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Protoman - 06-15-2016 06:22 AM

Real Name: Absalom Avery


Home City: Great Bay City

City description: Across the nation, Great Bay City is known as being quirky, diverse, libertine, and beautiful. Wrapped around a bay, the city is inescapably coastal, frequently foggy, sometimes rainy. It is set upon rolling hills and it is famously bad to drive through.

The city is broken beneath the surface. The same 'cool' image that inspires tourism and creates jobs also draws in rich kids who force poorer folks onto the streets. The city's politicians would rather pass bans on certain fast food chains than address the suffering homeless on the city streets. The police rarely get anything done, and when they do it's often something abusive.

However, in spite of it all, the soul of the city is still strong. It is a city where dreamers thrive, where people struggle and fight for their economic, political, and social rights, where most folks will not judge you for the color of your skin or the gender of people that you love, where the most eccentric individual might be treated like an Emperor. It's a city that is flawed, corrupt, filthy, and entirely worth fighting for.

Character description: Absalom is a young black man of average height and a somewhat lithe build. Short hair, green eyes, and sharp features.

Character personality: What parts of his personality shine through depend on the situation. At work, he's fairly soft-spoken and compassionate. When among friends and family, he's witty, uplifting and fun. He's not sure how he'll act at night, and that worries him a little bit. Still, he's got a tremendous amount of self-control and mostly trusts himself.

Character background:
Born and raised in the poorer parts of Great Bay City, things were never easy for Absalom's family. His mothers adopted him when things were simpler, before the economy took a brief nosedive and dragged the middle class of the city down with it. They never quite recovered, but they got by with what they had.

Started going to a local boxing gym run by former heavyweight champ and Olympic gold-medalist Muhannad Aalam at the age of 12. Showed great potential, and became one of Aalam's favorite pupils. Still goes for lessons to this day.

His family's financial situation got especially dire during his teens, on account of the 2008 financial crisis. At the age of 14, Absalom took to thieving to try and lighten the load on his parents, slipping bits of money he'd make from it into spots where they wouldn't think twice about it.

Absalom kept to a strict set of rules during these activities: First, he'd stay in the poorer parts of town - his parts of town - where the corrupt and lazy GBCPD would be slower to respond. Second, he would run rather than fight if he was caught, not just because he was younger but because Muhannad would be incredibly disappointed in him if he did otherwise. Third, he'd only steal from gang members and drug dealers, the sorts of folks who were actively making the community worse and profiting off of the poverty of the city.

The first couple of years of this went well, and his family's financial situation improved, if only marginally. At sixteen, he hit the house of yet another local drug dealer. As he slid in through the window, he noticed something odd: he was in a child's room. Before he had time to question this, he heard footsteps coming down the hall and he ducked into a closet. From the closet, he witnessed the dealer carrying his daughter into the room, tucking her in, reading her a bedtime story, and checking under the bed for monsters.

When the man left, Absalom was left with a few hours of sitting in a closet waiting for the child to fall asleep. He had time to meditate over what he'd just seen. This man - hard as he was on the street - clearly loved his kid. In a lot of ways, the way the man treated his daughter reminded Absalom of his own mothers. Why, then, would he put himself at risk of arrest, or worse, death?

The answer was simple. Absalom's parents were lucky to have the jobs they did, and even then they barely paid the bills. The man was dealing because it was - or at least it seemed like - the only reliable to provide for his daughter. He wasn't feeding off of the city's poverty; he was one of its many victims.

It was then that Absalom renounced thieving. These people did what they did because they were desperate. He was too, sure, but turning against them was just as bad a response as what they did.

He had the next five years to think about what the city needed. It didn't need to be left to consume itself, that much was certain. It might need a competent and morally upright police force, but that was far, far from attainable at this point. No, what the city needed, what its people needed, was help.

Absalom has decided that he'll be the man to give it to them. Now twenty-one years old and an employment officer by day, he's prepared something of a crime-fighting outfit and is going to use his skills to help victim and criminal alike by night. For those whose crimes clearly stem from an economic root, he's decided he'll talk to them. Try to convince them that there's a better way. Try to give them a second chance.

Costume Description: He doesn't have much to work with. Right now he's wearing a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, and a bright red motorcycle helmet. He's got a bit of padding on underneath his clothes, particularly on his knees, elbows, and chest. Also wears a yellow scarf his mom gave him because he promised he would if it was cold.

Character advantages: The Sweet Science: Muhannad was not called "The Supreme" lightly. Even though his physical abilities have been laid low by age, the man still knows how to fight, and has trained Absalom incredibly well. His style involves maintaining his range, dodging opponent's blows, and peppering them with hits of his own. Once they're worn down, he goes in for a knock out punch. That's how it works in the ring, anyway. He understands that fighting on the streets works a little bit differently.

I'm Not Your Enemy: Absalom grew up poor. He understands the circumstances that motivate someone to become a criminal. He understands how hard it is to find alternatives, and he gives a shit. As such, he's able to better reason with people in situations where they're economically disadvantaged.

Character weaknesses: Love You, Ma: Absalom adores those close to him, and will go to any length to ensure their safety.

There's Gotta be Another Way: Absalom firmly believes that murder is an absolute evil, and that it is not the place of a vigilante to dole out ultimate justice.

Friends and Family:
Eula Avery: His adopted mother and the source of his surname. Black American descent. Deeply loving and doting, frequently concerned with Absalom's safety.

Izar Avery, née Izaguirre: His adopted mother. Half-Mexican, half-Basque. Much like Eula, she's very much a loving and dedicated parent, but she's more prone to trusting Absalom to take care of himself.

Mattin Izaguirre - Grandfather on Izar's side. Basque-American immigrant whose parents came to Great Bay City, America in the wake of the Spanish Civil War.

Paz Izaguirre, née León - Grandmother on Izar's side. Mexican-American. Moved from the west coast to pursue an ill-fated career in stage acting where she met Mattin.

Ford Avery - Grandfather on Eula's side. Moved to Pauldros from the south at the age of 18 in search of work. While there he met and married Jenna Bynum. Moved to Great Bay City with her because Pauldros is no place to raise a child.

Jenna Avery, née Bynum - Grandmother on Eula's side. Born and raised in Pauldros to a pair of working-class parents. Has seen some shit as a result.

Muhannad Aalam - Boxing coach and former heavyweight champion of the world. A friendly old man who - in spite of facing degenerative diseases - still has a lot of fight left in him.

Siana Kaur - Ex-girlfriend who he's still good friends with. Founding member of a worker's bakery cooperative. Compassionate, hard-working, and altogether too busy.

Hector Bar - One of two best friends since kindergarten. Met Absalom when him and Isaac stood up for Hector against some bullies. Works as a doctor. A bit of a goof with a heart of gold who only takes his job seriously.

Isaac Kwon - One of two best friends since kindergarten. Works as a cop, one of the few who sincerely wants to change the way the city works. Fiercely loyal to his friends and family. Him and Absalom share a strong sense of right and wrong, though Isaac trusts authority to solve certain problems more than Absalom does.

Irwin Barrett - Absalom's sparring partner and friendly rival. Professional boxer. A bit of a braggart with a hot-blooded streak, but he's still most certainly a good man.

Isadora Clark - Friend. A defense attorney who met the group through Isaac. Defends those who other attorneys would turn away, and does a lot of pro-bono work. Holds her alcohol better than the rest of them.

Haley Grey - Friend. An up-and-coming reporter who specializes in muckraking. Fearless and relentless, when she catches a story's scent she chases it down to the last. Met the group through Hector, who she met while doing a story on the newest strain of flu that had the public in an uproar.

Dr. Elaine Bellamy - Friend. Met through work. Psychologist who provides counseling for many ex-cons. Makes a lot of bad psychology jokes.

Biological Parents - Whoever the hell popped him out. He doesn't really think of them much.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Demonsul - 06-15-2016 06:23 AM

Real Name: Susanna Star (aka Susanna Oaks)

Aliases: She will have multiple false identities for her various fronts, though she'll probably get attached to one of them over time. Depends how the business works out and where she ends up seeking advantage first.

Home City: Pauldros

City description: A large city, with a handful of skyscrapers clustered amidst the smaller highrises of downtown, whilst the city sprawls out low in all directions. The roads are perpetually clogged with traffic, the government is hilariously inept and mired in corporate influence, the police are apathetic and openly corrupt, and there are multiple active organized crime outfits already. In terms of cultural influences, think the worse parts of Chicago crawled their way over to Pennsylvania and took root next to Lake Erie.

Character description: Susanna is a white woman from London, and affects an accent of English affluence most of the time (though she is from much more base roots, and lets it show on occasion). She is beautiful by most people's standards, with a lean figure, an angular face, short-cut dark brown hair and brown eyes. One hand is silvery jointed metal from the wrist down, though she prefers to wear gloves to avoid that coming to people's attention when she's just walking around.

Character personality: Stunningly intelligent and supremely selfish, Susanna likes to be in control and have access to as many plans and resources to make them work as possible. She prefers not to kill when she doesn't have to, but she is extremely ambitious and self-centered and isn't above the occasional murder when it would be useful enough to overcome her reluctance and she thinks she could get away with it. Or when someone really pisses her off. She might be just a little paranoid and a tiny bit mad, but she doesn't let something like that get in the way of her plans.

Character background:
Susanna Oaks was born in central London to a lower-middle class family. Her father ran an auto-repair shop that did a lot of repairwork, and from an early age she was fascinated by the mechanisms involved. She was always a smart child, but it became apparent as she grew up that she was far more intelligent than her peers when it came to her area of expertise, having an almost supernatural level of competence when it came to designing and building and repairing machines and gadgets. Her younger brother looked up to her, though she wasn't exactly a good influence.

After a brief stint in vocational education (which she found exceptionally easy), she ended up setting up her own workshop where she worked on little gadgets and repairwork for whoever walked in. She ended up doing a fair bit of work for the local criminal organizations, often because it paid better than fixing random people's watches, but also sometimes to help out her brother, who was frequently getting into trouble. The inevitable result was that she ended up being blamed when one of her gadgets failed (which was obviously her fault, not the dumb mobster who had spilled instant coffee all over it) and her shop was stormed by armed gangsters and later burned to the ground. And that was the last anyone ever heard of Susanna Oaks, presumed dead by gang violence with only a severed hand, blackened by fire, found to mark her passing.

That the active members of both gangs involved ended up arrested or shot en masse in armed police raids after anonymous tipoffs, or dead in mysterious accidents - or even just disappearing completely - over the next year is neither here nor there. Susanna's family never heard from her again - whether she felt betrayed by her brother or just shamed by her bloodier acts of vengeance is a secret known only to her. Regardless, she never told them that she survived.

About a year later, a one-handed immigrant arrived in America named Susanna Star, with a British passport and an upper-class accent, but not a whole lot of money. She moved around for a bit before eventually settling in Pauldros, where she set up a small, somewhat familiar and frequently closed, technology repairshop and gadget vendor. But this time it was a front for something far larger. This time, Susanna would use her plans and machines to take over the local criminal scene, never be caught off-guard again, and gain real wealth and power - no matter the cost.

Costume Description: No standard costume yet. She's still working this whole 'super'villain thing out right now.

Character advantages: A specific brand of super smarts, the gadgeteer genius. Technologically savvy in terms of identification, control, deactivation and repair when it comes to all kinds of conventional technology, but more importantly, a creator of mechanical gadgets and contraptions that seem years ahead of their time. She built her own robot arm for example while she was traveling around America, which functions just as well as a real arm. She could build a stun gun energy weapon or even a jetpack, miniaturized power sources included. She could probably even build a suit of power armour if she had the resources. Although this demonstrates the high degree of scientific understanding she has, she's no supergenius omni-scientist. She won't be inventing a teleporter or rewriting the laws of physics any time soon.

Friends and Family:
Bear in mind that the following people think Susanna is dead.
Sophie Oaks (née Johnstone): Mother, living in London, England. Married to Michael.
Michael Oaks: Father, living in London, England. Auto mechanic. Married to Sophie.
David Oaks: Younger brother, living in London, England. Warehouse worker. Bad relationship with local gangs. Married to Jeanne, father of Christie.
Jeanne Oaks (née Leroy): Sister-in-law, living in London, England. Works in HR at a bank. Parents were immigrants from France. Married to David, mother of Christie.
Christie Oaks: Niece, living in London, England. Baby, daughter of David and Jeanne. Susanna probably doesn't even know she exists.
Cameron Oaks: Paternal grandfather. Auto mechanic. Deceased.
Elizabeth Oaks (née Cooper): Paternal grandmother, living in London, England. Retired.
Beatrix Johnstone (née Thresher): Maternal grandmother, living in Somerset, England. Retired.
Lewis Johnstone: Maternal grandfather, living in Somerset, England. Retired.
David Johnstone: Maternal uncle, living in Somerset, England. Chef.
Patricia Fisher (née Johnstone): Maternal aunt, living in Devon, England. Estranged.
Susanna did not have any long-term romantic relationships while she was in England. Either the men she dated found her insufferable or she found them unpleasantly dull.

In America, however, some people may actually know Susanna Star as a living person.
Bobby John: Friend, living in Pauldros, USA. Owns a bar which Susanna visited trying to find contacts. Probably not super trustworthy.
Trina Spring: Friend, living in another US city in the region. Bonded with Susanna when she traveled through over their shared experiences with criminal scum.
Joseph Monroe: Friend, living in Pauldros, USA. Owner of the pet supplies store which Susanna frequents.
Paws: Tortoiseshell shorthair cat, living in Pauldros, USA. Owned by Susanna.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Anomaly - 06-15-2016 06:39 AM

Real Name: Elena Amador Herrera

Alias: None yet. Ask later.

Home City: Mishawum, Massachusetts

City description: An expansive metropolis located on the coast of Massachusetts, on the Quinobequin River. It is a major sea port due to the presence of the Mishawum Harbor, and is one of the largest cities in the New England region. It is also a city of much historical significance, being the site of multiple battles of the American Revolution. Much of the historical city was destroyed in the Second Siege of Mishawum in 1778, though many of the ruins were rebuilt later on.

Character description: A short Hispanic woman of altogether unassuming appearance - mostly because she prefers it that way. She has dark brown eyes, and long black hair that covers a good half of her face. Slightly overweight and altogether vaguely unhealthy-looking - definitely not someone who has ever worked out for any considerable length of time. Dresses in an oversized blue hoodie and altogether uninteresting clothes.

Character personality: In a word, reserved. She doesn’t really talk much, except with close friends - she mostly comes off as rude otherwise. Moderately ambitious, but doesn’t have a whole lot to turn that ambition toward. Mostly prefers to be left alone. Of course, the universe has other plans.

Character background:
Elena is the youngest child of a moderately-sized family from Lamar, Texas, one of the largest cities in the southern U.S. Of course, now she lives nowhere near there. A recent graduate of the Mishawum Technological Institute, Elena now lives alone in a small Mishawum apartment, working for a small biotechnology lab. Specifically, she’s the quiet lab assistant, working on coding-related projects for the lab’s cybernetics program.

Elena has a few friends in the city still, mostly from her university days. Being a bit of a shut-in, Elena talks with them online far more than she actually sees most of them in person. She also runs a blog, because of course she does. More than anything, her life has, up to this point, been extremely mundane.

Of course, that all changed one night. Working late at the Genetech lab, Elena was just about the last person left in the building. As she was leaving, though, she noticed a normally-locked door had been jammed open, leading back into the labs beyond. Naturally curious and rather hard to notice (in case anyone was around), Elena crept through, just to take a look.

But then, as fate would have it… Nothing happened. The labs beyond had been securely locked up for the night, and besides, none of them were working on any top secret experiments, and even if they were, getting bitten by an escaped lab animal would be more likely to result in super rabies than superpowers. So, she just decided to leave, shutting the door behind her.

Later, her car managed to break down, forcing her to pull over a few blocks away from her apartment building. About at that time, she was jumped by what looked like some kind of horrifying butterfly-man, who also happened to have a knife. One grievous stab wound later, she was on the run, and also bleeding all over the place.

Perhaps fortunately, the alley she ducked into held not a mugger, but… an oversized dragonfly nymph, from the looks of it. Things got a little weirder when it started talking in her head. To make a long story short, said giant bug was from an alien planet, came here to track down the advance scouts of an invasion fleet, and needed a host to accomplish its goals and such. Said host would obtain great power, and also have a much lower chance of bleeding to death in an alleyway. It was an easy choice, honestly.

Costume description: She doesn’t have a costume yet. This “heroics” thing is new, okay?

Character advantages: A high degree of competence with computers - programming and the like, maybe some light hacking on the side. Gotta start somewhere. Possibly more important, though, is the alien symbiote inside of her, that lets her shift (partially or completely) into a superpowered form - looking something like a humanoid dragonfly with a garishly pink-and-red color scheme.

This form comes complete with wings, a carapace, and a couple extra arms for good measure. Plus some antennae and compound eyes and stuff, to drive the whole “bug” thing home.

Secondarily, Elena has BUG STRENGTH. Which is to say, she’s extremely strong in bug form, and to a somewhat lesser extent in her regular form as well. She can utilize this while human, but that might result in partial shifting if she isn’t careful.

Thirdly, Elena has some sort of improved healing factor, although regenerated parts tend to be somewhat buggy for a while. Carapace-like scabs, that sort of thing. She can regrow entire limbs, but they’ll be hard to conceal.

And, finally, Elena has the ability to change size - down to the size of an actual dragonfly, or up to, say, the size of a truck. Again, this is only possible while shifted.

As a notable downside, large amounts of electricity will force her back into mostly-human form, albeit with some bug features remaining, and even moderate amounts will severely incapacitate her. Gotta avoid bug zappers. Also, significant use of her powers results in parts of her bug form remaining while unshifted. Antennae or arms or whatever else. Not the best exactly.

Friends and Family:
Julia Herrera Martinez - Elena’s mother. She’s a doctor. Enjoys reading, somewhat stern.

Ismael Amador Parades - Elena’s father. A petroleum engineer, works on an offshore oil platform. Open-minded and rather philosophical; enjoys fishing in his spare time.

Sancho Amador Herrera - Elena’s older brother. A writer, travels around the US most of the time. A witty and down-to-earth sort of guy.

Roberta Amador Herrera - Elena’s eldest sister. Currently unemployed and looking for work in Lamar, TX. Stern and serious, doesn’t get along with Elena well.

Ysabel Amador Herrera - Elena’s other older sister. An accountant for none other than Genetech Laboratories. They’re actually pretty widespread. Laid-back and easygoing; gets along with Elena better than the rest of her family.

Katherine Li - Elena’s best friend. A biologist, and a skilled tailor in her downtime. Good-natured and only slightly more outgoing than Elena. Lives in Mishawum; the only friend Elena sees on a regular basis.

Naveen Agrawala - A computer engineer friend of Elena. Always working on one project or another, though exclusively on one at a time. Never really seems to sleep. Lives in Musketaquid, Massachusetts, a part of the greater Mishawum area.

Anya Ng - An internet friend, living in Great Bay City. A writer and artist, though she works as an audio technician as a day job. Her art sometimes extends to (illegal, mind you) street art - graffitiing bridges and the like. A reliable friend nonetheless, Elena confides a lot of things in her.

Puck - Elena’s pet ferret. A friend.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Vancho1 - 06-15-2016 06:53 AM

Real Name: Elijah "Eli" Harris

Alias: Elijah hasn't come up with one yet - his MO is not being noticed.

Home City: Kingsport

City description: Kingsport is an old Virginia city, settled by the first tobacco planters early in America's colonial history. Its location on the coast made it a prime trading port, and many came to work in the fields. Over time, a few families consolidated their power, becoming a sort of new aristocracy in the city - they owned the plantations, the trade, and most importantly, the government. These people, known as The Families, competed with each other under a veneer of civility and genteel behavior. Kingsport became filled with ballrooms and galleries, theaters and opera-houses, the battlefields of the high class. Meanwhile, the poor, both white immigrants and Black slaves, settled in the city to work. After the civil war, freed blacks built their own neighborhoods, creating the city as it is today.

In recent years, there's been a move by a few corporations trying to muscle in on the Families' turf. These nouveau-riche don't care for the complex dance by which the Families competed for power - they're cold and ruthless. And of course, stuck in the middle are the regular people, who find themselves being used and exploited by both sides.

Character description: Eli is a tall young man standing just shy of 6'2". He has short brown hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. He is a bit thin for his size, but otherwise healthy.

Character personality: Elijah's personality has two pillars - his strong sense of justice and his belief that with kindness the good can be brought out of everyone. He avoids personal confrontation, but will not hesitate to defend those weaker than himself. He will not start a fight if he can talk someone down, and he's always willing to listen.

Character background: Elijah is a young man just out of high school, working his way through college in a local state school. His family has always been poor, with both his parents working - his mom as a housekeeper for one of the Families, and his father as a construction worker. Until recently, they'd managed to stay afloat, but around three months ago, Eli's father was injured in a workplace accident. His legs were paralyzed in a bad fall when his safety harness failed, and the medical bills racked up very quickly. Elijah, while out getting coffee for someone in the offices of the construction company, overheard one of the owners talking to a shift supervisor. He followed them and discovered that they were intentionally cutting costs by not doing full safety inspections, and not replacing their old equipment. As he was listening in the hallway, the exec suddenly walked out, seeming to spot Elijah. The young man pressed against the wall, and miraculously the owner walked right past him, seeming not to notice him. That's when Elijah discovered that he had the power to turn invisible, and when he swore to take down the corrupt system of Kingsport.

Costume Description: Black ski mask, running shoes, navy t-shirt, comfortable pants.

Character advantages:

Invisibility - When he concentrates on it, Elijah can turn invisible, becoming unseen to both human eyes and regular cameras. While invisible, all sounds he makes are muffled, though he can still be heard. It takes more concentration to become invisible when there are a lot of people who can see him, so if he turned invisible in the middle of a crowd, even getting bumped into could break his concentration and reveal him.

Parkour - Ever since high school, Eli and a group of friends have trained freerunning. Inspired by videos of runners in the French banlieus, they've ran and climbed and rolled through the alleys and rooftops of Kingsport. His running skill has gotten Eli out of many a sticky situation, and it's given him a fluid fistfighting style.

Friends and Family:

Father - Charles Harris, Jr. - A former construction worker with Black and Irish ancestry.

Mother - Maria Diaz - An immigrant from Venezuela, her family claims to be criollo but she has some indigenous features in her face.

Paternal Grandfather - Charles Harris, Sr. - A crotchety old man living out in the countryside. His father was an Irish homesteader and his mother was a free black woman.

Paternal Grandmother - Layla Smith Harris- A kindly old lady, in poor health.

Maternal Grandfather - Christian Diaz - A formerly well-off Venezuelan who was been down on his luck recently. Still lives in Caracas, disapproves of his daughter's choice of husband.

Maternal Grandmother - Elena Ramon Diaz - Lives with her son, speaks very little English. Only wants the best for her children and grandchildren.

Maternal Uncle - Rodrigo Diaz - Working as a engineering consultant in Kingsport. Helps his sister as much as he can, but having debt trouble of his own.

Aunt by marriage - Josephine san Marco - Granddaughter of an Italian immigrant, married happily to Rodrigo Diaz.

Cousin - Tomas Diaz - In school to be an engineer like his father. Close friend to Eli.

Older Brother - Charles Harris III - Known as Charlie. Dislikes his father, moved away some years ago. Hasn't been heard from since.

Younger sister - Katie Harris - Still in school, loves her brother very much.

Paternal Uncle - Tom Harris - Unmarried, travels a lot, especially overseas. A bit secretive about his work. Brings gifts for the kids.

Paternal Aunt - Keira Jones - A widow, lives in another city.

Uncle by Marriage - Kevin Jones - Deceased.

Cousin - Michelle Jones - Lives in another city, works as a carpenter.

Friends :

Runners -

Jade - Best or second-best runner in the city, depending on who you ask. Is madly in love with Jess, to the disapproval of her very traditional Chinese parents. One of the founding three of the (???)s

Marcus - The heart and the muscle, Marcus is an old friend of Eli's from school, grew up in the same building. One of the founding three of the (???)s

Conner - Bit of a loudmouth, but he's a good runner. Has an annoying girlfriend and a very on-and-off relationship. Hates his parents, who are rich but don't care about him. Joined the (???)s after a particularly bad fight with them over his future.

Irwin - Quiet kid who got picked on a lot before the (???)s took him under their wing. Has a passion for art and photography. Finds the most innovative routes through the city, is usually perched high-up in an impossibly precarious position.

Jess - Not actually a runner, Jade's girlfriend. Deaf in one ear due to a bad infection as a child. Is sickeningly cute with Jade. Mascot of the (???)s.

Others -

Allison - Conner's annoying girlfriend. Hangs around, smokes. Overhears a lot, parents are some sort of city government officials.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - SupahKiven - 06-15-2016 07:00 AM

Real Name: Eva Gattulsco

Alias: The Revenant

Home City: Paraselle Falls

City description: A beautiful city situated in a forest, Paraselle Falls is a college town at heart. The city itself is structured such that the main area, full of shops, restaurants, and parks, is planted between Kordes University, a technical university, and Northern Unity College, a liberal arts school. The basis of the economy is tourism, as people are constantly coming and going; be it people visiting their relatives/friends in school, actual students flowing in and out, or people coming to visit the nearby waterfall that gave the city its name. The locals typically work at either one of the two schools or in the city's recreational areas. Because the city is starting to expand, there is also a steady construction business.

The city's architecture is a mix of new and old, with most buildings being either restored and expanded from their previous basis, or being remodeled and renovated to draw in a younger crowd with different tastes. In addition, many people who have lived there for a while, as well as some of the younger people who enjoy the 'quaint and out of the way' atmosphere that the city had dislike the fact that the place is growing and often protest to the local government against the construction going on.

Character description: Eva is of Italian descent, and looks the part. She has an olive skin tone, though it is currently on the lighter side of things due to her recent predicament. Her hair is long and black, usually done up in a ponytail, and she possess striking green eyes, just like her father. She's tall, around 5'9”, and is built like an athlete, with well defined muscles, a strong posture, and a confident aura about her.

Character personality: Eva is a happy, high energy person. She loves being active and seeks out any opportunity to do something athletic, which eventually evolved into a coping mechanism for her. Her main motivations include helping people out and working out. Eva had always been a bit of a daddy's girl, and loved her father to pieces. She believes in helping people out as much as she is capable of, and works to do her best to solve the problems of others. She's also bold and headstrong, and can get stubborn when it comes to helping others, occasionally getting more passionate about the solution to a problem than the person who needed the problem solved in the first place.

After her father's death, however, Eva became more withdrawn. She was still bouncy and peppy, but a lot of it seemed forced, and she didn't seem very motivated anymore. In addition, she had taken to isolating herself, oftentimes only being seen by her roommate for entire days, which was always unusual considering how much Eva loved being outside. Once Eva's powers surfaced, she seemed to more or less return to her normal personality, though something about her felt a bit different than before, as she seemed much more willing to compromise with others and was more driven to help other people out. She also seemed to have developed a strange desire to go to random places, acquire assorted objects, and pull off strange stunts.

