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Project D.O.R.F.
Project Diminutive Dimensional Operation Recon Fortress

Greetings individual! Thank you for signing up to Project D.O.R.F., which is, we are not going to lie, is one of the most hazardous excavating initiative of Nthspace. Our task is to find worlds beset by catastrophe, and uncover its secrets: sunken cities, crystals formed by magical fallout, strange deluge beasts, frozen, rossemarian tears in the fabric of time and space, the like.

Therefore, we only hire people whose species is approved by the Dorf League. They are the shortest therefore their bases are the cheapest most stout, who survive the easiest in harsh circumstances.

To be a dorf, you must about half the height of an average human, and fulfill at least two of these criteria:
  • Penchant for underground lifestyle: you will live underground after all
  • Facial growths: beards, pseudogills for sensing vibrations of course
  • Cultural importance of beer: one of our major sponsors
  • Unlucky species history: you know harshness, and your species often recorded it in songs or carvings
  • Love of mechanics: your species like to make pointless mechanisms

Of course, even if your species are known for these, ahem, quirks, you are highly likely not as stereotypical.

Fill out this form:
Short description:
Species description:

Your main skill is Construction And Excavation, but what are your two secondary skills?
Three personal equipment

You will work under Commissioner Petrikov, who is a rather small polar bear. He will handle the matters of supply and trade, so those are not necessary.

We will now approach planet PRPL-3, which is plagued by terrible, possible cursed storms. Organic life is present, and ruins of a civilization have been found. Your base is built upon a source of mysterious signals. Your task is to dig deep enough, while using any and all materials to improve your base. Caution: do not leave the base.

We would say "Stay Safe", but as the high hazard pay says, that is unlikely.

Game design thread to get the feeling of what is going to happen

It is time time
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Application withdrawn.

Name: Frankel
Short Description: A diminutive humanoid with pale glossy skin, a full beard of light grey hair.
Species: Garden Gnome: Little people who are often mistaken for little statues with awesome hats.
Secondary Skills: Gardening, Tailoring
Personal Equipment: Red Conical Hat, Gigantic mushroom (roughly 2 feet tall), Backup Red Conical Hat
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Name: Ognar
Short description: Wall of muscle and golden chest hair! Champion of the weight lifting division! Wearer of purple and red striped pants! WEARER OF NO SHIRTS!
Species description: Ognar is from the Cortisien people. Fond of ostentatious art and sport. Most live lavish lifestyles, their wealth a result of a booming economy built upon tourism and luxury goods.
Secondary skills: Strongness! Lift all the things! Punch all the things!
Toughness! Take any hit! Take every hit!
Three personal equipment: Emergency grade burn cream, for soothing and healing burns.
Rico's industrial strength power glove!™ For when you just need a wrist mounted jack hammer!
Rico's high orbit shock boots!™ Because who needs a parachute, when you've got shock absorbent boots! (Warning. Does not actually absorb the shock of falling from orbit, high or otherwise. Not guaranteed to work at higher than three stories. Rico, the Rico's everyday appliances corporation, and its' subsidiaries, are not responsible for injury or death that may occur while using Rico's high orbit shock boots™)

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Name: Polto
Short Description: A skittish, androgynous looking dwarf with short brown hair and no beard! Wears bright colours with lost of metal and other shiny things to reflect light.
Species: Polto is a sky dorf, a rare sort of dorf that live above the first sky (underground ceilings). All are naturally terrified of what hides under the dirt.
Secondary Skills: Lighting things - by mechanical lights, by skyholes, or by fire, Polto is really good at combating Polto's fear of the dark and undersky.
Makes Bad Friends - Polto is only here because Polto made friends with someone in charge of sending dwarves here - Polto didn't want to go but Polto's friend thought it would be a great and fun idea. Polto can similarly make friends with all sorts of bad eggs - such as monsters, hooligans, or rogue artifacts, making them more likely to go after others or possibly drawing them to Polto's side!
Personal Equipment: Powerful headlamp, long-range blowtorch, reflective armour.
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Name: Snowball.

Short description: Snowball appears to strangers to be merely a ball of filthy white fur with eyes, horns, and teeth, but deep inside lies a gentle soul who only wishes to devour any food that it can sink its claws into. Snowball understands several common languages, but is only able/willing to communicate through short mono-syllable words, grunting, and animal noises. Snowball's gender is a complete mystery to any non-Yarglings. Do Yarglings even have genders? Who knows.

