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Crusade - Demonsul - 11-10-2017 02:35 PM

Was thinking about this, and I think I want to change gears. Gonna run this instead of Celestia, since this has been in the works longer,
[Image: 6f59a98076981b7e3c315c63d5233c25.png]

The Dytris Throne sits at the centre of a dark empire that sprawls across the southern continent of Bedegal. It has remained a foul stain on the southern edge of maps for the last hundred years. United from the disparate heathen tribes and infidel nations by the terrible Witch-Empress and her descendants, the Dytrians have slowly but steadily expanded, deploying their evil faith and foul sorceries against all that is good and holy.

The great continent of Temrian has long since been divided amongst feudal and princely realms. Even so, faith in the Sun God, Solarion, unites the kingdoms. Protected by the priests and inquisitors of the mighty Solar Church, the people of Temrian, be they a noble or a peasant, are kept safe from the foul influence of the evil, corruptive magic of the stars. But with time, the kings of Temrian have become embroiled in their own personal feuds and dynastic squabbles, losing sight of the bigger picture. All the while, the Dytris Throne grows stronger and more powerful, encroaching upon the border kingdoms.

The Prime Archpriest, Beautis IX, has seen the danger. To protect the True Faith, he organized a conclave of the greatest archbishops from every kingdom. They met in the Gilded Halls of the Prime Solar Cathedral, and between them all they came to a decision. The archbishops would return to the various kingdoms they had come from and call upon every lord, every knight, every warrior with the Sun God in their heart, to take up arms in a new kind of military campaign - a Crusade - to strike straight at the heart of evil. They would carve out new holy crusader kingdoms that worship the Righteous Sun, and earn every warrior who participated a glorious place in the afterlife.

You have come to answer that call. Whether allured by the promise of salvation, the desire to do God's work, or (most likely) selfish avarice of some form or another, you have rallied to the sun-emblazoned banners of the Crusade. Whether you were a minor lord bringing an army of your own or a humble warrior intending to make your way with naught but skill at arms, you joined the fleet setting forth to strike at the heart of the foul empire. Soon you will be arriving in the Orturian region, the Morning Coast of Bedegal. From there, the Crusade will begin...

Name: What your character is called, and the name of their noble house if they have one.
Appearance: What your character looks like.
Background: What your character is good at, and where they came from.
Forces: Any companions and types of underlings you bring to the crusade, if any.

RE: Crusade - Demonsul - 11-10-2017 02:35 PM

Codex reserve. Will fill with background stuff.

General Background:
Temrian is a medieval fantasy continent at the height of knightly feudalism. There are no firearms, and most armies are made up of massed peasant levies spearheaded by elite, heavily-armoured knights. There is little to no magic, as none is sanctioned by the church. The individual nations of Temrian are going to be decided by what people put in their applications, with some adjustments.

Bedegal is a much larger continent, the word from which tend to be pretty horrible, speaking of everything from magical blood sacrifice to the star gods to public torture being used to keep people in line. However, most people are at least vaguely aware that the stories are probably exaggerated, tall tales spun by travellers which the kings of Temrian see as useful and have no reason to refute. Not all of Bedegal is controlled by the Throne - in fact a minority of it is, but the rest is far out of reach of Temrian cartographers.

Map of Known Bedegal (link)

Gods and Magic:
As far as the people of Temrian know, there are either two gods or many. The Sun God, Solarion, is the god of goodness, justice, the day and protection, safeguarding his loyal subjects and protecting them from corruption and evil. Those who stay true to his doctrine go to heaven, you know the drill. His church is large, well-organized and wealthy, and is a major political power in practically all of the Temrian kingdoms and realms. The sun itself is said to be his avatar in the physical world, banishing the stars during the day and watching over the land.

The other god, the one who is questionably a single god, is Asterian, the god of the stars, evil, the night, corruption and sin. He split himself into a million pieces at the dawn of creation in an attempt to control everything, and his scattered remains are said to make up the stars in the night sky. He grants his followers magic, but it always comes at a high price, often driving them mad or afflicting them or those around them.

The most dangerous part, according to the Solar Church, is that the Star God has as many faces as there are stars in the sky. Any pagan faith might be unwittingly worshipping an aspect of the stars, under the assumption it was their guardian spirit or some such. As such, it is the Church's holy duty to save their souls by converting them to the True Faith, and their sacred charge to protect the followers of the Righteous Sun from any of these faiths that are actually connected to the Stars. However, some pagan faiths are said to simply follow false gods invented by ignorance, and those are less dangerous. The Church is less concerned with those.

RE: Crusade - Protoman - 11-10-2017 02:43 PM

Name: Monika d'Aurissimo

Appearance: Short, lithe woman of about twenty five years. 4'11", Bright orange hair, bright green eyes, brown skin, and a smile perpetually plastered across her face. Dresses at PEAK FANCY, in the latest Seranese and Vyletian fashions - lots of frills, lots of heeled boots, lots of flowing cloth. Dresses in a distinctly masculine manner. Always dresses in garishly bright colors, and always wears her jackets with a pair of silver cuff links her brother bought for her, engraved with the Aurissimo family crest: pair of crossed sabers held by lions, each breathing fire and holding a sack of coins.

Background: Vylice is a a center of art and culture, a tiny, wealthy beacon of diversity in a drab and gray world where any man or woman can make something of themselves if they're smart about it - at least that's how the Vylitians think of themselves. In reality, the upper classes are fairly deeply entrenched, and while your worth isn't determined solely by your name, the fight to reach the top is brutal and bloody for those of common birth. Aye, often the only way to reach the top for a common man is to take up the blade and join a mercenary company, winning his fortune with blood and steel. Regardless of these relatively minor contradictions between thought and reality, the Vylitians do pride themselves on the relatively multicultural nature of their city, and several Doges have come very close to finding themselves branded heretics by the church for their relative leniency towards supposed followers of Asterian - though a bit of gold under the table always clears that problem right up...

Born the second daughter of Leonardo d'Aurissimo, a wealthy merchant-patrician and counselor to the Serene Doge of the Republic of Vylice, Monica was raised in the lap of luxury. Unlike her older sister Leonarda, however, Monica was not satisfied with lounging about in the family estate all day long, reading poetry and learning about the workings of political forces. She was rambunctious, often traveling through the streets and picking fights with boys her age. To avoid having her interact too much with the common street-folk, her father hired her a tutor in the art of the blade. She took to dueling like a fish to water, and soon her father was finding himself replacing a long line of tutors as young Monica outclassed them one-by-one. By the time she hit her early adolescence, she was winning youth tournaments with ease, and even placing within the top ten in adult tourneys. Her father attempted to push her into learning the ways of war, but Monica resisted - she lived for combat, not command! And so her more scholarly pursuits lagged behind, but her skill with the blade increased ever-more. By the time she reached the age of eighteen, she could stand toe-to-toe with grizzled veterans with all the flair and panache befitting a Merchant-Princess of Vylice.

Satisfied with her supremacy in her hometown, Monica traveled afar to participate in continental tournaments... only to be denied on the basis of her gender. How foolish these foreigners were, to assume a lady couldn't best them in single combat! No, this simply would not do! She was a scion of the House of Aurissimo, a woman born in gold, swaddled in silk, and tempered in iron! It was her birthright to fight, her duty to teach these stuffy, ill-dressed pigs a thing or two about what a woman could do! So Monica did the only sensible thing: She returned home and asked her father for the funds to raise a band of the faithful for the coming crusade! If she proved herself on the field of battle, her praises would be sung across the continent, and any noble would be called craven to deny her entry into their tournaments! Sure, she didn't know anything about actual warfare, but that was fine. She'd simply have to delegate most of the decision making to her lieutenants - she was sure they'd all be right-headed and worthy of being trusted with decision making!

Her father accepted her request, on one condition: That they be a mercenary band, pledging themselves only to whichever nobleman could meet their price. To wholeheartedly back the church would be a slap in the face towards his boss, the Serene Doge, and after all, a return on investment would certainly help incentivize this whole venture for him. She accepted (after all, forcing the nobles to play at HER games seemed like fun) and went about recruiting for her band: She sought out veterans for command positions, fresh-faced youths with big aspirations for their troops. It seemed like something out of one of her sister's poems: Fresh troops with a fresh leader, all untouched by the fires of war, off to seek glory or death together. Of course, with one so magnificent as Monica, the only option was glory!

Very, very bisexual, and openly so.