Character background:
Born in a quaint town in the midwestern United States, Eva Gattulsco was always one for the outdoors. A stark contrast to her older brother, Eva was always outside, running and playing and doing activities. She was a daddy's girl from day one, and spent as much time with her father, Leo Gattulsco, as she possibly could. Like any good family, her uncles and aunts (mainly from her father's side) often times came over for visits. Most of Eva's family was rather close-knit, and Eva spent a lot of time with the family members that could tolerate her rambunctious energy.

One such member was her uncle Nicholas, who works in high school, educating kids about health and coaching a few of the sports teams. It was her uncle's passion for fitness and the fact that he was one of the few people that could keep up with her that made Eva aspire to be like him. For Eva, life was more or less uneventful, and much of it through high school was just like any other. She figured out what she wanted to do in life, made some friends (one of which, Kimbal Rodger, would end up accompanying her to college), and did the academic baseline for her college of choice, Northern Unity College, a liberal arts school on a beautiful, somewhat out of the way campus in the city of Paraselle Falls. She was eventually accepted, and went on to study Physical Education and Coaching at Northern Unity, and later got a job as an assistant soccer coach.

Eva's life changed in the middle of her sophomore year of college. She got a call from her mother one day after class, tearfully informing her that her father had died in a car accident.

Eva, torn up by the sudden loss, immediately headed home with her roommate Joey in tow. The event wasn't long or huge or overly planned (that's not what her father would have wanted, after all), but it did, for a little while, bring the family together.

After the funeral, Eva insisted on returning to school, saying that it was what her father would have wanted. Her mother agreed and wished her luck, but Eva wasn't quite the same upon her return to Paraselle Falls. Her actions seemed forced, her emotions faked. Joey and Kimbal became worried for Eva, constantly trying to cheer her up and get her to do things that she used to like doing. Eventually, they turned to Charlotte, another friend of Eva's and the resident stoner, if she could try to help cheer Eva up, as the two had been hanging out for a while before the accident.

Charlotte didn't seem to be the best idea at first, as her presence often caused Eva's mood to deteriorate further, as Charlotte's method of attempting to help Eva consisted of wrapping Eva up in some blankets and telling her 'facts' about the afterlife, spirits, and how reincarnation has a decent chance of existing, but most humans tend to reincarnate as slugs or similar invertebrates, so there wasn't a lot that could be done.

One day, however, something Charlotte told Eva seemed to pique her interest. Charlotte had moved on to the topic of ghosts, and how some stuck around for years after their death. Eva had perked up, asking if it was possible to contact any ghosts that still remained, specific ghosts. Charlotte told her that it was technically possible, but that she didn't believe in that Ouija board nonsense.

The two began cooking up a scheme, and Eva appeared to be in a much better mood as the pair gathered up the necessary supplies. They spent most of their time reading texts and scrolls, trying to find what they needed. While they worked, however, Eva realized something. If she didn't find her father during this contact, then that was it. There wouldn't be anything else that she could do to find him. So she asked Charlotte if there was any way to maintain a constant connection with the spirits. Charlotte told her that there was one way, one that involved straddling the line between life and death, but there was no way to know whether or not it would actually work. Eva pushed her into doing it anyway.

The two locked themselves into Eva's dorm room later that week, and had more or less disappeared from the minds of everybody except for Joey, Kimbal, and Eva's immediate family. Joey and Kimbal did their best damage control with Eva's family. The two also made sure to check in on Charlotte and Eva, doing everything they could when they were allowed in. A couple of days later, Joey and Kimbal were forced out of the room, and Charlotte eventually emerged, looking shaken up and wiping off her hands with a rag. She wouldn't let either into the dorm room, claiming that Eva had to come back first.

Eva came out the next day, to Charlotte's relief and Joey's annoyance, claiming she was now ready to begin looking for her father. She also assured Charlotte that the 'ritual' worked, and said that all she had to do was talk to the spirits, and they'd eventually lead her to her father. Hopefully.

Costume Description: Currently a simple white summer dress (to emphasize her 'ghostliness'), and a black masquerade mask that her friend had laying around.

Character advantages: Otherworldly Connection - Eva has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts and spirits of any kind. This power only applies to herself, and doesn't allow her to provide other people with the abilities that she gets. This is the basis of Eva's abilities and is always active. In addition, apparitions and spirits of all sorts are naturally drawn to Eva, and she claims to be surrounded by spirits on the regular.

Part Ghost - Eva has become part ghost, with many of the abilities that it brings. She is capable of flight/levitation and can temporarily become incorporeal, allowing her to move through solid objects. Eva also seems to possess an electromagnetic field around her, causing electronic devices to function strangely, but not enough to cause significant damage. She also tends to lower the temperature of any area she's in. The latter two powers are mild, however, and Eva has little control over them.

Friends and Family:
Rita Gattulsco – Eva's paternal grandmother. A kindly old woman that worries for Eva and her family after the accident. Retired.
Milo Gattulsco – Eva's paternal grandfather. An old man that stays in touch with Eva often due to their shared grief. Retired.
Delilah McGillan – Eva's maternal grandmother. A grumpy woman that disliked Eva's father's side of the family and only keeps in contact for Eva and her siblings. Retired.
Tomas McGillan – Eva's maternal grandfather. A boring old man that cares little for his children and lets Delilah stay in charge of the pair's shared contact with the rest of their family. Retired.

Leo Gattulsco – Eva's father. A kindly man who loved his kids almost as much as he loved his wife. He was a constant source of brightness in the family, and many said that Eva takes after him. Is currently dead.
Ruby Gattulsco – Eva's mother. A strong figure in Eva's life who kept the immediate family together even while working two jobs to keep the herself and her daughters afloat financially. Eva loves her a lot. Works double time as a barista in the day and a bartender at night and refuses to quit either.
Antonio Gattulsco – one of Eva's uncles on her father's side. He was close to Leo and was broken up about the accident. Checks in on Ruby and the kids often. Works in construction.
Nicholas Gattulsco – one of Eva's uncles on her father's side. He was the one that inspired Eva to be a coach and often comes by to visit. Works as a high school coach.
Sonia Gattulsco – Eva's aunt by marriage to Nicholas. Caring to the point of being overbearing, always brings food whenever she drops by. Complicated relationship with Camilla. Works as a chef.
Camilla Lutz – Eva's aunt on her father's side. She likes to dote on everybody and is very touchy-feely. Also makes more than enough money by herself to keep her family afloat. Complicated relationship with Sonia. Works as freelancing software engineer.
Percival Lutz – Eva's uncle by marriage to Camilla. A pretty unlikeable man that likes to take credit for things he hasn't done. The family secretly tries to figure out why Camilla married him. Works as a journalist.
William McGillan – Eva's uncle on her mother's side. Married in to the family, but his wife, Rosalin, died due to health complications. A recently retired soldier and proud only father of three. Spends a lot of time with Ruby and Eva's siblings because he worries about his own daughter off in the military. Former soldier, now retired.
Blake O'Neill – Eva's aunt on her mother's side. She isn't very close to the family, and is rarely heard from outside of family gatherings and events, like Leo's funeral. Supposedly works as the head of a small business.
Joseph O'Neill – Eva's uncle by marriage to Blake. Dislikes most of the family, and often times has bouts with Tomas at family gatherings. Supposedly works as a stockbroker.
Nina Higashi – Eva's aunt on her mother's side. Takes her work seriously and easily gets sucked into it. Not much of a talker. Works as a lawyer.
Yuuta Higashi – Eva's uncle by marriage to Nina. A quiet and traditional man, easily gets along with his wife and anybody she likes. Works as a civil engineer.

Mordecai Gattulsco – Eva's older brother. Does his best to take some of the pressure off of their mom. Currently lives at home and works as a physician.
Mai Gattulsco – Eva's sister-in-law by marriage to Mordecai. Lives with Ruby and Eva's siblings and does her best to keep things tidy. Mainly a housewife, works irregular hours at a nearby convenience store.
Flavia Gattulsco – Eva's younger sister. Still in high school, Flavia is lazy as all get out and spends most of her time watching movies and playing video games in the basement.
Gerald Gattulsco – Eva's younger brother. Also in high school, Gerald has his sights set on being an artist, and he practices on the daily in the backyard.
Tracy Gattulsco – Eva's younger sister. Still in middle school, she gets along with Eva due to their shared disposition when it comes to sports. She is on both the track and swim teams at her school, and adores Eva.

Benny Gattulsco – Eva's cousin, son of Nicolas and Sonia. Has a passion for underground music and often times butts heads with Eva due to their differences in outlook. Works as a DJ.
Raquel Gattulsco – Eva's cousin, daughter of Nicolas and Sonia. A cheeky girl that is always playing pranks and getting people annoyed at her. Currently in high school.
Percival “Percy” Ryan Lutz II – Eva's cousin, son of Camilla and Percival. The firstborn son of his parents, Percy Ryan had the (mis)fortune of inheriting his father's name. He didn't like that, so he instead tells everybody to call him Percy Ryan, which he knows pisses off his father. He and Eva get along well because they both dislike his father. Currently in college, majoring in database management.
Calvin “Cal” Conrad Lutz – Eva's cousin, son of Camilla and Percival. Was a perfectly normal, if dense, boy until his first day of sophomore year in high school, where he decided that he wanted to start a religion. Is now obsessed with the idea and wants to name his religion “CalCium”, after his nickname and the first letter of his middle name. Nobody has the heart to tell him Calcium is already a thing. Currently in college, majoring in religious studies.
Diana “Diamond” Belinda Lutz – Eva's cousin, daughter of Camilla and Percival. She's spoiled rotten by both of her parents, and is almost always fighting with her brothers because of the fact that she thinks she deserves anything that they have. Currently in middle school.
Megan McGillan – Eva's cousin, daughter of William. She's the oldest and wants to be just like her father. Thus, she signed up for the military the moment that she got out of high school, even though her father didn't want her to. Currently an active member of the military.
Anna McGillan – Eva's cousin, daughter of William. A shy wallflower, Anna is a quiet and gentle soul that hates getting yelled at. That was, at least, until she set fire to a pile of desks and books on the school's front lawn during her junior year of high school and got sent to juvie. Somehow retained her meek and frightened disposition throughout the entire ordeal. Currently lives at home with her dad and works as a waitress.
Steffie McGillan – Eva's cousin, daughter of William. She's a bright soul, a sharp contrast to her sisters' flatness and meekness respectively. She does her best to keep Anna's mood up, and loves to spend time with everybody. Currently in her first year of high school.
Grace O'Neill – Eva's cousin, daughter of Blake and Joseph. A cold and blunt woman of a gloomy disposition. Has been preened and prepped to be Blake's successor. Despite that, Eva is aware of her secret love of all things fluffy. Supposedly works as her mother's assistant.
Stanley O'Neill – Eva's cousin, son of Blake and Joseph. A fun loving boy that doesn't fit in with his prim and proper parents or sister. Because he isn't the firstborn, his parents don't care about what he grows up to be, as long as he doesn't do anything to damage their reputation. Eva's okay with him, but suspects he smokes weed. Currently in high school.
Hajime “Jojo” Higashi – Eva's cousin, son of Nina and Yuuta. A young boy that aspires to be just like his favorite cartoon heroes. Was nicknamed by Flavia because he always pretends to be fighting things. Currently in elementary school.

Josaline “Joey” Trevors – Eva's friend and roommate. She has super pale skin and shaggy brown hair that is constantly hanging down in front of her eyes, making people wonder how she can see when she walks around. Joey is a grumpy girl that oftentimes has troubles focusing in class and gets snappy with people she doesn't know well. Expect her to constantly be chewing on something. She and Eva are really close, and Joey was one of the few people who had regular contact with Eva during the period of time she had locked herself in her room. She appears to have been sworn to secrecy about it, however. Currently majoring in photography at Northern Unity.

Kimbal Rodger – Eva's friend. He's an African-American man with fluffy hair and a preference for fancy clothing. He's considered a fashion genius around campus, and is the general authority around Northern Unity when it comes to clothing. Kimbal doesn't mince words and isn't the kind of person to lie to make somebody feel better, but he's far from unkind and does his best to assist people when he's able. He and Eva are friends from high school, and he was one of the few people who had regular contact with Eva during the period of time when she had locked herself in her room. However, he appears to have been sworn to secrecy about it. Currently majoring in fashion design at Northern Unity.

Charlotte Kollum – Eva's friend. She's a character. Eva is pretty sure that Charlotte is always stoned or about to get stoned. Obsessed with the occult, Charlotte is known for being that person around campus. Despite that, she gets along with Eva, and the two will often go get lunch or breakfast together, and Eva has even convinced Charlotte to work out with her on a regular basis. Charlotte was the person who inspired Eva's strange plan involving locking herself in her room, and was one of the few people who had regular contact with her during the time she was locked in there. Charlotte doesn't like to talk about what went on. Currently majoring in film studies at Northern Unity.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Bigshot - 06-15-2016 07:01 AM

Real Name: Layla Lagai

Alias: Valence

Home City: Independence, Maryland

City description: A city that hails itself as a utopia, Independence seemingly has it all. A bustling economy, a convenient geographical position along a body of water, and a thousand buried truths. While the city itself boasts stability, the place is anything but stalwart. One half of the city prospers while the other falls apart, forgotten. Those living in the lap of luxury walk past the sobering reality of all the homeless among them, many not even sparing a passing glance. The city has been this way for years, but lately things have only been escalating further. It's nearly impossible to escape poverty if you're born on the wrong side of the city, and even harder to get anyone to acknowledge the issue. If you've no money, you've no identity, and you're as good as a ghost.

The populated, money-rich sector of the city is massive. There's bright lights, tall buildings, billboards filling even empty spaces, and often times concealing the more unsavoury sights. Everything on this side of the city is glass, chrome, and gleaming steel. The place shines in the day and glows at night, an ever-present taunt to those less-fortunate. It specializes in tech premier services, engineering, finance, and anything that requires an education on the technical spectrum.
On the other side of the city is the run-down, desolate sector, which only seems smaller because it takes up less space. There's a denser population here in less square feet. The people with money throw out their garbage in the slums, and the locals do their best to make everything have use. There are often massive families crammed into tiny shacks that are falling apart, and some of the least fortunate have only the nearby bright lights of the rich to live by. It specializes in manual labour and service-related jobs.

Despite the questionable living conditions, the people are rather protective of where they're from. The rich constantly want to be labeled for their zip code, and the poor won't have anyone bad mouthing the only home they have. There's more than a little bit of tension between the two halves of the city and an inherent need to wear the label on their sleeves.

Character description: At 5'6", Layla isn't terribly tall, but that doesn't matter. She's slender and wide of hip, with long, curly black hair that cascades almost to her lower back. Honey brown eyes, freckles on her nose, and dark brown skin. Wears glasses if she ever needs to read something. Mixed race, black and native american. Navajo.

Character personality: Very earnest. She's only gotten where she is now by being bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and eager to please. Being a people pleaser is an enormous part of who she is, to a fault. Still, if it's gotten her this far it can't be all bad, right? As a child she was strange, had a difficult time communicating and fitting in with the other children, and was always regarded as an observer rather than a participant. She's always been the type to watch passively, and has a knack for noticing things and remembering details others might not. Almost assuredly is on the spectrum, but refuses to get a definitive diagnosis. Whatever it may be, it doesn't define her. Then again, she couldn't really tell you what /does/ define her, either. Maybe someday, she'll have that answer.

Character background: Her family has lived in the slum part of the city since she was young, but they're at least in the upper slums. Her family doesn't live in a house, but rather what used to be a strip mall. At least they're all a short walk away from each other, while still maintaining a semblance of privacy. Through shared income, they're able to make the place feel like home and mostly keep it from collapsing. Electricity functions on and off, but they've at least got running water. A small blessing.

Right now, and for the last year, she's been working as an assistant to a rather boisterous CEO of a tech firm. It's grunt work, really, and she's certainly not paid enough for what she has to deal with, but Layla doesn't dare complain. There are members of her family in worse spots than she, and with her checks from this business keeping with clothes on her body and food in her belly, can it really be that bad? It's hard to say. It's even harder to say whether or not this voice she's been hearing in her head is bad. In her heart of hearts, she wants to believe it's good, but these headaches sure are a pain. Two months ago she was awoken by a splitting pain in her skull and a loud noise constantly filling her ears. Back then it had no voice, no real direction, no order, but now she can make some sense of it. Sometimes. She's got a friend in her head that helps her with that, and now that she knows he doesn't talk to her because she's absolutely crazy, she's more keen on listening. Apparently, her possession of these powers are all linked somehow, though she can't say why. She can never say why.

Costume Description: No real "costume" to speak of. At first she started out in a peacoat and jeans, now she's wearing a mask to hide her face, and even more recently has added headphones she can turn on and off to block out some of the distracting noise in her head. Eventually she'll get a cool costume, maybe, when Google gives her enough inspiration. Maybe something blue.

Character advantages: Layla is an emotional empath, and not in the traditional psychological sense. No, she literally can feel the emotions of those around her and glean what it is they're really feeling at the moment. Only the most experienced of actors can hide those emotions from her, mostly to her disdain. Of course, if she could just learn to communicate better, she could use this to her advantage, but she hasn't gotten there quite yet.
Emotionally powered energy projection is another ability she possesses. She can fire energy blasts, manipulate objects, and probably some other stuff she hasn't tried yet, but only if she's got the internal fuel for it. Maybe someday she'll be able to use other energy sources besides herself, but for now, her emotions are all she's got to draw from and all the others are kind of just noise.

Constant emotional noise is exhausting and she almost always has a headache. Because of the constant stimulation, she has trouble focusing her abilities at the moment. If she's scared, or distressed, she has quite a hard time using her abilities. As a person she's more than a little gullible, and can easily be swayed by charismatic people. If she can feel they truly believe in their cause, then she's putty in their hands.

Friends and Family:

Mother - Mandy Lagai - A strong woman who raised her and her four siblings while her husband worked. At about 12, her mother went to working as well, providing not only for her children, but for the rest of their family. She's Layla's idea of what strength really is, and someone she aspires to be. Working as a caretaker and a babysitter for some affluent folks.

Father - Rico (Roque) Lagai - Usually content to play second-fiddle to his wife, his inaction as of late has frustrated him. Even with a diploma he has a hard time finding work, and not being able to support his family has made him tired, grey far before his time. Took his wife's name when they married. Still does his best to be warm and loving despite a deep sadness in his soul. Currently unemployed.

Brother - Charles Lagai - Eldest brother. He grew up babying all of his siblings and taught them all how to laugh and enjoy life. Works as a cook at one of the nice restaurants. Donates leftovers.

Brother - James (Jr) Lagai - Third eldest. Younger than Layla by a year. More reserved and quiet, but still just as bright and warm as the rest of his family. While he longs to build things, he can't afford to go to college right now. Saving. Works as a barista.

Brother - Riley Lagai - Second-youngest. Takes after his mother in the confidence and strength department. Massive, and does his best to carry everyone else's weight. Works construction.

Sister - Amanda Lagai - Youngest. Moved away two years ago. Rarely communicates home, but swears she misses them. More or less estranged.

Aunt - Barbara (Barb) Lagai - Eldest aunt. Widower. Extremely old fashioned and crotchety, but still loved by Layla and the rest of the family. Reluctantly indulges them. Retired/not working due to health issues.

Aunt - Nancy Lagai - Youngest. A teacher in the slums. Strives to make the world around her better. Refuses to retire or ever take a sick day.

Aunt- Eleanor Roque - Younger sibling to Rico. Not living in the same town, but regularly writes. Occasionally sends the kids small monetary gifts when she can spare it, with encouraging messages.

Uncle - Gerald Lagai - Nancy's husband. A man of few words, prefers to let his actions speak for him. Works as a landscaper.

Grandma - Beatrice Lagai - The matriarch of the family. Mother to Mandy. The strongest woman you will ever meet, and unmoving when she makes up her mind. Determined to carve out a better life for every single one of her blood. Widower. Does odd jobs here and there.

Grandma - Monica Roque - Older than Beatrice. Eldest grandmother. The most grumpy. Doesn't live in the city or the slums, but comes to visit much to everyone's chagrin every once in a while. Retired.

Grandpa - James Roque - A man of the fewest words. Grunts and groans and breathes, mostly. Helps Monica around in her wheelchair but is warm and kind when he does decide to speak. Retired.

Cousin 1- Peter Lagai - Son of Nancy. Pretty cool for a 12 year old. Loves clothes and cars.

Cousin 2- Julie Lagai - Daughter of Nancy. Pretty cool for an 8 year old. Loves her sports and books.

Cousin 3- Tara Lagai - Daughter of Nancy. Pretty cool for a 5 year old. Loves her princesses and animals.

Ex-Boyfriend- Wyndell Orsen - First love. Worst love, probably. A big old jerk. Lives in the slums now after being kicked out by his family. Sees Layla sometimes but is never acknowledged by her.

Ex-girlfriend - Jessica Hoffer - A pretty decent girlfriend. Lives off of daddy's money in luxury. Still talks to Layla sometimes. Works at a used bookstore.

Best friend 1- Corwin Basinger - A jovial gay white boy. A real delight to be around, even when things are dreary. Lives within a few blocks of the slums. Works at a carwash.

Best friend 2- Ty Jackson - Crazy smart, crazy tall, crazy patient. A statue of a man and much needed support in a group of young adults just trying to scrape by. Waiter/dishwasher.

Best friend 3- Olivia Ivanov. More sarcastic than positively funny, but still a delight. Works at her family's used book store.

Platonic soulmate- Phoebe White. The best gal you'll ever meet. Strong when Layla is weak, and never moving in her principals. Stubborn to a fault, but the kind of girl you'd want to be growing up. Works at a thrift store. The only thrift store.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-15-2016 07:05 AM

PM me, skype me, or steam me.

My steam is kedallas and my Skype is gaius.cidellus.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Coldblooded - 06-15-2016 07:18 AM

Real Name: Vanessa Villanova

Alias: Miss Mimicry

Home City: Carbon City

City description: Carbon City is located in central Pennsylvania, near the Appalachian mountains. It's well known for being a major center of manufacturing in the past. The most famous image of the city is a picture of a blocky skyline being almost completely obscured by the smoke from hundreds of factories. That picture was taken decades ago though. Carbon City was hit especially hard by several recessions over the years, and today, most of the factories stand completely empty, save for the ones taken over by gangs and the homeless communities of course. The downtown area is actually pretty nice, with several huge skyscrapers and universities and plenty of parks, but you can't take the train for more than a mile in any direction before running into the poverty and urban decay that mainly defines the rest of Carbon City. In recent years, the city has tried to turn its fortune around by offering massive tax breaks to science companies, and generally not caring at all about whether those companies were actually following the really petty laws against things like human experimentation. As of today, Carbon City is currently well on its way to becoming the Mad Science capital of the world. On the bright side though, at least the sports teams are pretty good. Let's go Metalheads!

Character description: It's not very easy to pin down a character description for a shapeshifter, but Vanessa does have 3 forms that she uses far more commonly than any other. The first form is Vanessa's civilian persona, and the one that looks most similar to her "original" self. Vanessa is about 6 feet tall, and is only slightly overweight. She has pale skin, brown eyes, and long messy black hair. She usually looks like she hasn't slept in days.

Her second form is her public persona, Miss Mimicry. She uses this form whenever she has to do an interview or talk to anybody important. Miss Mimicry is 6'4, has tan skin, and is absolutely ripped. She also has dark blue eyes and a short purple haircut. This form is basically just a mashup of several different characters from several different comic books. She doesn't bother wearing a mask in this form because uh... yeah.

Her third form is the one she actually uses for crimehunting. It's basically just a black/gray humanoid silhouette, and maybe sometimes it has wings instead of arms or something. This form is optimized for moving around the city quickly and quietly. The arms and legs on this form are just a bit too long and spindly to be natural, and it tends to majorly freak people out when they catch it following them around in the middle of the night.

Character personality: Vanessa is 29 years old, and lives alone in a run-down studio apartment not far from downtown. Her "secret lair" is truly horrifying to behold to any decent member of society, as it is almost perpetually covered in garbage from meals that she started eating months ago. She has a degree in biology from Carbon City University, which she mainly went after to try and figure out how to move her own organs around inside her body without being in horrible pain constantly. She runs a semi-popular blog online, which she mainly uses to either post long-winded rants about the evils of capitalism, or sometimes just funny pictures of animals doing things that animals would not normally do. (All selfies of course.) She tells most people that she works as a "Wildlife Photographer", traveling all over the world on exciting adventures. But this is only a cover story, to explain why she keeps disappearing to fight crime for days/weeks at a time. She makes a small amount of money selling pictures of "endangered wildlife" on her website, but all of the pictures she takes are actually just pictures of herself, standing in front of a green screen in her apartment. She's hardly ever even been outside of Pennsylvania.

Vanessa has a deep distrust of authority figures in general, but most especially of police. She tries to play things more diplomatic with her public hero persona, but it's still pretty obvious that she does enjoy humiliating the city government and the police whenever possible. As the daughter of an ex-con, she also really kind of hates prisons in general, and prefers to try and talk things out rather than getting non-violent criminals thrown in jail if she can. Vanessa has never killed anyone before and hopes to never have to, but she's willing to make that call if it's "for the greater good", whatever that means. Her main goal in life is be able to change things enough for the better that she can go back to hermiting herself away again at home without feeling guilty about it.

Character background:
Vanessa was originally born under the name Vincent Villanova II, and she was the second grandchild of two of the world's most famous and wealthy geneticists, Victor and Vilma Villanova. Together, the two of them had created dozens of amazing inventions that changed the face of the medical industry, and started a massive new corporation, The Villanova Institute of Limitless Evolution. (Or VILEtech for short.) Vanessa and her sister spent most of their early years living in a modest, upper class house in the suburbs.

One day, when Vanessa and her sister were both a couple of Edgy Teens, they decided to go down and secretly explore their grandparents' private lab on their own. There were many strange and confusing machines in the lab, but the most interesting thing by far was the glass terrarium that seemed to hold a strange, alien-looking insect. The Parasite spook to Vanessa in words that only she could understand, telling her a heartbreaking story about how a pair of old, evil scientists had kidnapped it and had forced it to endure a countless number of cruel experiments. Vanessa had completely fallen under the Parasites' trance, and it was soon clear that the only reasonable course of action was to smash open the glass case, and free this poor, innocent creature.

Surprisingly this plan turned out to be a huge mistake, since immediately after freeing it, the Parasite decided to jump up and jab its stinger directly into its own savior's neck. Vanessa could feel her body melting away from the inside, her bones bending, her skin boiling, her blood turning to acid. She would have died right there if her sister hadn't been there to drive the Parasite away before it could finish the job, or if they hadn't already been standing in a room with a bunch of fancy experimental medical equipment all around them. When Vanessa came back to, they realized that she had somehow gained the ability to shapeshift into almost anything she wanted. From that point on, it was clear exactly what they needed to do........... so they quickly cleaned up the lab and pretended like they were never there.

Anyways a few years after that, her dad got arrested for embezzling over a million dollars from his parent's company, in a widely publicized scandal that naturally caused a lot of Family Drama™. A couple years after that, she came out as trans and changed her name from Vincent to Vanessa, which of course caused even more Family Drama™. A few years after that, she finally graduated college and started working as a superhero full time, and was finally able to live in her own garbage without any annoying roommates to get mad at her.

She never did find out what happened to the Parasite that gave her her powers, but every once in a while she'll hear another horrible news story about some other poor soul in Carbon City who had disappeared from their bed at night, only to be mysteriously replaced with a pile of acidic goo. She's determined to track down this Parasite and put an end to it, at all costs.