Snowball was once a perfectly average Yargling-ling, growing up in the mountainous tundra of some far-off, backwater world. That is, until Snowball was exiled from their home following a particularly tragic accident in the mining tunnels where they were born. Typically, being exiled from the clan would mean a death sentence for a young Yargling, but as luck would have it, they happened to stumble across an alien expeditionary team before freezing to death or getting eaten, and even luckier, the captain of said expedition just happened to have to soft spot in her heart for adorable(??) furry little creatures. For many years afterward, Snowball traveled around the multiverse as the captain's beloved pet, seeing more strange things than any other Yargling had in history before. A more prideful/intelligent creature might have taken offense to being treated like an animal all the time, but Snowball could easily tell that guarding the camp in exchange for free food was a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately as the years passed, the captain made the baffling decision to get old, retire, and eventually die. Her children were sadly less than enthralled by Snowball's unique charms, and so they were rudely kicked to the street and told to go get a real job.

Species description: Wild Southern Yargling: Underneath all of their wild beard fur, Yarglings actually have a humanoid shape, sort of like a very small yeti. A yeti with curved horns and long claws and a mouth that seems to take up about a quarter of its whole body. Those that tend to live in cold climates however usually let their beards grow out until they basically just look like a huge ball of hair. In theory, Yarglings have mostly white hair, but in practice they tend to usually just look like whichever pile of dirt/garbage that they were rolling around most recently. They also have a strong aversion to water as it completely ruins their 'natural camouflage'. Yarglings move around almost entirely by jumping, to avoid tripping over their own beards. Yarglings originally evolved on a planet with many different sentient races, almost all of which were larger and smarter than the Yarglings. They were frequently hunted down and slaughtered en masse for thousands of years by despicable adventurers in exchange for paltry sums of Coin. Today, Yarglings have spread to at least a dozen planets across Nth space, but mainly only in far-flung wastelands that nobody else really cares about.

Secondary skills: Scouting - (Moves quickly and is very good at climbing.)
Tracking - (Extremely highly tuned sense of smell, many years of practice tracking in exchange for food.)
Eating -

Three personal equipment:
Specialized Yargling Gloves - To keep their claws from ruining all the tools in camp.
Shoebox of pens and notepads - For when communicating solely with animal sounds is insufficient.
Purple Ribbon - Tied to one horn, half hidden beneath beard fur, a memento from an old friend.

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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Name: Salash
Species description: Kobold: Short, scrawny and scaly.
Short description: Salash is usually wearing a mechanic's jumpsuit and carrying a bulky Ion cannon over one shoulder - when he hasnt left it behind in a dusty corner somewhere because its too dang heavy.
He's mentioned in passing that he wouldnt be here if not for his kin being a bunch of ungrateful jerks.
Secondary Skills:
Electrician: Pretty good at setting up electrical things and making sure those things keep running.
Trained for war: As it turns out, kobolds become pretty scary when they learn to build giant guns and spaceships.
Equipment: Depleted Ion cannon, mechanic's suit & tools, stylish glasses
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Name: Emry Moonbeam

Short Description:
Emry is a bit on the heavy side and fairly short to boot (despite wearing no boots). Her hair is a curly silvery-blonde and she wears simple fare; a linen shirt, a pair of comfy overalls, flower-patterned spats, and a well-worn over-jacket to complement the total sum of her fashion.

As for why Emry is here, it is because she got saddled with a quest to destroy this incredibly evil ring at all costs. Her struggles eventually led her to Project D.O.R.F. and she figured – hey, while she was trying the way to destroy the damned thing, she might as well get a quick buck or two.

Species Description:
Hobbit. Stout and shoeless – and looks like a scaled down kangaroo.

You see, hobbit is etymologically derived from the word “hoppit”, a descriptive term for their preference to jump rather than walk to get places. If you are wondering, yes, some of the hobbits look like frogs, rabbits, and sometimes even spiders.

Emry is good at cooking and animal husbandry.

Three Personal Equipment:
- Really Evil Ring – borderline indestructible and constantly whispers malevolent offers of god-like power into her ear during sleep. Her quest is to destroy this thing although her lack of progress meant its just dead weight in her pocket.
- Magic Sword – a dagger made for bigger folk pretty much means a sword to her. The blade is wrought from the hair of the pure-hearted moon elves, allowing it to glow in the presence of the evil – or at least something hankering for kangaroo meat.
- Picture of Her Family – something to look forward to after she is done with this damned quest.
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Name: Squish

Short description: Squish is a mainly pale green, bean shaped organism that comes up to about an average human's waist. They've also got six legs and a pretty terrifying maw full to the brim with teeth and a literally razor sharp tongue. Despite that, Squish is pretty amicable and will, at most, nip at the heels of somebody they like. Which is pretty much everybody.

