Video Game Design (C++, GML, Java, etc)
04-12-2013, 01:30 AM
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RE: Video Game Design (C++, GML, Java, etc)
I used to use Gamemaker a bit, and I've recently acquired some experience with Unity. I also know C, Java, Lua, and C#. I haven't really made anything major yet though. None of the stuff I made in Gamemaker was ever finished, and my more recent stuff has all been assigned work for the game development degree I'm pursuing, so it's all been really small-scale stuff.

My main handicap is that I'm kind of terrible at the graphical side of things. I can make decent looking inanimate objects in sprite graphics, but I can't do anything alive, and I can't do 3D. That's also kind of why none of my earlier games got finished, I kept getting frustrated by the knowledge that they'd look terrible no matter how much I refined the mechanics.

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