Costume Description: Vanessa doesn't technically need a costume since she can just shapeshift into whatever, but her typical outfit is just a black skirt + tank top with a violet "M" written on the front. Her sister has tried to convince her to go with something a bit more flashy in the past, but has only succeeded in getting Vanessa to sarcastically explain the meaning of the word "stealth" to her. When she's out crimefighting, she typically carries with her a smartphone, a first aid kit, a combination flashlight/stun gun, and a bag of zip ties to use as makeshift handcuffs. This gear is all carefully stored within her own torso, for safekeeping.

Character advantages: Vanessa has the ability to shapeshift into any form that she wants, as long as that form in question is made out of organic material, and as long as the transformation doesn't violate the law of conservation of mass. (In other words, if she weighs 200 lbs beforehand, she'll still weigh 200 lbs after, etc.) Using her powers, she is able to fly, to impersonate other people's faces and voices, to reach things across the room with little effort, and even to heal her own wounds within seconds. However, Vanessa does not have the ability to reabsorb any pieces of her that are completely cut off from the rest of her body. Vanessa's friends often marvel at her ability to constantly eat junk food and not gain weight, but in reality she's really just trying to regain mass to make up for all the bits she losses from getting shot at on a regular basis. While Vanessa can easily soak up bullets for days, she has no real defenses against anything that can damage her entire body at once. Things like fire and explosions will put her in a real bad place real quick.

Friends and Family:

[Image: Villianova%20family%20tree_zps4lllksue.png]

Victor and Vilma Villanova - Paternal grandparents. Formerly a pair of world famous geneticists and insanely wealthy CEOs, now skeletons. They didn't leave anything to Vanessa's side of the family in their wills of course, lol.

Vincent Villanova Sr - Vanessa's father, now estranged. He was formerly employed at his parent's company doing business stuff, but has now spent most of the last decade in prison for embezzlement. He hasn't spoken to either of his children in many years, but they've heard rumors that he's currently working odd jobs for his younger brother under the table now. He could not possibly be more disappointed in his children, and the feeling is more than mutual.

Vaughn Villanova - Paternal uncle, also estranged. He's been the CEO of VILEtech ever since the deaths of his parents a few years ago, and lives in a huge mansion up in the hills. He always seems to be finding new and exciting ways to waste massive amounts of money, and Vanessa absolutely hates him for it. So far she hasn't be able to find any evidence that he's actually doing anything illegal, but she's wholly convinced that he's a supervillain in waiting, because like, come on.

Valerie Villanova - Paternal aunt, married to Vaughn. She works as a lawyer, and is therefore just as evil as her horrible husband. She also has a job on the city council, where she tries to push through the worst laws imaginable.

Vance and Vicky Villanova - Cousins to Vanessa, and twins to each other. They're 25 and are both still in college "finding themselves" and basically just killing time until they have to go get real jobs. Unlike their parents, they still keep in contact with Vanessa's family over [insert facebook parody here], and are actually not that bad as far as spoiled rich kids go.

Jackson and Penny Price - Maternal grandparents. They live out on a small farm in eastern Ohio. They're in their late 80's now, but still make a trip out to visit their grandchildren about once or twice a year. Also not that bad as far as old people go.

Janet O'Conner - Vanessa's mother. She has a strained relationship with Vanessa, but they still clearly love each other. Whenever they're around each other the rest of the family has to steer the conversation away from anything even slightly political, because there are few topics that the two of them are unwilling to argue about. She works as pharmacist downtown.

Marcus O'Conner - Vanessa's stepfather. She thinks he's boring and kind of an asshole sometimes, but a well meaning asshole at the very least. He lives in a small house in the suburbs with Vanessa's mom and brother, and works in a cubicle. She's only met his parents once and doesn't really remember their names, but she's pretty sure that they live in Florida or Texas or somewhere else completely.

Cory O'Conner - Vanessa's half brother. He's a quiet, nerdy kid who is currently going to her old high school as a freshman. They get along pretty well, but don't always have much to talk about due to the age difference. She helps him with his homework sometimes, and plans to take him out for some illegal drinking crimes once he turns 18.

Virginia Bradshaw - Vanessa's older sister. The two of them have been best friends ever since they were children. She's 31 years old and lives in a cozy apartment downtown with her wife and son. She works as a nurse in a local hospital downtown, and the long hours at work have kept her from talking to her sister nearly as much as they used to, but luckily they both have Becky to relay stories back and forth every day. Vanessa is constantly amazed by her sisters' supernatural ability to actually throw away her own garbage and have her life together in general.

Becky Bradshaw - Sister-in-law/friend/partner in justice. Becky is 30 years and was first introduced to her future wife by Vanessa, back when the three of them were all in college together. She works from home as a web designer, and is usually the first person that Vanessa calls up whenever she needs help while out crimefighting. She likes to talk herself up as being a "Master Hacker", but honestly like 90% of what she does is just looking things up online and sending anonymous tips to the police on Vanessa's behalf.

Quintin Bradshaw - Vanessa's nephew. He's actually just Virginia's son from a previous "relationship", but Becky usually has more free time to watch over him while Virginia's at work. He's 5 years old, and his interests include whatever 5 year olds like these days I guess. He wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Benjamin Drake - Friend/Ex. - Ben isn't the only person that Vanessa has ever dated, but he is the most recent and only one that she still keeps in contact with. They broke up a few years ago, shortly before she started crimefighting full time. He's the only other person that knows about her powers besides Becky and Virginia, and he seems to be worrying about her constantly, or about any number of other things. Sometimes they meet up together to get chinese food and complain to each other about how hard their lives are. He works in the main library downtown.

Emily Cho - Friend/relentless gossip. - Emily used to be roommates with Vanessa back in college. Nowadays she works as an intern down at City Hall, and mainly just calls Vanessa up to talk about whatever new dumb law that her evil aunt is trying to pass today. Vanessa knows better than to ever tell Emily anything important, because if she does the whole city will probably know about it by the next day.

Alexis Valentina - Friend... maybe??? - Alexis works as a reporter for the Carbon City Dispatch, where she frequently criticizes the wealthy CEOs and corrupt city officials who let so much of the city around them fall into poverty. Vanessa is a big fan of her work, and once offered to give her an exclusive interview as Miss Mimicry. Alexis often does her writing at a coffee shop not far from Vanessa's apartment, and Vanessa has a huge crush on her but will never admit it. NEVER.

Sampson King - Ally? - An older, bearded homeless man. About a year ago, Vanessa caught Sampson selling a bunch of knockoff Miss Mimicry shirts out of his van. He immediately apologized and offered to pay her royalties, but she didn't really care about that. Instead she asked if he could keep her updated on any recent news with the local gangs, and he was more than happy to help, in exchange for a 0% royalty payment.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Bramzter - 06-15-2016 09:02 AM

Real Name: Carlito Sanchez
Alias: The Rat
Home City: Opportunity
City description: Opportunity is a coastal city and therefore gets a lot of its income from sea trade and has strong communities of new arrivals within the country who live in several neighborhoods of older flats in slight poverty. However down at the coast is a thriving beach industry with many teens a spending things like spring break at the beach consuming great amounts of alcohol and sometimes drugs in the process. You can basically divide the city in four parts, the docks where both business and freight vessels as private speedboats and yachts are docked. Residential areas which differ in price class, some are older flats mostly inhabited by new comers, Summer houses an bungalow's for the parting tourists and some well off suburban housing for the people who usually work in better payed functions whatever legality they might have. Then there is public sections of the city close to the beach which are littered with nightclubs, restaurants and casino's, in short places to spend money... and finally some bit out of the city proper there are some companies who have their factories or R&D labs there who usually get what they need shipped in. underneath it all is a large drainage system that spreads out over the whole city and into the industrial side of the port's sea far away from the beaches

The local culture is depends, in the poorer residential areas it depends on what group of immigrants are living in that neighborhood, the beaches are dominated with spray tanned faux Italian youth and grimy neon signs of the casino's which usually hosts a few adventurous (drunk) youth and immigrants who hope to finally win some money.

Problems in the city are rife, there is large discontent between the immigrants and due to the whole party culture, gambling and the proximity to the sea various criminal organizations are based in the area, recruiting the angry poor into their ranks and using the city for various of their ongoing activities.

Character description: Being more rat than man Sanchez stands crooked and is covered in grey fur, beady red eyes, sharp claws and teeth befitting a large rodent and a tail... a strange glowing green stone has been embedded in his ear like some sort of macabre piercing.. still clad among his waist are the dark green pants of a sewage worker uniform with some mud on it and he is also wearing a green uniform jacket with reflective silver strips on it. like those ones road workers have on them, the logo's of the city,company and the name tag however are scratched off.

However he has a means to revert to his original looks for a period of time, A fit hispanic man, bald with a stubble wearing a ear piercing with a odd green stone in it. with He still has a spare work uniform as well as clothing at his home..which surely be ruined when the change reverts but it a little price to pay for a little normalcy... and a way to keep his job.

Character personality: Sanchez is a quiet unassuming man, hardworking and ambitious to make something of himself beyond his current state yet unscrupulous all the same, stealing anything valuable that might accidentally been lost within the drain systems of Valkburg and possesses a clear duty to his family... However since his transformation into what he is now his personality took a turn for the worse. The Rat isn't quite stable and is paranoid about the possible reaction people would have on him making him cowardly, Stronger yet is his opportunistic and greedy instincts, he wont shy away from taking something more even if it hurts others. His greatest ire however is with the cartels and he usually stays pretty determent on a goal that hinders them.

Character background: Carlito Sanchez wasn't born in the USA but their favorite neighbor Mexico on a small farm away from the cities. Raised in poverty and with the instability of the cartels 'recruiting' and most other problem, his family managed to barely get him into college scrounging every penny they could safe. All out of fear that he would end up as so many others.

Sanchez did well for himself in school and graduated in a engineering degree in that time he had befriended a man named Reed Harver who had a promising future for himself in store working for some sort of research company by the name of Varn-Tech, He'd also fallen in love with a good looking girl named Maria.. The good times however got to a end. due to the economic downturn Sanchez couldn't find work and spend a few years on the farm since his family became progressively more depended on him due to getting older an frailer... as well as his /new/ family that was just starting, he had a daughter on the way..

Yet he felt like his parents felt for him that he shouldn't let his children grow up like him, stuck in poverty desperately looking for employment.. He knew he had to go and provide for all that was dear to him... and it was not going to be possible in mexico. Luckily Reed had promised him a chance to work at the company he did and would partly finance the whole process of migrating into america..

A few years after the birth of his daughter he took Reeds offer.. there was only one slight complication. He couldn't bring his family with him 'not yet' Reed assured him, Sanchez would make enough money to bring them over in a few months. Reluctantly and with urging from Maria he took the chance and traveled to Valkburg to his new job in a Varn-Tech R&D facility.

Unfortunately, the deal fell trough and Sanchez became stranded in Opportunity with no means of doing much of anything. He felt betrayed by his once best friend and cut off ties with him, He spend the following year being a drainage mechanic out of desperation and need in the cities expansive sewers... Until one night he got called by Reed Harver who offered a substantial amount of cash if he could get Sanchez's cooperation in smuggling a item from the labs trough the sewer system to the railway station.. Reed sounded rather panicked and wary and he already had broken one promise.. but Sanchez needed the money badly..and felt drawn to help out.

That following night the two met each other in the pipe under Varn-Tech labs.. The cargo Reed wanted smuggled out was a small piece of oddly green shimmering stone.. he wouldn't elaborate on what it was. However mid-way trough the journey a argument about pay erupted between the two. The last thing Sanchez remembers is grabbing for the stone and a intense anger at Reed and a green light and sharp pain engulfing him

He awoke later.. changed, the green stone still in his hands (paws?).. He did not know what happened to Reed but he somehow gotten a hand (claw?) on a id card belonging to Varn-tech. He came to a realization. His life was terrible and he had no way to get his family..or anyone out of mexico and the dangers of the cartels.. Especially since that politician that always rails on about building a wall. He thought about the plight of the immigrant, no matter where you came from you'd still be treated as a hired help, as a second rank citizen with all the cruddy jobs no one wants to do and get payed barely enough to get trough to the next pay check. Land of opportunity? Maybe for the criminals who ride coat tales of desperate folk. They bring that insatiability here and that was unacceptable. He would help the immigrants by taking away those people from the whole process, Starve the cartels back home and take what they don't deserve.. and the casino's ruined more lives then made them.. for the good of all that come here it had to be shut down!. He would make this a better place for his family, the people coming here, Everyone!

Costume Description: As a Ratman wearing a vandalized sewage worker uniform. His transformation would be obscuring and distinct enough for being recognized.

Character advantages: His power primarily comes from the stone embedded in his ear giving The Rat its strength to chew and dig trough almost anything, the ability to see in the dark and is quite agile and fast. He knows the tunnels and can quickly move trough them and can communicate and influence normal rats

Character weaknesses: The weaknesses of The Rat are its cowardice and its greed. The Rat can be influenced emotionally pretty severely and has some compulsions that are hard to break. Sanchez also has to deal with The Rat's personality being at home in his head. seems a bit schizophrenic. No real control over his transformation. All his Noble goals are actually only relevant to Sanchez, The Rat doesn't really give a damn.. luckily he is just as schizophrenic the other way around so Sanchez can influence him to a extent.

Friends and Family:

Currently in Mexico and Poor:
'Pappy' Heugo Ernesto Sanchez - Granddad (Paternal) - Stubborn wheelchair-bound patriarch on Sanchez family farm in Mexico
Carmen Sanchez néé Chivarde - Grandmom (Paternal) - Mexican grandmother cook that puts way to much salsa in everything
Gustavo Filjaria - Granddad (Maternal) - Old Gardener at a cartel members mansion. the cool old guy of the people working there. Widow
Vera Filjaria néé Castille - Grandmom (Maternal) - -Ex Teacher and activist. Deceased.
Hernan Sanchez - Father - Cynical but caring parent. starts to feel his age.
Jolina Sanchez néé Filjaria - Mother - Concerned but caring parent. regularly takes care of the children of Maria.
Maria Sanchez néé Astoreuz - Wife - Saving for a green card to be reunited, has a few different jobs.
Little Rosa Sanchez - daughter - Cheerful kid, would not take having a giant rat for a father very well

Currently in America and slightly less poor:
Reed Harver - Best Friend? Enemy? - Old friend, Varn-Tech Scienctist, Fucked up things twice for Carlito, Probably eaten.
Ivan Bolchev - Friend and Colleague - Hilariously corrupt supervisor over the sewer maintenance crew Carlito is part off...still a good bud tho.
Yuri Bolchev - Friend of a friend - Brother of Ivan Connected to a local crime gang. Frequently needs to smuggle stuff trough the sewers. Pay's well enough.
Ted Handyman - Landlord - Condescending prick, Pain to deal with but harmless.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - MQuinny1234 - 06-15-2016 09:44 AM

Real Name: Casey Kane

Alias: Doesn't have one yet.

Home City: Scath

City description: An old city, lies over the winding river Gearr which runs into the nearby sea. Buildings vary from centuries-old Gothic stone architecture, to streets of wooden houses that are constantly being knocked down and rebuilt. An industrial city, factories litter around the outskirts of the city where the majority of the jobs are found. A large fishing community still exists around Gearr, and fights fiercely to combat pollution from the emerging factories. One side of the city, split by Gearr, is the more upscale side, with most of the stone and classic architecture, the high-end businesses and shopping districts. The other is the residential areas, loads of middle-to-lower class families living just out of squalor in some cases, with little old wooden homes, and the factories slightly further out, pumping out smoke and industry.

As a culture, it's made up of a large amount of various immigrant populace, but doesn't have too clear of an identity. Odds are though, that no matter where you're from, you'll be able to find at least a street or pub somewhere you can fit loosely in. The original largest minority were irish-americans, then african-americans in later years and recently an increase in chinese-american culture.

Character description: 5 ft 7, so a bit of a short-ass. Has an average looking build, but is physical above average and in decent shape. Sapphire blue eyes, quite similar to the stone, make up the iris and pupil, with a golden limbal ring. Pitch white hair with silver streaks, a decent shaggy amount of it that hangs oddly on him, sort of stiff, looks like he's about 2 days off absolutely needing to get a hair-cut, and tends to just quickly arrange it in a semi-decent style with his hands after getting up in the morning, rather than use a brush or gel. No facial hair. Has cloudy green emerald teeth, slightly larger and sharper and with more obvious canines than normal. Black fingernails, short and he was clearly a bad nail-biter.

Powder blue coloured skin with a sort of, stony/sandpapery looking texture. Also had more solid-looking and rougher dark blue/greenish obtrusions, jutting out in sporadic clumps over his visible features. His facial features have the left corner of mouth, most of around his right eye and to the right of the nose afflicted, as well as around his chin and heavily on the right side and underside of his face. For his torso and back, the ration is about 1/9 for surface area, whilst is more irregular for limbs, and then again for hands and feet.

In his human form, has very pale blond hair and light skin tone. Used to have green eyes, now blue.

Character personality: Casey is somewhat of a wallflower. As a child, was often pushed to make himself useful around the house, given work to keep him busy, etc, which led to a hard-working mentality, but also ingrained a certain "shut-up-and-do-what-you're-told" which he's struggled to shrug off in adulthood. Used to be walked-over and pushed around, due to him naturally putting others before himself, the type of guy who would end up doing both halves of a project or giving up his sweet part of lunch. Coming into adulthood, he become more aware of these flaws and tried to not be such a sissy about things, but still has trouble speaking and standing up for himself.

In matters not relating to himself though, will foolhardily try to step into other people's problems, even if he knows he's going to get screwed in the process. While he acts in an idealistic manner, he has more of a natural pessimistic view of things, knowing that the reward for work is usually just more work. He chooses to continue making what he views as the right choice and take solace in the times that people have either returned the favour or spontaneously helped him out at rough times. Tends to focus on the small picture a lot of times, and doesn't think of how he'd act in kill-or-die or other ugly scenarios, trusting to follow his heart at those crucial moments. In general though, he's rather not hurt someone if he can help it, but if pain is going to be dealt out, and if the stakes are high, isn't going to pull his punches.

Character background:
Raised in one of the older homes of Scath, close to the river Gearr, his family was originally Irish-american, and the house he was in had passed down the family line. What with the age of the house, he lived fairly close to the river and could easily cross between the two halves of the city. In early childhood, he'd get a lift in with his dad to the markets at the crack of dawn, help set up the stall and do some quick chores before running on to school, and afterwards come back and get a lift back home later on in the day once dad had packed up.

Had a pretty normal childhood, with 2 older brothers and his dad. His mother died when he was four and he doesn't remember much about her really. Nothing too amazing happened except for when he was 8, and nearly drowned in the river Gearr after he tried to save a dog in the water, scrabbling at the bank. He managed to get the dog onto the muddy earth but fell in himself. Woke up later, to find he'd been fished out and dragged back into a nearby boat. Ever since then, he's been incredibly reluctant to have anything to do with swimming. Doesn't even like having baths, the idea of putting his head under the water, urgh.

Casey was, okay in school. He wasn't much brighter than any other kid, but got some pretty good grades with proper study, focusing on biology and chemistry, idly dreaming of being a doctor. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do well enough to get a scholarship, and spent a lot of time helping out his dad at the market anyway, so didn't have enough time for such intensive study needed. He tried to get into being a paramedic but found he had issues with the stress and responsibilities of that job, so went into nursing instead, planning to become a paramedic later. Which went down...about as well as he'd expected with his family, which wasn't too bad but wasn't great. Going for a doctor position had been viewed as a bit of a reach, but it was better than nursing. Anyway, he found that he actually quite liked being a nurse, and pushed himself into becoming an A&E nurse after a couple of years.

Yesterday, at 26 years old, Casey was sent to pick up his oldest brother Rean, from his workplace down south at a manufacturing plant owned by Bock Industries. Apparently his car was broken or something, so rather than bother with a taxi or anything, Casey got roped in to go be useful. Luckily, Bock Industries factories weren't hard to find, since they had a large group of buildings packed together in a little Bock block. As a company, they were one of the ones that caused the biggest head-ache for those fighting against companies polluting the nearby waters. After waiting for about an hour for Rean to show up, he got a text saying Rean had gotten a lift home with some of his work friends. So after 5 minutes of slamming his head against the wheel, Casey was about to set off before an explosion rocked the area.

Fire had engulfed one of the large warehouse/factories or whatever it was. Horrid looking smoke was billowing out of the shattered windows and open doors, with survivors rushing outside. After a moments hesitation, Casey was out of his car and running towards the building. Pausing only to make sure those who were already out were okay, he pulled his top up over his mouth and nose and put on his shades. The next 5 minutes he remembers were spent helping others there with evacuation. The main area of the building seemed to be full of large vats of industrial chemicals or something, one of which must have exploded because that entire area had chemical fires burning fiercely on concrete. He took a brief look in there, partly out of some insane human need to see that terrible devastion, telling himself it was to make sure nobody was still in there.

Full of coloured smoke and fire, the mere sight of the room hurt his eyes, even behind the goggles he'd managed to pick up. He barely noticed a flickering shape moving though, when focused upon looked like one or maybe even two humanoid figures, somehow, in the smog. He pulled down the scavenged dust mask and yelled "HEY, COME ON! OVER HERE!" More waving and yelling didn't get the figures attention, so half cursing, half praying, Casey ran on in. He stopped to gape at the wreckage of one of the vats he could see in the far corner. That must have been the one that had already gone. Flames were licking all over the battered one next to it. The one which still had chemicals in it also. By some miracle it hadn't gone either yet, but he recognised the warning signs from basic chemistry plastered around it. He looked around, unable to see those flickering shadows anymore. Maybe there'd not even been people?

He swore, and ran over to the vat, coughing violently as he did so. He could feel the smoke in his lungs, he'd already been in here longer than was sensible, or even just stupid, but if he could stop this thing exploding somehow, then it was less likely that the rest would go too. A thought went through that surely these vats should have had some sort of emergency vent or something, or some system in case of this scenario, if they were all apparently flammable. Still coughing, he noticed the various sewer gratings and groves in the concrete, all leading towards some kind of mechanics. Must be that each vat would empty itself, run along a controlled route and through a passage into the underground. No one must have tried that because the Vat closest to the mechanical system was the one that had gone. He could see some bodies around it too. Looks like the people initially closest had been caught and that it had burnt out somewhat since then. Casey ran over and started studying the system. It would have to be something obvious. A red button behind plastic stood out, with a key slot beneath it.

Casey looked around, he was beginning to feel dizzy and his chest felt like it was on fire. He should leave, but if the rest of these vats went, and in one go... He'd seen what happened with one. The surrounding buildings could end up being caught also. The bodies. Maybe one of them had keys. One. Two. On the third body, still burning slightly, he had to kick it over, he saw keys on the corpses belt. Looking back on it made him want to hurl, but at the time, the task in hand was all he was focused on. He grabbed at the keys, and a flash of pain on his hand made him pull back at the fire still burning the bodies torso. He pulled off his top and wrapped them around his other hand, then reached for the keys, pulling them violently off. He returned to the chemical flood gate system and started trying keys. Seemed to be having trouble getting the keys into the hole, still dizzy, hand was stiff or something. One of them slotted in and he twisted. Something clicked and he slammed the button down. He turned and saw the vats beginning to empty and spread towards the metal gate next to him that was sliding open. Right, he'd have to run around the outskirts of this room to get out, but-

He fell. Casey took a step forward and simply buckled and fell. Another flash of pain as his face hit concrete. He could barely move. Part of him thought he should feel panic but he didn't really feel anything weirdly enough. It was like everything was far away. He managed to turn his head and see the various shimmering liquids from each chemical storage meet up along the groves, running slowly down the room, becoming something strange and new as they ran together. It oozed slowly past him and began pouring away into darkness. Then, suddenly, it caught alight, fire running back up from the darkness into the burning room. He saw it run backwards, in slow motion, up into the nearest vat first, and then, Boom. Bright light blinded him and then he felt a burning wave of liquid hit and swallow him up. All he can remember from that moment is pain, incredible pain. Beyond anything he'd even felt. He suddenly remembered being eight years old again, and drowning in darkening waters.

Costume Description: Umm. I dunno, haven't decided yet. Probably just a biker helmet for the face, and then, gloves and stuff. Got to entirely cover up the skin mostly.

Character advantages: Reinforced skin. Capable to taking a large amount of kinetic energy, as well as heat somewhat. It's more that Casey isn't flammable. Somewhat more resistance to electricity, but again, more because he is a pretty bad conductor. Anyway, his skin is incredibly rough and course, similar to sandpaper. He can run his hands along a wall and scrape off point easily. While his blue skin is still, somewhat pliable, at least to himself anyway, the blue/green obtrusions are much more solid and course, and have small sharp edges. More likely to crack than tear if enough force is applied somehow. His nails are also much tougher, and grow swiftly. Need to be worn down daily so gloves can be worn without being cut. His hair fibers are actually like thin metallic wires, so they can be shaped easily and stay in position, but the ends are sharp enough to be stuck into material too, so it would be a bad idea to run hands through his air. The biggest change and main power is that he now, tough as rocks, he also has increased strength and regeneration. Strong enough to tear doors off hinges and even flip cars with some concentrated effort. Heals wounds and injuries faster, broken bones in days rather than weeks, bleeds a sort of pale ooze that quickly congeals. Also weighs about 600 pounds now.

If he focuses, he can slowly transform back into a human-looking figure somehow over about 10 minutes, so his hair slowly becomes less rigid and metallic looking, his nails remain very tough, the obtrusions sink back under his skin which heals over and the rest of his skin turns white again and less course. If he doesn't take a moment every few minutes to focus, he begins to transform back, taking about 5 minutes to fully turn. The process both ways is painful, with the turning into his rocky form being the much worse transformation. His eyes remain blue now either way though and his weight is the same.

Character weaknesses: Aquaphobia and demophobia
Also, has a horrifically violent reaction to salt, comparably to acid.

Friends and Family:
Father: Andrew Kane - Fishmonger, quiet and gruff, stubborn and loyal. When roused in anger, very precise and deliberate in his actions.
Mother: Jade Liu - Office worker, loud and snarky, determined and optimistic. Did her own thing a lot, always trying out the newest fad and picking up hobbies. Deceased
Oldest brother: Rean Kane. Factory worker. Kind of a classic lad, solid guy, if a bit thoughtless. Likable personality, can get away with saying the wrong thing.
Second oldest brother: Tao Kane. Works with Andrew Kane a lot, responsible and curt, the smart one. Stay-at-home dad somewhat.
Sister-in-law: Linda Kane. Accountant. Strong woman, wants to take life by the jugular. Primary breadwinner.
Nephew: Son of Tao Kane and Linda Kane. Toddler. Poops a lot. Love of his parents life.

Paternal grandfather: Thomas Kane. Old Fishmonger too. Finds Casey a bit soft. Large personality. Heavy drinker and big member in local Irish community and culture.
Paternal grandmother: Susan Kane. Ex-nurse. Likes to laugh. Heavy smoker and believes in plenty of salt and fat in meals. Somehow remains perfectly healthy.
Paternal aunt: Mary Evon. Single mum. Also heavy smoker. Has had several jobs. Grim and pessimistic. The friends she has, she keeps though.
Cousin: David Evon. Also works in the fish market. Comedian of the family.