Squish used to have a nice friend they lived with! But one day, Squish did something their friend didn't like. Maybe it had something to do with eating all the food in the fridge while they were gone for the hundredth time. Either way, Squish's friend sent them away to somewhere 'far away from me', is the words they used. Squish hopes to get back to their friend someday!

Species description: Squish is part of a species known as Murethra, a species of slug-like animals. They are usually pale in coloration and tend to be rather playful in disposition. Most have four to eight 'legs', as well as anywhere from two to twenty variable length tentacles that are used as feelers, always placed near the lower half of their 'head'. Murethra don't have eyes, and get around using their feelers and strong sense of smell to navigate their surroundings. They aren't usually capable of producing words, though they are able to vocalize their feelings in an array of grunts and barks. Murethra have a surprising capacity for learning despite their simple natures, and can be taught tasks that might seem too complex for a species of their mental capacity. Because of this, they are often bought and sold as pets.

Secondary Skills: Mobility - Being an invertebrate makes it easy to squeeze through tiny holes.
Assisting - Squish is always happy to help!

Personal Equipment: Metal water bottle (Squish likes to drink!), a fork (Squish likes to eat!), and an empty dog food sack (Squish ate!)
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
I am not sorry

Name: Trogg
Short description: Short but musclebound creature covered in ridiculously blue hair on its limbs. Sports a large tuft of (blue) hair on his head that defies gravity. His face spots glassy black eyes and a really large nose. Sadly he is not blessed with a healthy beard and his chin remains hairless

His torso has a large blue gem embedded in it, He wears a studded leather jacket with some sort of crude emblem upon it. he also posses leather pants and sturdy boots. He has two helmets in his wardrobe one is big and metal and covers his entire face (yet not his hair) and the other is a more old school cap with goggles.

Artists rendition: View at own risk
[Image: s-l300.jpg][Image: il_570xN.688698876_ij4e.jpg]

Yep. He's a troll

Trogg is..well..loud and not liked among his own folk and the people he lives in close proximity with. Being obsessed with loud machinery and punk music and not well versed within his kin's obsession with magic, fashion and the perseverance of nature he became shunned within their society, antagonizing particularly well virtuous individuals and ganging up with particular troublemakers (Mostly gremlins and gnomes.. sometimes a ogre) from around the neighborhood around school! Even becoming a villain of the week once!

Suffice to say, he was kicked out and applied for a job here. They probably need a test pilot anyway and explosions are cool

Species description: Troll(z) are weird creatures that live above ground in magic forests but act like stereotypical teenage people...with magic. They enforce these social norms by goading neighboring creatures to try and do evil things once a week and then stop them from actually accomplishing those plans. Then they write stories about it and rake in the money from sales. Heck they even make merchandise.

Anyone who behaves too differently or have played out their part in these 'stories' gets unceremoniously blasted with magic 'spellphones' and banished from their lands. These outcasts are the one of most cynical groups in existence. Making them extra eager to participate in their species-wide fondness for annoying other people... sometimes also called 'Trolling'

Secondary skills:
Engines and Vehicles - Has a love for machinery and engines and loves to tinker with them. Can drive and crash most vehicles
Trolling - Frustrate an Enemy. Effect: ?????

Three personal equipment:
- A tricycle with hot rod stripes - "BORN TO RIDE"
- Anarchist Manifesto - 1000 phrases to take down THE MAN
- A large wrench - "He calls it 'Big Jim' "
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Name: Nelor Cy’Gravem

Short Description: Short even for kobolds, and wearing a tiny brown leather jacket and other generally unfitting clothing. Pockets are stuffed with all sorts of random tools and debris. Apparently wearing a jetpack made out of random scrap.

He’s not saying much about where he came from. Something about secret agents and setting a few too many traps.

Species Description: Kobolds. Tiny, weak lizards. Only really good at being sneaky.

- Advanced MacGyvering: Really good at turning random debris into functional machinery, or at least repairing things with improbable materials.
- Salvaging: Can get usable parts out of just about anything, given time.