Forces: A band of Vylitian mercenaries, most of whom are young and inexperienced. They are equipped and trained in the typical Vylitian style: Heavy clusters of pikes, backed by heavy crossbow forces, and with small forces of light skirmish cavalry to cover their flanks and heavy-infantry shock-forces to charge in and finish off a broken enemy.

RE: Crusade - SupahKiven - 11-10-2017 03:49 PM

Name: Marcellus Arencius

Appearance: A tall man at 5'11", Marcellus looks to be in his late thirties, early forties. He has brown skin further tanned from time out in the sun and scruffy black hair that has definitely seen better days. Marcellus has noticeable five o'clock shadow, a sharp jawline, and piercing grey eyes. His expression almost always appears sullen or irritated, with a strong scowl or a shitty smirk making themselves his neutral expressions.

In terms of what he wears, Marcellus typically wears a heavy, padded jacket and pants made of a thick, grey material. He has heavy boots, a ratty undershirt, and some thick socks. The armor he wears into battle consists of a part of a plate mail set; the parts he has are the chest piece, a helmet, greaves, and gauntlets. For weaponry, he carries around a longsword and a small crossbow, though he is far more proficient with the sword.

Background: Marcellus was a knight once. He was well respected and powerful, with access to the finest weapons, the strongest steeds, and the best accommodations. Way back when, years ago, Marcellus Arencius served as a noble knight under the Nerenean Family, a large family of land owners known for their generous production and distribution of wheat to the surrounding peoples. Marcellus was not a Nerenean himself, but his family had served under them for generations, and Marcellus was most recent in line for the prestigious position of representing the Arencius family in the Nerenean forces. And Marcellus was a very good fit for the position, even at a young age. He took to his lessons quickly, easily picking up his swordplay and cavalry training in the time they gave him. His chivalry lessons were not quite as quickly picked up, however, though Marcellus managed to scrape by with help from his father. Soon, he had become a valiant knight under the Nerenean Family, and went on to serve in many a conflict and many a war.

Good things tend not to last, especially when one possesses a disposition similar to Marcellus. One day, on a defensive mission to rescue a town on the outskirts of the Nerenean Family's lands from the clutches of some vicious barbarians, Marcellus made his mistake. The barbarians had commandeered the town and it's people and resources and were demanding only the finest of ransoms. And so Marcellus did what he thought any good person would do when faced with huge demands from people such as them. He had no mercy. Marcellus ordered his forces to storm the town, and he took no prisoners. His spirit had, over the years as a knight, hardened from that of a noble, if overly rambunctious fighter to a merciless, to an almost unreasonable extent, warrior. When Marcellus was done with the town, few remained, civilian or no. But it was excised of barbarians!

Upon his return, the Nereneans were not happy. The head of the family was, rather understandably, extremely displeased with his forces' choices that day. Most of them, however, got off with relatively small reprimands. Marcellus, however, found himself in hot shit. This was not the first time Marcellus had done something like this (his... questionable actions in war had often been brought into question), but it would be the last. No longer would he serve the Nerenean Family, no longer would he engage in battle for them, and no longer would he be allowed on their lands. Marcellus was banished, his family put to shame, and that was that.

Marcellus left, his anger manifesting as a smoldering hatred for the Nereneans. They wanted to punish him for doing what he thought was best for them? Fine, he would leave, but not with nothing. Marcellus took his sword, swiped a crossbow from the armory, and took some of his armor. And then he was gone from their lands, out on his own. He wandered, with nowhere to go. What exactly was he to do now? The answer found him quickly. There was always need for war in these lands, and Marcellus was nothing if not a warrior. Selling his sword was now his work, and he also took to drinking, because why the hell not.

A new page of his life opened up one day when he decided that he needed five drinks instead of four. Marcellus had found himself in Vylice after one particularly annoying job, and was spending some of his well earned money tasting some of Vylice's surprisingly good alcohol. He had been in a tavern for a while, contemplating leaving, when a young woman had burst in. She was going around, asking for help, and Marcellus noted that she looked... a bit too good for a place like this. His interest piqued, Marcellus caught her attention and found out that she was hiring mercenaries for that crusade he had heard about. Marcellus hadn't planned on participating in the dumbass thing, as it seemed like a good way to get himself killed. He also figured that with so many people gone to war for a stupid reason like this, there would be plenty of jobs available back home. But now that she had offered... hell, Marcellus could practically smell the gold on her. And the chance to get back to doing what he truly loved, working under a noble so that he had the excuse to smite the fuck out of any shithead that was stupid enough to stand in their way... well, he certainly wasn't gonna say no. He introduced himself, she herself, and the two joined up. From there, Marcellus served at Monica d'Aurissimo's side, helping her gather capable forces for her crusade army and doing his best to keep things organized in ways that he would understand. Despite everything that was before him, Marcellus had the sneaking suspicion that this was going to turn out very, very poorly for him. But it wasn't like he had anything to lose.

Forces: None completely under his command, though he does have access to Monica's forces for the most part.

RE: Crusade - Corn - 11-10-2017 03:57 PM

Name: Fidelia “Fiddy” of House Neral

Appearance: 5’10 Smokin’ hot human(mostly). She’s tanned, with hair the color of Georgia clay (kept up, of course,) and earthy brown eyes. She refuses dresses in all but the most important occasions, and her brother tells her she looks like a stinking stable boy because of it. Kinda buff. When she’s not in more casual wear, she has a respectable suit of armor, her halberd, and a short sword for dealing with survivors off their horses.

Background: House Neral’s newest additions were a bit of a surprise, fraternal twins, the first born to Lord Gerand and Lady Hann. Fidelia, older by about three minutes, and Durante. They come from a long line of folk who’ve held land around St Selenius, a long-dormant Volcano to the east of the western port shanty of Belnath. There’s some old family lore about a heroic elemental and their connection to the volcano and how their ancestor fell in love and they shared souls and now their soul passes down the family line to firstborns or whatever, and how they’re supposed to keep it secret because the church wouldn’t like their bullshit story, and how the elemental themselves at times will call the chosen ancestor to... what, something they need, or greatness, or whatever, it’s super vague, and in any case it’s stupid, because they had a bunch of weird redheads who didn’t die till they had kids and took some crazy drugs or something. Cool and all, but no need to pass Kalamian Honey trips (no matter how admittedly FUN they were,) off as intense magical family history. Nah, Fiddy and her brother weren’t much into that.

But, regardless, she and her brother are nobles, and as such, had some pretty sweet childhoods. They received proper educations, learned the language of some neighboring area, were taught the Proper Grace they should have in their positions (which Fiddy frequently ignores,) and of course learned to pretend to be super good with the church, because they were always on Neral’s ass for some reason. A real pain! They also learned the art of war, to which they both took swimmingly. They both started out training in swordsmanship, and after seeing a man REND ANOTHER FROM HIS HORSE, Fidelia decided her focus needed to be with a halberd. Durante took a more refined approach. Aside from their training and their learning, they explored the heavily forested volcano together, did light travel when their parents went to visit friends, and, eventually, they grew up.

They were grown, and their folks kicked the bucket. As such, some things were expected of them. On the same day, because they were just so close like that, they married. Durante, to a small dark haired Lady from the neighboring lands, a daughter of family friends. Fidelia, to a strong looking craftsman, a woodworker of some renown in town. The ceremony was lovely, everything their folks would have wanted, and surviving relatives appreciated. That night, the pairs made certain they were alone in the lounge between their bedrooms, and they conducted the ceremony for their own considering. Durante and Asher, and Fidelia and Celeste, were joined. And the siblings shared one sweet gay high five over the bullshit they managed to pull. Booya.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of years. The four are all great friends, and have been running things pretty decently. Honestly, the siblings are fairly certain their spouses could run the damn show on their own. Celeste is great with numbers and business, and Asher’s surprisingly good at the whole shmoozing and management area. Celeste got pregnant, and everyone is very excited about that. Recently, after a trip into town, Fidelia seemed, to her brother, her wife, and the best friend she wed, sort of distant. She was distracted, and locked herself away in a manner unlike herself. After a few days of this, she came to her brother, and told him that she was going off to the capital to join the crusade. Of course he was surprised, House Neral hadn’t been in good with the church in at least a hundred and fifty years. But Fidelia couldn’t explain herself. She’d become very aware of the assault in town, and after she knew she just... felt like she had to. It wasn’t for the church, and glory was only secondary. It would be cool and all, to get some real use out of her training, but regardless of that, she had to go. Durante, a good brother, partner, and minor seeker of glory, told her she wasn’t going alone. They packed up their equipment, and said goodbye to their spouses. Asher and Celeste are not the most pleased, but neither sibling were the sort to be dissuaded from such a thing. They’re to run things until they get back, which they hope to be before the kid is born. That taken care of, they took to the capital to be put where they were needed.