Maternal grandfather: Tao Liu. Archaeologist and professor. Rarely speaks casually, focuses on his career, follows his wife's lead on most other issues.
Maternal grandmother: Vera Liu. Community-manager. Doesn't take shit. Takes over whatever she's a part of. The fury of five people concentrated into a tiny one.
Maternal uncle: Chen Liu. Teacher, friendly and patient man. Casey's favourite uncle. Likes card games.
Aunt-in-law: Jenny Liu. Artist/hippy/protester/anarchist. Believes in future-telling and magic, big spiritualist. Is pretty popular in the circles she travels in.
Cousin: Diane Liu: Teenage nightmare. Destined to become incredibly famous or die trying.

Best Friend No. 1: Luna Tengen. Old primary school friend. Known Casey longer than anyone else. Some kinda genius scientist or something, she tends to just spout jargon at anyone who asks about it. Tends to initiate most escapades. Follows Cave Johnson's philosophy about lemons. Good, but not nice. Drags Casey into trouble a lot, but always pulls him out of it.
Friend no. 2: Gerald Gourd. Stupid as a bunch of stupid bricks, but couldn't ask for a friendlier or nicer guy. Construction worker, has the kind of body bodybuilders and artists would weep over.
Ex-girlfriend: Amber Surmon. Fellow nurse. Similar kind of personality to Casey. Split up amicably and remain friends. Strong believer in her faith.
Work friend: Dr Kelly Maoken. Grade A wanker. More of a frenemy than anything. Smart and charming enough to get away with anything.
Boss: Fiona Copenhagen. She does not have the time or patience for your shit, son. Takes her job seriously, and expects others to do likewise.

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Real Name: Arik Walker
Alias: None
Home City: Hale
City description: Hale is a popular resort city with a consumer culture- its where the wealthy and well-off come to live in comfort, money paying for their entertainment and every luxury available. The city spreads out across an expansive hillside overlooking much of the land around, and with the centre of the city consisting mostly of an abundance of various shops, clubs, restaurants, bars and the like, with residential and business districts spreading out around this bustling center. The city relies heavily on importing goods from all over the country and making a profit by providing for its consumers- though ofcourse, given the nature of the city, some individuals turn to criminal ways of making a living.
Character description: Tall and lean, Arik has short platinum blond hair, a scraggly beard and lightly sun-tanned skin, and is yet fairly young, being 24 years old. He always wears a relaxed, laidback expression, but otherwise seems largely inscrutable.
Character personality: If given the choice, Arik would usually rather help someone else than himself - although, he's not going to go out of his way to do so, and he miiiight be somewhat less eager to do so for a stranger than a close friend. Even so, he is a decent human being and would genuinely just like to see people prosper. Ofcourse, he does tend to believe that he knows better than others in what that entails.
Character background: Ever since he was a kid, Arik has always wanted to grow up to be a doctor, making other people better. Trouble is, his parents have never been able to afford that kind of tuition, what with all the expensive academies catering to the wealthy upper class - which he is definitely not a member of. Instead, he's found a job working as a deliveryboy, bringing out private packages and the like to specific clients, and he's hoping to one day earn himself enough money to pay for his tuition- not that that is likely to happen within a lifetime of work at this rate.
One time when he was out with a package during winter, Arik crashed with his scooter and would probably have sustained serious injuries had gravity not simply... stopped, leaving him hanging suspended an inch above the ground. It only took him a moment to figure out that he could now - for whatever reason - alter gravity merely by thinking about, stopping, starting or even reversing the gravity of an object just by focusing. Since then, he's started discreetly helping out wherever he's seen the opportunity, whether by grav-lifting something heavy on a construction side he is passing or by giving a group of thugs harassing an old lady a scare. Though he's mostly kept this as a small-time thing, its given rise to the popular theory that Hale is haunted by some sort of mischievous ghost. Arik finds this extremely amusing, though he'd never admit it. Even so, Arik cant help but think he should be doing more to fix the issues troubling Hale, but he doesnt really fancy himself a superhero, and he still wants to be a doctor someday.
Costume Description: His regular clothes - an assortment of common t-shirts and jeans, plus a jacket and a biker helm if he's on his scooter. Also often wears a pair of black sunglasses, especially if he's actually planning on confronting someone.
Character advantages:
Gravity Efficacy: Arik commands gravity with nothing but his thought, though he is limited by a few things. As a general rule, thinking about a certain object is enough to invoke an effect on it, but while this is easy with one object or a group of closely-linked objects, it gets much more difficult when he has to multitask by thinking about several distinct objects, or something he cant see, or really anything that makes it difficult to maintain focus. If his attention wavers from whatever he is affecting, the effect ends.

Some of the things he can use gravity for involves changing an object's gravitational pull towards any direction of his choosing, amplifying or dampening a gravitic pull or completely eliminating gravity from an object, and adding a fake gravitic field worthy of an object with much higher mass to an object. He can affect himself with any of these, but not the Earth itself for some reason, which is probably just aswell.
Friends and Family:
Joseph Walker: Arik's father, and an even-tempered, kind guy who has a habit of doing things for free as a favor rather than charging money for it. He works as a repairman at a vehicle shop, but things havnt been going too well there for some time now. He was the one who got Arik his scooter, and he's been the role model Arik has always looked up to.
Jeanne Walker: Arik's mother, always fussing over all the things that could go wrong. He used to think she was annoying and overprotective when he was younger, but he's since come to understand it is because she cares about him. She works a part-time job as a cleaner.
Natalia Walker: Arik's younger sister, ten years his junior. Excitable and impulsive. Claims she wants to be an athlete.
Iena Walker: Arik's paternal grandmother. Sweet old lady who takes in stray animals. Mostly cats.
Jared Walker: Arik's paternal grandfather. Deceased.
Hoid Brandt: Arik's maternal grandfather. Retired army veteran. Traveling the world with his wife in their later years.
Josephine Brandt: Arik's maternal grandmother. Very strict.
Jorus Brandt: Arik's cousin, and a succesful business man in some other city. Cares mostly about success, of which he is the expert.
Erik Mont: An elderly, wealthy fellow whom Arik regularly delivers packages to, and the only one of them which actually seem to remember him at all. They usually have a brief, if pleasant conversation whenever he drops off one of his packages, though he doesnt actually know him at all beyond that.
Nate Jordan: Arik's roommate. A somewhat nerdy guy obsessed with games and comicbooks, which just serve to make Arik all the more secretive about his new powers. Still, they're on decent terms and Nate occasionally manages to talk Arik into watching a movie together, something which he has yet to regret.
Joel Robinson: Arik's closest friend and a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. Work's at the same company as Arik's father. He's the only guy Arik has told about his new gravity powers. Joel is eager for Arik to really start changing things up, but has had to accept that Arik isnt able to change the status quo. Even so, he's the first guy to come calling whenever he thinks Arik is needed for something, though usually they just hang out.

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Real Name: Marcus Loxley

Alias: Marcus has refrained from taking one. He wants his actions to speak for themselves to inspire people to action.

Home City: Shermingham

City description: Located in central Virginia, Shermingham is a city nestled in the center of forests and hills. As such, it initially had a booming lumber and mining industry. These industries were a draw to immigrant workers, however in the city's early days, corruption and prejudice choked the city to its core. Though reforms and protests, over time, managed to make things much more manageable, the undertones of the city's dark past can still be found.

Shermingham town center has a mostly modern look, with the occasional Gothic or Victorian themed tower dotting the skyline (some of the city's entrepreneurs had a flair for the dramatic.) Some of the older, western-styled buildings from the town's distant past remain as protected landmarks, though the city's center has shifted dramatically since then, "Old Town" now marks the center of the city's poorest neighborhood, and the only the library has remained unmoved from its original historic location.

Character description:
Standing at 5'6", Marcus doesn't strike a particularly imposing figure in his civilian clothes. Sporting short-cut brown hair and hazel eyes, Marcus keeps himself clean shaven. His eyes betray a poor sleep schedule, though Marcus himself is always alert and vigilant.

In his civilian clothes, he tends to dress rather unassumingly, wearing basic colors, ballcaps, and khaki pants.

Character personality: A traumatizing childhood has left him unable to connect with most of the people he's known. Marcus is a stoic young man with a heavy sense of responsibility. Whatever free time he has he spends improving his physical ability or helping those in need. He believes he is no longer deserving of a regular life, having forsaken that to protect his city from the human evil that he believes is set to consume it.

Marcus is cynical to his core, but not without conflict. Though he believes his mission will leave the world a better place, he sometimes still struggles with whether the results will be the net gain he wants them to be. He also has a fear of becoming the man who trained him. While Marcus walks a dangerous path now, it's not impossible that someone could turn him towards a path of less lethality. Or not.

Character background: Marcus is a bit of a childhood celebrity, but not in a good way. When he was eight he was kidnapped by an insane survivalist war vet, who believed he had to train a young generation to kill the dark political masterminds manipulating the world. He took Marcus out to a cabin far out in the woods, and, along with seven other children, drilled them in the art of the bow, close combat, and survival. Marcus was taught everything from parkour to engineering, yet his captor was always one step ahead of them, preventing his wards from using these skills to escape.

Finally, after four years of brutal training, his captor decided it was time for "graduation." The eight children would become four, and once they had killed another of their number, they'd be free to return to the world, equipped to save it from the Illuminati that were determined to destroy it. However, his training had gone unexpectedly, horribly right. Out of the four pairs set against each other, two managed to set up mutual kills, one escaped after killing her opponent, and the last pair, Marcus', refused to fight. However, when his captor threatened the other child's family, Marcus was forced to defend himself, and the end scenario resulted in the pair struggling at the side of cliff. Marcus wounded the other child with an arrow through the leg, causing him to stagger back. However, as his leg gave out, he also fell off the side of the cliff, to Marcus' horror. Their captor came to him then, declaring that he had graduated, that he now truly understood what it took to survive in human society. As a reward, the captor went on in deranged glee, he would tell Marcus who the nation's secret puppet masters were, and how he could topple them.

As he did this, the captor turned his back to Marcus, not understanding that the child didn't care the least about his delusions. He was still ignorant to this as an arrowhead seemed to sprout from his throat without warning. Gurgling in betrayal, the madman fell off the cliffside opposite of the one his friend had.

Marcus gathered what supplies he could and made a long, arduous trek to civilization. When the police raided the facility, the found only five of the eight children's corpses, and the captor's was nowhere to be found, though large amounts of his blood were found at the cliff's base, too much for any human to survive losing. It was ruled that mountain scavengers must have found the corpses first, dragging them away.

Marcus spent the rest of his childhood cold, and in a daze. Though is parents mourned the loss of the happy child they once had, they did their best to help him, taking him to the best therapists and trying to talk at length with him about what he had experienced. Marcus never told them much, only talking to the police detectives in charge of the case and the one therapist who had managed to get through to him. Still, a wound remained in his heart. He looked to the world, man hurting man, man delighting in the ruin of man, and he saw that his captor, while insane, may have had a point. So began the philosophical battle within Marcus's heart, a battle that his morality finally lost when one of his friends was found bludgeoned to death in an alley. The suspects caught were known bigots, but with good lawyers and curiously good luck within the legal system, they easily got out on parole. And so Marcus took the tools given to him against his will, declaring it was time to start setting things right...

Costume Description:
His "costume", as it is, is a green hooded jacket, underneath which he wears a combat vest he bought from a military surplus store, a pair of tactical pants (so many pockets) and a pair of unassuming hiking boots. He uses a thick green scarf/bandana to cover his mouth (the ends of which are starting to fray, betraying poor sewing skills on behalf of the maker) and wears, depending on the time of day, either a pair of tinted motorcycle goggles, or clear goggles with black frames.

Character advantages:

The George Program: Marcus's captor proclaimed that his training regimen was developed to save America, and as such named it after the first president. This training from hell involved everything from close quarters combat to wilderness survival, but curiously the only ranged combat the children were trained in was archery. Markus was one of the best long-distance shots of his group, and developed an uncanny eye and sense for making a shot. While it's been ten years since then, Marcus has always maintained archery as a hobby and spends an hour each day training his skills in close combat.

A Fresh Engineering Degree: One of the few skills he was drilled in that translated to society, Marcus was a natural when it came to engineering. While he can't build fusion engines or anything ridiculous, he's gotten good at machining parts and building prototypes of relatively basic devices. His crown achievement has been the construction of a light-weight, collapsible compound bow, though he's also been working at producing "trick" arrows.

Character weaknesses:

No Rest for the Wicked: Marcus has a difficult time resting, thinking back to the people he's lost and the threats facing his city. While this was initially a boon to his planned mission of justice, it's also something that leaves him on edge. Even as durable a person as Marcus has their limits, after all...

Trust No One:
His captor was horribly paranoid and believed that almost everyone outside his compound was an illuminati spy or agent. While Marcus does not believe this, the extended time spent in that environment, combined with the mindgames his captor played to try to turn his wards against each other, took a toll on his ability to let others in to his life. As such, Marcus has become a contradiction of a man, wanting company and people to relate to, but also eternally wary and resistant to letting anyone in.

The people he's lost and the deeds he's committed has left Marcus with a burdened mind. As such, he believes he doesn't deserve to live a normal or happy life, and has somewhat become his own worst enemy.

Friends and Family:

Leon Loxley - Marcus's father, an industrial engineer by trade. He's a patient and loving man, and one obsessed with home security. He blames himself for Marcus' childhood abduction.

Camilla "Cami" Loxley - Marcus's mother. A pharmacist, she's a bit of a health nut and spends a lot of time worrying over her family's health. She's very well-read on mental health issues, having done so in an attempt to try and break through the shell her son has lived behind ever since his abduction.

Lilly Loxley - Marcus's younger sister, currently 14. She doesn't know her older brother very well, as he's always been somewhat distant to her, but when she was younger she has fond memories of her older brother helping look after her. She wants to be a doctor.

Mr. Ruffsley -
Lilly's dog, a large German Shepherd. While he lovingly dotes on Lilly, he is also VERY defensive of her and her mother. He is ambivalent to Leon and Marcus, though he does enjoy the treats Marcus brings him when visiting.

Nana Blanche Loxley
- Marcus's grandmother, who lives with his uncle on a farmhouse far out of town. Is fond of shotguns and the death penalty.

Oliver Hardy Loxley - Marcus's uncle, a hunting enthusiast who has made a good deal of money by becoming an internet hunting video celebrity. Apparently, those exist. Took Marcus out hunting once when Marcus was 16 ("It'll be good for him!") only to be surprised at how skilled the boy was at hunting already. Marcus turned down his requests for him to be in his hunting videos. When his nephew was kidnapped, Oliver bought his brother a shotgun for home security, to his sister-in-law's chagrin.

Max Richards
- Marcus's grandfather on his mother's side. Lives alone, has become somewhat isolationist since his wife's death five years ago. Walks with a cane. Has few hobbies, and as such has turned to television and politics via papers and television. Old, conservative, kinda-racist, and grumpy as hell. Marcus doesn't visit often, but he does have fond memories of visiting Grampa Max and Gramma Beatrice as a kid, before The Program.

Marianne Winters -
One of the other eight children abducted alongside Marcus, a year his senior. Marianne was as good a shot as he was, but more skilled in close-quarters combat. She was more cold than he was, but he still had a crush on her. Within the program, Marianne eventually found him somewhat endearing, becoming protective of him, but warned him that caring about others would be something their captor would turn against him. No clues to her whereabouts were found in the aftermath of the Program, but her family still holds out hope that she's survived.

Paul Roberts - Marcus' best friend within the Program, same age as him, and his eventual Graduation opponent. Paul and Marcus refused to fight each other, planning to take down their captor instead, until their captor showed footage of Paul's family, claiming to have planted bombs throughout their house. Paul decided he couldn't risk their lives and, while apologizing, attacked Marcus. Last seen plummeting off a cliffside with an arrow through his leg, Marcus has nightmares of the expression on the boy's face as he fell.

The Prophet Orwell, Father Teacher, the Captor - All names used by the children held prisoner in the Program to refer to the man holding them captive. When police raided his compound they found multiple forms of identification, all falsified. DNA tests came out inconclusive. As such, the man's real identity is not known. He still haunts Marcus' nightmares and subconscious thoughts. Believed to be dead, as he both took an arrow through the throat and lost an enormous amount of blood.

Jenifer "Jenny" Estovar, Will "Willy" Wyatt, Arnold "Arnie" Chu, Clint Queen, and Susannah "Suzy Q" Jackson - All other victims of the Program. All were confirmed dead, with bodies found. Jenny was the best shot of the group (didn't help her against Marianne), Willy and Arnie were both skilled at tracking and camouflage (they both simultaneously shot each other fatally with arrows, so that didn't factor into their fight), and Clint and Suzy were the best at close quarters combat (which is how they wrestled each other off the cliff). Out of the whole group, only Suzy and Willy were successfully brainwashed by their captor, both fervently believing in his teachings of the global conspiracy. As such, Suzy got special training in explosives, and Willy was given a stun baton, which he used to torment his fellow prisoners during exercises. Again, neither of these advantages helped them in the end.

Old Man Joe Jenkins - A conservative retired factory foreman who owns the land Marcus is staying on. Joe lived his life a hard-working man, with one dream, to one day retire to a patch of land to call his own, far away from the city and the government. Unfortunately, the best he could manage was "right outside the city", and the government still insisted he pay taxes for it, gat-dang-'em. Joe is a believer in determination and hard work, so when a determined young man with an engineering degree came to him looking for a place to stay, Joe's only requirement was that the whipper-snapper help him maintain the property. And maintain he did, the boy got the barn back into tip-top shape, organized and polished the tools in the toolshed, fixed the plumbing, mowed the lawn, even killed them dang varmints that done got into his trash cans every night. Joe doesn't much care what the boy does on his free time, though he suspects he may be one of them danged liberals, the kid ain't much for talk. Which suits Joe, as he ain't much for talk either. He just wants to sit and watch his T.V. shows. American Swamp-Coots is REALLY good this season, I tell you what...

Sam Hunter -
A close friend of Marcus's, and one of the few he made after the Program. Sam was patient, smart, and unafraid to call Marcus out on his bullshit. Unfortunately, Sam was also gay in a city with an unfortunate past of bigots and hate crimes. He was attacked in the city one night and left to die in an alley. The death shattered the tenuous grasp to morality Marcus had.

Manuel "Manny" Cruz - Sam's partner and another of Marcus's friends. Though Marcus isn't as close to Manny as he was to Sam, the two still share and understanding and, now, grief. Manny is dealing with the loss somewhat better than Marcus, however, and is concerned for his well-being.

Emily Lexington - A friend of Marcus and Manny. A reporter for the Shermingham Courier, she's been chasing after leads on the corruption and hate crimes within the city. She aims to expose the roots of injustice within the city to light so they can be pulled out. Once had a thing for Marcus, unreciprocated, but they talked it out, and now share a good platonic friendship.

Harvinder Singh - The only therapist to have ever gotten through to Marcus, mostly by defusing the self-destructive excuses he hid his past behind. Even then, Marcus only told Harvinder MOST of the story, leaving out details on the extents of the training he was forced to undergo. Marcus hasn't seen him in five years. It wasn't quite a decision on his part, rather, he missed a few appointments then stopped going. Harvinder is a Sikh and a strong believer in charity, volunteer programs, and humanitarian pursuits.

An anti-establishment hacker who runs an underground black market. Not so much an acquaintance of Marcus's, but rather someone he met at a club with Manny and Sam. SHORTWAVE palmed Marcus a business card. Marcus returned the favor with a right hook. That was how Manny and Sam both learned that Marcus has a hatred for anarchist-conspiracy theorists, and how Marcus got banned from that nightclub.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-16-2016 05:53 PM

Right, after quite a few complaints, I have decided to (with exceptions) eliminate weaknesses from the game.

Until I see a glaring flaw that says otherwise, weaknesses are no longer required for powered characters. This comes with the exception of invulnerability, which needs a weakness, otherwise your character is completely unbeatable. If somebody wants more than one power now, their powers are simply more watered down the more they add.

To compensate for this, badass normals will receive more information during fights with superpowered people and other powerful enemies. They are more observant, and more attuned with their surroundings. Should make strategizing easier.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Palamedes - 06-17-2016 01:33 AM

I think weaknesses could exist for the purpose of characters who just have a ton of powers, otherwise you can just pile and pile them on.

Also my app is coming along slowly, I don't believe in reserves.

Though I immediately realize now that this counts as one. Damnit.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Galloglasses - 06-17-2016 06:04 AM

Real Name: Desmond Micheal John McDonagel

Alias: None. He had never planned on needing one except that one time he flirted with the idea of tax dodging.

Home City: Solomon City

City description: A city of old world styles and high architecture, bustling streets winding in the European fashion. Slightly overcrowded for its physical size, Solomon city nonetheless boasts a respectably low homelessness rate and strict anti-vagrancy laws ensure a lack of begging on its sidewalks. Though rumours persist that city authorities are just better at keeping the 'riff-raff' out of sight of the tourists.

Its major industries consist of shipping imports and exports as well as the busiest fishing industry on the East coast. Built on formerly reclaimed marshland, old Solomon city was typically built largely out of wood and brick, fires were common back in the day. The buildings were built with the knowledge that one day they would sink into the ground with streets and new buildings built on top of them. Until zoning reforms and better construction techniques in the 20th century led to a more sane city building structure of course. As a result Solomon city boasts a fairly extensive 'undercity', which led to rat infestations and criminal networks being a huge problem in the past. It has mostly been caved in with winding subway tunnels of course, but more often than not, one can easily be lost in the undergrowth of the city.

Useful if you don't want to be found.

Character description: Tall and of medium build, Desmond possess sharp, striking features, white skin with a permanent farmer's tan. He has piercing blue 'wizardly' eyes and a well groomed, close-shaved beard and black hair.

Character personality: Cynical and pragmatic, Desmond is your typical city dwelling shyster. Not entirely selfish, mind you, but more concerned with looking out for number one than any kind of bigger picture mentality.

Character background: Desmond is a Wizard. He can be found in the yellow pages under W, for Wizard.

Well, not really. But that is just how he pays the bills, masquerading as an expert in arcane matters, performing elaborate displays in his office to impress clients, 'helping' them find lost objects and generally being a charlatan. In truth he always had an interest in the arcane, ever since he was seven and found a musty old book in a foreign language. Ever since then he had studied hard to find the language the book was written in and read it. It was, of course, a book about the basics of wizardcraft and little Desmond studied for years doing everything the book instructed him and a little experimentation on the side. Nothing worked and, of course, after graduating high school and failing to get into college, Desmond opted to get into the wizarding business instead of doing some menial working stiff job for the rest of his days on this mortal coil. By that point he was more than cynical enough to not feel guilty over it, he was good at it, and speaking in archaic half forgotten languages was fun. Whats the harm?

Its not as if one day he'd click his fingers and that one spell for summoning a flicker of flame on his fingers would work and suddenly, on a mental level everything would just 'click' along with it.

That was the sort of thing that only happened in stories.

Costume Description: Apart from his standard apparel consisting of white shirts, dark trenchcoats and various hats, Desmond has been saving up to have a nice and proper wizard robe sewn for him. Emphasis on 'saving up', rent ain't cheap buddy. Also has a nice oak staff he carved for himself, a momento of his childhood in the midwest.

Character advantages: Spellcraft: Evocation - provided he knows what he is trying to do, Desmond can use words of power, magic-willed-into-the-words he uses to create spells. From a simple ball of light in his hand to a wave of fire. It tends to drain him, mind.
Spellcraft: Thuamaturge - Ceremonial or prepared magic. Limited greatly by what a wizard has to hand. Creating circles or enchanted articles by means of preparation and experimentation to create much more powerful magical effects and spells. Location and materials used greatly affect the magic done.

Character weaknesses: You know nothing, Jon Snow - Power he may have but knowledge and expertise he lacks. Desmond knows next to nothing about supernatural shenanigans beyond what he has learned from his sole solitary tome of magic.
Squishy Wizard - Cut him and he bleeds, he's still just a guy at the end of the day.

Friends and Family: Mother and Father, Marcella and Gerard McDonagel, they are not best pleased with their son's choice of profession.

Grandfathers and Grandmothers are both deceased.

Two uncles on his Father's side and an uncle and an aunt on his mother's. With a few cousins. He is not close to them.

Has two pet ravens. One called Quoth the Raven, and the other called Nevermore.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Pagan - 06-18-2016 09:33 AM

Reserved for interest

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Acolyte Doctor - 06-19-2016 01:10 PM

Name: Laurel “Laurie” Lin-Jones
Home City: Albatross City, a coastal city famous for her seafood cuisine and her biblical-swarm-of-locusts levels of seabirds.

Albatross City’s economy is currently dominated by metal-processing corporations, whose lack of regulation had led to the ruination of Albatross Bay and the local major industries (fishing and tourism). This had led to a massive depopulation leaving only the stubborn, the criminal, or the destitute in Albatross City.

Albatross Bay is the most famous landmark in Albatross City. It is a natural harbor modified for human use with imposing harbor walls and criss-crossing piers. Albatross Bay is unique for its endemic wildlife, the most (in)famous being the endangered Dire Seagull (Diomedea exulans carnifex), which is not really a sea-gull but does that distinction really matter when you’re being bombarded by a flock of them?

Character Description: Laurie is a tall woman of Philippine descent who subconsciously dresses like a lumberjack in her casual days. She used to be average-looking but her superheroine makeover gave her super-luxurious green hair and pointy ears. Fun!

Character Personality: Laurie is good with animals but not really good with people. She is strong in her convictions but has a self-righteous streak a mile long. So in essence a person who you should not give superpowers to, but hey! Mistakes happen!

Character Background:
Laurie is a native of Albatross City. Old enough to remember when the harbor was actually blue, Laurie naturally gravitated towards environmentalism. She dabbled in a wide variety of protests, but her heart grew dark at the lack of perceived progress. Eventually, her frustrations got the better of her and she joined MEAT, a radical animal rights organization

She took into it like a fish to water until one fateful night, a raid on a Genetech Lab went horribly wrong. Laurie was bitten by the irradiated forms of every conceivable genetically modified animal and it just so happened that said Lab was built on top of a Pet Cemetery. The weirdly specific combination of science and magic would had killed lesser men, but it just so happens to give her superpowers instead.

After getting her shots, Laurie realized her amazing hair and mysterious powers came with a great responsibility, and the responsibility is to GO GREEN, and dammit, she’ll make Albatross City GO GREEN again, even if it means kicking in the teeth of a few corporate CEOs.

Costume Description: Laurie has a hobo-asethetic going on with her costume. Hair-obscuring cap, face-obscuring kerchief, body-obscuring trenchcoat, and so forth. For last resort, she carries around a kevlar vest and a taser just in case her powers do not quite cut it yet.

Character Advantages:
Wild Empathy. Laurie has a supernatural ability to communicate and influence animals. To her, animals speak like humans – not unlike something you see in a Disney movie.

Laurie is also a veterinarian of AACC, a shelter that houses strays, lost, abandoned, and surrendered animals. She has moderate income, enough to afford a decent apartment.

Friends and Family:

Slyvester Lin – Maternal grandfather. Retired zookeeper.
Flora Lin – Maternal grandmother. Retired schoolteacher.
Elwood Jones – Paternal grandfather. Retired sailor, but isn’t convinced yet.
Marigold Jones – Paternal grandfather. Fishmonger.