Personal equipment:
- Scrap jetpack: This thing seems dangerous.
- Multitool: It’s got all kinds of stuff on it. Knife, claw file, miniature arc welder...
- Leather jacket: Has a lot more space in its pockets than you might expect.
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RE: Project D.O.R.F. (processing entries)
[Image: 000.png]

Attention! Extremely Long Training Procedures ended. Drop pod launched from orbital base. Now approaching the surface of planet PRPL-3.

[Image: 001.png]

Approching surface... cheap braking rockets turned on...

[Image: 002.png]

Welcome, Snowball, Polto, Emry Moonbeam, Nelor Cy’Gravem. You may now unload now into the Communication Area. You can visit the Cargo Bay (stocked with 10 boxes of generic parts), the Common Area (with a fungal food dispenser), the Life Support Crystal and the Regrettably Runic Reactor.
Your mission is to dig down and excavate whatever you can, and send it back to the orbital base. There seem to be something very interesting 250 floors beneath you, we don't know what it is, but we do want you to get it. Dr If Rank, from HECKWALKERS INC. warned us against excavating this world, so it might be extremely valuable.

Mechanical things (still a bit experimental)
You may request Specific Parts (specific tool, electric gears, etc) and Generic Parts (building material, biomass, etc) from our cargo bay, all of you may request a single thing per shipment.

Each turn, you may perfom a large task and a small task, or up to three small tasks.
Large task: digging a room room about two floors deep, or one floor deep but roughly as wide like the common room, exploring around a cavern safely.
Small task: making an item, combinign two items, fixing things, performing research, etc. Most of the things you do will probably be complex tasks that can be broken down to small task.

It took quite a long time to get the energy to finally start this!

Sorry for people who didn't get it, especially ChimericWilder who helped me worked on this, but I didn't want to go above 4 people. If the game turns out to be going smoothly, there will be open spots, and you will get priority in claiming them (except Bramzter, whose application is rejected and I am sure he knows why :P )

It is time time
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Snowball lets out a weird grunting noise and offers a gloved paw of friendship towards Emry. Snowball has seen Emry hopping around a lot so far and it very much appreciates her chosen movement style. Jumping is clearly the best possible form of locomotion.

Afterwards, Snowball LEAPS into action and starts excavating a common room sized room directly below the common room. Unfortunately, Snowball is not yet sure what they're supposed to be doing with the dirt as they dig it out. Do we eat it? Dump it out in the common room? Shrink it down into tiny pieces and carry it around on their backs like in Minecraft? The possibilities are truly endless.

Snowball eats a bit of dirt anyway, just to see how it tastes.

02-14-2016, 07:19 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
You monster.
02-15-2016, 07:43 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Polto is very wary, both of Polto's new, dangerous location and Polto's strange new allies. What sort of weirdos are so comfortable in the undersky?

Polto warily helps the new white ally (Ice Ball?) dig out floors, focusing on building a wide one to the right (under the crystal and reactor) and then uses a box of generic parts to make lighting for all of the rooms so that they're bright enough that Polto can almost forget that the uppersky is now out of sight.
02-16-2016, 08:13 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Emry squees and gently boops Snowball's paw. As she made contact with their absolutely precious toebeans, her heart grew three times and promptly melted.

She feels blessed.

Emry is going to make two (baited) traps and set them out in the open. She wants to see what sort of wildlife is out there.
02-16-2016, 08:39 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Nelor watched the others with some amount of admiration, but decided that they could talk later. First, he had to IMPROVISE.

Which is to say, he took a box of generic parts and began assembling the stuff together with random scrap (and a lot of paper clips and duct tape) to make some MINING DRILLS. That should make mining easier.
02-17-2016, 09:25 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
[Image: 003.png]

The majestic Melor managed to get enough scrapmongering to create three Drills for the crew using only two parts! These are given to Polto and Snowball, although Snowball seems to be doing fine with their claws, but nevertheless... with the aid of Polto, they reduce the dirt to small, compact dirt blocks (the technique was learned in an important lesson of D.O.R.F. mining studies). You could probably... send it up the supply shuttle? Or make farms out of it? Or do science to it? The possiblities are many... They also revealed some kind of rock deposit.

Polto uses up a box of parts, using them very efficiently thanks to Polto's lightning skills. So effectively, a pile of leftover lamps is created. Polto also realizes, that lamps existed in the previous rooms too.

