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Darkness Quest v1.3 - phantomEclipse - 09-11-2016 02:29 AM

Hello all, I'm back after a considerable amount of time, but I've come back with a tabletop/text based adventure. Originally I had a friend who laid out the basis of it, but it was terribly broken, so I simply took it, did some editing, then did some more editing and balancing, and that is where it currently stands, in the third iteration. Simply put, I was wondering if I could get some tips and suggestions on what should be done to make it optimal for play. So, here it is:

So the game has 7 stats:
(For tables, the number on the left is the level and the number on the right is the total amount of points.)

Hit Points (HP)
This is the amount of health you have. The base value of HP is 30. HP doesn't have a scale and can be upgraded an unlimited amount of times. It can only be purchased in increments of 5 Pts which will increase HP by 5. If a player puts any amount of points less than 5 into HP, they will only receive the previous increment, but the points may stay there so in that when another chance to upgrade comes around, it will only cost as many points needed to reach that next increment of 5. Losing all HP kills the player permanently.
Strength (STR)
This is the physical strength of the player. The base value of STR is zero. It's used when checking for damage dealt, breaking objects, throwing objects, and anything else involving contact with an object. It as well effects your ability to carry certain objects and to carry and weild weapons. You are required to have a STR of level 1.

The general scale of how strong someone is as followed:
1-3: child or out of shape adult
4-6: normal
7-9: heavyweight lifter
10-12: superhuman
13-15: impossible

The table for upgrading is as followed:

Agility (AGL)
This is the physical agility of the player. The base value is zero. It's used for running, recovery from falling and similar action, and sneaking. You are allowed to have an agility of zero but it means that you cannot move on your own means. The agility stat is required to be at zero or higher.

The scale for how fast someone is as followed:
1-3: encumbered/overweight
4-6: normal (jogging/running)
7-9: Olympic runner
10-12: 30 miles per hour
13-15: blink stepping

The table for upgrading is as followed:

Sanity (SAN)
This is the sanity of the player. The base value is 15. The maximum sanity an be raised to by default is 30. The cap can be raised once the amount of bonus points in SAN is over 30, that value becomes the player's new cap. Losing all sanity causes the player to go insane and will result in the Host taking control of them. Players who are not quickly cured (by any means) of their insanity will receive a game over and will be as if they were dead. Like HP, SAN does have a table for levels. It costs 3 points to upgrade sanity and you receive 3 sanity upon the upgrade. The maximum capacity for SAN upgrading is also unlimited.

A scale for sanity is as followed:
0: insane
1-5: crazy
6-10: paranoid
11-15: wary
16-20: normal
21-25: brave
26-30: clear minded
31+: zen state
Insight (INS)
This is the vision/knowledge the player has. It has a base value of zero. It's used for checking the area for enemies and items, spotting runes and reading them, and noticing things in general. It as well gives increased vision in the dark depending on how high the stat is. INS is the only star allowed to go negative.

The scale is as followed:
<0-0: blind
1-3: normal
4-6: decryptor
7-10: seer

The upgrading table is as followed:

Corruption (COR)
This (as I was originally told) is the amount of corruption to the player. I'm not entirely sure what corruption should do to the player, it is open as of now. Simply put though, you don't want corruption. You gain corruption from drinking blood vials and actions/events that would effect your character's blood. You are of course unable to put Pts towards Corruption to upgrade it.
Blood-tinge (BLTG)
This is the player's purity of blood. It effects their recognition by NPCs as such. The higher the BLTG, the more abilities to weapon use the player's blood are acquired. Blood attacks cost HP. When upgrading from level 29 to level 30 of BLTG, the player must be at 99 points, THEN rank up to receive level 30.

The scaling for this is as followed:
0-5: low blood
6-12: mid blood
13-20: high blood
21-30: royalty

The table for upgrading is as followed:


Here is information over inventory and items that will always be in the game:
(Again, suggestions for items and comments are always accepted)
Consistent Items:
-Blood Vial: heals for 50% Max HP, adds +1 COR to the player.
-Medi-Kit: Heals for 100% Max HP. When used in combat, takes one turn to use.
-INS Book: Guves the player +1 INS, but the player loses their new INS value from their SAN. The amount of SAN lost is doubled if 2 x newINS < 1/2 x SAN. Using this item also incapacitates the player for approximately 1 hour (game time). This item can only be used once per rank. It cannot be used to reach level 30 INS from level 29. This item also comes in multiple forms and different names.
-Trench Coat: Torso Gear; adds six 2x1 pockets to the Inv. while equipped.
-Backpack: Accessory Gear; adds one 4x4 pocket to your Inv. while equipped.

Inventory information:
Items take up a certain amount of grid space, similar to that of Resident Evil and Day Z. Pockets are separated. Every player has a default of two pockets. Weapons can be carried and one can be slung on the back, given the player is able to craft a way of doing so. Some weapons come with sheathes/holsters and may be carried in them without being placed in a pocket. Certain items can be placed in special equipment, typically an infinite number of times. These are typically small items such as blood vials or ammunition.

Here are the BLTG Abilities list:
This list hasn't really been made, but I have ideas, I'm open to submissions as well.

This is the list of Classes and Modifiers along with their stats:
Researcher: -3 SAN, +2 INS
Doctor: +3 Medi-kits
Villager: +1 Blood Vial, +3 INS, +5 COR
Explorer: -5 HP, +1 STR, +1 AGL
Hoarder: +1 Backpack, -3 SAN
Noble: +5 BLTG, 2x COR recieved
Priest: +7 SAN, -1 INS

General Modifier:
No Modifier: N/A
Weak upper, Strong lower: -2 STR, +2 AGL
Strong upper, Weak lower: +3 STR, -3 AGL
Heavyset: -2 AGL, +5 HP
Lightweight: +2 AGL, -10 HP
Logical: +10 SAN, -2 INS
Believer: -5 SAN, +1 INS

Age Modifier:
No Modifier: N/A
Old: +5 SAN, -1 STR, +2 COR
Child:-1 INS, +9 SAN, +3 COR

Further information:

So the original concept of the game is Love-Craft style horror along with general horror mixed in with a DnD styled system of play that is simplified. How you receive Pts or Points to put towards upgrading your stats I decided would be similar to that of the FATE system where it would be upon the players achieving something such as clearing an area of the game or doing something difficult like beating a boss. The game originally was played with a number system where I, the host, would have an assigned number that's between two numbers and the player(s) would simply give me a number and depending on how close it was, determined the action. For example, I say "choose a number between 1-20." And for fairness sake, I will probably use to get that number. Then the player's would guess. It's typically action dependent but a normal success is 3 within the number. If the number was 13, 10-16 are all successful actions, with 13 and 16 having the slightest of penalties and 13 being a critical hit. As with DnD I will also have a pre made quest that the group will follow. The game ends when they finish the entire quest(s) or everyone is dead/unplayable.