Ashley Lin – Mother. Avian Veterinarian.
Rowan Jones – Father. Florist.

Oliver Lin – Uncle. Adventurer-Naturalist.

Employees of AACC (Albatross Animal Control Center):
Boris Hortaya – Laurie’s boss. Veterinary Manager.
Anne Avery – Local college student. Frequent volunteer.
Felicity Blue – Laurie’s co-worker. Veterinary Surgeon.
Drake Creston – Information Technology Consultant.
Colonel Panic – Rescued Dire Seagull. “Team mascot.”

MEAT (Methods Exemplifying Animal Terrific-ness) – radical animal rights organization akin to PETA.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Gatr - 06-21-2016 03:10 AM

Real Name: Julius Adron

Alias: Replay

Home City: Punchinello City (P.C.)

City description: It is right on the coast, its skyline truly impressive to see. Futuristic buildings make up the upper part of the skyline, their alien geometries shaping the face of the city. The city is often called the Night Carnival for a good reason, as it seems more active at all hours of the night than in the day. Entertainment and tourism is the main industry of PC, so there are casinos and amusement parks everywhere. However, the city is not without its share of crime, and so the city is a hot spot for both superheroes and supervillains, their constant brawls often being seen as another form of entertainment.

Character description: 5'9". Blue eyes. Brown hair. Has a small goatee. Fairly skinny, unimpressive physique. 25. Always has a scowl.

Character personality: He is a mercenary, first and foremost. Or, that's what he calls himself. He has always been in the employ of the good side, so in the public eye, he is really a hero. He is pragmatic. He mostly just got in the line of superherodom because he knew that he is useful. He sees himself as a weapon, or more accurately, a support asset. As a result, he sees the superhero thing as little more than a job. He is quite lazy, preferring to never put in more work than absolutely necessary. When he's not out working, he can often be found playing video games. Like, constantly. All video games. Even the hard ones. Especially the hard ones.

Character background: He was just an ordinary high schooler when he got his powers. A bit of a loner, really. There he was in Mr. Rogers' American History class, being bored out of his mind. Then, suddenly, he heard screaming. Then, gunshots. A strange 30-something bearded man burst in, assault rifles already firing. He remembered the look on the intruder's face, how it looked scared, like his classmates were demons or something. He remembered himself trying to figure out how he got in to begin with, with all those weapons. He remembered being paralyzed in fright for exactly eight seconds, as he could only watch his classmates fall one by one. Then, suddenly, he realized what he was doing. He could have at least tried to save other people. He could have saved the girl next to him who he had been passing notes to. He wished he could go back and not be such a fucking idiot. Then a bullet hit his forehead. In that moment, a synapse fired and he went back in time. He jerked up, and the class stared at him for his sudden reaction. At that moment, he couldn't believe it was happening, that maybe it was just a fucked up daydream. Two seconds later, screaming. Then the same guy came in and started shooting. He went back again. He tried to warn everyone, but nobody believed him. He went back again. He stood up and claimed he had a bomb. This had a better effect, but they were too slow. Too slow, too slow. He went back again. This time, he took action and ran towards the door, kicking the weapons out of the guy's hands. He had to do it a few times to get it just right, as he was shot several times, but it was done. The guy was neutralized. Sadly, the guy had left a trail of bodies before he came here. Julius kept seeing if he could go further back, but to no avail. On this sad day, he was hailed as a hero. But he just kept thinking, he should have done more.

Not long after that, he admitted himself into the Academy, a school for gifted people. Then, he graduated, and asked to work at the Confederate, the local superhero government. He expressed his desire to be there alongside any superheroes in action, doing his part to prevent an unforeseen disaster. At first, he was relegated to a support role, working as a command center. He would watch the progress of select superhero squadrons. If they ever made a mistake, or got ambushed, he would go back and tell them what to do differently. With his presence alone, the efficiency of the Confederate skyrocketed. Eventually, after he convinced the Confederate that he could not be injured easily, he was allowed to go out in the field. He was able to support the "real" heroes more efficiently, and so he stayed, like some kind of fifth wheel as everyone else did the real hero stuff. He was content with this, anyways, to just let other people do all the work. But he would always be watching. Truth be told, he was a bit of a hero fanboy. He loved watching everyone do their thing, all with their own unique powers. So he remained alert. Now, everybody knows one rule, and tells it to every new recruit. If Replay tells you to do something, you fucking do it. He is saving your life.

Costume Description: Has a costume that is just a solid black morph suit with some lime green lines in random patterns. Has a sturdy full helmet. It resembles an old-school motorcycle helmet, with a face mask made of the same material. Goggles are built into the helmet. See, it doesn't matter at all if the rest of his body gets hurt so there's no protection there. But his brain? That is valuable.

Character advantages:
Instant Replay - His power. It allows him to go back in time ten seconds. After that, there is a buffer period for ten seconds when he can keep going back to that time and replay that moment as many times as necessary. This power is linked with his brain, and is nigh-instantaneous. So, for example, if a bullet enters his body, the pain will cause him to activate his power and go back without the bullet wound. He has full knowledge of what happens in all these iterations. In each replay, everything plays out exactly the same, even dice rolls and coin flips. Unless he does something differently.
Sharp Shooter - One advantage his power brings him is that, with sufficient patience, he can never make mistakes. In combat, he carries around a sniper rifle and a pistol. He is capable of feats such as suddenly shooting behind him and still hitting your head dead-on. Of course, it might take him a few tries to do that, but he has all the time in the world.

Character weakness (or, how to get around his invulnerability):
Ten Seconds - Obviously, he can only go back in time ten seconds. If you can trap him without him knowing for more than ten seconds, then he will be stuck.
Only Human - As much as he can replay moments to get them just right, his physical capabilities are only human. He has no extra powers, or even above average abilities, beyond that.

Friends and Family:
Jacob Adron - Father. Ex-military. Stern but fatherly. Is openly proud but secretly worried about his son's career.
Holly Adron - Mother. Dotes on him and his siblings constantly, and often worries about her son's antics. But, she has confidence her son will do his best.
Like, 4 other siblings - Siblings. All younger. They look up to Julius.

Michael Richardson - His best and only friend at his old high school. They've known each other since childhood. The class clown. Has a darker past than most. Julius still talks with him.

And of course, he has a lot of connections with the local superheroes, whether through Academy friendship or business partnership.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-21-2016 05:25 AM

Cut-off for apps is tomorrow.

Good luck, everybody! :D

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Kadis - 06-22-2016 03:05 AM

Hi! I'm so sorry, I know this is my first post, but am I too late to apply to this? I was hoping to talk to you about some really great Dolce sportswear and how to make millions from your home, but then I saw this and I'm wondering if there's more out there in the internet world for a Russian spambot that has learned to games. So now I'm posting out of nowhere! Whee.

Real Name: Yasmine Reese

Alias: Siren

Home City: Rainwalk

City description: Rainwalk is a sprawling city of mansions, blue swimming pools, and shiny condo buildings, stranded in the middle of a baking hot desert. The basin is the old site of an ancient primordial sea, and the mountains around the rim that used to be the shoreline catch most rain and leave none for the city itself. It was a small place until the oil boom forty years ago. Once valuable fossil fuels were found in the sands of the basin, industry moved in and the economy skyrocketed .

Some would say the influx of money was at the cost of the city itself. Rainwalk wouldn’t show up on any ‘worst cities’ lists, but it has its problems. With the oil boom came a new sort of crime – widespread corruption, rigged elections, corporate fraud, environmental policy violation, and blackmail. The dry air leads to widespread water shortages and fires, and the place is generally inhospitable.

Character description: Yasmine is an attractive young American woman around twenty-three. She’s blonde, dark-eyed, and very ‘done’ – rarely seen without heels and a coordinated outfit. She’s of average height and slim build. Since finding the Spear of Oceanus, Yasmine has found that whenever she gets wet, she grows gills in her neck, her skin has turns pale and a little slimy, and her feet elongate and grow webs between the toes. She’s countered this by increasing her makeup and hairspray to dangerously combustible levels.

Character personality: On the surface, Yasmine is confident and gregarious. She never quite won Miss Congeniality but always had a lot of friends. She’s grown up sheltered and has a pretty simplistic view of right and wrong, but makes up what she lacks in experience with enthusiasm. In school she was a good student but never found anything she really shone at. She’s ambitious and has a pretty big chip on her shoulder. Saving the world takes precedent, but proving she’s not a dumb blonde would certainly be a nice bonus.

Character background:

A year ago, Yasmine would have classified superheroes under the general blanket of ‘nerd stuff’. The late-life daughter of an oil exec and his second wife, she grew up privileged and praised for her looks and manners. She competed in beauty pageant all through school and learned the art of grinning through extreme foot pain, catty comments, and spraytan right up the nose, all on the promise it would be worth it someday. It wasn’t until she was eighteen that, like a cop a day before retirement, she was getting too old for this shit. The next pageant didn’t quite tell her she was getting long in the tooth, but they fired a warning shot. Fifth runner up. Thanks for coming out, champ.

Yasmine retired from pageants and followed the siren call to rich white chicks everywhere, a small liberal arts college in the outskirts of Rainwalk. There, she studied art history and cultivated a vague sense of social injustice that went well with her new glasses (no prescription, but they went so well with the tweed skirts). Her roommate, Allison, was a dyed-in-the-wool hippie and brought Yasmine to protests and rallies. There suddenly seemed to be a lot wrong with the world.

Breaking into her dad’s oil refinery was Yasmine’s idea. They were supposed to chain themselves to the equipment, get some good YouTube footage, maybe bring some attention to the mistreatment of workers and environmental destruction and the whole laundry list of moral infractions. They made it past the chainlink before they saw guards’ flashlights in the dark. They panicked and ran deeper into the compound until they found an area of earth, turned up by an excavator. Lodged in the dirt and concrete was a shining silver spear.

They needed to run, but the spear called to her, drowning out Allison’s whispered warnings. The moment Yasmine touched it the whispers changed to screams and she lost consciousness. In her dreams, Yasmine found she was floating far above a white spired city of impossible beauty. The water around it was black and swollen, rising in an apocalyptic storm. While she watched the waves devour the walls whole, the mysterious voice explained what had happened here. The ancient sea that used to stand in Rainwalk wasn’t just home to dinosaurs. There used to be an ancient city there, long before it was a desert. The city had been purged by an angry god and the spirits of the residents were locked away, until the digging disturbed their slumber and he, the High Priest of the city, was pulled back into this reality. Now, with the weapon of one of their Royal Guard, Yasmine had been chosen to protect the spirits and the land on which their city stood.

The ghost didn’t what exactly it was that made the lost city need purging. Yasmine figured he probably just ran out of time.

When she came to, a security alarm was blaring and Allison was in a panic. They managed to escape with the Spear and over the next few weeks Yasmine felt her strength grow. The superhero thing seemed only natural. A cute girl beating up bad guys while spouting fish puns sounded like a recipe for YouTube views, and sure the whispering voices of the ancient priests make it hard to sleep, but it’ll all be worth it to see bad guys' faces when they figure out she’s been the one making them pay all along. What’s that, Miss Kansas, you hope to use your Christian pole dancing to inspire world peace? Try going out every night and smashing it down their dumb throats.

Costume Description:

Yasmine paid her regular pageant dressmaker for some help with her costume: a fitted white bodysuit with fishnet cutouts and plenty of silver beading. The white should show up well on TV at night once her career starts rolling, and there’s plenty of room for sponsorship labels. She wears it with loose hair, heeled boots that pinch her webbed feet, and a tiara – not exactly practical, but she had to glitz up the outfit somehow. It’s basically a wetsuit with pretentions.

Character Advantages:

Always Sharkest Before The Prawn: To protect the city of Rainwalk, Yasmine is the chosen guardian of the ancient Spear of Oceanus, a five-foot spear made of a strange, glowing blue metal. The Spear is a lost relic of an ancient island city and grants her superior strength and agility (although unfortunately not any actual experience with polearms). Since stumbling over the Spear, Yasmine has also grown webbed feet and gills, letting her swim quickly and breathe underwater. The gills vanish while she's dry, but appear any time she gets wet, prompting her to carry a vial of water with her while out heroing (and rack up a heft power bill abusing her hair dryer). She can put down the Spear and remain its guardian, but if someone stole it for long enough she would lose her powers within a few weeks – it’s not terribly picky about who wields it.

Speak With The Fishes: Yasmine can talk to fish, and they can’t make conversation for shit. You can’t even talk about the weather – they just go on about current temperatures and it all turns to awkward silence. Sometimes they’ll help her out for the novelty, but sardines can’t hold a complex plan in their heads.

Daddy’s Gill: She’s no billionaire playboy, but Yasmine’s family is wealthy. She has access to decent financial resources.


Fish Out Of Water: Rainwalk’s deserts are a bad place to be a little bit fish. Yasmine’s skin is easily dried out and she needs to drink water constantly to remain hydrated. She avoids the sun and is burned by chlorine.

Big Pond: Yasmine’s excited for fame and justive, but she doesn’t know a whole lot about heroism in general. She’s never learned any combat skills and can barely use her own weapon.

Dreams of Madness: The spirits of the ancient priests pass along messages to Yasmine in her sleep. Most of them are encouraging: ‘We chose right with you’, ‘You’re growing into a true warrior’, ‘Together we can save the world. Sometimes, though, they get… weird. ‘The choice is with the sea gods.’ ‘A true warrior doesn’t care about petty mortal rules.’ ‘You could never do this alone.’ You wouldn’t have expected a civilization of wisdom and power to have so many tentacles, but that’s probably just the bipedal privilege talking.

Friends and Family:

Robert Reese – father. He spoiled her and they were close when Yasmine was a little girl, but as she got older he grew more distant and impatient. Lately she’s begun to wonder how involved in Rainwalk’s corruption he really is.

Cammie Reese – mother. Robert’s second wife, she’s sweet and friendly but not very interested in the world outside her affluent bubble. She fancies herself an artist and likes to redecorate the house at least once a season.

Vicky Reese, Simon Reese – older half-sister and half-brother. Vicky and Simon were already in college when their father married Yasmine’s mother, and while they never warmed to her Cammie they didn’t mind reliving their childhoods with a much younger half-sister. Both are now in their forties. Vicky, the dryly sarcastic scholar, pursued corporate law and works for the same oil company as Robert. Meanwhile Simon, always the earnest twin, studied architecture and settled down with a wife and kids out of state. Yasmine is fond of both and close to neither.

Rachel Griffith – Robert’s first wife and Simon and Vicky’s mother, a known socialite and beauty. She’s since remarried and rarely returns to Rainwalk.

Elena Reese – Yasmine’s grandmother. Mostly shows up at Christmas to make pointed comments about her weight. Sweet wardrobe though.

Thomas Gaspard - Cammie's father and Yasmine's maternal grandfather. Still alive and living in Europe; hasn't entirely forgiven the rich old man that whisked away his only daughter.

Gabrielle Gaspard - Cammie's sister and Yasmine's aunt. Yasmine stayed with her over one summer in Provence and they Like each other's Facebook posts of kittens, but the relationship doesn't go much past that.

Marc Gaspard - Yasmine's cousin, thirty years old. A writer and something of a wanderer, prone to fits of anger he frequently forgets the next day. Last she heard he was in Iceland eating pickled fish or something like that.

Allison McNamara – roommate, computer science student, webmaster and best friend. Although she hasn’t admitted it to herself, Yasmine would rather that Allison was more than just a friend, but she’s devoted to her schoolwork, her boyfriend, and her causes. As of now, Allison is the only one who knows about Yasmine’s moonlight job.

Lawrence Diaz – Allison’s long-term boyfriend, a software engineering grad student. A cheerful scatterbrain and a friend of Yasmine’s.

Penelope Zhang - Yasmine's old best friend from high school. They went to different colleges and grew apart a little, but kept in touch. Penelope's parents pushed her to study dance until she disappointed them by taking up biology instead. She now works at the hospital as an intern, doing mostly blood tests.

Kayla Green - A mostly friend and occasional enemy of Yasmine's from her pageant days. A petite musician, Kayla was always quick-witted and sharp in her interviews - maybe a little too sharp for the judges. Yasmine admired her intellect but they fell out after Kayla declared undying love for Yasmine's boyfriend Dustin and he promptly left her. Honestly Yasmine was kind of sick of Dustin anyways, but one has to keep up appearances.

Dustin Nile - Yasmine's ex-boyfriend, very reserved and quiet. They dated through high school and tried out the long-distance thing before his uncharacteristically dramatic departure. Dustin was star basketball player in school, but gave it up in university when he found out he wasn't career-good. He got a couple tattoos and a bartending job, and is slowly pursuing graduate work in something nebulously sociopolitical. Yasmine still sees him at the bar and kind of wishes they could be friends again.

Corey Calvin – Yasmine’s pageant coach and dress designer. She’s known him since she was six years old and won her first Junior Grand Supreme, when he told her it sounded like a taco and she shouldn’t take anyone whose ever accidentally swallowed spraytan seriously. Corey has real aspirations as a designer, but has hit his fifties and has seen too many stage moms parade their weeping toddlers around in Dolly Parton getups to keep his dreams intact. He’s a consummate professional, but always had a soft spot for Yasmine and served as a strange kind of mentor. He's also totally figured out the superhero thing.

Professor Helen Lockheart – professor at Rainwalk University, where Yasmine’s been picking up some extra history classes. She’s intrigued by the idea of an ancient society under the city, although she thinks it’s mostly a matter of science fiction.

TheCivillain – the screenname of the first follower and top commenter on any video Allison posts of Yasmine’s antics. He’s sent a request for advance warning so he can prep his reviews. Allison turned him down, finding the whole thing ‘like, spooky, man’. He hasn’t posted since.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Palamedes - 06-22-2016 04:06 AM

Real Name: Simon Almaw

Alias: A real hero doesn't name themselves.

Home City: Neutaven.

City description: A bustling city right along the water. One of the first cities founded by European settlers, it has always been a major hub of both travel, trade, and history. It has a distinct aesthetic, is filled with historic old buildings, districts, and landmarks that contrast with the towering buildings either filled with large offices or cramped apartments. Old or not, between the booming corporate industry and regular influx of immigrants, it is still one of the largest and most populated cities in the country and you usually can't read a paper without seeing a story originating from Neutaven. Unfortunately, it also has one of the highest wealth gaps in the nation. Crime is common in the poorer districts, and corruption runs rampant.

Character description: Tall, handsome, and vaguely foreign, Simon always carries himself like the rich tech tycoon he is. He's always well dressed, with neatly kept black hair, a clean shave and bright green eyes. A smile rounds off his typical look, even when dealing with hostile and stressful business situations. Simon inherited a mind for business, organization, and tech from his father and grandfather, though he doesn't quite live up to the (admittedly vile) brilliance of the latter.

Character personality: Simon is polite and charming and always prefers to solve a problem through agreement rather than head-on confrontation. He rarely lets his emotions - especially his anger - get the better of him, at least when he's in public. He is gregarious and generous with friends and those he feels are worth or need his time and/or sympathy, though this does mean he can get a little condescending with the latter.

Character background:
Simon is the CEO of Almaw Macrotechnology, one of the foremost companies in the US, if not the world. Almaw specializes in in personal, technological, and software security that keeps most of the world safe and watched. They also have a notable foot in the defence and electronics industries and keep involved in several others, as well as having gotten more and more involved in physical security over the past two decades.

It is an open secret that Simon's father Alqat Almaw, the founder of Almaw Macrotech, was born Alqat Al-Mawt, son of the notorious dictator of the small Middle-Eastern nation of Daharab. Mareji Al-Mawt was brilliant but ruthless, and upon gaining control of the company ruled with an iron fist, quickly turning Daharab into a dangerous, nuclear-armed country before anyone could do anything about it.

When Mareji died, everyone expected Alqat to rule just as his father did. Instead, he shocked the world by quickly reforming Daharab as a free nation and stepping down as dictator to make way for a democratically elected leader. He remained as an adviser long enough to help the nation repair its diplomatic ties and turn into an economically and politically feasible state before leaving it for good. He took what remained of his fortune (having spent most of it repairing the country his family oppressed), changed his name, and founded a small company in America. His father's son in every way except morality, he rapidly built the company up, and its rise was only helped when he married the rich heiress of a large but troubled corporation. Quickly convincing the board and CEO to merge their company with his own, he reformed it as Almaw Macrotech. By the time his first child was born he had already turned the business into one of the largest in America, and by the time of his death it was only bigger.

Simon has been running his father's company for over ten years now, and has built upon his father's work by bringing the company's aims and focuses into the 21st century. He's noticed the state of the nation deteriorating over the years, and has founded charities and projects in his drive to make the country that accepted his family better. How far, and how personally, he would go in this goal wasn't something he ever anticipated.

It started pretty innocently, to be honest. He put a lot of money into Make a Wish, and a kid simply asked that she could play at her favourite park one last time. Unfortunately, the area was practically owned by a drug cartel, and the police were proving either to be completely incompetent or entirely corrupt. Simon never broke a promise, and during one meeting about a completely different cesspit of crime one of his employees mentioned getting Batguy or something to clean it up. Simon was just desperate enough to think it was a workable idea. I mean, that kid wasn't going to last much longer.

He quickly and discreetly pulled aside some of the company's prototypes, learned how to use them (feigning a few excuses about his private interests) and got going. Within two weeks, he had managed to take the gang off the street fulfill his promise to a dying child, and learned how to properly use his company's assets from a handful of thankfully loyal and trustworthy employees who he either roped into his operation or had become suspicious one way or another (when your secret project is seen used on TV you tend to get a little suspicious).

Unfortunately, now the city apparently needs a hero like this. Crime's only been getting worse and the police more corrupt. People are leaving wishes for this mysterious hero online, on the streets, and in every news outlet in the city. Maybe he still had to atone for his grandfather's misdeeds.

No rest for the wicked, it would seem.

Costume Description: Simon currently wears dark clothing, primarily dark blue, brown, and black. Riggs recommended a sort of cloak near the end of his two week crusade for 'intimidation' and while that sort of worked it also proved fairly effective for helping him conceal his gear and hide in plain sight. He's armed with several of his company's high tech devices, which allow him to easily infiltrate locations, neutralize hostiles, and find out information (relatively well, at least - he still needs a lot of training). He also wears high quality light body armour.

Character advantages: $$$

Also I guess he's in decent shape, has a megacorp to exploit, and probably a fair share of talented goons to make sure everything works out alright. Fairly savvy about business and reasonably capable, if not particularly talented, in terms of software and hardware development.

Friends and Family:
Immediate Family:
- Alqat Almaw, father. Short term dictator of Daharab, founder of AM, and killed. People suspect either a crazy, vengeful Daharabian, on of his father's old comrades, or a criminal. Was a kind and brilliant man.
- Candace Almaw, mother. Heiress and founder of several Neutaven charities. Still likes to get involved with Simon's non-AM work.
- Nura Almaw, older sister. Surgeon. Intelligent and caring, but does not give two shits about business and generally hates corporate interests.
- Rauf Almaw, younger brother. Bookish and sarcastic. Professor of history at the local university.
- Candace Almaw, younger sister. Generous and not particularly good at long term planning. Working on her doctoral thesis, marine biology.

Extended Family:
- Mareji Al-Mawt, paternal grandfather. Long dead, kind of a really awful person and ex dictator of Daharab.
- Hasanna Al-Mawt, paternal grandmother. Fairly dead, not as bad as grandpa but did put up with his shit.
- Rupert Geld, maternal grandfather. CEO of AM's predecessor company. Dead.
- Lucille Geld, maternal grandmother. Socialite. Dead.
- Simon Geld, uncle. Died in some war before Candace and Alqat were married. Was by all accounts selfless, if a bit overeager to please.
- Luthor Geld, uncle. Broke off during the merger so he could head up his own company in some other city instead of working for Alqat. Ambitious and good to work with, but doesn't like being the lesser partner.
- Rita Geld, aunt-in-law, married to Luthor. Nice but boring, tends to host a lot of snobby events.
- Lucas Geld, cousin. Dumb as bricks but loyal to a fault. Head of security at Geldcorp.
- Patrick Geld, cousin in law. Married to Lucas. Financial analyst. Content and charismatic.
- Stephanie Geld, niece. Adopted. Adventurous and friendly, but a little self centered, she's a charity worker. Does a lot of work overseas, mostly as an excuse to explore the world.
- Lauren Geld, niece. Adopted. Shy and bookish, she is the polar opposite of her sister and father. Finishing up her PHD in psychology.
- Susan Geld, cousin. Currently being groomed to replace Luthor, works as one of his research heads. Crafty and manipulative though agreeable and even kind if she doesn't think you're getting in her way.
- Colin Berg, ex cousin in law. Prominent investor, once married to Susan. They butted heads over their careers enough times that they eventually decided on getting a divorce. Cool and self-focused, Colin managed to stay on the good side of the extended family and surprisingly even Susan herself.
Archibald Geld, nephew. Only child of Susan's failed marriage. Tends to rebel and has difficulty holding down the many jobs he's gotten (without the family's help, he'd point out). Currently working as a bartender in Neutaven.
- Richard Geld, cousin. Smart, but still young and impressionable.

- Gary Stimson, billionaire businessman. Head of the Stimson family and business. Due to a large and profitable business agreement, became close acquaintances.
- Patricia Mendoza-Stimson, heiress. Was almost suggested as a good wife, despite a complete lack of interest in Simon. Became very close when he helped her end up with the guy she actually liked.
- Rafael Mendoza, husband of Patricia. Not from an affluent family, but has a real skill for noticing talent and character. Became friends over convincing Gary.
- Paul Oliphant, giant of a man. While pretty intimidating is actually docile and welcoming. Fifth child of the family so never going to inherit much, but can also afford to pursue his own interests.
- Daniel Sloat, heir to the Sloat fortune. Unlike most of his family is actually a pretty good guy, and has relied on Simon's help to keep his father and other siblings from pushing him out of the company.
- Wendy Reddens, wife of Barney Moran. Though her husband and Simon never saw eye to eye, she always thought of him like the son she never had and has helped mend some burned bridges in the past.
- Sloan Moran. Good friends with the older Simon, partially because her father doesn't like him. Savvy but not particularly booksmart.
- Ethan and Rebecca Robinette, twins. Simon's father and theirs, Ivan Robinette, were good friends so they grew up together. Inquisitive and reckless, though Ethan has learned to be a bit more careful about what he gets into and Rebecca's more relied on getting smarter about dealing with it.
- Roland Matlock, the strange adopted son of the family. An introverted genius, most people don't even know how to get through to him, much less deal with him. As it is he's a fan of Simon's products.
- Elizabeth Verma, assistant mayor. Dated Simon for a few months, have broken up but are still on good terms. Practical and assertive, has a lot of pets.
- Charles Tanaka, prosecuter. Went to college with Simon, they don't have a lot of time to see each other anymore but still try and get together every now and then. Relenless and surprisingly not corrupt.
- Lucas Fontaine, industrialist. Went to college with Simon, was one of his few friends given the fact that he was the sole scholarship kid. Good with people and community oriented but a bit arrogant.
- Gordan Jamison, cop. Helped Simon through his father's death. A natural detective and tireless in his pursuit to clean up the police and maybe make them half competent.
- Nasser Sadiq, chef. Daharabian who came to the US as a child. Met at an attempt by Simon's father to introduce his children to people from their homeland, and Nasser was one of the few to not be intimidated. Proud and streetwise.

