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RE: GUILDCRAFT (Signups end 4/29)
Mystery and Miseries

The world is called Pleroma and the sentient natives Pleromans. In lore, the world is a sphere as GUILDCRAFT is takes place in a “WORLD UNLIKE OURS…” In reality, the world wraps around – i.e. going far up north will inevitably land you in the far south, go far southwest will eventually reach the most northeast – not unlike a torus-shaped world.

Most PCs who aren’t hardcore roleplayers call it the Donut.

Calling it the Donut is a great way to immensely annoy hardcore roleplayers.

The World/Pleroma/Donut is a giant megaserver. The megaserver is divided into seven Regions, which are essentially like interconnected “mini-servers.” Regions have their own distinct biomes and trappings. They are rather large in area which is usually rendered pointless with fast-travel (usually). Jumping from Region to Region is a different story however – it takes RL-time to transfer your character’s data. Time can be passed with in-game crafting or provided minigames, but you have to wonder why the hell ARIAL Inc. didn’t remove this feature. Or at least make it an option.

The safety and relative balance of each Region is maintained by a Moderator and their chosen army of Sub-Moderators, if those exist. Moderators are of various competence and temperance but are all living, breathing people.


[Image: tumblr_op5h4rRpUA1riva2to1_1280.png]


Elysium Region (Forest, NW)
Moderator: K1NGFISHER (Kingfisher)
Biome: Composed of rolling green hills and verdant old forests. Always covered in an aesthetically pleasing mist. Sort of pseudo-medieval fantasy with fairy tale trappings. This Region is actually fairly pretty (in a mystical way) if it not for the various levels of offensive graffiti and other defacements covering this place.
Noteworthy: Contains a not-unsubstantial population of trolls, griefers, and other various dredges you can find at the bottom of the barrel you call internet culture. They do not make the majority but they run this place so to speak. The Moderator for some reason is willing to turn a blind eye to this.

Genesis Region (Jungle, NE)
Moderator: ♥ Lady_Wyldheart ♥ (Wildheart)
Biome: A lush tropical jungle but extra rainbowy. One of the biggest complaints of this Region is it has too many flashy and moving effects, which causes lag and migraines (and more than a few trips to the hospital for the very unfortunate). Used to have a tribal and “animal-man” style going on, but after some lawsuits, it’s just animal-men.
Noteworthy: This Region is a popular target for jokes mostly because avatars there tend to be rainbow or animal-men or rainbow animal-men. Certainly not helped by the fact that animal ears and tails are obtainable for free as long as you’re in this Server. The Moderator is known to be a bit of a firebrand.

Aaru Region (Desert, S)
Moderator: herme5anubis (Hermes or Anubis)
Biome: Deserty. Ancient Egyptian theme all up in your face. Has enormous ruins and statues of fantastic creatures everywhere but it is not as fantastical as the other servers. It is the least populous Region of GUILDCRAFT, which kind of gives it a creepy aura at dead hours.
Noteworthy: The Region is noteworthy for the fact it has no noteworthy things. No population of jerks or weirdos, nothing exceptionally funny about its lore or history to make fun of. Sure, it has its fair share of trouble but it is easily dealt with or not especially unusual. The Moderate is very effective at their job but not especially personable or talkative.

Meropis Region (Ocean, SE)
Moderator: cpatian777 (Captain or Captain Seven)
Biome: Completely oceanic. Dotted with islands of various levels of size and valuable resources. There is sort of a nautical vibe going on – sea shanties, silly hats, and all. There is an underwater part of this Region but it is incredibly dangerous and so does not get that many diehard explorers.
Noteworthy: Originally designed for exploration and dungeon-diving – but it has since been appropriated into a PVP zone by PCs and ARIAL Inc. is very aware of that, providing accommodations for the discerning duelist (i.e. Team Colors, portable Safe Zones, et cetera). While other Regions have mixed feelings about PVP, this Region wholly accepts the art of PKing and in fact, encourage it.

Saket Region (Canyon, SW)
Moderator: Naruto_420 (Forty-Two is preferred, thank you)
Biome: Monochromatic canyons and arid plains. Buildings are far and few between and seem to blend into the environment. The entirety of the Region is picturesque and minimalist, not unlike an inkwash painting you can explore and interact with.
Noteworthy: You can taste the passive-aggressiveness through the VR because this Region is known house PCs who believe if you don’t play GUILDCRAFT in a certain way, you are not playing the game right. This Region houses the most powerful Guilds in the megaserver, hence hold much political clout OOG. Too bad most of them are jerks.

Valhalla Region (Tundra, N)
Moderator: Aur’Ora B’Orealyss (insists on full name, but people call them Aurora)
Biome: Featureless and freezing cold. There is an option in VR to emulate the sensation of cold but most PC’s shut it off because there was a lot of effort to make it realistically unpleasant. Vaguely space-Norse themed but in a fantasy context. Has really pretty futuristic buildings.
Noteworthy: Other Regions have RP-exclusive locations. This Region is infamous for their RP-only enforcement (note: not universal) because the powers-that-be insisted upon it despite the fact there is other possible interesting things to do. The Moderator is notorious for their frequent intervention.

Irkalla Region (Void, Center)
Moderator: [] (Bracket or Brad)
Biome: Evil McEvil-Land. Technology Wasteland with noxious fumes, black metallic spikes, like woah, calm down the Edge. The Region is shaped like a spiral. Only the outer curve have Safe Zones so that shows how ridiculously difficult the rest of this region is.
Noteworthy: The inner curves contain “Post-Game” material, intended for the high-leveled, the ambitious, and the bored. Infinite Dungeons (think Fractals from GW 2), Boss Rushes, Elite Raids, et cetera, et cetera. Some people think there might be super hidden secrets but that is usually treated with the same amount of respect as creepypasta. Other Moderators tend to defer to Brad for some reason.

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