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So Chocolate Pi hasn't posted since March. We've had that pinned topic since January. Whatever happened to him? Is he even still around? Are we using an admin-less forum?

If we are, I feel like that's a bit of a problem. We do have Sul running one part of the forum that's important to us (I guess?), but the Mafia-players and RPers (if they are even still around?) have no regulators. Without an admin we run the risk of the site inexplicably shutting down or having coding issues or succumbing to spammers or something. Regardless the site can't improve in any way without an admin, which might not be an issue, but I feel like parts of the format of this forum could use some work.

I dunno, discuss I guess.

EDIT: He posted 15 days ago on Facebook, and tweeted exactly one month ago from his Witchhunt accounts, if that means anything.

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