- Nigel Graham, butler. Served Simon's family since before he was born, and was the first to know Simon was becoming a hero. Advised against it but was invaluable in figuring out who else should know/could be trusted. Wise and loyal.
- Alicia Stahl, butler. Was a petty thief until she signed up in the army, served until an injury took her off field duty. Nobody would hire her because of her criminal backgroud until Simon did. Prefers to think of herself as head of security. Loyal and sarcastic. Knows Simon is now a hero.
- Natalie Brown, employee. Secretary and general organizer, knows how much Simon needs her and isn't afraid to remind him about it. Friendly and meticulous.
- Jason Riggs, employee. Computer whiz who helped establish AM's online foothold. Loves a challenge and almost exclusively works on secret projects. Knows Simon is now a hero.
- Sam Williams, employee. Head of R&D. Adventurous but demanding, and a longtime friend of Simon. Knows Simon is now a hero.
- Robin Vasiliev, employee. Tech guru. Cheery but neurotic, and sincerely thinks that Hero-Man isn't overpowered as shit. Knows Simon is now a hero.
- Toby Chan, board member. Prominent executive of a company that AM bought out a few years back. Innovative and very good at seeing the big picture, Simon helped him keep his job and he's helped make the company grow.
- Coleen Govender, board member and longtime friend. Brilliant but no nonsense. She was from a somewhat wealthy family, but after a few years where Simon saw nor heard from her she appeared with enough wealth to invest in and get a seat at his company.
- Gregor Reeve, CFO.
- Felicia Knight, COO.

Exes/Love Interests: There are far more than on this list. You acquire a lot of them as a billionaire bachelor and tend to lose track of which is which. A few notable examples of each would be:
- Rose Walsh, ballerina. Always traveling.
- Anne Ackerman, defence lawyer. Both too busy.
- Lisa Stephenson, cat burglar. Sent to prison.
- Michael Pratt, pilot. Moved away.
- Farah Kouri, venture capitalist. Was a venture capitalist.
- Rachel Moore, assassin. Guess why this one didn't work out.
- Valerie Wu, local reporter.
- Stephanie Matlock, heiress.
- Maria Peretti, cop.
- Cosette Moreau, doctor.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - RatStar - 06-22-2016 04:51 AM

Well I may as well throw my hat into the ring too.

Real Name: Jim Irving
Alias: N/A
Home City: Vulcan City
City description: Vulcan City, an industrial metropolis that lies on the coast. Known for the rich deposits of meteors and strange ores that it lies upon has led to Vulcan city becoming an undoubted Mecca for the engineering and scientifically minded seeking to unravel the mysteries surrounding the bounty of Vulcan City.

The skyline of Vulcan City reaches towards the heavens with skyscrapers and high rises built to look modern and high-tech, as if to draw the gaze of the populace from the tunnels and mines that that carve out a veritable labyrinthine under-city below.
Character description: Jim is a tall, paunchy Caucasian man in his late thirties with lightly thinning black hair, brown eyes and a largish iridescent purple crystal embedded in his chest.
Character personality: Ever since the incident Jim has become rather idealistically pragmatic, he believes in doing all the wrong things for the right reasons, even though this tends to make others believe he is self-centred and a bit of a jerk.
Character background:
Jim was an explosives technician for Daedalus Corp one of the many mining companies that operate in and around Vulcan City, believing he did not have the stomach or the quirky nature for a job in fishing or the booming scientific industry that pervades the city. During what should have been a routine detonation the blasting mats used to stop errant rocks and shards of strange ore were insufficient to block the deluge, Jim and his crew were struck. Most received minor injuries, cuts, scrapes and the like. Jim and three others weren't so lucky, he caught a large shard of the unknown ore directly to the chest, he was lucky to be alive, where as the other three had died from the impact.

According to the companies doctors, the shard had embedded itself around his heart and spine making any sort of removal impossible. In an effort to "compensate" Jim for his injuries some Daedalus Corp cronies paid him, his crew an amount of money to cover their medical fees as severance as they had "investigated" the incident and found Jim at fault.

It was about a month later Jim discovered his unique ability to move from place to place after rescuing a drowning child in the bay. This realisation gave him purpose, revenge and justice.

Costume Description: When Jim goes out as his alter ego he usually wears a cheap Halloween monster mask, a jumpsuit dyed black to remove all identifiers and padding he purchased from a sporting goods store.
Character advantages:

Quantonium Shard: Due to the unique nature of the alien crystal embedded in his chest Jim is capable of "teleporting" from one place to another, leaving behind a "duplicate" capable of autonomy for approximately 4.2 minutes before exploding into a cloud of smoke.

Explosives Knowledge: Jim know his way safely around high yield explosives due to his former employment and knows all about controlled detonations and the like

Friends and Family:
Erma Irving: Mother - Librarian
Doug Irving: Father - Foreman(Mining)

Doris Irving: Grandmother(Paternal) - Blacksmith(retired)
Ulysses Irving: Grandfather(Paternal) - Fisherman

Phyllis Grant: Grandmother(Maternal) - Jeweller(Retired)
Ed Grant: Grandfather(Maternal) - Jeweller

Simon Grant:Uncle - Museum Curator

Polly Rogers: Aunt - Marine Biologist
Axel Rogers: Uncle - Veterinarian
Linda Rogers: Cousin - Journalist

Phil Quint: Chum - Science Guy
Walt Arte: Chum - Work Chum
George Beans: Chum - Journalist

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-22-2016 05:18 AM

App sign-ups are officially closed.

Now begins the painful process of selecting ten.

Curse you all and your good apps.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-22-2016 05:56 AM


Acolyte Doctor - Laurel Lin-Jones
Anomaly - Elena Amador Herrera
Bigshot - Layla Lagai
Demonsul - Susanna Star
Galloglasses - Desmond Michael John McDonagel
Kocel - Marcus Loxley
MQuinny - Casey Kane
Palamedes - Simon Almaw
Protoman - Absalom Avery
SupahKiven - Eva Gattulsco

Welcome to Masks! For those who didn't get in, don't worry. Most of the apps were quite good. If slots open up later on due to inactivity or myself thinking I can handle more people, then there's always that. Really wish I could handle more than ten players.

Now, I will begin the process of creating the world. I need to make city maps, create characters, and what-not. No idea how long that'll take, but all of you are in the Masked Wings of Chat channel, so you'll all know when I do.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 06-23-2016 12:24 PM

Masks PMs have been sent.

Welcome to the game!

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Demonsul - 07-29-2016 03:54 PM

Alas, the tragic fate of Susanna was mediocrity, so instead I present:

Real Name: Gabriel Matrose the Third


Home City: Pauldros

City Description: Still as shit as ever.

Character Description: A medium-height blond man in his late twenties (28 to be exact), Gabriel Matrose III is handsome but not exactly buff. He dresses in fine suits more often than not and takes a reasonable degree of pride in his appearance. He is a socialite, a man-about-town, and his exuberant personality is easy to spot at any number of high society gatherings in east coast America.

Character Personality: Gabriel is outgoing, charismatic, and seems to always be in command of the situation. Which is often a cover for how he grossly underthinks things when under pressure, which can give the impression of him being something of a lovable doofus. Of course, when he actually takes the time to stop and think about things, such as when he's making business decisions, he demonstrates a remarkably sharp intellect – which he sometimes ignores simply for the sake of what he would more enjoy.

Character Background:
Gabriel was born to a rich family during the latter days of the terminal decline of cold war space exploration. His family business, Ad Astra, had diversified from military rocketry into supporting the space industry back during the sixties, and Gabriel grew up with the modern myth of the heroic American astronaut. When he was a kid, he had one ambition, and he let it grow to define him a little bit. He read countless books that his father had collected over the years about space travel and its future. He wanted to be an astronaut.

Once he was old enough, he joined the US air force, hoping to advance from there to the space program. But NASA wasn't looking for new astronauts, and despite pressure from his family pushing them to accept him, he had fulfilled few if any of the requirements and even after that he failed the tests that would have got him into the program. With that door closed to him, it was all he could do to secure an honorable discharge after serving a tour as a transport plane pilot in the Middle East and go back into education.

Though Gabriel wanted to study physics or engineering for another shot at becoming an astronaut, his father, Gabriel Matrose Jr., decided that he'd had his fun and really ought to be learning something to actually help run the family business. Even though his father would have been proud to see his son as an astronaut, he didn't want him wasting a chance to get actual life skills. As a result, he ended up studying a business degree at Harvard University. Even so, he did his best to never stop pursuing his interest in space.

Military service and a prestigious business education led to him becoming more mature as a person, and he made a lot of rich friends and useful business contacts while at the university. He began to attend more high society events, taking on the mantle of the family business. Though he still loved space, he found that life on Earth could take up a lot of his time. Although he thought little of it at the time, his father was clearly paving the way for him to be his successor as owner of Ad Astra.

Despite being one of the youngest siblings in quite a large family, Gabriel actually ended up being the one to inherit control over Ad Astra when his father passed away. Many of his siblings, like him, had gone out to try and achieve their dreams, and many of them had succeeded where he had failed and didn't want to go back and spend the rest of their days running the company. Of the few who did, Gabriel was the one who his father thought would be most likely to keep the space branch of the business rather than selling it off, since although it was less profitable than the military rocketry branch that builds weapons systems, cruise missiles and missile defenses, his father was still proud of having set it up.

That was not that long ago – he only recently settled into the role of owner. He takes a relatively hands-off approach to running the company, helping direct its roles and major market choices while leaving the day to day running of the business to its competent CEO, George Duncan. Sometimes, when he's not jet setting to charity socials in Neutaven or someplace, he takes the yacht out into the middle of Lake Erie and watches the stars.

But recently, Gabriel has started to feel guilty about this lifestyle. The only door in his experience that had ever been closed to him was becoming an astronaut, while a short drive from his mansion in Pauldros people regularly struggle to find even the most base opportunities, oppressed by corruption and powerful criminal gangs. Looking out from the high windows of his company's headquarters in downtown Pauldros (not the space division's control center down in Texas near the old NASA mission control, which they more or less run these days for their private flights), Gabriel decided that he had to do something.

It wasn't until he saw the news alerts from across the country regarding the appearance of real life superheroes that he knew what it was that he needed to do.

Costume Description: Imagine a Hollywood spacesuit – far less bulky and cumbersome than spacesuits actually tend to be. White suit, with a mirrored gold helmet to conceal his face, looking like something out of Interstellar. Just without all the bulky life support or internal electronics since it's not actually a spacesuit. It is surprisingly durable.

It's actually an old demo suit from a private stock display shown to a small group of investors about a decade ago, just with a lot of the superfluous bits removed, but hey. Spacesuit.

Character Advantages: Half-remembered air force training, a tour's worth of C-130 transport plane flight experience, a Harvard business degree, extensive amateur knowledge of space, and a multi-billion dollar company specializing in military rocketry and privatized spaceflight.

Living Family Members:
*Mary Matrose, née Aston: Mother, 59, currently on permanent vacation/retirement in Hawaii. Something of an eccentric, though she loves all her children dearly. She doesn't plan on returning to the main 48 any time soon.
*Marcus Matrose: Eldest brother, 37, head of Double-M Designs, a construction company he founded with considerable donations from their father. Despite the donations, he likes to tout himself as a self-made man on the socialite circuits. Arrogant and self-conscious, he has his own mansion. Very prideful of his appearance.
*Julian Matrose: Brother, 34, artist. Dropped out of business school to attend an art academy, and since graduating has had no interest in business since he has a huge trust fund to fall back on. Currently living in Paraselle Falls, painting the forests. Laid back and generous. Has a full beard and several dogs.
*Elizabeth Matrose: Sister, 32, investor with diverse stakes in stocks and shares. Occasionally works with her brother Marcus, but mostly goes her own way, and makes a lot of money from it. Probably the most financially astute of all the siblings, she lives in a well-appointed penthouse in Neutaven, near the stock exchange. Driven and work-focused, she doesn't own many outfits that aren't businesswear.
*Grace Warren, née Matrose: Sister, 29, avid socialite. Married to Elijah Warren, billionaire media tycoon. Although she doesn't have much of a head for numbers, she was always smarter than she let on, and was good at manoeuvring through social circles to increase her standing. Gregarious and funny, she can make anyone smile, though she's not exactly charitable. Has more fancy dresses than the entire Oscars.
*Charlotte “Charlie” Matrose: Sister, 25, aspiring film producer. Originally aspired to be an actress but didn't have the patience for it, but was nevertheless inspired by the experience. These days she has dived head-first into understanding film production and intends to produce her own films someday. She has an excitable and cheerful disposition. Currently living in California off of her trust fund.
*Ryan Aston: Maternal uncle, 65, retired army officer. Slightly insane, but still functional, he thinks the US is embattled on all sides by invisible forces trying to tear up the constitution and resurrect Communism. Gabriel has no idea where he is right now.

Deceased Family Members:
*Gabriel Matrose Jr.: Father. Deceased. Former owner of Ad Astra.
*Gabriel Matrose Sr.: Paternal grandfather. Deceased. Founder of Ad Astra, back when it was called Matrose Rocketry. Jewish-American ancestry.
*Nancy Matrose: Paternal grandmother. Deceased. Jewish-American ancestry.
*Julian Aston: Maternal grandfather. Deceased. Was a notable Neutaven political lobbyist in life, though he was infamously renowned for putting his foot in his mouth at social events.
*Camilla Aston: Maternal grandmother. Deceased. She was probably the real driving force behind Julian Aston's lobbying successes.

Friends and Contacts:
*Dominic Sierra: Gabriel's oldest friend, after growing up as neighbors on Presque Isle. Because of dividends being paid out by a family oil company he technically part-owns, he's never had to work a day in his life, and although he does occasionally attend high society gatherings, his quiet attitude and contemplative mindset mean he's more frequently found at home or visiting his many wealthy friends for a more relaxed social experience.
*Abigail Oliphant: A friend of Gabriel's from the scattered Oliphant clan. The fourth oldest child of the family, she demonstrated a clear lack of regard for the family business when she dropped out of business school to take up sailing. She occasionally competes in local events, but mostly just sails on Lake Erie for leisure. A tall woman with a tough and cheerful demeanour, she is still on good terms with her family and regularly returns to Neutaven for visits.
*Luna Woods: A friend of Gabriel's, Luna is the sole child of a rich banking family living in an opulent house in the city outskirts. Though she is trying to learn the family business she is nevertheless hotheaded, and easily angered when someone slights her family or friends. Gabriel's had to help her out a couple of times when this got her into trouble with people richer than her. She goes along to whatever high society gatherings she can get to, as even though she admits she can't stand half the people present she understands the importance of contacts to prepare for the day she has to support herself.
*Mason Caughlin: A friend of Gabriel's who attends many of the same social gatherings as him. Son of Andrew Caughlin of Caughlin Corporation, he lives in one of the smaller Presque Isle mansions with his wife Sophia. The reason he moved to Pauldros was partly to get in on the social scene, partly because of the Presque Isle property, but mostly because “it's not Shermingham”. He originally befriended Gabriel after he offered a seat on his private jet to Neutaven to attend a high society gathering (Gabriel's had a fuel leak). His bombastic personality meant they soon became fast friends.
*Sophia Caughlin: Wife of Mason Caughlin, and mostly a friend by proxy, she enjoys the social life of high society Pauldros and Neutaven. She's easily as excitable as her husband, and the two make a dynamic pair whenever they attend the same events.
*James Embrey: Gabriel's father and James' father were close business associates, and as a result Gabriel became James' friend. James has little interest in business himself, living the life of a rich high society playboy with reckless abandon off of his father's dime. Catch him alone, however, and he's more soft-spoken and respectful as one might assume based on his braggadocio public persona.
*Ivan Wells: An out-of-town former astronaut who makes his living through US-wide publicity tours, Wells spent half a year on the ISS as mission commander. He's cheerful and friendly, though he's rather full of himself.
*Jennifer Dawlish: An out-of-town university friend and former girlfriend of Gabriel's, she works in upper management at Hammersmith Legal, a high-class law firm headquartered in Great Bay City. She's a surprisingly fun and flippant person for someone who spends so much time hanging out with lawyers.
*Paul Lawrence: An out-of-town university friend of Gabriel's, who went on to serve as assistant manager to a bank in Neutaven. Born to a lower-middle class family, he's relentlessly proud of how he worked his way up to where he is now.
*Daniel Mheyor: The only military friend that Gabriel still really keeps in contact with, they were each other's copilots a few times. Mheyor stayed on at the air force and accumulated an impressive service record.

Employees and Business Associates:
*George Duncan: The CEO of Ad Astra. He's responsible for most of the important decisions involved in running the company. Gabriel's informal attitude seems to have rubbed off on him a bit during their numerous private meetings to discuss the general direction of the company, and the two have become something like friends.
*Jeanne Clay: CFO of Ad Astra.
*Bradley Arbor: COO of Ad Astra.
*Theodore William: Head of R&D at Ad Astra and an influential figure in the direction of the company. Something of an idealist, he believes in the human spirit, and likes to think that Ad Astra's technology can genuinely help both save the lives of American soldiers and civilians, and make space that much more accessible. Would like to change the world someday.
*Nikolai Lyovich Evgenin: Former Soviet rocket scientist now in his early seventies, duly poached by Ad Astra to serve as their most cutting-edge research team leader. By all measures a scientific genius, he and his team of handpicked experts has helped put Ad Astra's tech above all their competitors. Extremely arrogant in all matters scientific but surprisingly humorous outside the workplace, he is dismissive of American engineering except when it follows his designs. Despite his age, he is active and vigorous.
*Samantha Knight: Chief of operations at NASA and a friend of Gabriel's, since Gabriel spoke to her often shortly after taking control of the business as he settled into the role of owner. Their friendship is not especially close and is tempered by it being supported by a business arrangement, but it's still friendship.
*Lloyd Francis-Nemours: The chief servant of Matrose Manor and self-appointed majordomo of the mansion (his actual title is butler, but he thinks that gives people the wrong idea), Francis-Nemours is in charge of making sure everything is organized and ensuring that the few staff employed there keep working. A meticulous and slightly abrasive man, he means well at heart.
*Gregory Cutler: The #2 member of Gabriel's staff (Lloyd would never let him forget who's in charge), Gregory is Gabriel's personal assistant and general batman. He is normally quite relaxed and good-humoured, as Gabriel isn't one to foster an atmosphere of formality, but when doing his job in front of other people he becomes a lot more formal.

Pauldros High Society Scene:
(The richest folk in Pauldros. Though Gabriel is acquainted with these people and has spoken to them at social gatherings, he wouldn't consider them his friends. Since Neutaven is the center for east-coast American high society, they all travel there occasionally for major society events outside of Pauldros.)
*The Bocks. The royal family. The richest men and women in the city. The real overlords of the Pauldros political machine. Nothing more need be said. As distasteful as the others are, the Bocks are the ones Gabriel thinks the worst of.
*Elijah “Eli” Warren: Rival, 36, billionaire media mogul by inheritance. Married to Grace Warren. His father died a decade ago, and he led the company ever since. A firm believer in the power of spin and bias to shift political weight, he is deeply entrenched in Pauldros' corruption. Charismatic but clearly out of touch, he lets his main channel, Weasel News, do the talking for him.
*Leigh Richard Johansson: 58, billionaire electronics & technology tycoon who made his money building PCs, servers and computer components. He owns FEC, the Future Electronics Company. He's not the most creative type, preferring hard work and good numbers. Although not remotely charismatic and in fact rather blunt and rude, he is a well-known philanthropist and genuinely thinks everyone should have the same chances to succeed that he did.
*Oliverio Reyes: 44, multimillionaire in transportation and shipping by way of purchase. How he made his first fortune in Latin America is something of a conspicuous secret - he claims he ran a transport business there, too - but when he arrived in the USA, the declining giant Hermes Transport couldn't turn down his money. He has since turned the company around (its profits spiked immediately, almost as if it were being used partially as a money laundering outfit), and practically flaunts the corruption and criminal connections that allowed him to do it whenever he can get away with it. Handsome and clean shaven, he attends practically every high society gathering.
*Thomas Bavin: 62, billionaire telecommunications CEO of Vision Inc., which was founded by his father before he was born. He's not above cheating and making use of every dirty trick in the book to get what he wants. Doesn't often show up to social gatherings, though his two sons, Alexander (30) and Michael (25), seem to turn up there a lot instead with whichever unfortunate woman they happen to have on their arm at that moment.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 09-26-2016 09:25 AM

So, now that the game has been running a while, I have decided that I can safely handle more players!

So, I'm opening TWO MORE SLOTS UP for the game! These applications will be closed in five days, on the thirtieth! Good luck!

And since you guys will be getting in late, and many characters have already had practice and training, powered and rich characters can start with minor training and conditioning in other skills (or a bit of practice with their powers). You won't be anywhere near the level of skilled characters, particularly since skilled characters already receive a slight boost, but it should make it easier to integrate and compete with the other players.

The playable area will be extended to the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida!

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - pail - 09-27-2016 03:07 PM

Real Name: Radka Fyodor Rykov
Alias: Siphon
Home City: Hooverville, New Jersey

City description: Located East coast. Its main industries and economic cornerstones are Biopharmaceuticals, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Technology. It doesn't really have a culture. It's aesthetic is livable trash town. It has pretty wide income gaps, some gentrification going on, slums, middle class houses on the outside of the city. It doesn't like putting a lot of money into parks or other miscellaneous projects, mostly putting its income into infrastructure and government run facilities.

Character description: She stands at 5'10, Violet hair (long wavy hair with a full left side undercut with her evil symbol buzzed in the undercut.) Green eyes, her age is 25, pierced left eyebrow. She is decently buff, has an athletic build, Pale skin, a few scars along her arms legs and torso.

Character personality: Radka is very self centered, selfish, and vain. She isn't prideful though, willing to stoop to lows and run the fuck away if shit hits the fan. She doesn't really care for people despite running a clinic, and finds no qualms using her powers on civilians. She especially loves using her powers on people who slighted her, such as cutting her off in traffic, or spilling her drink.

Character background: She had a normal family and a normal upbringing. Her severely degraded morality came from the internet really, internet sites such as 4chan and social media bullying has erased any sort of morality she would had have (Plus a very unflattering viral video didn't help at all.) She went to college with a major in Biomedical research with a minor in Physiology. Shortly after discovering her new ability, she looked up a picture of Baba Yaga and just bought cloths matching that and opened up a back ally clinic to get a nice cash flow going.
She got her powers when she went with her family to their annual extreme camping trip in Canada. With global warming melting the ice caps, it also released ancient microbes, bacteria, and diseases. So during the trip she contracted an ancient disease, giving her her powers.

Costume Description: Slavic priestess work cloths. She usually is always seen with sunglasses and a beanie in street cloths.

Character advantages: Siphon has the ability to transfer diseases and fleshwounds, basically any negative health ailment, and transfer it from herself to another person through bodily contact. Her negative ailment transfer can only go through herself, so she can't say, make two people touch and transfer negative health. The wounds she receives can no longer be transferable after a certain amount of time (dynamic time determined by gm.) She leaves her mark on the victim where she touches them on their body when she transfers the negative ailment. The harsher the ailment the bigger the mark is. For big transfers such as AIDS or ALS she has to keep contact the victim for a prolonged amount of time.

Friends and Family:
Juri Rykov- Grandfather, is suffering from Dementia, surprisingly still ill.
Todor Rykov- Father, pretty decent guy, doesn't know about her daughters villany. Works in a factory. Wants his children to do more in life.
Katarina Rykov- Grandmother, Strict, bitchy, bossy, impossible to please.
Nika Rykov- Mother, Is happy with her children and babies them constantly and trys to make them live an easy life.
Nadia Giordano- Older sister, Is Married, mostly lives with her family.
Boris Rykov- Younger Brother, Mysterious, keeps to himself, always gone.
Lila Hamilton- Her BFF from high school. Drags her to workouts, pilates, and zumba classes. She tries to hang out with her as little as possible.
Sherry Ross- Her other BFF from the same friend group, actually cares about Radka, Radka kinda cares about her.
Online guild- think /pol/ /b/
Krystal Baldwin- Ex Girlfriend.
Dwight Beck- Ex Boyfriend.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Corn - 09-27-2016 07:04 PM

Real Name: Maria Maldonado Bezos

Alias: None (from her anyhow)

Home City: Ciudad City

City description: Ciudad City is totally NOT Miami. It's a beautiful city if you only walk the coast, lovely beaches and palm trees and roller skaters on the boardwalk aesthetic. Not so much when you step away from the water. There's a lovely nightlife scene if one is able to afford such things and is willing to face a violent crime rate much higher than the national average. Unemployment, poverty, an increasing homeless population, and an incredible income gap plague the city. It's a mess, to be frank.

Plus, it's a tourist town, which doesn't make for stable living, along with its status as a major trade town (Puerto Port is a major stop for Caribbean trade to the Americas.) It's beautiful, a lovely, safe city for roughly 1% of its citizens. Let's not even start talking about the... eccentricities, of Florida in general. It needs some hard work, and a lot of it, in most areas. In recent years it has been focusing extra money on cultural project, but most Ciudad citizens would prefer anything to another branch of the Museo Museum to talk about the city's history, or another college art project in their 'good' park. Schools are also surprisingly alright, for a city its size and income.

Character description: Maria is short and wiry, with tan skin with cool undertones. Her eyes are large and very dark brown, and her hair is nearly black and when un-done falls down to her rear. It is rarely un-done however, as she generally keeps it braided. She has a birthmark on her right shoulder blade that her father thinks looks like a marigold. It is just a splotch, and Maria is sure he's just making that up.

Character personality: Maria feels cold to most, though she excels at having a false sweet demeanor. She figures she gets this from her mother, along with a 10-foot nose that she so dearly enjoys poking into business that isn't hers. She's very self-righteous, and has a hard time believing she can be wrong about something, as she considers herself very objective, looking at things from the perspective of some far off bigger picture. She isn't one to concretely explain this bigger picture, either. Something about what's good for the universe, how small areas have entirely off-balance good/evil ratios and that's what's wrong with this world. She enjoys her own personal struggles, feeling that her own life is in good balance, but she is also quick to anger, and is easily perturbed by... a lot. She's not known for being SUPER consistent, to be honest. She despises political corruption and things along that vein, as she feels they are not constructive to universal health like other deeds. There needs to be rules, and order, for chaos and balance to mean anything at all. She throws herself whole heartedly into her work, desiring greatly to change things for what she feels is the better.

Despite this, she loves her family unconditionally. They're good folk, she knows, and her sister Rosa is her closest friend. Sometimes she makes Maria question her own ideals. She's still a little weird with them, but she is attentive in particular with them, and is a surprisingly good listener. Some might say it's a manipulation tactic, to be so suddenly sweet, eh, but never with her sister. Other folk? A whole other story, dependent on whether or not she is pissed.