Emry uses two parts for two traps, and with no way to the perilous surface, sets them out in the newly mined sections, baited with mushroom goop from the synthetizer. Some kind of cave lobster climbs out of the walls, and follows the smell cautiously...

Floor countdown: 249 (Do not worry, there will be ways to dig much faster...)
Supply point count: 2x generic/specific parts worth of things for everyone
Supply shuttle: empty (waiting for mineral and biological samples, or artifacts)

It is time time
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
A beast! A beast in the undersky! Right in front of the ladder too!

Polto cowers.

After some good cowering Polto digs into the rock deposit for an escape research purposes. Polto then researches either the rock or the dirt (or both, since I'm not sure how many small actions can count as a large one/if mining stone is a large action).
02-17-2016, 10:47 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Snowball is visibly upset by the appearance of this cave lobster. It has heard stories about this sort of thing before, legends about horrible shape-shifting insects that would invade yargling burrows, steal all their food, and kidnap their children. This particular doppelganger might still be an infant itself, or could have a broken shape-shifting gland, but Snowball can tell from the tiny claws, horns, and white coat that this doppelganger is clearly attempting to impersonate them.

Snowball quickly suppresses its instincts to drive off the impostor and decides instead to wait and see if it falls for either of the doppelganger traps first. Snowball grabs some dirt and starts setting up a small farming plot on the far side of the new room, still watching the evil doppelganger suspiciously out of the corner of its eye.

02-17-2016, 03:24 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Emry starts crafting a hoe and plows the farm-plot! If there is time, she's going to make a tiny fenced-off area for future friends...perhaps....CAVE LOBSTERS?
02-25-2016, 06:52 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Nelor begins rigging together a makeshift irrigation system for the farm plots! It was mostly made out of scrap rubber tubing and wishes.

Whatever works.
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
[Image: 004.png]

Polto removes a chunk of the Rock in fear, and analyzes it along with a pile of dirt. Looks like the dirt is dirt, and the rock is rock. The dirt is disconcertingly purple, and the rock shimmers in the lamplight. They might or might not have absorbed cursed energies from the Cursed Storm raging outside. At least, you are not feeling cursed, so they probably offer protection.

Snowball arranges two dirt piles into a farm plot resulting in a dirt mound on the dirt floor of the freshly dug room.

Emry uses up a generic part to make a farming hoe, and another to set up a fence. A tiny fence.

Nelor sets up an irrigation system using a generic part. Once you hook up some water to it, it should be working. The farm and lamp corner is getting a bit crowded.

The lobster is trapped!

Floor countdown: 249
Supply points: Emry: 2.5, Nelor: 2.5, Snowball: 2.5, Polto: 2.5
Supply shuttle: empty

It is time time
02-26-2016, 07:31 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Snowball is very pleased that the impostor has been captured, but then realizes that they don't yet have any interrogation rooms or prison cells to hold the doppelganger. Snowball quickly starts digging out a new room underneath of the farm to make space for this excellent idea.

02-26-2016, 08:39 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Edited and clarified in the last post that Supply points are per person. You can also gift your points to someone else. You can haggle and deal for stuff by phoning the Commissioner.

It is time time
02-28-2016, 12:32 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Emry is going to order VEGETABLE and FRUIT SEEDS from the good ol' Commissioner themselves!
03-02-2016, 08:21 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
"There might be more resources this way. Gonna go check it out."

Nelor TUNNELS to the left!
03-02-2016, 10:27 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
A northern gruffy voice comes through the speakers. "Da, we can offer you much seeds. 1 point of supply for a box of fruitables and vegets. Need anything else?"

((One person can handle ordering things for everyone, saving their actions)).

It is time time
03-03-2016, 01:55 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Polto will order parts for everyone, including building parts for themselves! They will use these parts to create a horrible undercreature containment facility (aka a secure room) for the lobster and any other terrifying creatures they find.
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
((By handle ordering for everyone, I mean that others can state their orders, and one person will use their turn to input them and unload/load the shuttle, so Polto can state they can order the thing, and Emry will input it, saving Polto's time.))

"Right comrade. Current orders:
SEEDS (1 point from Emry)
BASIC PARTS (1 point from Polto). Anything else?"

((Talked with people, looks like nobody wants anything else, I'll update tomorrow))

It is time time
03-04-2016, 06:57 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
[Image: 005a1.png]
[Image: 005a2.png]

The empty shuttle leaves, and is replaced by a new one. Emry unloads all the items into the cargo area. Huh. Looks like Command has sent you five PORTABLE PERSONAL HABITATS (tents with sleeping bags in it) as a bonus. Nice of them. But why five?

