Complete Dersehunt Intermission:The Return of the coins [MC Win]
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Dersehunt Intermission:The Return of the coins [MC Win]
Hello Welcome to the return of Dersehunt Intermission. I decided to bring this back from pit of the dead mspa games. Coldblooded is going to be helping me run this thing and make sure i am not messing things up.

Rules and Roles Stolen from x1372 While using Acio's ADHI changes. all images stolen from x1372.
THe return of the coins
[Image: DHIIntermission.png]

Welcome, players and spectators. It is time for yet another episode in the "Dersehunt" saga.

Rule 0 - No Bastard Modding
This is meant to be a fun game. As moderator, I will not lie or change the rules in the middle of the game. All characters and what they do is known at the start of the game, with no secret roles or bizarre things that actively ruin good play or reward poor play. I will never intentionally post misleading information, and will answer rules-based questions if and when they come up.

Dersehunt: Intermission: the return of the coins will be the sequel to Dersehunt 1-4, despite Derse having left as a faction since game 1. Heck, with this game, the only returning faction from that game is Doc Scratch, conspicuously absent from game 3. In this game, THE FELT act as the standard "town" and THE MIDNIGHT CREW as a standard "mafia" with DOC SCRATCH as a third party.
The game alternates between DAY and NIGHT phases, starting with a day phase. Each night, the MIDNIGHT CREW chooses a player to MURDER. Each day, all surviving players from all factions discuss current events and vote to LYNCH one player.
The game ends with a victory for a side when all members of all opposing sides are eliminated, or that result is a guaranteed foregone conclusion.
However, Doc Scratch has returned to Dersehunt. He seeks the defeat of both THE FELT and THE MIDNIGHT CREW, and with the awesome power of the OBLITERATION, he may just emerge victorious.

In-game days will last a maximum of 5 days (120 hours) and in game nights will last a maximum of 2 days (48 hours). This is subject to change, and extensions will be given for circumstances that warrant them.

Note: This is NOT an RP game. Revealing characters unnecessarily or using typing quirks/colors is generally frowned upon, and may be disasterous for your side.


This game will feature 21 players, plus hopefully several alternates since I will not deceive myself into thinking this will go perfectly and no one will leave the game unannounced or ask for a replacement.

In the event that an alternate needs to be called, I will send a PM to all alternates, and the first to respond will get the spot.

If replacements are necessary at gamestart (due to a player not responding) I will go down the replacement list. Once the game is under way, alternates will be done by first respondent to mass PM.

Player Communication and other Rules

Standard rules stolen from who ever made them

1) No editing or deleting posts. If you edit or delete your posts without good reason, you will risk being booted from the game, either through replacement or modkill.
2) Communicate with me through the use of QuickTopics – the link to which will be in the PM I will send you prior to game start.
3) Similarly, do not contact each other through use of PM at all. If your role requires contact between the two of you, you will have a shared quicktopic
4) Sharing your QuickTopics is expressly forbidden. If you feel that you need to give out your QT to someone – in the game or not – write it down in your QuickTopic and I will be the judge of it. Breaking this rule may result in being booted from the game or modkilled.
5) As an extension of Rule Three, please do not talk to people not in the game. I may need them to replace in the future, and even if they do not, I would prefer for them to not have any knowledge that I have not sanctioned. If they (or you) feel that they need (or want) certain information, contact me and they MAY be granted access to the observer quicktopic.
6) No ciphers! I'd rather people be focusing their energies on scumhunting rather than codebreaking.
7) Please Bold your Votes! As well as this, please also try to remember to unvote when you change your votes. Expect votals to be player generated, and if I or anyone else makes a mistake in them, please come forward and correct it.
8) No posting in the thread at night. Exceptions are made for lynched people to make a single “bluh” post with perhaps a “good luck” and a “have fun”, but with no information included!
9) After you die, you may make 1 (one) “bluh” post containing no information.
10) I'm generally amicable to extending deadlines, but you should assume that unless I say otherwise, when its scheduled to end it will end. If a no lynch or missed night action occurs, so be it. Mandatory actions will be randomized if a target is not selected.
11) Massclaiming is suicide in this game. Scratch will eat you.
12) Make at least one post per game day. If you do not adhere to this rule without prior forewarning, you can and will be replaced. Ideally you should post every 24 hours or so rather than every game day.
13) Setup is open. There are no secret roles or secret modifiers.
14) “Karkat-Rule” – don’t fake day-activations you don’t have.
15) “Karkat Rule 2” – If a day activation that ends the day is claimed, act as though the day has ended, at least until I have posted otherwise.
16) No direct copy/pasting from QuickTopics or Roles. Paraphrasing is fine, but don’t quote.
17) Play to your win condition, but
18) Above all, have fun, and do not get in the way of others having fun. This overrides even rule 17.