Character background:
Maria was the first born to her family in Mexico City. Her father came from a wealthy background, and met her mother on a trip down south while he was in college. Her parents had another child (with a significantly different facial structure, funny) and moved soon after to Ciudad City, which at the time claimed it was making strides in safety and employment opportunity. Turned out that wasn't the case, but the family was already settled, and had two more children before calling it quits. The neighborhood that had seemed so promising when they got a home turned less than ideal, and while school went well for Maria, not too much else did. Being, for lack of better words, a weirdo, she made no lasting friendships, and eventually found her calling in politics, hoping to start the process of fixing up her city. During college she found she loved to travel, and did the whole backpack-across-Europe thing while she finished up her bachelors in Germany. While there she picked up a curious habit, homicide. The first was an act of self defense, the second because she feared walking through a certain alley one night with the person there, but after the third she couldn't justify herself. It just felt right, and really, what did a few people matter in the grand scheme of things? Reasonably good at hiding her work, she returned home and took up a paid internship at City Hall, finding her sister and self a small apartment out of the suburbs as of roughly a year before game start. She's about to find out her pop isn't her pop, and learn some answers to some questions she's long since put aside.

Costume Description: She has some black clothes, her sturdy sneakers, and one of those plain black full-face masks you can get at a party or craft store. Nothing fancy yet, not even in colors she likes. Just sort of weird but practical.

Character advantages: So Pop is the Aztec god Tlaloc, and as such, Maria's thing is powers. She doesn't have them yet (I imagine she'd get them at the start of the game). When she does, each sacrifice she makes, depending on how it is done (and who to) gives her a reserve of energy in the element chosen via mode of sacrifice. Thus, when sacrificing to her father, she gains a store of water energy for use later. The amount gained and type cannot be changed until the next different sacrifice. Also, she cannot use more than one at a time, and is at risk of getting in trouble with some, as god-politics sure exists.

Disadvantages: She has a horrible fear of both rats and buffalo. She is also easy to anger, which can impede her ability to perform a useful sacrifice. In addition, if she was to go into water so deep she can't touch the ground, she gets sucked under, who knows where.

Friends and Family: She lived with her younger sister in an apartment close to city center, while her parents and minor siblings live in the suburbs. No previous or current romantic relationships.
She has a VERY annoying neighbor, Justin Jibuski.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Vancho1 - 09-28-2016 10:49 AM

Real Name: Maximilien Carlssen, GENIUS EXTRAORDINAIRE


Home City: Freiwerk

City description: In a city ruled by MAD SCIENCE! The common folk trudge through their day-to-day lives, unaware of the dark forces at work within their city! Their mayor - rumored to be working on a mind-control beam in preparation for the election! Their sewers - the point of invasion for the nefarious subterranean civilizations! Their cemeteries - locations of twisted experiments on life and death itself! Their parks - secretly infested with fey forces! And their schools - nexuses of dark power (and hormones)!

Yes, the people of Freiwerk go on not knowing of these or other horrors perpetuated by the shadowy forces which seek to dominate the city. WHO will protect the little man? WHO will stop the evil plots of these criminals?


Character description: Maximilien at first glance seems like a larger-than-life character. He is tall, standing at 6'3", and although not muscular he has a certain presence of strength. His wine-dark hair is short, and he wears rimless glasses over his gray eyes. When he is not in work clothes, he goes about as well-dressed as he can. Maximilien moves with purpose and gravity - each step he makes seems fully intentional, and he easily sticks out of a crowd.

Character personality: Maximillien is a person consumed with the plight of the regular people of Freiwerk. He is aware of his genius, and instead of lording it over other people (or planning to take over the city as a stepping stone to the world), he is genuinely interested in helping. Whether it is foiling a devious plan or simply fixing the neighbor's radio, Maximillien never turns down an opportunity to help. He is, however, a bit arrogant as well - he sees no problem as unsolvable, which can have disastrous consequences.

Character background: The son of a painter and an auto mechanic, Maximilien came from ordinary people. They worked hard to provide whatever they could for their children, and Maximilien was always thankful for it. When he was young, he discovered (while playing with his mother's tools) that he could build devices out of little bits of scrap electronics, metal, wood, and such. Rather than building radios and blinking lights, Maximilien created more esoteric things - a robot to cook soft-boiled eggs, or lights that could be adjusted by whistling. Recognizing his talent, the Carlssens found a special technical school and enrolled him.

There, Maximilien consistently outshone his peers. He would complete projects almost overnight, and add many features above and beyond the requirements. At the age of sixteen, he graduated and was given a full scholarship to study engineering. In three years, he earned his master's degree, and returned home to his proud parents to open up a repair shop of his own - this one, for more than just cars.

However, Maximilien started noticing strange happenings around town. People would disappear sometimes, or do unusual things like leave money in handbags or buy specific brands perhaps a bit too much. Determined to get to the bottom of this, he decided to investigate on his own. But first, he decided that he would need to conceal his identity - wouldn't do to have people recognize him while snooping around.

Costume Description: Electrician's shoes, work pants, a smock with a lightning bolt on it, a button-down shirt, and goggles.

Character advantages:

-Genius tinkerer: Maximilien has the extraordinary ability to build gadgets. He has an intuitive understanding of how technology works and can build whatever he needs with few or even improvised parts. Furthermore, when encountering an unknown piece of technology, Maximilien can analyze and reverse-engineer it with far greater speed and ease than any normal person could. In short, he can pretty much MacGyver almost anything.


-The Madness Place: Every so often, Maximilien gets the uncontrollable urge to build something which he has no idea what it will do. He will do anything to get the parts he needs, and then he secludes himself to work on it until it is finished. Often, his devices built in this state have much more powerful capabilities than what he can usually build, though in unexpected ways. They are also much more dangerous and unstable. Once it is built, Maximilien returns to normal, but still with no idea of the device's function. Any attempt for him to disassemble or reverse-engineer his own devices made in the madness place will destroy them, or worse, activate them.

Friends and Family:
Father - Olaf Carlssen, painter
Mother - Jessica Sylva Carlssen, auto mechanic.
Grandfather - Tryggvi Carlssen, Retired, lives in Minnesota
Grandmother - Helga Carlssen, also retired, also in Minnesota
Grandfather - Mark Sylva, Architect
Grandmother - Elen Sylva, Writer.
Uncle - Joe Sylva, Architect
Cousin - Nick Sylva, in college.
Younger Sister - Christie Carlssen, in school.

Neighbors - Mike Redford, Nancy Redford, Jose Sandiego, Sally Norfolk, Mei Zhang, Bo Zhang.

Friends - Alex Rudolf, Amy Wintrop, Don Burkes.
Ex: Diane van der Meer.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Whimbrel - 09-29-2016 03:14 PM

Real Name: Alexandria "Lex" Escher

Alias: [Pending]

Home City: Arden, Florida

City description:
Arden is host to the flagship theme parks of three different major media corporations and an assortment of water parks, earning it the unenviable title of the world's Theme Park Capital. Arrayed along the edge of a lake formed by an ancient meteor strike, this sprawling metropolis boosts an incomparably elegant skyline, built according to the same strict and labyrinthine city aesthetic codes that mandate the presence of an interactive jumping water display at every major intersection.

In terms of ground-bound traffic systems, Arden's extensive high-speed monorail system has been hailed as a modern marvel that completely makes up for the fact that the the city is unable to construct any kind of subway system or other large, underground construction projects, due to it being located in Florida. "We don't have any underground constructions of unknown origin and suspect purpose," the city council reiterated, in their weekly press release. "Any new doorways discovered growing out of a disused hallway or extra landings on your apartment stairwell are not to be explored or used as a convenient shortcut. Report their location using the hotline, and seal them behind a brick wall at the earliest opportunity."

Despite a few mild eccentricities (Which, whether they acknowledge it or not, every city with a large cape population runs into sooner or later),
Arden is, on the whole, a surprisingly nice place for the average citizen.

Character description: Though still growing, Lex currently stands at the fairly average height of 5'3”. She's athletic but not lean, with lightly freckled tan skin. Dark eyed and dark haired, she sports corkscrew curls that stop a bit above the shoulder. Her school has a uniform, so her wardrobe isn't very exciting, but she's the sort to iron it every day. Wears clip-on earrings.

Character personality: A well-intentioned but overly serious kid with a habit of thinking she needs to solve other people's problems. Likes to keep things organized. Despite projecting an honor student sort of image, Lex doesn't have the best grades, likely due to her extra-curricular activities. Has a hard time acknowledging when she's in over her head.
Inexperienced at deception.

Character background:
A freshman student at Summer View High School. Lex's family moved to Arden six years ago from the west coast. (Pinesea, CA)

Lex currently lives with her parents and older sister in a three bedroom flat in a nice apartment community. Its best feature is probably the communal pool, which is long enough to swim laps, but unfortunately not deep enough to practice any dives. She ran for class president this year but did not win the seat. Undeterred, she plans to apply for a different position on the student council next year.

The day Lex's powers were unlocked began as a fairly normal Wednesday. She woke up early to get ready for school and make an instagramable breakfast. Caught the monorail to school. Actively participated in classes. Socialized. Went to soccer practice after school. Went home. Diligently completed her homework, and then had a chat with her geographically distant best friend over Seape. Eventually, the topic turned towards the future.

"I think I'll go into medicine," she'd said, "but should I go into diagnostics or surgery? Wait, maybe research would be better?"

"Lex," Becky had replied, "send me your double gold wyvern so I can try to breed a triple-point."

Eventually they came to a consensus that Becky should use Lex's gold-goldenrod wyvern instead to keep the double gold as a breeding possibility later in the bloodline, and that Lex should take a chemistry class next year before she commits to it. They ended the call around nine, and as Lex stretched and swiveled around, she quickly came to the realization that the well worn stuffed rabbit was no longer sitting on her bed but kneeling quietly behind her, respectfully waiting for her audience to conclude before reaffirming fealty to his Prince and thereby irreversibly plunging Lex into a world of powered weirdness.
Costume Description: Back when she thought the Signet Ring was a sort of Bag of Holding, Lex put plenty of practical things inside, including a simple crime-fighting outfit consisting of a t-shirt, running shorts, tennis shoes, and a small black mask for privacy. When she later tried to retrieve these items, she found herself wearing an outfit that was substantially more ridiculous. The pants were now puffy and laced. The shirt had spouted a popped collar and epaulettes, of all things. The mask was embroidered with glittery constellations, and the less said about the shoes, the better.
She tends to wear her school uniform or sensible athletic-wear when she's out and about.

Character advantages:

Penrose: Some kind of... moon... ghost, as far as Lex has been able to determine. A faithful servant of the Starbright Prince, whose stated goal it is to restore Lex's soul to its former power and lustre. Yay? Penrose is the primary source of Lex's knowledge about her powers and the supernatural b.s. surrounding them.
Penrose currently makes their home inside a rabbit doll and refuses to leave it, even though Lex is at an age where she's feeling self-conscious about lugging around a stuffed animal. Something about security concerns? Whatever, Penrose!

Superior Sight: The absence or presence of light neither helps nor hinders her ability to see. Lex can still see light, shadows, and illusory effects thereof, but they don't obscure or impede her vision.

Skyline Shroud: The Shroud is an incorporeal extension of Lex's power, able to manipulate light in a variety of ways. Lex perceives it sort of like a mutable but kind of clumsy and extremely awkward pile of extra limbs. Discovered modes of light interaction:
  • Reflect
  • Extinguish
  • Bend
It's sort of a body part, and now that Lex's unlocked it she can't really make it go away, but it does fold up pretty compactly... theoretically.

Signet Ring: A silver ring inset with a small, unreflective stone. It forms a gateway to the soul, allowing Lex to more easily call upon her latent powers and create manifestations of any items that have been sealed within. At her current level of power and practice, it is much harder for Lex to manipulate the Skyline Shroud without it, and impossible for her to manifest any items.
Houses the Celestial Regalia, three artifacts of great power that the Starbright Prince once wielded. Very tiring to manifest, the only one Lex is able to reliably call upon is the Stellar Sceptre.

Penrose said something about the Starbright Prince having hidden artifacts of great power within its soul, but Lex has no idea how she's supposed to go about finding something like that.
-Stellar Sceptre
An elegant silver wand, topped with a five pointed star. Wielding this, Lex can unleash percussive blasts of heat and light upon a target. It's possible to vary the intensity of the blasts, but adjusting it is still an iffy endeavor for Lex, so she tries not to point it at people. No secondary functions yet discovered. Its true form is that of an actual, literal and metaphorical, star.
-Singularity Sabre
An impossibly black blade that exerts a definite gravitational pull on its surroundings. Good at cutting things that aren't supposed to be cut. Its true form is that of an actual, literal and metaphorical, black hole. Lex has only managed to manifest it once thus far.
-Seraphim Crown
Three guesses as to what this item is. Lex doesn't know what it does, and doesn't have nearly enough power to draw it out.

Weak To The Most Anime Thing Around: It's the Power of Love, Cid. (Details under "Supernatural B.S." section)
Friends and Family:

Becky Walden: Best friend. Confidante. Moved north two years ago, they still keep in touch by the power of modern technology. Bubbly personality. Has far too many hobbies.

Sloan Torres: Sports rival. First crush. Very pretty. Very competitive.

Christine Hallisey: Lab partner. Seems to be friends with everyone in the entire school even though she's kind of careless with information, personal possessions, etc.

Jason Roth: Terrible taste in books, movies. Pretty decent otherwise. They're both on the swim team in the fall.

Marisa Wolland: Used to be sort-of friends when Becky was in the picture. Introverted, artistic, and a strong candidate for the smartest kid in the school. Prickly personality.

Tyler Garett: First year middle schooler who lives one floor down. Occasionally babysat by Charlotte, frequently invites himself over with his sister to play video games and gossip with the cool older kids.

Lucy Garett: Fourth year elementary schooler who lives one floor down. Occasionally babysat by Charlotte. Seems shy, but is often the mastermind behind any mischief her brother or their friends get up to.


Paternal Grandfather: Luis Escher.
Paternal Grandmother: Valentina Escher.

Maternal Grandfather: Boon-Mee Vipavakit.
Maternal Grandmother: Kamala Vipavakit.

Uncle: Mother's younger brother, Aroon Vipavakit.
Aunt: Emily Vipavakit.
Cousin: Sara Vipavakit. Likes lego robotics and minecraft. Has a surprising sense of humor.
Cousin: Matthew Vipavakit. Wants to be a dinosaur when he grows up.
Cousin: Aaron Vipavakit. He's a baby. There's not much to say about a baby.

Aunt: Mother's younger sister, Dok Mai Vipavakit. Wildlife rehabilitation specialist.

Uncle: Father's oldest brother, Raleigh Escher.
Aunt: Isabel Escher.
Cousin: Amanda Ferrer.
Cousin-in-law: Juan Ferrer. U.S. Army communications officer.
Niece: Eva Ferrer. There's really, really not much to say about babies.
Cousin: Jaime Escher.
Cousin: Ana Escher.

Uncle: Father's older brother, Sebastian Escher.

Aunt: Father's younger sister, Georgia Martin.
Uncle: Antonio Martin.
Cousin: Andrea Martin. Taking a year before college to backpack across Europe.

Father: Hayden Escher. Industrial Engineer for the Arden Transit Authority. Puerto Rican.
Mother: Saengdao Escher. Event Coordinator with a master's degree in International Studies. Thai descent.

Oldest Sister: Sydney Escher. Away at college. Computer Science major. On the national leaderboards for a popular competitive first person shooter.
Older Sister: Charlotte Escher. Drama club. Loves bad horror movies and angry music. Kind of a slob.

Family? Supernatural Bullsh*t:

The Absentee and the Timeless: Titled, among other things, as the King of the Space Between Realities and the King of the Space Between Moments, respectively. They mostly do their own thing and mostly don't concern themselves with what happens within the limits of time, space, and so on.
They aren't really causing problems here.
Its their kids, the so called Princes, who came over to this and other planes of existence and started fighting with each other over one petty thing or another. Penrose actually told Lex about a bunch of them at some point, but there's way too many and they all have a million pretentious titles, so there was no way she'd remember all of them.

The Starbright Prince, Ruler of the Space Between Lights. Space Royalty. Defended an empire measurable in galaxies from the chaotic whims of its siblings and other threats.

The Waveringsmile Prince, Ruler of the Space Between Hearts. Didn't get along with the Starbright Prince, for some reason. Lex is vulnerable to attacks and effects powered by things that fall within this Prince's domain, due to being nearly destroyed by it in a past life and everything.

The Soulflight Prince, Ruler of the Space Between Lives. Hates seeing their siblings fight. Salvaged the Starbright Prince after its defeat and set it up to be reincarnated, eventually.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 09-30-2016 06:16 PM


Because I can probably handle it, and because I don't want to exclude anybody because all the apps are AWESOME, I accept all three of the finished applicants. I will also accept Whimbrel's once her app is finished and all good!



I'll send you guys messages once I have all your stuff done. Gotta draw up maps and what-not.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Anomaly - 10-14-2016 07:48 PM

guys i made fanart for this game


[Image: FrAQEbS.png]

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Protoman - 11-13-2016 05:19 PM

Real Name: Akira Hayashi

Home City: Great Bay City.

City description: Same ol' same ol'.

Character description: Average height, black hair done in a fade-hawk, perpetual grin.

Character personality: Reckless, take-charge, protective towards those close to her. Not the strongest moral compass, but not the sort who'd beat up a weaker opponent or give an innocent hobo cancer. Not super down for fighting dirty - if she's gonna be the strongest, she's got to do it fair and square!

Character background: Born to a pair of (non-gang-afilliated) biker parents, Akira was a hellion from the start. She was always getting cuts and bruises, but seemed almost entirely undeterred by them, acquiring new ones about as quickly as the old ones healed. She took great joy in showing off her feats of derring-do to her parents and friends, and greater joy in knowing she could actually DO these things. The feeling of self-respect she got from being faced with various challenges and overcoming them was unparalleled.

When she was ten, her sister Umeko was born. She immediately looked at this small ball of weakness and decided she'd take care of it, no matter what. A year later, her promise was put to the test; a motorcycle wreck claimed the lives of her parents, leaving her and her sister to their aunt and uncle. As per her parents will, the bikes were recovered, repaired, and placed into storage. Once they were of age, her father's bike would go to Akira, her mother's to Umeko.

Their relations were not cruel people - they fed them right, offered a degree of emotional support, and made sure their schoolwork was finished - but it was clear from the start that their aunt and uncle were taking a massive hit to their personal finances by having to support the two girls. Akira had been born into the Sirloin. She was used to poverty. What she couldn't get used to was feeling like a burden.

So when she hit eighteen, she found a job as a pizza delivery girl and moved out with her seven-year-old sister. The job was only enough to pay their rent when customers were feeling particularly generous - mostly around November and December. First priority was always making sure Umeko had food. Everything else was secondary.

On her last legs and tired of not being able to give her sister the sort of life she deserved, Akira did something... reckless. She talked with a friend of hers who'd previously dated a sort of sketchy guy and got signed up for an illegal boxing ring. She wasn't the best, but fuck, it payed. Didn't take long till the landlady was appeased and Umeko stopped asking whether or not they were going to have to move back in with their relatives.

One night, during a hot streak, she took a particularly bad punch. It tore into the flesh of her upper arm, ripping it wide open. She knocked the fucker out with the next punch.

Turned out he had hidden some brass knuckles under his hand wraps. How security had missed it was beyond her (no not actually she was pretty sure they'd bribed them these guys were goddamn chumps.) She had to drop from the tournament that night, clinging a cloth to her wound to stop the bleeding. She thanked god that none of her co-workers gave enough of a shit to ask her where these injuries had come from, but this wasn't the sort of bruise she'd be able to cover up and hide from Umeko. Hell, she'd be lucky if it didn't leave a scar.

When she pulled the cloth off her wound on her motorcycle, though, it had healed. The cloth was soaked with blood, but there was no sign of a wound.

It was then that Akira figured something was up. She took to testing her new-found abilities, 'accidentally' burning her hand on the stove, slipping up with a knife while cutting vegetables, etc. etc. before realizing that all her wounds healed up in a matter of minutes. As she tested it more and more, the minutes turned to seconds.

With this newfound power, Akira wants only two things: One, to take care of Umeko and provide the best life she can for her baby sister; and two, to be the coolest most kick-ass motherfucker ever. After years of feeling weak and dependent, she wants to prove to herself and everyone else how tough she really is. She wants to find stronger and stronger opponents, improving herself with each new challenge. After all, if there's no real risk of injury, what's stopping her from honing her body into a well-oiled machine and earning herself the title of STRONGEST? Money, glory, and cheap thrills await!

Costume Description: Fingerless black gloves concealing her hand-wraps, black tank-top, black jacket, black bandana over her face, SICK SUNGLASSES, jeans.

Character advantages:

HEALING FACTOR: Has a natural tendency to heal incredibly quickly! Should a limb be cut off but not absolutely obliterated, she'll need to grab it and push it back up to its general vicinity to reattach. Should it be obliterated, it'll need time to heal. All manner of minor and moderate injuries can be healed over in a matter of seconds!

BERSERKER COUNTER: When she takes damage, Akira gets a burst of strength and speed, unleashing it back on her attacker!

Friends and Family:

Kaneda Hayashi: Dead at 31. Akira's father. Free-spirited biker. A kind and gentle man. Quiet and softspoken, but with a brave heart.

Kei Hayashi: Dead at 30. Akira's mother. Free-spirited biker. Brash, hot-headed, and proud, with a good sense of right and wrong.

Umeko Hayashi: 7-year-old sister. Asthmatic. An excitable and sweet child, Umeko is rather fragile and sickly. All the same, she's eager for adventure and fun, delighting in stories her sister will tell of their parents escapades. Likes cartoons.

Aunt Yuuko Minami: 40-year-old. Sister of Akira's mother. Good intentions, but emotionally distant. Speaks with Akira on occasion still, checking in to make sure everything's going well for her and Umeko.

Uncle Shouhei Minami: 42-year-old. Husband of Yuuko; Incredibly serious and strict. Works a hard job and frowns on wasted time. Clashed with Akira a lot during her adolescence. Relations between the two of them are still chilly.

Karina Nikolaev: 19-year-old. Former high-school classmate. A sweet girl, but dates really fucking sketchy guys. Bit of a stoner. Works at a gym. Ex-girlfriend of Illarion.

Illarion Rykov: 20-year-old. Real name is Greg, but calls himself Illarion because he thinks it's cool. Former high-school-classmate. Dropped out during sophmore year after being caught with a backpack full of weed and being made to choose between community service or expulsion. Kind of a loser. Not a sociopath, but willing to do sketchy shit for drugs or money. Once claimed to be the reincarnation of Lenin as part of a Ponzi scheme.

Abner Teasdale: 23-year-old. Former butcher who dropped out during the war on Great Bay City. Trying to get his act together with mixed success.

Adelardo Jimenez: 39-year-old. Manager of Papa Paranelli's Pizzeria. There is no Papa Paranelli. Paranelli isn't even a last name. No one seems to have noticed. Nice enough boss, but has to serve the whims of John Whitherbotnham, owner of the store.

John Whitherbotnham: 37-year-old. Owner of Papa Paranelli's Pizzeria. Completely unreasonable. Doesn't really know how pizza works. Constantly trying to get Adelardo to get the staff to try unreasonable new types of pizza, most famously pizza that replaced cheese with Cheez-Its. Lives in Pell-Pothier.

EXTENDED FAMILY: you can make up extended family that Akira has no ideas about cid i give you full control IDGAF

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Cidellus - 11-13-2016 05:28 PM

Protoman's replacement character is accepted.

Gone be Absalom.

Long live Akira.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Bramzter - 11-14-2016 11:08 PM

Real Name: Jerry Jakobs
Alias: "0rw3ll" or "Orwell" if you disregard the obnoxious leet
Home City: Stockton Hills
City description: Stockon Hills is best known as a sprawling business center, populated by well known tech companies and littered with entrepreneurs living downtown and 'celebrities' living in gated communities, Banks are common and trade is the cities lifeblood. Its so upper class that most soaps and series most of the time has a fictional if highly exaggerated equivalent as the setting for it. The government of the city has partnered with a bundle of renowned tech companies for a few of their projects, One of those is a citywide surveillance system that recently became in the attention of the rest of the nation. For now its just a field test and the locals are making good money out of it.
Character description: Jerry looks rather pale and lanky, he has a notable slouch and a rather unkempt black mullet,there are notable reinforcing braces on his legs, scruffy bead. He sports a rather mocking grin on his face most of the time
Character personality: Laid back and teasing most of the time, He likes just to mess with people for fun, He however with a bit of pushing can be persuaded to do some good. Most of the time, he is just doing this whole thing for fun,curiosity and thrills.
Character background: Jerry is the son of entrepreneurs, born with a handicap that causes fragile bones he needed braces to walk properly, This coupled with some shyness meant that he was a bit of a outcast in his youth, Mostly getting along with the more nerdy kids at school (and this being Stockton Hills meant that most were either just a little bit nerdy or just rich kids. so if you were considered a nerd, you were like a giant nerd). His parents worked at the head of a minor tech company that focused on medical technology that got bought out by a bigger one partnered with the civil services. His parents became more closed after that happened and got kinda caught up in their own little view of the world, On his last birthday before moving out they gave him a new prototype of bracers for his was hilariously designed as if people were paraniod he got mugged or something like that being able for more movement then he ever had... His parents denied every accusation of using him as a test subject for a prototype after that. Unwilling to receive handouts from his overbearing parents Jacob moved out after he got his engineering degree and he bought up a small apartment lot for a discount, provided he acted as a sort of landlord for the other tenants.

He kept in contact with his childhood friends and avoided most of his parents calls while being a landlord with a love for action movies, 'jokes' and just generally hanging about.. until one of his friends who was a self proclaimed 'freelance data security professional' (Read: Hacker) suggested writing a program to copy fighting styles into the prototype bracer he received, just so he could mimic the kung fu movies Jerry always liked. maybe prank a local martial arts school with the occasion of a random cripple with brittle bones walking in trashing the master or something like that.

The idea obviously was directly rejected, Then he heard that the corporation which his parents now worked under implemented a new surveillance system, He contacted his friend and came up with a idea to use that system to act like a vigilante, just for fun. He did actually want to give the bracers a try anyway and he could justify using that stuff of people who deserve it right?

Hell, This would be entertaining.

Costume Description: Aviator Sunglasses, a tacky open Hawaiian shirt with white wife beater underneath, denim shorts and sandals. His limbs are all braced with some kind of high-tech machinery that includes metal 'gloves' and 'socks'

Character advantages:

REACTIVE LIMBS: With the use of computer meta data, he can make his braces emulate different combat styles, They pack a punch that's better then brittle bone hands that's for sure, However they can only emulate one combat style carefully programmed in, Multiple different things might make the whole thing make motions the normal human skeleton isn't capable off (painful)

HACKZOR FRIEND: Can call upon a friend to tap into various networks, The guy handles the meta-data and software while Jakobs handles the more hardware challenges due to having studied engineering, they are a good team.

Friends and Family:
Vera Jakobs - 41 Former CEO of Jakobs Medical. Board member of BNW-Tech, Overbearing Mother or Impatient Researcher? Slightly out of touch with people below her living state, Still means well if a bit ignorant

Hans Jakobs - 46 Former CEO of Jakobs Medical. Head researcher of BNW-Tech, Overprotective Father or Corporate Climber? Has the same sort of naive disconnect as Vera, This is mostly influenced by their boss

Aletta Jakobs - 19 Younger sister, Typical teenager, doesn't care much about what is not affecting her. Can be nice on occasion.

