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Name: William Arro Luggange.

Species: Cleavedings. Imagine intelligent baboons, bred by some strange alchemist, using powders and concoctions to refine the intelligence and mannerism of their menagerie. During the grand cataclysm, the alchemist died due to rocks falling on them from above, but their assistants fled to safety, carrying their equipment and "pets."

They eventually died as they squabbled over the ownership of the vast amount of hazardous chemicals, for unchecked seepage created an explosion. This inexplicably didn't harm the baboons, opened their cages and properly enhanced their intelligence. This intelligence made them realize it is unhealthy to stay here for much longer.

Originally called 3/7beasts, due to their size and similarity to most folk, but this has changed once they decided to clean up, and experiment with the Cursed Homelands. With this, they discovered a closet full of strange crystals that could... float. Traversing the caves are a tiresome task, especially for tiny people, so they realized they could make flotation devices out of this material. Soon, they carved many prototypical floating belts, one of them eventually succeeded! They also managed to replicate the formula for the crystal.

The species gained their new colloquial name because their explorers and traders, outfitted in these blood red crystal pants, look like people cut in half messily.

Description: William Arro is a very red cleavedling, his fur is almost as red as the crystal thing he is sitting in. But you can't see it most of the time as he is in a red hazmat suit. He wears orange goggles. His arm is a bit toned, but he is mostly a wimp. Has an amazing hairdo.

  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Piloting the Crystal Dress
  • Prospecting
  • Jewelery crafting
  • Extreme Cooking

  • The crystal dress: special flotation device created by the Cleavedlings
  • Sling: actually a pneumatic gun
  • Hazmat suit: does it.... work?
  • Backpack full of fixin' and craftin' gear: most of it is useless really

Biography: William Arro is a jeweler and metallurgist, who works for the Cleanup Corps, a recently founded freelance corporation of Cleavedlings, who wish to see if the surface has further strange materials akin to the ones in the Cursed Homelands, and maybe, if they could put some in a jar without poisoning anyone? William Arro was the bravest of them, and accepted the solo mission drew lots and failed, and is now tasked to hitch a ride with some surface explorers. This was he was planning to do all his life... and feared at the same time. He hopes that he will return unharmed, and successful, and he won't have to return to the cavelobster shop of his parents. Anything but that, can't let this education (correspondence course on types of rocks) go to waste...

Ambition: Craft a powerful piece of jewelry. Or if it deems unhealthy, maybe make a battery perhaps? Just return with something that will cement the name of the company.

It is time time

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