Nelor digs a bit to the left, where he finds a marvellous deposit of SCRAP ORE. Or rather, some broken down vehicle. Behind him, using the recently arrived Generic Part, Polto builds a containment area, which is two doors. It is like an airlock, but for danger. A dangerlock.

Snowball digs out the area under the farm, creating more piles of dirt. A pile of dirt and the mined rock falls from the upper room into the newly created hole, which is a handy ladder replacement for now. Found a strange jar while digging...

The lobster is not happy being trapped...

Floor countdown: 248
Supply points: Emry: 2, Nelor: 3, Snowball: 3, Polto: 2
Supply shuttle: empty

It is time time
03-04-2016, 07:36 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Emry uses some materials to make a net so she can catch the rock lobster without getting her toebeans pinched.
03-04-2016, 08:47 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Gasp! They've found it already! The Doppelganger motherbase! Snowball charges in through the dangerlock, determined to do whatever necessary to break open the doppelganger front door, whether that means clawing, biting, turning doorknobs, or even just knocking politely. No measures here are too extreme to rid the base of the doppelganger menace.

03-08-2016, 08:01 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
What the.

There's something out there! Snowball is meeting it! The fool!

Polto flees down and digs a long tunnel to the left, before constructing a research room to the right (if there are any parts left to use) or orders parts to do so (along with any other parts other people might want). Regardless, Polto hides after that, in the likely chance brave/foolish Snowball falls.
03-08-2016, 08:42 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Emry would use up the last generic part. Perhaps her enhanced animal husbandry skill would allow her to dump the lobster from the trap safely into THE CAGE.

It is time time
03-08-2016, 10:35 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Scrap ore! A critical part of kobold society!

Nelor drills his way inside.
03-09-2016, 08:18 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
[Image: 006a0.png]
[Image: 006a1.png]

Emry manages to animal skillfully catch the lobster. It ends up in the cage.

Snowball and Nelor tear through the wreck, resulting in six units of Strange Scrap! It is a bit purple, but not really rusty.

Polto digs a bit, unearthing a deposit of Silver Coins! Remnants of a civilization? Then sets up a research room, which is currently has a sturdy workbench. Polto also lampifies the newly dug area. The previously found strange jar sits around innocently.

"This is Commander Petrikov. I see you received the PORTABLE ROOMS. This should increase your comforts, should you set them up. We also decided to include in your next shipment a few boxes of Nanopaper Wallpaper Of Indeterminate colour. Each roll will be enough for two large rooms. Commander out."

((GM decision: ordering things is a full turn action for the orderer, as they have to supervise and unload the shuttle))

Floor countdown: 248
Supply points: Emry: 2.5, Nelor: 3.5, Snowball: 3.5, Polto: 2.5
Supply shuttle: empty

It is time time
03-09-2016, 08:48 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Polto researches the pot and the coins, mixing them with the already found dirt, stone, and scrap to see what happens.
03-09-2016, 09:44 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Snowball is dismayed to find no doppelgangers hiding in the enemy ship. Perhaps this wasn't the mothership after all? It must be only a sistership. Which means that the rest of the doppelgangers are still out there somewhere.

As Snowball leaves the sistership it sees that Emry has already finished preparing a cage to hold the beast. Snowball gives them both a quick sniff to make sure that it's the real Emry, before leaving her to interrogate the doppelganger in peace.

Snowball decides to continue searching for the real mothership and begins tunneling downwards from the lab, directly towards that blue puddle shaped thing.

03-09-2016, 09:51 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Emry resets the traps and starts farming! She plants the SEED into the farm and waters it.

Her mouth waters at the possibility of warm vegetable stew.
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Nelor begins researching the MYSTERIOUS SCRAP, trying to determine its applications to DIGGING TECHNOLOGY!

For example, whether it would be a good material to build a better drill. Or perhaps, a laser drill...
03-14-2016, 12:19 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Polto science report:
Subject #1: Sealed Jar
Description: a yellow sealed jar; it makes soft bell sounds when moved

Test #1: Placed in dirt. The ringing goes muffled.
Test #2: Placed on rock. The rock resonates with much softer chimes.
Test #3: Poked with strange scrap metal. No result.