Forces: Durante of House Neral! Her brother, close as any siblings ever were, and partner in FIGHTS, who you learned about in the background. A longbowman of some skill. He’s more reserved than Fiddy, but not absurdly so.

Wrote a novel about an event that took place generations before her birth that may only be marginally relevant, don’t mind me.
How Fiddy Sr fits into things for y’all nerds who know what memery is going on.

It is known that there are creatures in this world composed of the parts that make up the world. Monsters that have been around since as long as men have been able to record them, and possibly longer. Likely born of heathenous magics, of which there were few. Such beings were known to not be known, choosing for much of their histories to keep away from settlements, and prying eyes. Elementals, as they’re called, have wisely not had too much involvement with the other sentient beings of the world. In their seclusion, for a long time they were considered as monsters, the sort one would tell their children for laughs and to set them straight.

So, somewhere around two hundred years ago, when storms came down on the wealthy western port city of Belnath, it was, at first, considered such. For days the skies were grey, the winds wild and forceful, the waves pulling farther back than could be seen and returning in increasing height to the shore. The docks would be taken, and the waves would pull away. Then the market would be covered, and then the waves would recede. And it continued, and by the time the storm reached the Guard’s headquarters, the people realized it was no ordinary storm.

From the storm came a tornado formed, and touched down on the land. In one spot, then two, and the winds that had assaulted the city formed themselves in a vaguely humanoid manner. An elemental, thirty feet upright, appeared from the skies, such things unseen by anyone. And not only that, but arms began to form from the waves, monstrously large, enough to overtake the town. People ran, people screamed, and they say that the woods at the edge of town rattled.

The pair made their way through the town, and when they reached the end of town, something was clear. These elementals had only caused damage in the direction they were headed. They didn’t stop. This city, it wasn’t their intent to destroy it. They were making their way to something else. And the woods, they rattled once more. And simultaneously, two more players appeared. A wood elemental appeared from the forest, peering out with an eyeless gaze. The earth quaked, and from the ground errupted... a woman. To be clear, elementals take humanoid forms, but only for utility. They’re like mannequins, for the most part. But lava spewed from the ground, 50 feet high, and formed itself a feminine figure, with a face shaped into their head, and hair flowing from it. And upon their appearance, they screamed.

If anyone was around who spoke their language, none ever revealed what it was they said. But the lava elemental screamed, and the wind elemental screamed back, and for a frightening moment, all was still but their rapidly yelling mouths. They stopped, and the lava woman grabbed the wind by its hand, and proceeded to pummel the shit out of them. The wood sprang from its forest, and on the fringe of Belnath, one of very, very few of such creatures was killed. The wind disappeated, and then was nothing. And by then, battered, the water recessed into the sea. And the wood went back in its place. And a mountain of woman disappeared into the earth, and none have been seen since.

RE: Crusade - Cidellus - 11-10-2017 04:54 PM

Name: Ingvar Sigurdsson

Appearance: 6'4" and built for war, with a strong, powerful build and a voice that bellows for miles. Pale of skin with auburn hair, blue eyes, and a number of terrible scars. Into battle, he wears simple mammoth fur armor, and carries a large two-handed steel hammer tipped with a spike. For utility purposes (and as a possible sidearm), he carries a dagger as well.

Background: Ingvar was born in the far north, a volcanic, frozen, cold desert known as the northern wastes. The wastes are a sparsely-populated land, home to many horrible predators and their equally terrifying prey. The men and women of the wastes alike are trained to hunt and kill mammoths, giant feathered carnosaurs, nomadic bandits, and smaller packs of feathered raptors.

Ingvar was born to Sigurd and Yngvild, hunters both, and he spent much of his childhood scouring the wastes alongside his father, mother, brothers (Hjalkar and Gunnarr), and sisters (Thora and Asdis). Miraculously, his entire family survived to adulthood. A testament to their skills as hunters and fighters!

When Ingvar was nineteen, his village was visited by a hardy Solar southern missionary named Godric. Few among the village were pulled away from the Old Gods of the North, but Ingvar was receptive towards the message. With time, he even came to believe in the missionary's words, and his message of a brighter future. Eventually, it came time for the missionary to depart, and Ingvar volunteered to escort him through the wastes. He wished to see the south regardless, and its giant stone cities, massive wooden ships, and metal-armored knights. After saying proper goodbyes to his family, he left his village for the final time.

And so Ingvar and Godric traveled south, with the northerner defending the holy man from nomadic bandits and the north's horrific wildlife. Upon reaching civilization, they were met with criers announcing the great crusade against the unholy star worshipping magi.

At Godric's urging, Ingvar is traveling south to join the crusader armies. Together, they will cross the seas to the holy land, and fight against the heathen menace!

Forces: Ingvar travels alongside his friend, the missionary Godric. Godric is a brave and devout man, with a solid education and a firm moral compass. He has been teaching Ingvar the lingua franca of the land, and may someday teach him to read and write. Ingvar looks forward to this.

RE: Crusade - Vancho1 - 11-10-2017 05:34 PM

Name: Tomis Artenis, Prince of Amarynth

Appearance: Tomis Artenis is a young man of average height. He is lightly built, with bright green eyes shining from his angular face. He has long, fair hair which shines like silver, kept tied in a high ponytail most of the time. He wears quality clothing, fitting of a noble, but it is all of practical cut and design. He has the look of a once-soft man made tough by years on the road - he is thin, but wiry. Despite this he has a kind demeanor.

Background: Amarynth is a country of islands and mountains, its cities defended by the terrain. It sits at the periphery of Temrian, bringing both trade from foreign lands but also in constant danger of invasion and attack by heathens and barbarians. Thus, the rich vineyards, olive groves, fisheries, and mines have always been protected by a strong warrior culture, with the kings of Amarynth forming a heroic line into antiquity. Prince Tomis was born to a noble house stretching back as far as the establishment of the kingdom. His father, King Ossor VI, was a just and powerful monarch, as his ancestors were before him. The young prince was raised in the palace, where he was afforded the highest education in whatever his heart desired. He was raised alongside a boy named Heron, the son of the captain of the guard, who would be the Prince's bodyguard in all things.

However, King Ossor had a brother named Melanus, jealous and cruel, who conspired to usurp the throne. He contrived for a fire to be lit in the royal apartments while he had drugged his brother's wine with sleeping herbs. Nobody suspected him as the royal family burned - save the young prince, who on that night had snuck out to play with his best friend Heron. Melanus took control of the country as regent for the boy, and planned his next move. His rule was harsh, as he raised taxes to fund an even larger military and give favors to the nobles. He planned to pass on the throne to his own son, and carefully curated his right to rule. Meanwhile, Tomis was oblivious to the machinations of his uncle, and continued enjoying his life of luxury as before. Heron, however, had an inkling that not all was as it seemed. As the two boys grew up, he kept an eye out for his Prince, for he feared that something worse might happen.

Five years ago, when the Prince was due to come of age and take his throne, Melanus once again struck. He sent an assassin in the middle of the night to kill the prince in his bed and finally take full control. Fortunately, Heron was ready for such an attempt, and he fought off the assassin. He and the prince decided to confront Melanus at court and demand he relinquish power to the rightful king. When confronted with evidence of his treachery, Melanus refused to give up the crown, and declared Tomis unfit to rule and a traitor. Melanus was popular among the warrior-nobles and he had no shortage of support. Prince Tomis was forced to flee and raise the flag of rebellion against the usurper. At first, he was supported by the Solar Church in Amarynth as well as the merchants, who disliked Melanus's heavy taxes. The rebellion grew, and it seemed like Prince Tomis's faction was on the rise. In what would be the decisive battle, he returned to the capital Delcyon and stormed the palace. With Heron at his side, they fought their way to the throne room and confronted the Usurper. The two fought and Tomis managed to wound his uncle fatally. At that very moment, his cousin Argamon rode in to the city with an army to relieve the defenders. Though Tomis had killed the man who took his throne, he was once again forced to flee the city.

Argamon was clever and gave concessions to many of the people supporting Prince Tomis. As the rebels retreated to the mountains to lick their wounds and prepare the next assault, they lost men, funding, and provisions to Argamon's plotting. Soon enough, only a few hundred troops remained in the mountain fortress which served as the rebel headquarters. Argamon assembled an army to crush the rebellion, but his fiancée Lystra rode ahead to warn the rebels of the incoming army.
A few brave soldiers offered to remain behind and delay the army while the rest escaped. Tomis, totally defeated and humiliated, finally fled out of Amarynth.