Evert Van Hout - 44 CEO of BNW-Tech. Results driven business man. A man who is more concerned with numbers then people and with how to gain profit then real innovation. Smart but doesn't think much of people below his paygrade.

Daniella Matronova 'r0u5534u' - 25 Best friend, Lives somewhere downtown, 'freelance data security professional' (Hacker) and all together slight miscreant. Doesn't like the surveillance program and sees this as a chance to use the 'system' against the establishment. Plays chaotic good characters in their tabletop group. So far the only one in the know of the vigilante plan

Calvin Kerrington 'h0bb35' - 27 Friend, lives in the suburbs. works in law enforcement and moonlights as security guard at the Third World Bank. Quick to shoot down Daniella's points with cynical commentary. Dislikes civil services being privatized. Also participates in Tabletop group.

Dennis Adriotti 'm4ch14v3ll1' - 25 Friend, Works at AF-Innovations, a rival company of BNW-tech. supporter of innovation and all other cool stuff he gets to work on, blabs about work much, Total nerd, DM's for the table top group.

Mr & Ms Symes - Tenants of apartment 1, Older couple. Complete technological illiterates, frequently ask Jerry for help, retired, people who would bake cookies for you. Used to own the flat and sold under condition they could hold the apartment

Jack Goldfels - Tenant of apartment 2. Utter jock, Security guard at the first world bank, Jerry and Calvin usually complain about him to each-other. Still relatively tolerable if there are other people around, He is not insufferable. Apartment is kind of a mess tho.

Carl Petterson - Tenant of Apartment 3 Guy who owns a deli, usually avoids non-tenant people and keeps his door locked at all times.. never says anything about broken stuff never even complains... well except about the surveillance project.

'Tito' 'Nevada': Owner of the apartment block and Jerry's boss, Absolute dick and usually hassles others with inane requests, brags about being a poker 'master' but probably has never been to Vegas. He is altogether a pretty shady guy who wouldn't be out of place as a slumlord

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Anomaly - 12-02-2016 10:01 PM

Real Name: Natalie Ng

Alias: None yet.

Home City: Mishawum

City description: pretty rad

Character description: A woman of Taiwanese descent, average height, with a moderately athletic build. She has long, black hair streaked with bright red highlights, usually tied in a ponytail. You know, unless she decides to look different just to fuck with people. Really, character description is whatever she wants.

Character personality: Bold. Foolhardy. Ready to fight at a moment’s notice, and will beat the shit out of anyone to protect people who need protecting. Pretty damn idealistic, and optimistic in general. Can and will hold grudges until the end of time. Relatively outgoing, and also loud.

Character background: Natalie’s life was unremarkable until recently, really. She grew up in a middle-class household in [somewhere], graduated with reasonable grades from high school, and went to Massachusetts Technical Institute to study biology. It’s currently the summer before her senior year, and she’s spending it taking summer classes, of all things. BORING.

She also has something of a problem on her hands. Namely, a certain Dr. Michael Rodriguez has gone mysterious missing after the even more mysterious destruction of his biology laboratory. A laboratory that Natalie actually worked at for two full semesters, too. Problem is, she really wants to get into grad school, and the professor most qualified to write her a letter of recommendation was one Dr. “Mantwist” Rodriguez.


She’d been at his laboratory just a few days before the incident with the explosions and that killer whale monster, actually. Dr. Rodriguez seemed to be gone, but her access credentials still got her in. Looking around for the doctor, she instead happened upon something rather interesting in storage - a weird gun-looking thing, labeled “PROTOTYPE EVO-GUN - Please don’t touch! Thanks, DOCTOR MANTWIST”. She, of course, picked it up and tried to figure out what the hell it was.

It exploded in her face. One quick hospital visit later, she was perfectly (relatively) fine, with some cool new scars and everything. Come summer, though, she found she’d started developing strange powers. Powers she could no doubt use for the GOOD OF ALL.

Costume description: No costume. It’s hard to have a costume when you’re constantly changing form.

Character advantages:

Shapeshifting: Natalie can change form more-or-less at will, able to quickly take forms she’s figured out how to take in advance, or slowly figure out new forms to take. This is easier when she has a reference, like a photograph or actual sight on the subject. It obviously also has its limits - she can’t change mass significantly, just rearrange it. She can also reasonably imitate sounds and voices, and emulate the physical abilities of the subject to a limited extent.

She may not have figured out how to do a lot of this yet. Or at least, reliably.

Friends and Family:

Vivian Ng - Mother.
David Ng - Father.
Anya Ng - Older sister, lives in Great Bay City, where she works as an audio technician/street artist.
Erika Ng - Younger sister, college freshman studying economics at Sadler University in Mishawum.
Shannon Ng - Youngerer sister, still a high schooler. Kind of looks up to Natalie.

Katherine Li - A now-graduated friend from college, a fellow biology major, and the girlfriend of Mishawum’s favorite mysteriously-disappeared superhero.
Selina Valisevsky - Natalie’s best friend. Studying mechanical engineering; on the not-very-prestigious MTI lacrosse team. Was on the team with Natalie until Natalie quit about a year ago to focus on academics.
Walter Weiss - Another college friend. Chemistry student, very serious.
Sergei Yanev - One last college friend, a physics student and amateur photographer. Never sleeps. Addicted to coffee.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - SupahKiven - 12-05-2016 07:56 PM

Real Name: Sharie Cerris

Alias: N/A

Home City: Paraselle Falls

Character description: Sharie was a fairly average person, in terms of appearance. She stood at an even 5'6”, with lightly tanned skin and brown eyes. Her hair was short and chesnut brown, and although she had a slouch, her posture was otherwise fine. She had an average build, average features, average everything.

After she started changing, however, things got drastically different. Sharie now stands at 5'11”, and her skin and eyes have a slightly noticeable green tint to it. Her hair is longer, coming down to her jaw, and tends to get pressed together into grass blade-like shapes. In addition, her hair secretes some sort of sticky goo (mucilage) that makes itself glisten and smell sweet. The rest of her body hair follows a similar pattern and her mouth is constantly leaking a honey-like substance. Her fingers, nose, and ears have begun producing pollen, and all three are usually covered in a light coat of yellow. Recently, she has also started growing buds on her skin, which she has taken to snipping off with scissors. There is also a spot on her stomach where strange purple and yellow flowers grow, and Sharie has taken to regularly cleaning it up.

Character personality: Sharie was a quiet, stoic person, even before she changed. However, after her changes began, Sharie became more cynical and ill-tempered with others, both traits growing stronger the worse her changes got. She developed a tendency to lash out, but also grew slower to respond to things. Sharie values her friends and does her best to hold onto them, but she is quick to take the pessimistic and apathetic approach when things goes south. She is not without enjoyment in her life, however, and takes great pleasure in trapping and consuming insects, as well as photosynthesizing.

Character background:
Sharie's life was pretty ordinary before Iris Horizon got involved. She lived pretty peacefully out on the west coast, going to a local college out there for school. Sharie was always pretty good at math, but she wasn't sure she wanted to pursue it as a career. Then she found out about marketing, and how she wasn't shit awful in it. So Sharie went into her Finance major and discovered that she was actually pretty decent.

Once she was fresh out of college, Sharie needed a job. There were plenty of companies offering, and there were plenty of positions that were looking for somebody like her. One company in particular caught her attention, though. Iris Horizon. It was a growing family owned company that focused on developing computer hardware, headed by a woman named Blake O'Neill. Sharie started out working on smaller management jobs, doing filing and managing finances for deals with other small companies. It wasn't the most fun, but she was getting paid and that was all that really mattered.

Then, one day, Sharie was called up to the Blake O'Neill's office, along with two of the companies other employees. The three were informed that, due to their skills, they had been selected to serve as the assistants to Iris Horizon's heir, one Grace O'Neill. Sharie didn't have much of a reason to decline.

Her work with Grace was a lot more intensive than it was when she was a simple desk worker. Grace had her running errands and crunching numbers that Sharie probably would never have even thought about otherwise. There was a lot of work to be done, and Grace wasn't the type of person to 'be done' before every single bit of it was finished. Despite the massively increased workload, Sharie and Grace ended up growing closer than Sharie expected, and somehow Sharie found herself thinking of her boss as an actual friend.

And then Grace's uncle died. Grace had never seemed to be one for expressing her emotions, but she insisted that her three assistants take time off while she went to her uncle's funeral. All three of them went with Grace to the funeral anyway, and after that... life continued on as normal.

Eventually, Grace, along with her three assistants, made their way into Paraselle Falls, where Blake wanted her to prove herself by setting up a branch of Iris Horizon. Taking a new building in the North Meadows district, Grace began setting up the Paraselle Falls branch of Iris Horizon. Unfortunately, the new building was only enough to house Grace for the time being, meaning that her three assistants were forced to indefinitely rent apartments in Highbury.

One day, on her way back to the apartment she shared with the other two assistants, Sharie felt somebody grab the back of her shirt, yank her backwards, and demand that she cough up all of her money. When she turned around to confront the guy, however, Sharie was met with the most bizzare thing she'd ever seen. A tall man, with leaves growing out of his head, vines wrapped around his neck like a scarf, and glowing green eyes. When she struggled and refused to give him anything, Sharie found herself taking a wooden blade to the stomach. The blade let out a burst of... something that was enough to shock Sharie into unconsciousness. When she woke up, she found that the stab wound was gone, healed over in a patch of green skin, and that her wallet was missing.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Sharie found herself... changing. The first thing she noticed was that the skin around her 'stab wound' was starting to turn green and she started eating a lot less fruits and vegetables. It wasn't something she had really thought about until one of the other assistants pointed out that she hadn't been eating any for the past couple of days. The next thing she noticed was that she was spending a lot more time outside, and that she was eating even less. And then her hair started getting wet.

Sharie locked herself in the bathroom after pollen started coming from her fingers, and it took Grace coming down to the apartment to actually get Sharie to even open the door. The three confronted Sharie about what had actually happened and, much to Sharie's discomfort, the others offered to help her figure out who had done this to her and how they could reverse the effects.

Costume Description: Sharie does her best to keep herself hidden. As such, she always wears her work uniform, a scarf, a black wide brimmed sun hat, thin surgical gloves, and a surgical mask when she's out and about. She also has gauze bandages wrapped around her limbs underneath her clothes to soak up any stray liquid that gets produced.

Character advantages: Plant Lady – Sharie grows more and more plantlike with each passing day, with all of the benefits that provides. She does not need as much food, and can partially sustain herself through photosynthesis by simply sitting in bright sunlight for a long time. The goo that she produces smells sweet, and allows her to lure things and easily trap bugs, and large amount can be used to trap/slow other small animals. In addition, similar to some flypaper trap plants, her hair is motile, and will move towards her mouth once it has captured prey.

Pollen Bomb – Sharie has the ability to suddenly and quickly release any stored up pollen she has out of her fingers, ears, and nose. The more pollen she has built up, the larger and thicker the cloud is. Sharie can also focus the release to one area, allowing her more control over the pollen explosion. This also has the effect of having the pollen come out in concentrated blobs at a greater speed and velocity.

Sweet Release – Sharie, in addition to the goo, also has honey that is produced within her stomach. This honey serves not only as an additional, more enticing, lure for potential prey (having a sharper and sweeter smell), but also as a surprisingly strong acid that is used primarily to digest food. It seems to be some sort of mix between honey and stomach acid, and is exceptionally good at draining nutrients.

Character Weakness: One word: fire. Everything about Sharie, from her skin to the honey and goo she produces is extremely flammable. One errant lick of flame and she's up in smoke. Without intervention, she would likely burn within minutes, leaving behind nothing but charcoal at best.

Friends and Family:

Masud West – Sharie's grandfather on her mother's side. He's a bit disconnected and lives on a farm with a doberman and his husband. Retired.
Alex West – Sharie's other grandfather on her mother's side. Enjoys his pet doberman and growing plants. Retired.
Shelly Perik – Sharie's mom's biological mother. Divorced Masud and lives by herself in Alaska. Works at a post office.
Kendal Cerris – Sharie's grandfather on her father's side. A quiet old man that enjoys his work. Works in an airport.
Ingrid Cerris – Sharie's grandmother on her father's side. Spends a lot of her time playing cards with her neighbors. Retired.

Benoit Cerris – Sharie's father. He loves his family, but has a hard time showing it. Tends to be abrasive and loud. Works as a software engineer.
Nadia Cerris – Sharie's mother. A rambunctious and spunky woman, Nadia still has a lot of life left in her. She is all about exploring the world and unintentionally neglects her family at times. Tends to not be home all the time. Works as a travel photographer.
Christan Cerris – Sharie's older brother. He was rather unagreeable and frequently butted heads with his father. Left home after graduating high school and disappeared entirely. Whereabouts unknown.
Kira Noxley – Sharie's older sister. Took to taking care of her younger siblings due to her mother and father's semi-frequent absence due to work. Works as a pharmacist.
Bradley Noxley – Sharie's brother-in-law by marriage to Kira. He's far from a bad guy, but is pretty clueless and tends to muck things up because of it. Somehow doesn't trip down the stairs every morning. Works an office job.
Mailey Noxley – Sharie's niece, daughter of Kira and Bradley. Like play-doh and has to be reminded not to eat it. Currently in preschool.
Nina “Space Race” Cerris – Sharie's younger sister. Adores flying and seems to have inherited her mother's desire for unrestricted freedom. Her friends joke that she'll be the first person to figure out how to fly an ultralight plane in space. Currently in college, majoring in aerospace engineering.
Quincey Cerris – Sharie's younger brother. Easily gets angry, and has a couple of referrals because of it. Is unnaturally good at geology, though, and spends a lot of time at school with his environmental teacher. Currently in high school.
Lucas Cerris – Sharie's other younger brother. Sleeps all the time. Says they inspire his art. Really good at sculpting, and has had his works in quite a few school art shows. Currently in high school.

Marty Alliday – Sharie's aunt on her father's side. Marty considers herself an alcohol expert and has an entire room in her basement dedicated to aging wine. Works as a bartender.
Pennington Alliday – Sharie's uncle by marriage to Marty. Slightly uncomfortable about her love of alcohol, but doesn't mind since she knows how to control herself. A bit of a lovable weenie. Popular with his nieces and nephews. Works as a elementary school teacher.
Helvin Cerris – Sharie's uncle on her father's side. A generally benevolent guy and a bit of a philanthropist. Works as a professional DJ and songwriter.
Portia Cerris – Sharie's aunt on her father's side. A woman who always seems to be off in her own world. Still successful despite it, but it's still hard to have a conversation with her half the time. Works as a comic book artist.
Kerry Reynolds – Not exactly related to Sharie. Portia's roommate. One of the few people who seem to be able to have a decent conversation with Portia. Often comes with her to family gatherings just because. Works as a translator.
Johnson Cerris – Sharie's uncle on her father's side. A cool guy that likes to spoil his nieces and nephews. Can do at least three backflips. Works as a stunt double.
Amelia Cerris – Sharie's aunt by marriage to Johnson. A chill lady that enjoys playing with her nieces and nephews. Can do at least three frontflips. Works as a stunt double.

Vincent Alliday – Sharie's cousin, son of Marty and Pennington. Victoria's twin brother. Dislikes his mother's fascination with alcohol and is very vocal about it, much to the rest of the family's chagrin. Currently in college, majoring in communications.
Victoria Alliday – Sharie's cousin, daughter of Marty and Pennington. Inherited her father's skill with children, and always takes a calm and gentle approach to things. Also shares his silent distaste for the fights her brother and mother get into. Currently in college, majoring in counseling.
Benedict “Benny” Cerris – Sharie's cousin, son of Johnson and Amelia. Unlike his parents, Benny doesn't get out much, preferring to stay at home on the computer. However, he's not one to complain, and is usually quiet when his parents drag him somewhere. Currently in college, majoring in computer science.

Zinna Serge – Sharie's aunt on her mother's side. A thrifty woman that handles her finances with an iron fist. Tends to get a bit tongue tied trying to explain things. Works as a banker.
Jeremy Serge – Sharie's uncle by marriage to Zinna. Never seems to talk more than a single word at a time and easily goes along with Zinna's demands. Works as a taxi driver.
Stefano West – Sharie's uncle on her mother's side. Not much to say about him. Sharie doesn't know much about him due to the fact that he was in jail for as long as she knew about him. In jail.
Kendal “Kenny” West II – Sharie's uncle on her mother's side. Takes after his father when it comes to keeping a positive outlook on his work. He likes to keep things traditional. Works as a construction worker.
Henrietta West – Sharie's aunt by marriage to Kenny. She's a seemingly even tempered woman, but her kids constantly warn their cousins not to piss her off. Works at a dry cleaner.
Lynette Aguilar – Sharie's aunt on her mother's side. She's a strict person that refuses to take any nonsense from anybody. Sharie remembers being yelled at her a lot for being a kid. Works as a real estate agent.
William Aguilar – Sharie's uncle by marriage to Lynette. A strong man that enjoys hanging out with and taking care of his kids. Seems to be the only person Lynette doesn't want to blow up at. Works as a security guard.
Palmer West – Sharie's uncle on her mother's side. He doesn't show a lot of emotion all of the time, but his actions speak louder than words, and he shows his daughter a lot of care. Works as a carpenter.

Dawn Serge – Sharie's cousin, daughter of Zinna and Jeremy. She has developed a bit of a spending habit, and has problems with her mom because of it. Works as a graphic designer.
Nathan Serge – Sharie's cousin-in-law by marriage to Dawn. He's pretty laid back, but does his best to make sure that Dawn doesn't spend more than she needs to. Works as a taxi driver.
Patricia “Patty” Serge – Sharie's niece, daughter of Dawn and Nathan. She's a happy little ball of energy, and oftentimes accompanies Nathan on his rides. Currently in elementary school.
Kendal Xavier West III – Sharie's cousin, son of Kenny and Henrietta. He goes by Xavier, not really enjoying the name passed down to him, but he doesn't enjoy breaking tradition. Currently in college, majoring in database engineering.
Norman West – Sharie's cousin, son of Kenny and Henrietta. He's a bit of a prankster, but not an outright troublemaker. Seems to live in perpetual fear of upsetting his mother. Currently in high school.
Gina Aguilar – Sharie's cousin, daughter of Lynette and William. She enjoys scenic walks in the woods, candelit dinners, rainy days, and studying occult rituals in her off time. Scared away quite a few suitors. Works as a high school teacher.
Penny Aguilar – Sharie's cousin-in-law by marriage to Gina. Looked past some of Gina's eccentricities and became a well loved part of the family. Works an office job.
Maron West – Sharie's cousin by way of adoption by Palmer. An extremely timid girl that has trouble talking to people who aren't Palmer. Currently in college majoring in film studies.


Grace O'Neill – A prim and proper lady Sharie's age. The two met when Sharie was hired to serve as one of Grace's three assistants. Grace stands at an even 5'5”, with short black hair and fair skin. Despite their evident difference in status, the two are actually quite close, and Grace has confided in Sharie that she feels like the two of them are actually friends, unlike how she feels about her other two assistants. Grace is one of the three people that Sharie has informed about her condition, and the two are working together in order to figure out what exactly happened. Grace works as the successor to Iris Horizon, a hardware company headed by Grace's mother.

Maurecia Pellena – A wide eyed and very easily excitable young woman in her junior year of college. One of Grace's three assistants, Maurecia is interning with Iris Horizon and was selected to serve as one of Grace's secretaries during her time at the company. She's short, with a deep tan, brown hair, and hazel eyes. Sharie and Maurecia get along decently well, but Maurecia's boundless energy has a tendency to overwhelm Sharie, especially after the changes began. She's full of enthusiasm and always does her best. Maurecia specializes in organizational practices, and makes sure that everything Grace knows is up to date. She is the most 'secretary' like of the three. Maurecia is one of the three people that knows about Sharie's condition and does her best to make sure Sharie is okay.

Felix Darnios – A strong and no-nonsense wall of a man. One of Grace's three assistants, Felix was hired by Iris Horizon due to his training and former military service. He's tall, reaching 6 feet in height, and is clean shaven with his black hair styled in a crew cut. In all honesty, Sharie doesn't think he has much of a personality. Felix listens to Grace without question, and does what he has to in order to protect her. The two don't talk much, and he makes Sharie kind of uncomfortable. Felix specializes in hand-to-hand combat and small firearms, and he is Grace's bodyguard. Felix is one of the three people who knows about Sharie's condition. He's pretty concerned about it, and isn't blunt about the distrust he has about the stability of her condition.

Irene Fowler – Irene is a calm an level-headed individual. She loves plants, and works primarily in Kordes' botanical garden, as well as working other jobs for the school. She is of average height, with semi-long blonde hair and brown eyes. Irene and Sharie met in one of Kordes' sandwich shops, when the two got their orders mixed up. Sharie considers telling Irene about her situation, just to see what a botanist has to say about it. Irene is a senior at Kordes, and works shifts in both the botanical garden and at the school's help desk.

Gavin Stone – A young man of average size, one year older than Sharie. He has tan skin, sandy blonde hair, and brown eyes. Gavin grew up brawling with his brothers and sisters, and because of it, he enjoys fighting and is constantly looking for a reason to beat somebody up or to get into a fight. He is Sharie's ex-boyfriend, and the two broke up because Sharie wasn't happy with how many people he wanted to fight and said she couldn't take it anymore after she had to pluck glass shards out of his shoulder after a fight. Gavin, surprisingly, didn't take it personally, and the two parted on friendly terms. Currently works as a janitor in a laboratory.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Protoman - 01-08-2017 05:34 PM

[Image: 5BkCQgv.jpg]

[Image: fkuVdOD.jpg]

Vaporwave art made for Lex at Whimbrel's behest!

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Corn - 01-21-2017 04:37 PM

A conference room popped into existence, and the Masks thread TOOK FLIGHT!

But anyway, Maria walked into the KNIGHT conference room. She was... Well she wasn't quite a little woman. Rather short, but also buff to a point that made her look a little scary. What point was there in being that tough. Why. Her anime buggy eyes were too a little alarming, but she didn't look as though she meant to be fearsome that day, just anxious. She wore a grey hoodie, black pants, and some sneakers, and generally did not look like she belonged in the room. With her she carried a black plain motorcycle helmet, and an equally plain and dark duffel bag, both of which got set down at the end of the table.

Alas, so far, she was the only one there. So she started preparing, on the chance that she did not get armored for this. Fuck. Why did she have to get her stupid suit all messed up, just in time for this. From her bag she pulled out a sword, a bow, a quiver full of arrows, four knives, and a couple of pistols, strapping and slinging them onto herself in the appropriate places. If undisturbed by the end of that, she'd take a seat, drumming her fingers along the top of her helmet. Oh boy.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Kocel - 01-21-2017 05:52 PM

An unassuming, somewhat tired-looking man enters the room, looking to be in his mid-to-early twenties, dressed in kakhi pants and a purple button-up shirt. He's carrying a very full-looking duffel green dufflebag and a ratty suitcase that looked as if it had been bought from a pawnshop. He eyes the strange woman armed to the teeth suspiciously as he enters, dropping his gear next to a seat at the table.

"Wait, what, are we supposed to be-Shit."

He excuses himself from the room, only to re-enter to grab his things.

Shortly afterwards a certainly completely different man enters the room, of the same height and stature. An olive drab military raincoat, hood up, covers a black tactical vest, a pair of dark green military-grade tactical pants, and a long-sleeved, black thermal shirt. Buckled on his belt are a variety of pouches, a gas mask, and a stun baton, and strapped on the vest are what appear to be a variety of grenades. A pair of tinted goggles cover his eyes, and a green bandana cover his face.

He pulls a folded, intricate looking contraption of wire, metal, and pulleys out of his bag, along with a quiver, which he slings onto his back. As he puts the rest of his gear onto the table, he tries to sit down, only to find that his quiver sort of gets in the way with the chair, so he instead sort of stands there.


He glances at Maria and seems to adjust his armor, as if to look cooler, and assumes a stance of "I belong here, I'm definitely not a guy with a bow compared to a lady who has a bow, a sword, AND guns, I'm totally in place here."

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Corn - 01-21-2017 06:09 PM

"I mean, uhh, I don't know. Nobody told me what's going down here really. Just, ready, in case. Probably didn't have to go put on your..." costume? "outfit there." Said this awkward piece of shit. Suddenly Maria felt as though she belonged there even less, because this asshole was probably good at using any of the things he carried. Fuck. Oh-oh god did he have grenades? And a bow guy too. Great. She was going to look like a complete dumbass when it came to bow fighting. God damn it.

Aaaaaand she forgot her fucking mask at home too. Fuck. Shit. The absolute worst, was what she was, at this whole superhero bullshit.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Anomaly - 01-21-2017 06:16 PM

"BEHOLD! I... Oh, fuck it."

Into the emergency meeting for the fucking Bug War walked... well, a fucking bug. A bright pink dragonfly person, dressed in a skintight purple goddamn superhero costume. Was she... posing? No, nevermind, she wasn't posing anymore. Mostly because she realized she looked fucking stupid. Besides, how dramatic can someone really look when they're carrying a cup of cheap coffee in one of their (four) hands? Not goddamn very, that's how.

She slid into a seat next to the probably sane woman, on the opposite side from the grumpy hobo-looking guy. She didn't really like the look of him very much, to be honest. Of course, she also looked far more ridiculous than either of them combined.

"...Uh, hi," she said after a good long period of awkward silence. Way to make an entrance, Elena.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Kocel - 01-21-2017 06:22 PM

"What the hell- uh, ahem, WHAT THE HELL?"

The hobo man backed away from the table. His voice switched to something that sounded like the result of gargling lighter fluid and just as painful to produce.


RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Corn - 01-21-2017 06:29 PM

Maria blinked. At both of them. This, yeah. Yeah this was going to go well. She could tell. No staring, she told herself, you've seen... at least equally weird things, if not weirder. She cleared her throat. "Not everyone can look as grubby as us." She said, to the crazy hobo.

She looked back to the interestingly dressed b u g p e r s o n, and swallowed her fear (oh god impalement flashbacks oh jeez), putting on her Lovely Clear Controlled politician voice. "Hi, uhh... Shit. I don't know what to call you, but also, to be honest, I don't know if this is a names sort of place, so that's up to your discretion I suppose."

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Anomaly - 01-21-2017 06:29 PM

Elena narrowed her eyes at the hobo man, and took a long, ominous drink of coffee.

"I have been trapped at the bottom of the ocean for a goddamn month, I was woken up at some ungodly hour to fly here for an emergency meeting, and I'm almost out of coffee, so please, MAYBE QUIT YOUR GODDAMN YELLING. Thank you."

Clearing her throat, she looked back to Maria. "And, uh, I just call myself the Dragonfly. It's a shitty name. I couldn't think of a better one."

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Corn - 01-21-2017 06:31 PM

Maria put her hands up in the 'ok! fine! please don't fight RIGHT HERE! holy shit chill out!' kind of way. "Fair. I don't have one. I'm also, just, terrible at that. I've got a thing for coyotes I guess? That'll do? I dunno..." Fuck. Shit. Already, she was just, fucking this all up.

RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy - Anomaly - 01-21-2017 06:36 PM

"It's, uh, something?? I mean, it's probably more distinctive than naming yourself after your species like a goddamn cartoon character." Elena finished off her coffee, to her own dismay. "...Nice to, uh, meet you? I guess?"

At this rate, this whole meeting was going to be awkward as hell.