Subject #2: Silver coin.
Description: a silver coin, with an image of a bell on one side, and a hand making a thumbs up on the other side

Test #1: Placed in dirt. No result.
Test #2: Placed on rocks. Produced a small electric arc when placed.
Test #3: Poked with strange scrap metal. A small electric arcs is produced, and the coin flies into the air! It landed on Bell.

Nelor science report:

The mysterious scrap, seems to retain some sharpness. It is unknown what effect would it have, added to a drill. However, it does not shoot lasers at all.

You did well, Snowball! You did well.

[Image: 007a0.png]
[Image: 007a1.png]

At the bottom of the well, various cave lobsters scutter, and burrow into the walls. A particularly large one, which looks a little bit off, scoffs at the hairy beast, and replaces its lobster claws with Yargling claws, and grows some horns.

Emry hooks up the Watering machine to the Life Support system, plants some seeds from the seed box, and begins tending to it. Look, a yellow shoot is already growing!

"Commissioner Petrikov here! Glad you dig hole fast enough. Five layers deep already. 10 generic parts are added to your next shipment of supplies."

Floor countdown: 245 (2 increase bonus floor level for the depth of water!)
Supply points: Emry: 3, Nelor: 4, Snowball: 4, Polto: 3
Supply shuttle: empty
Next shipment: 3x large rolls of Nanofiber Wallpaper, 10 generic parts

It is time time
03-14-2016, 09:30 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
"You know what we need? We need a kitchen, so we can create...delicious meals."

Hoppits, like their halfling-kin, are absolute hedonists. But luckily, Hoppits are just as hard working. Emry decides to go down and try to hook up any subterranean beasties down in the chute.
03-14-2016, 09:47 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
"This seems safe. Going to make something useful here."

Nelor begins converting the wreck into a HAUNTED(?) FORGE, using some of the scrap and whatever he can salvage from inside of the place.

This will work.
03-14-2016, 10:06 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Snowball yelps loudly in surprise as it comes into contact with the Doppelobster nest, and promptly wall jumps its way out of the well using their superior CLIMBING STATS. Once back at the top, Snowball starts barking to get everybody else's attention and throwing large rocks in the well to crush the Doppel nest.

After a few moments of this, Snowball suddenly realizes that Polto has managed to figure out how to make lightning out of coins and scrap metal! What an amazing scientific discovery! Snowball tosses all of Polto's coins and scrap metal into the well.

03-14-2016, 11:06 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
"What's the matter? Timmy fell down the well?"

Emry is not aware of any Timmies in the area.
03-14-2016, 12:47 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Polto continues to do some science by lighting things on fire. Polto also endeavours to dig out another level below where they are right now.
03-14-2016, 05:03 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
"'Ey, careful with that scrap. It's useful! ...And possibly cursed!"

Nelor keeps heedlessly making it into stuff anyway.
03-14-2016, 11:28 PM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
Polto jumps. It's just Nelor, but still, what a shock.

"D-d-d-don't worry, I am well versed in dealing with terror."
03-20-2016, 05:23 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
[Image: 008a0.png]
[Image: 008a1.png]

Emry can not reach that far down the tube, and as opposed to Snowball, she can't climb as well. Polto throws rocks in the well, and some materials. Sparks spread in the water, mildly shocking the crustaceans. A few float to the surface, stunned, and the doppel burrows into the cavern wall.

Suddenly, Polto digs out another level below them, so Emry can now get close enough to fish out the stunned lobsters using her garden tool. Polto uses Polto's blowtorch, to the things on fire. However, due to time constraints, Polto only tried it on the scrap metal scrap and coins.

Nelor rebuilds the wreckage into some kind of Forge. Good thing it is behind the Dangeirlock!

Polto science report:
Subject #1: Strange scrap
Description: metal that appears to be coated with a non-rust substance.

Test #1: Blowtorched: metal resists melting.

Subject #2: Silver coin

Test #1: Blowtorched: sparks fly from the coin, but otherwise unaffected.

Floor countdown: 245
Supply points: Emry: 3.5, Nelor: 4.5, Snowball: 4.5, Polto: 3.5
Supply shuttle: empty
Next shipment: 3x large rolls of Nanofiber Wallpaper, 10 generic parts

It is time time
03-20-2016, 05:26 AM
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RE: Project D.O.R.F.
"It's time... for an upgrade."

Nelor uses the CURSED(?) FORGE to make a drill head out of the mysterious scrap! He replaces his current drill head with it.

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