Since that day, he and his company have been wandering, looking to gather enough money and men to retake the throne. A few of the original core of rebels remain with the Prince, but most of his men are mercenaries who follow him for the promise of pay. He has some friends across the kingdoms of Temrian, but few really support his ambition. Rather than living off others' charity in exile, he and his men work as mercenaries to make ends meet. This is perhaps the sole reason he still has followers. With the declaration of a Crusade, Tomis hopes to gain enough prestige and glory in battle to finally win enough support (or at least get enough gold to hire men) to retake his throne. Lystra and Heron see it more as an opportunity for him to carve out his own realm and finally move on from his obsession with driving out the usurper.

Forces: The Hazel Company - A group of exiles devoted to Prince Tomis as the rightful ruler of Amarynth. Well, at least some of them. Consisting of:

Heron Dary - Captain of the guard, marshal of the Hazel Company, and Prince Tomis's bodyguard. He is always by his Prince's side, a loyal friend and companion. He guards Tomis's tent at night, and he and the prince are very close.
Lady Lystra Kaliakra - Was betrothed to Tomis's cousin, but she ran away because she wanted to live the life of a warrior. Joined the Hazel Company more out of spite for her would-be-husband than anything else. Has learned to like Tomis, and is probably his second-best friend. She has two handmaidens who are also her battle-sisters.
The Noble Lancers - Well-trained and heavily armored cavalry. They are Amarynthian exiles and form the core of the company; most fought alongside Prince Tomis in the rebellion.
Artur Jon & the Band of the Lily - Artur Jon is Tomis's head mercenary captain. He was an independent mercenary before sewing his banner to Tomis's. The core of the Band of the Lily are his men-at-arms, who are armored swordsmen.
Other Mercenaries - The rest of Tomis's company are poor mercenaries who are self-equipped and of varying levels of experience. Most have only light or simple armor, and are either skirmishers (javilineers and archers) or pikemen. A few have better armor and horses, and serve as Tomis's scouts and light cavalry.

RE: Crusade - Anomaly - 11-10-2017 05:37 PM

let's do this shit

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Name: Jocab Sollex

Appearance: Picture a slimey, squanched up, pathetic little weasel. Nothing like that. Actually a tall, rugged, short haired man with just the right amount of facial scars and marks to make him look dangerous without ruining his looks. Not like that either. Jocab looks...boring normally, average. He's got an appearance equivalent to water running off a steel ball, in that people look at him, and find nothing particularly interesting. The only particularly point of interest is that both sides of the conflict could look at him and think "Does he have some Temrian/Bedegal in him or something?" He tries to offset this balance with make-up and prosthetic and calculated markings and decorations when in either populace. Average height, brownish eyes, some light scars and facial markings but nothing severe. Likes clothing with loads of pockets and bagginess to hide things in their insides with.

Background: Jocab came from a port village in southern Temrian in one of the border kingdoms, nearby to the tragic nation of Herenheim, and close enough to hear more accurate tales of Bedegal and such. Growing up, Jocab showed that he had an uncanny knack for picking up languages, and accents too, and remembering large qualities of information on the fly. Also a more tricky skill in worming his way into any of the street rat gangs as convenient and making himself useful and popular enough, never getting caught up between two sides during disputes. He could remember names and general bits of information to keep up friendships with various people and get into groups to make more friends as needed, and use that chain of friendships to get goods between parties. Maybe you wanted something from the south side of town in the sharks territory, something you didn't want to go there yourself for or to be seen getting at all, Jocab could help you out. He was a dude that could help make things smooth between groups but was never there when the knives came out. As he got older, these skills only grew in usefulness as certain members of the gangs eventually got reputable positions and remembered their friend on the ground Jocab, a link to other useful people. His unofficial responsibilities matured with him, although he never got any proper job title down on paper or anything. The work steadily became sometimes more dodgey too as he got older, a trusted friend to oversee a smuggling operation, to see that someone was distracted or not around where they should be, or to get your hands on something locked down that was impossible to get to.

Jocab still tries to never do anything too dangerous, but he's used to being the survivor when shit goes south, both getting the hell out of an ugly scene and of quietly dispatching any followers as he slips away. In a fair, open fight with a trained warrior, he could be in trouble, but in street shadows or unassuming social situations, he can be deadly when he takes out his daggers from nowhere, sometimes laced with particularly nasty liquids to add some additional problems on top of a lethal injection of steel. These days, unfortunately, some friends of his recommended his services to the crusade and called him in to make himself useful, and certain secrets he had thought long buried were dusted out in front of him and threatened to be brought into the light if he was found unwilling, and it seems that some of these friends had matured into more devious and nasty bastards than Jocab had given them credit for, hardened perhaps by the responsibilities of military command and politics. He was impressed, and dismayed to find himself unable to walk away from this trouble and to be thrust into a new responsibility of official espionage, for the country of Temrian.

Forces: Lord Aldretch D'Orion - His official benefactor/handler and a friend of a friend of a friend of Jocab's apparently, whom is the one currently in possession of Jocab's contract for now until he feels necessary to hand the contract to another company or official group, or, more unlikely, release Jocab from the crusade's services.

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Name: Archeron Mac Lyssa

Appearance: A grizzled man with black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a wild expression on his face. He dresses for travel, his clothes worn and sturdy, and is never seen without his arms. Archeron is devoutly religious and has a temper. He also has no indoor voice.

Background: Archeron is a seasoned peasant-soldier with a weird folksy charisma that reliably draws in the dregs of society. He is an unnaturally skilled archer comparable to (or arguably better than) the average military-career longbowmen, amassing a respectable body count with his deadly accuracy.

Archeron comes from Eiru. He has a reputation for being a bit of firebrand back home, which can be a good thing (if you are a peasant) or a bad thing (if you are a noble).

Archeron was born a simple peasant in a fiefdom run by Lord Ronan. He joined the militia when he came of age. His literacy and his aptitude for murder allow him the eventual rank of militia captain. In-between promotions, he found and converted to the Solar Faith. Subsequent skirmishes and close calls only served to make him more devout.

Archeron eventually experienced a “divine miracle” during a drunken bender and staged an uprising. The uprising was a surprising success. Archeron brought the majority of the militia under his control and marched off. He recruited forces here and there before he reached his eventual goal – joining the Crusade.

Forces: Angelcynn, an Eiru wardog and Archeron’s best friend. She is very good at murder.

Archeron’s forces are a peasant militia supplemented by cheap mercenaries. They are hardly an army, but they make up with fanaticism and numbers. This may be rectified in time if they survive long enough. If they survive long enough.

Eiru Trivia: Eiru is a country characterized by swamps and perpetual strife, an extension of pre-Solar Faith blood feuds long forgotten and mythologized. Non-Eiruans tend to stereotype the locales as yokels with a penchant for violence. The fact that Eiru reliably supplies Temria with independent mercenary companies certainly does not help dispel the notion.

Theme Song:
People Folk - Tunng

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Name: Captain Ri of the Sun

Appearance: Of slightly above average height and muscular build, Captain Ri is never seen without his church-provided armor, which is composed of shining steel plates over chainmail. The breastplate is decorated with the image of a sunrise cresting a hill. The helm has a visor, but leaves his pristine, jutting chin exposed. A crest of yellow feathers- said to have been picked from the great Sun Canyon Eagle, rarely seen- juts from the helmet's top. On his back is his Sun Straw - an blade of steel blessed with the warmth and protective energies of the sun.

Background: Captain Ri has been with the Solar Church from its founding. He is said to be the very embodiment of the Sun's blessing, a pure force of its will. However, most of the common people tend to agree he must be more of a title, passed from person to person. The texts of the church don't really mention him, though he's on all records going back through the ages, and he doesn't really talk much about himself, preferring instead to espouse the glory and positive qualities of the Sun. The only church matters he takes part in are training of the Church's paladins and the occasional threat of the Stars' corruptive influence. The Church actually didn't know if he would take part in the Crusade- this was a matter of worry- but when the Crusade was announced he pledged himself to Solarion's will, ready and willing to wage war in the name of the Church.

Paladins of the Church - They're not actually under his command, but they may as well be, for as much they look up to him. They're used to fighting heretics and magical monstrosities, but most are zealous enough that they're not concerned with having to partake in actual warfare.