Quicktopic Stuff
One important function of this game is that there will be links to hidden QUICKTOPICS for players. These links will be sent privately as needed, and absolutely should NOT be posted publicly.
Don't be too worried if your quicktopic has extra "unique IPs" because my (the moderator's) home internet sometimes resets my IP.


Each member of the felt will have his own unique quicktopic.This will be used for all special actions or private moderator questions as needed.

The Midnight Crew will have a joint quicktopic. Once a member dies, a replacement quicktopic will be linked for each member.

Doc Scratch and Cal will have a joint quicktopic. If one dies, a new topic for the survivor will be made instead.

Manipulation and outright lies are allowed, and often encouraged. All factions can benefit from deceiving the others. ANYONE MAY CLAIM ANY ROLE, but the remaining players will have to decide for themselves what to believe. Remember, you may only communicate publicly in the main topic, or in a quicktopic you are linked to by the moderator.

In this particular version of the game, you have 100% trust that all players in your shared quicktopic is on your side, and working toward the common goal of your faction winning, so there is no reason to hide anything in a shared quicktopic.

Please do not break the rules. If you do, the moderator reserves the right to replace you or remove you from the game in a way that is as bad as possible for your side.

During the day, any player may cast a formal vote for a player to be lynched. Please be very clear, and BOLD or color your vote hell do both. You are permitted to change your vote at any time before a majority is reached, but once a player has a majority of over 50% of the votes, they will IMMEDIATELY be lynched. For a lynch vote, a majority of living players (over 50%) must vote for the target or the result will be NO LYNCH. However, while more than 10 players are alive, players may opt to post DEADLINE votes. A deadline vote will only activate to lynch a player at the end of the day. and thus cannot immediately end the day early like a standard lynch vote. A player may vote for only ONE target at a time.

At night, The Midnight Crew will elect a member of their group to make a kill, and that player will choose who they wish to kill, and if they will use their one-time special kill on this night. In this case, a plurality will determine the killer instead of a majority.

On the first day and possibly on future days, COINS will be available. Coins are items that are given to a player by a plurality of the voters. In the event of a tie, the coin is given randomly to one of the top players on the voting list.

Note that voting for yourself, or voting for "No lynch" are legal. If 50% vote "No lynch" then it is automatically selected (with an even number of living players, this is one less than the amount necessary to make an actual lynch). There may be times where this is the right move, but these will be few and far between.

Dead Players
Players that are dead in this game are eliminated permanently from the game. Upon request, they may be granted access to an observer quicktopic from which they can watch the game play out.

That's in the character roles and powers. But we DO have two additional levels of complexity unique to Dersehunt: Intermission.
[Image: DHIVanish3.png]

Several characters have powers in Dersehunt Intermission that can trigger a VANISHING.

When a player vanishes, it is announced at the start of the day that he has mysteriously vanished. The cause of the vanishing is unknown. That player will not participate in the lynch vote or be targeted by or make any actions that day, and will likewise be unavailable either to make actions or be targeted by actions the following night. After a full day and night have passed from their mysterious vanishing, the player will return to the game.

Players vanish due to actions taken the night before the vanishing. If a player who vanishes was targeted by a killing power, that kill will fail to occur, and will not be announced.

While a player is vanished, the game continues as if they were dead. However, the game will not end while a player is missing, unless that player's existence would not have mattered toward the game reaching its ending.

[Image: DHICoinAppear.gif][Image: DHICoinReceive.gif]

You didn't think I'd let this game be that simple, did you?

On the first day of the game, ONE COIN will be available. Additionally, one coin will appear every subsequent odd numbered day

Whenever coins are available, playes will vote among themselves to see who will get one. A plurality vote will determine who receives a coin, with the top two players each receiving coins on the first day of the game.

No player may ever receive a second coin. A coin will simply not appear if all living players have or had coins at one point.

There are a total of EIGHT coins, which will be determined randomly at the beginning of each day. No coin will be generated twice, and in the unlikely event that all 8 coins appear, no future coins will be revealed. WHAT coin is being given to a player will not be revealed before the election, and will not be publicly revealed after the election.

These are the following possibilities.
1-11 (itchy and matchsticks)
2-12 (doze and eggs)
3-13 (trace and biscuits)
4-14 (clover and quarters)
5-15 (fin and cans)
6-9 (die and stitch)
7-10 (crowbar and sawbuck)
8-8 (snowman)

When a player receives a coin, he will be informed of what coin it is. He may not trade or give his coin away. Each night he will have the option to FLIP his coin.

