The Rules
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The Rules
When posting on this forum, you agree to operate under the Terms of Service. This states that we have the right to delete any post at any time for any reason. The following etiquette guidelines supply a list of material that is considered unacceptable:

  1. Illegal Activities
    Any instructional discussion designed to enable or facilitate breaking US law is not allowed, full stop. This covers even linking to such material, and includes (but is not limited to):
    • Software Piracy
    • Cheating in Online Games
    • Drug Use
    • Linking to Pornography (especially involving minors)
  2. Offensive Content
    Anything "Not Safe For Work" is considered inappropriate to post directly on the forums. Any external links leading to such material must be very clearly marked. (Spoiler tags are not an acceptable alternative!) This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Sexually Explicit Material (including nudity)
    • Graphically Explicit Material (blood and gore)
    • Hate Speech (of any kind)
    • Offensive Slurs--including but not limited to:
      • "Gay" or "retarded" in place of words like "stupid."
      • "Rape" in place of words like "owned" or "dominated."
  3. Personal Attacks
    Directly insulting other individuals or groups is not acceptable. This includes during forum games! Criticizing ideas, strategies, or opinions is okay--attacking the people posting them is not.
  4. Advertising
    Any spam posts will be deleted. This includes referral links and ads for goods in online games. This also includes promoting a forum game inappropriately in other threads/boards.
  5. Disruptive Behavior
    Any behavior that makes using the forum more difficult is not acceptable. This includes everything from flooding to hard-to-read-posts. (ALL CAPS, Zalgo text, unavoidable horizontal scrolling, ect.) This also includes off-topic posting, mass-bumping, and posts directed at a specific user that should be in a private message.
  6. Unmarked Spoilers
    No one likes a ruined story--don't be that guy. Assume a five-year grace period. Spoiler warning in the initial post of a thread (but no others) can be considered as applying to all subsequent posts.
  7. Personal Harassment
    Do not post the personal information of another user (including real name) without their explicit permission. In fact, they should really just post it themselves.
  8. Trolling
    Trolling as defined as any behavior intended to manipulate other users into breaking the rules. (Usually inviting personal attacks)

Determining what constitutes a violation of these rules (including appropriate punishment) is at the exclusive discretion of the moderation staff. Warnings will give users 1-10 points at the moderator's discretion, where 1 might be minor trolling, 5 might be severe personal attacks, and 10 might be grossly illegal activity. Warnings are automatically removed after a set amount of time, which may be days or months based on how severe the infraction was. Too many warning points at once invoke automatic penalties:

5 - Suspended posting for 3 hours.
6 - Suspended posting for 1 day.
7 - Suspended posting for 1 week.
8 - Suspended posting for 3 weeks.
9 - Suspended posting for 6 weeks.
10 - Banned for 3 months.

Remember, these are only automatic, minimum penalties. Based on the offense, admins may implement more strict punishments, including permanent bans.

In general, respect each other and remain civil!

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