The Will of Solarion - Regardless of his origin and whether Solarion actually stands with Captain Ri, he certainly believes that's the case. This unwavering conviction alone is powerful in itself.

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Name: Prince Conrad van Grahl

Appearance: Conrad is tall and broadly built, with brown, shoulder length hair and a long beard for his age, sharp featured with green eyes. Bedecked and most comfortable in more utilitarian, weathered gear he is more fit for travel than most of his family and has made the most use out of this fact, but has since been forced to accustom himself to heavier armour and gear. He possess a distinct patchwork of scars on the back of his right hand that he prefers not to talk about.

Background: Conrad was the 14th son of Aegir the Long Lived. Essentially the runt of a very large litter and the last child of Aegir's fourth wife after his last one's death.

Seeing his position in life and with little interest in politics let alone the throne, he decided to leave court, taking what money his father would grant him and seek his fortune elsewhere. He adventured around the continent, often living hard when his inexperience got the better of him. He learned the hard way to trust slow and to think fast. He eventually made something of a name for himself as a trusted sword for hire and as such found his way into the service of more affluent personages and easier jobs with higher pay. He made well for himself as the rough begotten vagabond prince floating through the circles of both high and low society in the various kingdoms of Temrian.

Then came the calamity.

The kingdom of Herenheim, his homeland was situated on a faultline of the continent, tremors were a frequent occurrence and had been for centuries. As such the kingdom adapted, its architecture squat and shaped so as to mitigate the shocks. But on the feast of St. Feltsmire of the Burning Staff, that alone proved not enough, dark unnatural storms consumed the horizon to the south were dread Bedegal lies, and the tremors began and never ceased. The kingdom was torn asunder, the very ground beneath its cities splitting open, its treasures lost, the long dormant volcano, the sleeping Mount Hersus awoke in fire and fury and burned the golden fields of the the Sun Country, the breadbasket of the realm, sea rose and swallowed the coast of the kingdom until almost half the realm was sunken. The Kingdom of Herenheim and all its splendour was reduced in a day to a blasted land of swamp, crags and volcanic ash, its people refugees in neighbouring realms, its royal family killed almost in whole.

Conrad was left the sole van Grahl standing eligible for the crown, with his brother taking the vows and becoming a priest of the church and his two sisters out of the running due to the laws of succession, it fell to him to shepherd the remnants of his people together, speaking on their behalf to the many notaries of the realms that had surrounded Herenheim lest they be thrown out into the wastelands, and desperately trying to keep the tattered remnants of his nation together.

With the call of the crusade at last, Conrad sees an opportunity. An opportunity to conquer a new homeland for his people, an opportunity to direct their anger against the Dytris Throne whom many believed was responsible for the calamity that had befallen Herenheim... and to disprove the many rumours that it was the evil of the Herenheimers themselves that called down the calamity as the just wrath of Solarion. And to let his people finally direct their listlessness and anger into something constructive. So it was he rallied the nobles and leaders of the Herenheimers, called in favours and courted the leaders of his kingdom's neighbours for financing, ships and support, and promises of not only no longer being a burden on their generosity but promising repayments in due course. He contacted friends and partners he had made during his more mercenary years as well as the sponsorship of several guilds and gathered together a sizeable collection of professional mercenary bands, adventurers, mercantile bands and crusaders too poor to find their own way to their destination. He was unable to take as large a host of Herenheimers as he would have liked however, with many men having to stay behind to guard the many families in refugee cities in their various neighbours as well as to guard what is left of Old Herenheim itself. It may be wasteland right now but it was their wasteland.

Pretty soon Conrad van Grahl, the Vagabond King, amassed one of the more sizeable crusader contingents and was making preparations to march on the dark throne of Dytris for God and country. He had to.

Because if he failed, there was no home for him to return to.

Court: Father Kurst van Grahl - Older brother to Conrad of King Aegis first wife, strong in constitution despite his age, Father Kurst, having forsaken his claim to the throne to serve Solarion and the Church acts as the Royal Confessor, and advises his king and brother in affairs of state and Spirit.
Ulne van Grahl - Older sister to Conrad, but not by much, born to Aegis' third wife before she passed on, beautiful and red haired, she has a distinct fear of remaining unmarried. A skilled cartographer and navigator, having had an intense fascination with maps when she was a child and encouraged by her doting father. She is an invaluable asset to the logistical nightmare that is organising the crusader army
Adalicia van Grahl - Second older sister, but only by a year and blood sister to Conrad. Quick witted and silver tongued, she is a master at playing the political game an an invalueable diplomat in keeping the various nobles of the Herenheimer host in line with Conrad's policies. That doesn't mean he appreciates her snark however.
Duke Velern van Redhail - Representative of the council of nobles who acts as the Herenheimer nobility's representative in the royal court on the move. An honourable and trustworthy man, he has earned his position - and the trust of his peers - because of his respectful, if openly suspicious attitude to Conrad. He recognises his kingship openly and has sworn his fealty, but nevertheless he knows how the road can change a man and is never afraid to openly speak his mind when prudent and is more than willing to question any order he finds suspect or misinformed - but will obey if outvoted.

Forces: Herenheimer Host - Consisting mostly of light infantry, heavy infantry and little in the way of native heavy cavalry, the Herenheimer host is large, but relies on its allies and its own out-riding light cavalry for defence in that respect.

The Tall Helms - A Cavalry mercenary force consisting almost entirely of hedge knights, unlanded nobles and other detritus of the courts of Temarian. They style themselves as a chivalric order though no king worth his name has recognised them as such, and keep to a certain standard of respectability, decorum and behaviour despite their often ragged, road-dirtied appearence and often dented and pitted armour. Called such because of the tall warhelms the richer members of the band like to forge for themselves as a sign of status. Their leader has agreed to assist Conrad in return for his recognition of their order as legitimate and for the promise of land in return for their fealty.
Leader - Cryis Ap Newrhnwyld

Iron Breakers - A hard bitten mercenary force infamous for its skill in breaking sieges, both into them and out of them. Heavily armoured and loyal to their contracts to almost a fault, they consist mostly of heavy infantry with nearly half their number in arbalists, with a small professional crew of siege engineers. Its leader agreeing to a contract with Conrad, both from knowing his character personally and for the promise of reward and coin when they carve a slice out of Dytris.
Leader - Porl Kriedjyr

Merrinfeld Mountainmen - A band of foresters, mountainmen and huntsmen, the force consists almost entirely of archers. Excellent pathfinders, foragers and bowmen, the Merrinmen are extremely adapt at navigating rugged terrain, scouting, raiding and hunting, they are invaluable in helping the army live off the land as it moves. Its leader is close personal friends with Conrad from when they were young men proving their worth adventuring in the Western Kingdoms, but still, being what they both were, demanded fitting payment to convince his men to go along with it. Salvation is good and all, but they still wanted payment and privileges.
Leader - Maol O'Rourc

The Three Guilds - Using his connections among the more well-to-do classes further afield, Conrad was able to convince three of the wealthier merchant guilds of Temarian to lend ships to help ferry and supply his army in Begedel, which will greatly help with logistics and supplying his army and keeping in contact with Temarian. In return for trading priviliges in both old Herenheim and the new territories he will eventually control of course. Given much of the old Herenheim merchant class is either destitute or outright destroyed, Conrad had little to lose in the immediate long term to agreeing to these terms.

Adventurers and other Crusaders - Given Conrad's connections far afield, and his influence in courts of neighbouring realms, many free man, sell swords, adventurers and minor lords wishing to join the crusade but who otherwise could not find nor afford a means of getting to the target flocked to his banner, each for their own reasons, be it Religion, coin or ambition. Conrad, being unable to afford turning away any help he could get, reluctantly accepted their sword arms, however colourful they turned out to be.

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Let's go! Currently arriving in the first wave:

* Monica d'Aurissimo
* Marcellus Arencius
* Ingvar Sigurdsson
* Tomis Artenis
* Archeron Mac Lyssa
* Captain Ri
* Prince Conrad van Grahl
* Someone else who is already in PMs!

Everyone who's not in yet - don't give up hope! You will be able to arrive as reinforcements soon!

The weather was perfect and clear. The sea fog of the early morning that had hampered their maneuvers had also hidden them from enemy eyes, and now it was all fading away under the morning sun as they approached the coast. The Sun God was sending his blessings.