When a coin is flipped, the two players who have the Felt roles associated with each number will SWITCH ROLES at the start of the following day. In this regard, the 8-8 coin does nothing.

If a player receives his own coin, flipping it will have a 50% chance of instead killing the flipper. If this occurs, The flipping player will be treated as murdered in the night.
There are two exceptions to this rule.
If Clover receives the 4-14 coin, flipping this coin will always be successful, and he and whatever player is Quarters will switch roles.
If Snowman receives the 8-8 coin, flipping this coin will always kill her, and will allow her to make her revenge kill as normal.

A coin may only be flipped once, and once used, will be out of the game permanetly. The flip of the coin will NOT be revealed publicly, and the flipper will still not be allowed to receive any future coins.
Doc Scratch will privately be informed which coins, if any were flipped each night.

Several characters have abilities that may only be triggered ONCE PER GAME. However, switching roles will RESET these abilities for the new player with that role. On the flip side, a player who gains an information role will NOT learn what information his predecessor had gained on previous nights. The sole exception is Biscuits - if the 3-13 coin flips, the new Biscuits player WILL learn which player is, or was, Eggs.

[Image: Felt.png]

The fifteen members of The Felt are working together in an attempt to eliminate the Midnight Crew and defeat Doc Scratch. Each has a unique identity and something special they can bring toward helping thier side win. The Felt win together as a faction when all 4 members of the Midnight Crew are eliminated and both Doc Scratch and Cal are out of the game.

[Image: DHIItchy.png]
Once per night, Itchy may SWITCH THE HATS of two players. Any actions targeting one of those two players will instead target the other.
By doing this, Itchy VISITS both players of whom he switches hats.
Itchy may NOT switch his own hat with someone else's
If Itchy is roleblocked, his hat switch will not work. Itchy will not be informed that he was roleblocked and his hat swap didn't work, and still visits both players.
However, if after he completes his action he is roleblocked (eg: droog switches him with the player who was targeted to be roleblocked) the blocker will be treated as roleblocking him and visiting him, but his action will still go through.

[Image: DHIDoze.png]
Whenever Doze would die, he instead temporarily survives. He will die instead at the end of the phase he was killed (day or night) on the following day, unless a second attempt on his life is made during this time.
If a second attempt is made on Doze's life while he is terminal, that attempt will be successful.
If Doze is roleblocked, this power will fail, and he will die immediately if killed that night.
If Doze VANISHES while he is terminal, he will immedately die upon his return.

[Image: DHITrace.png]
Once per night, Trace may learn WHO A PLAYER VISITED ON THE PREVIOUS NIGHT.
By doing this, Trace VISITS the player whose actions he learned about the previous night. This visit counts for the current night.
If Trace is roleblocked, he will be informed that he learned nothing. He will still visit the player he chose however.
Trace may use his power on the first night of the game, but naturally will learn nothing. This does give him the opportunity to visit a player, should he find that a positive thing.

[Image: DHIClover.png]
While more than one member of the Midnight Crew is still alive, Clover will survive their attempts to murder him.
Clover will NOT be informed when his power turns off and he is vulnerable to murders.
Clover's power does nothing against lynches or Snowman's revenge kill.
If Clover is roleblocked, this power will fail, and he will die if killed that night.

[Image: DHIFin.png]
Once per night, Fin may learn WHO A PLAYER VISITED ON THIS NIGHT.
By doing this, Fin visits the player whose actions he learns about.
If Fin is roleblocked, he will be informed that he learned nothing. He will still visit the player he chose however.

[Image: DHIDie.png]
ONCE PER GAME, at night Die may choose to make himself VANISH.
As explained above, if Die vanishes, he will survive an attempt on his life that night and will be out of the game until two mornings after he triggers the vanishing.
If Die is roleblocked, he will be unable to activate his power this night. If he attempts to activate his power the night he is roleblocked, he will not vanish, but will also not use up his one opportunity to do so. Note: If Die is busdriven the night he chooses to vanish, the person he is switched with will vanish instead

[Image: DHICrowbar-1.png]
Once per night, Crowbar may use his crowbar to ROLEBLOCK a player. This player will be roleblocked for THAT NIGHT ONLY, and any attempts to use active or passive powers will not work. On the following day, all powers work as normal.
Crowbar's roleblock counts as a visit.
If he roleblocks the Midnight Crew member responsible for making a kill, that kill will not take place. The only exception to this is Boxcars' special kill.
If crowbar blocks himself with his own action (by busdriving) he will not be informed of it.
If Crowbar is the target of Hearts Boxcars' special kill, it will override any action Crowbar had attempted to make.

