In Progress Signal and Noise / Human Souls ARG
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Signal and Noise / Human Souls ARG
Hey, so we need help with a game.

Just over a month ago, an ARG appeared here on MSPA, via an advertisement which had a code in it.

We've been following the codes ever since but there are less of us now and we need more players.

It ended up being about two minds who were uploaded as computer data, and what led up to that at a company called Pangent Technologies.

Right now we're stuck because the game expects people to be solving these puzzles, who aren't us! (We're practically mods by now.)

They seem to be sitting on five new videos right now until some of the newer puzzles actually get solved.

If you're interested, we can probably help you rewind back to the beginning and follow along. A rewind, I think, would be helpful to us too.

This was the first video:

And then there's the Tumblr blog.

And one of the blogs that's been solving it:

[Image: tumblr_o3ucw7DCwB1v8blixo1_500.jpg]

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