Masts stretched all around, crowding the view from the deck of the merchant ships carrying a cargo of soldiers for Bedegal. Crusaders had crowded the docks across the kingdoms of Temrian days ago, swarming aboard every ship that could be found, pledging themselves to glory and rewards in the name of the Sun. Now the fleet was united, and almost to its destination. There were pennants of every colour, with every lord and knight flying their own banners from the ships they sailed on.

Ahead, the city of Thelmar loomed on the approaching coast. Surrounded by high white walls, the city had long been the main trading point between the Dytris Throne and Temrian, as it had been the only Dytrian city where foreign merchants were officially (officially) permitted. Now the tall walls and towers were the obstacles they needed to overcome - the ships were loaded not just with men and supplies, but also with many siege ladders and a couple of large handheld battering rams to assault the fortifications with.

The ships hit the shallows, disgorging soldiers on small boats and, where they ran aground in the low tide, directly into the shallow surf. One small group of ships deployed hundreds of heavily-armoured Vylitian infantry, while another cluster landed further down the beach and dropped ramps, disembarking a group of dismounted Amarynthian knights and the sellswords accompanying them.

A larger group of ships hit the beach between the two, surging forward under oar power, spewing forth a vast militia of Eiru warriors. Behind them came a slew of smaller boats, cast off by a huge clergy-banner wargalley - the rowboats headed straight for the beach nearest the city, carrying the noble and famous Paladins of the Church. And behind them at last came the largest complement of ships, the hodgepodge army of the Vagabond King of Herenheim.

The other various forces of the Crusade, led by princes and priests, were right behind them, and a few of them also hit the beach and began to disembark light infantry and archer troops. Among their number was a barbarian bodyguard, sent forth to take part in the assault whilst his charge remained back on the great wargalley in comparative safety. Charging forth, the forces of the Crusade saw an enemy caught unprepared, with only scattered archers taking up positions on the walls. The walls and towers ahead were tall but poorly manned, and the gate was set in a large gatehouse that enemy forces were still only just starting to trickle up onto. The light rain of arrows looked set to turn into a torrent soon, but for now they had the initiative - the enemy had not seen them coming at all. Now was the moment to seize the day.

RE: Crusade - Galloglasses - 12-04-2017 12:33 PM

Conrad's boots hit the ground, splashing up sea water and sand as the waves crashed against his armour, he was far from the first on the beach at landfall, but he vowed to not let that matter.

He bellowed orders to the warriors to take up positions and form ranks, guarding the others as they brought more boats in and helped the larger ships unload the supplies, wargear and horses.

"Maol! I want those men of yours guarding the flanks, you're our first screen. Porl, you're men in the centre, make ready to storm the gate house!" He turned to his countrymen, barking at his commanders, "Men of Herenheim, form up! Prepare for assault!" It was a bit much telling them that, there was the bulk of the crusade between his army and the city so by the time his men even drew near it, the walls would probably already be taken, but no sense letting the energy of the moment go to waste and letting the men relax.

RE: Crusade - Cidellus - 12-04-2017 12:34 PM

"TEMRIANS!" roared Ingvar, his voice booming above all others.

Raising his hammer, he rushed in towards the gates at the head of the vanguard. If any enemy were unfortunate enough to be outside the gates, they'd receive a quick hammer to the chest. His goal was to run screaming up to the walls, help the vanguard put up some ladders, then climb up the ladder and hammer every wall defender he saw. He'd be screaming wastelander battle cries every step of the way.

RE: Crusade - Acolyte Doctor - 12-04-2017 12:48 PM

“S’time to put the fear of Sun into those heretics!” Archeron roars. “MEN, RELEASE YOUR ARROWS.”

Archeron tells the militia to fire a barrage of arrows into the enemies on top of the wall. That way, if the arrows do not kill the enemies, they can at least busy them while the ground infantry advance.

RE: Crusade - SupahKiven - 12-04-2017 01:00 PM

"Mmm..." Marcellus sat on the ship, running a cloth over his blade. Looked clean enough, he supposed. Marcellus stood up to look out over the mess happening on the beach. Yes, the sounds of war were an old friend. He cracked a smirk. How fun it would be to go out there with wild abandon. Still, despite his desires, he loved money more. And he had a job to do. Marcellus sought out his employer.

"Hey kid." He said, approaching Monika. "Ready when you are."

RE: Crusade - Kocel - 12-04-2017 01:01 PM


Captain Ri and the ZEALOUS PALADINS OF THE SUN charged forward to assist with climbing the walls. A few were zealous enough to even forego the ladders. One such, Captain Ri himself, found handholds on a parapet that didn't have any ladders leaning against it. He prayed for strength from the Sun God himself, climbing without fear, hoping to use his unusual angle of attack to take the enemy by surprise!

RE: Crusade - Vancho1 - 12-04-2017 01:14 PM

Prince Tomis's hair fluttered in the breeze as his ships approached the landing. His stomach was in knots from anticipation - the first real battle of the Crusade awaited him. He donned his helm and felt reassured by Heron at his side. They would succeed together, and with victory over these heathens they would finally prove to the world that Tomis had the right of kingship. Surely then would the people of Temrian support him in retaking his throne.

The boat lurched, and they were ashore. Tomis turned to address his soldiers,

"Noble warriors! Today we strike the first blow against the infidel in our holy war! Do not fear this fight, for we are strong and have the great Sun on our side. Have faith and we will be undefeatable!"

He drew his sword and pointed forward.

"Shields up! Get to the walls, and let's show these knaves the might of our blades!"

RE: Crusade - Demonsul - 12-04-2017 01:36 PM

Temrian forces surged forward, quickly closing the distance to the walls and prepared ladders as the enemy filled their defensive positions. Ahead of them, the sprinting form of Captain Ri was seen climbing up where the wall joined one of the towers - the sight of the figure spurred the zealous soldiers on the ground forward, shouting the battlecries of the Sun in a half dozen languages.

Behind them, the Eiru militia raised their bows and let loose a rapid volley of arrows. The hail of fire took down a number of defenders on the walls, but perhaps more importantly caused the rest to duck and cower, giving the army the opening they needed to close the distance and begin raising ladders. The suppressing fire also helped the Herenheim contingent, who set about unloading horses for their cavalry.

As the ladders slammed into the walls, warriors began to climb quickly to the top, cutting into the bowmen and militia swordsmen posted there. Captain Ri cleaved through utterly stunned enemy archers, who turned and ran in the face of his surprise attack. As they did so, a force of more professional looking soldiers began pouring out of the tower he was near and charging down the wall towards him - bedecked in blue tabards and heavy splint armour, they wielded hooked glaives and looked like a much fairer fight. But with the Paladins starting to reach the tops of the ladders behind him, and with the strength of the Sun in his arm, he had no cause to fear.

A little further down the wall, Ingvar crested the battlements and began smashing into the enemy. Archers tried to put distance between him and them, but he bore down on them every time with his hammer. Soon he'd cleared a small space at the top of his ladder, giving the allied troops behind him space to start catching up. Not far behind were the Amarynthians, putting up their own ladders near section of the wall where he stood and beginning to climb. But as they did so, a second contingent of enemy heavy troops showed up - armed with swords and shields as well as full chain armour and helms, these warriors wore dark blue and advanced quickly down the wall, trying to take positions at the top of the Amarynthian ladders.

The battle seemed to be going strongly in their favour - they had forces winning on the walls in places before the rams had even started work on the gate. But from the top of the tower between the two battles on the walls, there was a flash, followed by a smoky streak shooting across the battlefield. It impacted down amidst the Eiru militia in an explosion of pale blue flame, knocking a dozen men from their feet. Though some of them immediately started getting back up, there was immediately another streak of energy, and a second fireball impacted among the troops of one of the priests preparing to go up the ladder, knocking down more than a dozen men from the tightly packed force. Atop the tower a figure in a white robe was briefly visible, brandishing a sword alight with that eldritch pale blue fire - before with a surge of flame, they shot forth a third fireball, this one at one of the ships about to make landfall. It impacted the mast of a ship with another blast of blue flame, causing real, orange fire to ignite across the sail.

RE: Crusade - Cidellus - 12-04-2017 01:39 PM


Ingvar charged into the elite enemy swordsmen, smashing them to bits with his hammer.


Smash smash smash hit strike smash swing.

RE: Crusade - Protoman - 12-04-2017 01:43 PM

Monica adjusts her bright-orange-red-feathered hat JUST right, makes sure her royal-blue coat is JUST in order, and draws her sword.

"Right then, my fair friend Marcellus! Onward, men! For gold, and glory! God too, I suppose! Shields in front! Pike to the sides! Crossbows, loose your bolts in volleys!! Keep to your commanders, and victory is assured!"

