Game idea; Tanks
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Game idea; Tanks
I've had an idea for a Forum game that revolves around being the crew of a tank, obviously this is hard to do just by posting on forums so i have challenged myself to see if it can be done, and if so, whether it is enjoyable. To this end i want to get everyone's opinions on what could and should be altered/removed/added about gameplay and other such things.
I have drawn up basic plans for this, it will be turn based, with each turn lasting an arbitrary 20 seconds (up for negotiation). In this time the crew will have the opportunity to take a single main cannon shot, reload it and any other actions they wish to perform, such as (but not limited to) firing the coaxial machinegun, engage night vision or zoom or whatnot and of course, maneuvering the tank around various obstacles.
Driving the tank will be simple, you say how fast you want to go, for how many seconds, detailing any course corrections or turning in degrees (or radians if you REALLY want to), and you go exactly that far. Unstable terrain will cause you to slew around and not be as accurate with your turns.
As for firing the main gun, it is simple, you choose in your last turn what type of ammunition there is to be loaded from the usual stock of tank rounds (undecided as to how many rounds a tank should have and what kinds of ammo there is but AT and HE are definitely in) and you can fire the round you loaded last turn. The round is fired by rotating the turret and setting elevation (degrees or radians measurements, and remember that the base may be rotating as well) and then issuing the firing order. The round will travel exactly as the laws of physics dictate, the round itself will be modelled as a particle and will have negligible air resistance acting upon it, (unless anybody here knows how much it would be for a standard tank round) Time will play a factor as the enemy are moving and will not be where they are at the start of the turn, the turret needs time to rotate, and the bullet needs time to fly.
For hitting the enemy, the tanks will be considered as a pair of cubes with to-be-decided dimensions, when a round hits, calculations will be made to see whether the round penetrates the armour, impacts harmlessly, or bounces off completely. Penetrations will cause specific damage, which is specific to what is hit, if you hit the engine, you kill the engine; common sense. If two hits are made on the same section of the armour, it will clearly be easier to penetrate and my calculations will make it so. I'm not sure how i would implement upgrades such as Explosive-Reactive Armour but i am open to suggestions. CHARM Kinetic Energy rounds (AKA Sabot rounds) will find armour easier to penetrate, but unless they are aimed incredibly accurately will cause less damage than the High-Explosive HESH rounds as they just pass straight through without exploding.
A battle computer (AKA me talking to you) will give you information on where you have been hit, alert you of any mines ahead, tell you how far off your last shot was, tell you where the opponent's last shots landed, and generally be helpful. (unless the computer was hit by the enemy, in which case, you're on your own.)
Now, as im going to have to represent the data. This is the tricky part.
I plan to draw each tank's compartments like so:
[Image: tankinteriorshowcase_zpsa0759ba5.png]
I am open to any suggestions of how do do this differently, I can try to do this with a CGI program or something, but I am not spending any money on anything. I guess that the big question is whether i can draw accurately or not.
Ive also thought of having the picture, but also detailing the distances and directions of sizable objects nearby.

What do you guys think?
Please give any suggestions you have.
And yes, i realize this is unlikely to work, but just think;
What if it did?
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RE: Game idea; Tanks
It sounds like it could be a good idea, but it's incredibly complex. To score a hit, your players are going to have to:

1: Decide on a target
2: Prepare an appropriate round
3: Avoid getting hit with an absurdly precise movement system.

And that's the turn BEFORE they can attack - situations can change very quickly over an enemy turn. On the shooting turn, if they still want to go through with it, they have to now:

4: Find how long it'd take a round to reach possible areas around the target
5: Predict the target's possible movement, taking into account speed and movement pattern
6: Find a place where the round and target arrive at the same time
7: Calculate, in FULL DETAIL, how to make the bullet get there.
8: Fire
9: Predict whether they should send another at that target or if the first shot is successful
10: Return to step 1

Excluding step 10, that's still NINE STEPS to use the main weapon. That's far too much. And step seven is REALLY COMPLEX as well. I, personally, could not be bothered to calculate all that crap. And you'd have to do that yourself for every npc vehicle on the board.

SIMPLIFY THIS A LOT. I would recommend maybe moving to a grid-like format. This allows for easier everything - movement, targeting, predicting enemy movement, designating speed across ground types...
06-09-2013, 08:25 AM
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RE: Game idea; Tanks
That is a very good point.
Whilst I am entirely confident in my own abilities to calculate all of it, it hadn't dawned on me that some players would not. I suppose I envisioned it like being in an actual tank, and having to guess where the enemy is and whatnot, with players getting better at it as time passed. However if you calculated where your bullet would go you would get perfect kills whilst your opponents would still be guess firing. That doesn't make for a balanced game, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I shall think things over and reevaluate.
03-08-2014, 05:07 PM
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RE: Game idea; Tanks
As gamers, we all have our brilliant, perfect, tragically nonexistent game idea.With this, we can have a place for redditors to post ideas they can't utilize themselves, while people who are idea-starved can get some inspiration!

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