[Image: DHISnowman.png]
On her death, Snowman MUST choose a player. That player will be subject to a REVENGE KILL..
Snowman's revenge kill counts as a visit.
If Snowman is roleblocked the night she dies, she will not make a revenge kill.

[Image: DHIStitch.png]
At the end of each day, if a player dies to a lynch, Stitch will learn thier identity.++++
Roleblockers got nothing on this guy.

[Image: DHISawbuck.png]
The first time Sawbuck would be murdered, he and his murderer both VANISH.
As explained above, when players vanish, they will survive an attempt on their life that night and will be out of the game until two mornings after he triggers the vanishing.
Sawbuck's ability triggering counts as visiting his attacker. (Sorry Trace and Fin)
If Sawbuck is roleblocked, he will die if targeted for a kill that night.

[Image: DHIMatchsticks.png]
Matchsticks has eleven different one-shot powers.
However, activating any of the powers has a severe consequence: Matchistkcs will visit whoever the Midnight Crew choose to murder the night he activates any power.
This means that Trace or Fin may think he made a kill, or worse, that he'll get caught in a Deuce special kill.
But then, this might just be the power that saves the innocents. or dooms them.
If Matchsticks is roleblocked, he still visits the murder victim but is informed that his power did not activate.
None of matchsticks powers trigger any sort of visiting to anyone but the murder victim.

01) Tonight, neither Itchy nor Droog will have their busdriving attempt work. They will not be informed.
02)Select ANY OTHER player. If that player would DIE TONIGHT, they survive until the end of the following night.
03) Name a member of The Felt. You will be informed if that character was alive or dead at the start of the night.
04)Tomorrow night, if you choose to use a power, you will NOT visit the murder victim then (you still do tonight).
05) Choose any character. If you die tonight, Clubs Deuce's report will show you as that character.
06) If any players vanish tonight, they will be gone for one extra day and night cycle.
07) "The coin that appears next will be the 1-11 coin. If the 1-11 coin has already appeared, you will instead learn that it has already appeared"
08) If multiple players have unflipped coins at the end of the night, the coins will randomly be shuffled among any holders.
09) Tonight, Cal will be informed that he gained no information from his check.
10) For the following day only, you will have 1 Paradox Clone to activate.
11) Tonight you burn the bodies. Clubs Deuce will get no information tonight.

[Image: DHIEggs.png]
During the day, you have the option to sacrifice yourself to take sole control of the lynch vote and tareget the player of your choosing.
Eggs may set conditional triggers for his activation so that he can react to situations that require a time-sensitive action.
Eggs may activate his power in response to the lynch of any player, if he so chooses.
Roleblockers got nothing on this guy.
Note that Biscuits knows who you are, and may be able to help out in a pinch if it looks like you are going to get lynched.

[Image: DHIBiscuits.png]
You know who Eggs is.
If Eggs is Murdered, you have the option to hide in your oven and VANISH.
As explained above, if you vanish, you will survive an attempt on his life that night and will be out of the game until two mornings after you trigger the vanishing.
If the character who is Eggs changes due to a coin flip, you are NOT informed of this. However, if the player who is Biscuits changes due to a coinflip, he will learn who the CURRENT eggs is at the start of the day he becomes Biscuits.
If Biscuits is roleblocked, he will not have the opportunity to vanish if Eggs dies.

[Image: DHIQuarters.png]
On nights 1 and 4, you give the player of your choice a GUN. On the following night, they may opt to use the gun to make a kill, or lose the kill opportunity permanently.
Giving a GUN on night one is mandatory. Giving a GUN on night 4 is optional.
If Quarters gives a player a gun, it counts as visiting that player.
On nights 2 and 5, the gun holders (if alive) will have the option to KILL the target of their choice. This kill will be identical to, but seperate from, a generic Midnight Crew murder.
If Quarters is Roleblocked, his attempt to hand a player a gun will not be successful.
If a GUN holder is roleblocked when they attempt to shoot someone, their kill attempt will fail.

[Image: DHICans.png]
Cans has an extra life. The first time Cans would die, from any source, he instead survives. His extra life cannot be recovered once lost
Once per game, CANS may PUNCH a player into the future, causing them to VANISH.
As explained above, if a player vanishes, he will survive an attempt on his life that night and will be out of the game until two mornings after you trigger the vanishing.
If cans punches a player, it counts as a visit.
If Cans is roleblocked, he will be unable to activate his power this night. If he attempts to activate his power the night he is roleblocked, he will not punch anyone, but will also not use up his one opportunity to do so. He will visit his intended victim.
If Cans is roleblocked, his extra life will not function that night. If he is roleblocked and murdered in the same night, he will die even if he had his extra life available.

[Image: sonicsig2.jpg]

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