With that, she charges forward, keeping with the shields to slice through the enemy forces. The moment she catches sight of that fire, her eyes light up. A mage! What better target to slay at the start of such a glorious effort?! She charges towards its position, seeking any stairs or ladders up!

RE: Crusade - Vancho1 - 12-04-2017 01:47 PM

"Men, continue forward! Secure our way up and let's take the tower."

Tomis started climbing, readying himself to charge the foul sorcerer who was bombarding his allies.

RE: Crusade - SupahKiven - 12-04-2017 01:59 PM

"Tch." Marcellus clicked his tongue as Monica adjusted her looks. They had more important things to worry about, but he wasn't going to say anything about it. The sooner they could get into battle, the better. He hefted his longsword, eyes scanning the battlefield right as Monica charged forward. Marcellus let out a snort. Guess that was his cue.

The former knight ran forward, making sure to stick close to his employer. He glanced to the side, spotting their troops form up, before dashing forward, matching Monica's speed. He stuck near her, moving as quickly as he could to cut down anybody that came within five feet of the young woman, making sure to aim for throats and joints. And oh did he relish in it.

RE: Crusade - Protoman - 12-04-2017 02:18 PM

Monica smiles to Tomis. "Oh! I see you seek glory too, my well-dressed friend! What say we share it?! Slay the mage together, and allow our blades to glimmer in the sunlight as we stand side-by-side!"

RE: Crusade - Vancho1 - 12-04-2017 02:23 PM

Tomis glances for a moment at the woman addressing him.

"Help is welcome, for in battle there is only victory and defeat. Come, let us spill the blood of this evil sorcerer!"

RE: Crusade - SupahKiven - 12-04-2017 02:39 PM

“Wouldn’t recommend sharing glory on the battlefield, kid.” Marcellus interjected, scanning the immediate area before turning back to Monica and Tomis. “But you do you.”

RE: Crusade - Demonsul - 12-04-2017 02:43 PM

Ingvar tore through the heavy swordsmen trying to take up positions at the top of the ladders. After plowing through a couple of them, he found a third who managed to block his hammer-swing with his shield - for all the good it did him, as the force of the impact knocked him off the wall. The rest closed in around him, forming a ring of shields and slashing at him with their swords, trying to surround him and take him down.

Before the swordsmen could overwhelm Ingvar, all three of Monica, Tomis, and Marcellus reached the tops of the ladders and joined the battle on the wall, with the elite swordsmen blocking the way between them and the mage's tower. Between the three of them and Ingvar, they tore a gap through the heavy swordsmen, giving Tomis and Monica an opening to rush into the tower, followed by Marcellus. The space they won gave Ingvar the advantage he needed to smash through the rest of the swordsmen, breaking them up enough for the dismounted Amarynthian knights to reach the top of the ladders and begin cutting them down.

Meanwhile, Tomis, Monica and Marcellus rushed up the spiral staircase inside the tower, emerging on the high battlements. A handful of grossly outmatched militia infantry with spears and axes stood between them and the mage in white, who was shrieking and babbling in the Dytrian language as he flung more pale blue fireballs down into the army below, launching them from the tip of his burning sword.

Down on the ground, the troops battering the gate cheered as it suddenly gave way and opened, as if the bar blocking it had been removed. They surged forward into the breach, clashing into an enemy line set up just beyond with the ringing sound of steel on steel.

RE: Crusade - Cidellus - 12-04-2017 02:47 PM

That done, Ingvar charged down towards the gates raising his hammer.



RE: Crusade - Vancho1 - 12-04-2017 02:48 PM

"Rabble! Fall before my blade."

Tomis cuts forward, trying to punch through the militia and reach the mage before he did more damage.

RE: Crusade - Protoman - 12-04-2017 02:49 PM

"Ah, but think of the songs that will be sung, Marcellus, darling! Two holy blades from across the continent, crossed atop the corpse of a sorcerer! If the fame we gain is only enhanced by our cooperation, why not take it?"

She heads up the stairs and then takes a step back. "Marcellus! You're up! I need to conserve my energy for shedding mage's blood."

RE: Crusade - SupahKiven - 12-04-2017 02:58 PM

“Yeah, yeah, I know the drill. Try not to overextend. Yell if you need me.” And with that, Marcellus was off like a shot. He struck at the rabble, focusing them down one by one as best he could. His first task was to do his best to clear a path for Monica. Afterward, Marcellus focused on keeping the path clear and dealing with the others, trying not to take on more than four at a time. He was good, not suicidal.

RE: Crusade - Acolyte Doctor - 12-04-2017 03:02 PM

Archeron commands his troops to fire at the mages. Goddamn those devil-worshippers and their sorcery!

RE: Crusade - Galloglasses - 12-05-2017 05:31 AM

Conrad saw the sorcery n displayed and his blood went cold.

"SCREENS!" he bellowed and his men raised up the arrow screens, "SHIELD WALL!"

At this command echoed by his commanders his men strapped their shields onto hooks on the front of the arrow screens.

"Archers! Form up and advance! Fire on the mage, fire everything until that witch is down!"

RE: Crusade - Vancho1 - 12-05-2017 07:10 AM

When Tomis sees the incoming volley, he decides it's better to duck and protect himself from the arrows. He tries to get to one of the battlements for better cover, and hopes that the militia are too disorganized to do the same.

RE: Crusade - SupahKiven - 12-05-2017 07:28 AM

It's hard to forget the sound of arrows. Marcellus glances past the mage's shitty guard and sees impending death (or worse, a lack of funding) in the future if they stay there. He stops mid stride, keeping his front facing the mage and their guards, and starts moving back.

"Let's go, kid." Marcellus said once he was back near Monica, using an arm to start pushing her back in the direction that he saw Tomis heading. "Some dumbasses are gonna take your glory, and your life too if we don't get the hell out."

RE: Crusade - Kocel - 12-05-2017 09:09 AM


Ri readied his shield to deflect any glaive thrusts he couldn't dodge and prepared to rush his foes to engage in close-quarters combat, where their wicked weapons would be at disadvantage. He glanced at the mage shooting flames in from the tower across the keep. The light of the sun always drew out abominations sooner or later, and soon it would purge them completely, whether by his hand or by another servant of the Sun, Ri knew it would be.

RE: Crusade - Demonsul - 12-05-2017 10:12 AM

Marcellus and Tomis charged into the militia, cutting through the unpracticed troops with ease. The fire mage seemed to finally notice them, turning towards them with a manic smile. His pale face was drawn in a rictus grin, and a large part of his head was covered in burn scars. Seeing his adversaries, he raised his flaming sword and swept it in a circle, and suddenly his hooded robe caught alight with pale blue fire. "Fight me then!" he shouted in Dytrian, which Monica and Tomis both roughly understood. "You dogs won't find me so easy to kill as the rest of these cowards!"

At that point, the arrows came screaming in. Dozens were on target, hitting the back of the mage's robe and hood - seeming to catch alight just before impact and clattering against cloth that seemed as hard as steel, failing to penetrate. However, the weight of shots caused the mage to be knocked forward onto his front, lying prone and dazed on the floor for a moment and dropping his flaming sword. Many of the arrows raining down on the tower found softer targets, killing the last of the militia that had been guarding the mage.

Tomis had already taken cover behind part of the fortifications, while Marcellus grabbed Monica and pulled her into cover as well. As the arrows clattered off the tower all around them, they saw the hatch they had come out of open again and the helmeted face of Heron poke up - only to immediately duck down again as another arrow deflected off of his helmet. At last, the arrows stopped raining down as the crusader forces on the ground readied their next volley.

Meanwhile, Ingvar bulldozed through the remaining militia and archers on the wall on his way to the gatehouse. Once inside, he noticed the stairwell seemed to be full of smoke, and most of the remaining soldiers were fleeing from him down the stairs. Rushing down to join the battle at the gatehouse, he saw that one of the crusader princes had rushed his levy forces into the breach. They were led by the prince himself, who was getting stuck in with a greatsword, relying on his heavy armour to protect himself.

On the other side of the gatehouse, Captain Ri and the Paladins closed in to the enemy glaive-wielders. Ri had little trouble breaking their bones with his sword strikes in spite of their heavy armour, and with their formation in disarray on the wall they could not keep him and the paladins at bay with their glaives. As he pushed further forward, the Dytrians started falling back to try and get the space to use their weapons - but with the paladins pressing the advantage, it soon turned into a retreat. With a good quarter of their number destroyed, the glaive-wielders withdrew to the gatehouse, running down the stairs to join the mass of troops at the gate. Ri and the paladins pursued them, refusing to give them space. They arrived to see the large crusader levy's assault on the open gates already in progress.

The enemy force that had formed up to defend the gate had clearly been unprepared - their line was already faltering, though the arrival of the remaining glaive-wielders helped reinforce it. However, a large figure in advanced heavy plate armour with a full-face helmet stood at the forefront of their defense. He was cleaving through the crusaders with a battleaxe he held in one hand as if they were made of paper. He moved unnaturally fast, and blows seemed to bounce off him without him even recoiling. As Ingvar and Ri took in the scene, they saw the supernatural warrior grab something from his belt and crush it in his hand - and immediately he gained another little burst of strength and speed, rushing forward to cleanly decapitate the crusader prince. As the prince's body slumped to the ground, his levy, which had been winning against the heathen spearmen, suddenly started to waver.

RE: Crusade - Galloglasses - 12-05-2017 10:35 AM

Conrad saw the abomination, and frowned

"Right then. Fuck him." He bellowed at his archers, his commanders and rangers drew up the distances, he drew hi horses to meet with the other heavy cavalry his host could afford, as well as any itinerant Knights and crusader adventurers that had clung to his host ordering the lighter cavalry to keep guard on the main host. He shouted orders at the mercenary companies, calling the Tall Helms to him, ordering the Mountainmen to join his archers, to aim at the heathen spearmen around the abominable warrior.

"Iron Breakers! Form up, charge the centre formation in our wake, Archers!" he beckoned and as one his host of archers drew back their bows and cross bows, ordering his commanders to charge in the wake of the cavalry and Iron Breakers. He let his hand fall and the volley loosed, he kicked his horse into gear and it galloped, his lance lowered and the thundering hooves of the heavy cavalry charging in his wake under the volley, timed just to loose as soon as the Eriu archers had done their own volley. "FOR SOLARION AND HERENHEIM! CHARGE!"

RE: Crusade - Kocel - 12-05-2017 10:47 AM

Ri ran back up the stairs to look down on the brute from above.

Any faithless fool would be too afraid of the fall to risk such a reckless avenue of attack.

But Captain Ri of the Sun was no faithless fool. He had ZEAL!

"Solarion, I know thou shalt shine thine light upon me, for I have faith in thee."

Ri raises his blade to the sky, allowing the sun to shine upon it.


Ri leaps off, his blade held in a downwards thrust, and attempts to land upon the armored giant and drive his blade through the man's neck/spine.

RE: Crusade - Acolyte Doctor - 12-05-2017 10:55 AM

Oh great searing sun, oh no.

Such strength, such...sorcery. Archeron honestly could not care for the Prince (what being rich and from another place and all) but the monster. The monster was so unnatural it could practically considered unfair. The archer's anger only grew more powerful at this armored madness.

Archeron yells at his troops to continue the volley.

RE: Crusade - Vancho1 - 12-05-2017 11:02 AM

"Heron! I'm glad you're here," Tomis says as he spots the helm of his faithful guardian. As soon as the arrows stop he runs forward to finish off the mage - wouldn't want the sorcerer getting up and slinging spells about.

RE: Crusade - SupahKiven - 12-05-2017 11:07 AM

"It's like they want to kill half of their troops." Marcellus growled from behind the fortification. Glory hunting bastards. "Then again, I should have expected this." Once the volley of arrows had settled down, Marcellus glanced up, finding Tomis rushing ahead. Great. His eyes gravitated not towards the downed mage, but his weapon. Marcellus made his mind up, though he wasn't happy about it.

"Come get your glory, kid." He said to Monica before rushing in after Tomis. However, Marcellus didn't go for the mage, opting to get over to his flaming sword and kick it as far away from the mage as possible.

RE: Crusade - Cidellus - 12-05-2017 12:22 PM

"TEMRIANS, STAND AND FIGHT!" roared Ingvar, charging into the fray with his blood-soaked hammer ready for battle. He immediately began smashing a path through the enemy, making his way towards the battleaxe behemoth as quickly as possible. If he got there, he'd proceed to hammer the everloving holy shit out of him.

He would, of course, be screaming war cries with every blow.

RE: Crusade - Protoman - 12-05-2017 01:02 PM

Monica follows after Marcellus, holding her sword aloft and aiming to perform a coup de grace on the mage!

RE: Crusade - Demonsul - 12-05-2017 01:19 PM

High on the tower, Tomis was first to his feet, lunging for the fire mage with an overhand chop to try and put a swift end to him. However, when his blade hit the face-down mage's hood, it absorbed the blow - and fire flowed from the flaming cloak into the blade, heating it almost instantaneously. The searing heat immediately reached his grip, and was hot enough that he felt it through his gauntlet as a sudden spike of burning pain. Dropping his sword by reflex, Tomis saw the mage start to get to his feet, reaching for his own burning sword. Seeing Tomis drop his blade, Monica managed to recoil and stop herself from striking, saving herself from making the same mistake.

Tomis' blow seemed to have bruised the mage, though, and Marcellus was already moving, kicking the flaming blade away. It slid over to hit the battlements on one side of the tower, coming to a stop. The mage cursed in Dytrian, and raised a hand towards Marcellus. A fire briefly grew in his palm before a narrow stream of flames shot out in Marcellus' direction, giving him only a narrow second to react.

Back down at the gate, the crusader levy saw Ri disappearing up the stairs, appearing to leave. That was all they needed - as one, they turned and ran. Ingvar was left alone, fighting through the emboldened spearmen as they surged forward to form a new line in the gate. He was quickly surrounded again, and bogged down, prevented from getting to the magical warrior. Spears were jabbed in his direction, leaving a nasty laceration on his arm, and it looked like more would quickly follow.

At this point, a hail of archer fire came through the gate, taking down rows of spearmen. Ingvar managed to duck downwards as Eiru arrows and crossbow bolts zipped over his head and hit the militia spearmen who were getting around behind him. The storm was brief, however - it was followed by the thunder of hooves. The heavy cavalry under the command of the Herenheimer king plowed into the gate, taking advantage of the extra time they'd used to unload horses, smashing into the disorganized and depleted spearmen before they could put up an effective spearwall. Militiamen were thrown backwards and trampled underfoot as the charge smashed through, and Ingvar himself was shoved to one side and almost lost his footing.

From his place at the front of the charge, Conrad had plowed through into the midst of the enemy host. He'd broken his lance on a spearman, and now found himself right next to the magical warrior - who did not hesitate in bringing his axe through the neck of Conrad's horse before Conrad even had time to draw his weapon. Finding himself falling amidst the melee, Conrad had barely the time to process what was happening before a blur of Ingvar leapt through the space created by his collapsing horse and slammed his massive hammer into the chest of the - momentarily surprised - magical warrior.

The strength of the impact knocked the warrior backwards past a row of spearmen, sending him sprawling on his back just beyond the arch of the gatehouse. With more spearmen between him and the warrior, Ingvar began trying to hammer his way through them. However, there were too many of them in his way, and he could already see the warrior starting to sit up, now staring straight at him. The hammer's spike had damaged the front of his armour, but it was less damage than there should have been, and even then it looked as if being knocked down had barely slowed the warrior down at all.

And then, there was a shout from above, followed by the descending blur of shining steel. Captain Ri leaped down, landing directly on the prone warrior, driving his sword straight through the man's damaged chestplate. He landed partially on the warrior and partially on the slightly squishier corpse of a militiaman. It left him in a lot of pain, but it didn't feel like he'd broken anything important. The magical warrior gasped, spitting blood - and then went still.

Staring at the dead corpse of their champion and the knights and heavy infantrymen cutting through their companions, the militia on the gate turned and ran.

RE: Crusade - Cidellus - 12-05-2017 01:25 PM

Ingvar, despite not having had the glory of the kill, laughed and pointed his hammer at Ri.

"GLORY TO RI, SLAYER OF THE GATE!" roared Ingvar before employing his hammer in the smashing of many fleeing militiamen.

He followed after them once they were gone. They were probably going towards whatever they considered safety.

Ingvar aimed to make their safety LESS THAN SAFE!

RE: Crusade - Protoman - 12-05-2017 01:26 PM

Monica grins to herself. She was almost worried this mage was going to go down easy!!! There's no songs to be sung about that!!

She dives in with her nimble blade, weaving a delicate path through the wind and straight into her enemy's face!