Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act III, in which the Frontier is Fucked]
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Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act III, in which the Frontier is Fucked]

First Thread

Second Thread

Continued from here.

[Image: 0BARRACKS.png]

[Image: 0HYDROPONICS.png]

And so a great migration happened.

And nothing of value was lost except for the spoiler tags.

I loved those fucking spoiler tags.

Repost your character sheets here so that I may link them here.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Altais Nurantas (Althius Nurentus)
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Species: Nusenic (Ersosian)
Species description: Anthropomorphic space dragon Romans.
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 410 lbs
[Image: Altais%20new%20armor.png]
Chapter 1:
[Image: Stats.png]
Chapter 2:
[Image: Stats%20version%20two.png]
Chapter 3.1:
[Image: stats%20version%20three.png]
Chapter 3.2 (now):
[Image: stats%20version%20four.png]

Equipment: Lots. Noteworthy equipment is his wrist-computer, his multi-tools, his grappling hook, his kinetic tower shield, his personal energy shield, and his combat armor.
Weaponry: Lots. Noteworthy weaponry is his laser spatha, his assault rifle, and his magnum pistol.

Battle Instincts
Description: This character's species is built for war. Despite his lack of intense formal training, he can get into battle trances, and has strong combat instincts to keep him alive.

Fire Resistance
Description: This character is unbothered by fire or smoke.

Fluff skill:
Description: This character's wings allow him to jump and glide like a champion. He's not capable of sustained flight, however.

Nurantas Genetic Memory
Description: This character's species has evolved the capacity for genetic memory. Due to the Nurantas family's millennia-old tradition of serving as naval officers, Altais is a natural in that field. However, due to Altais's personal rejection of his family values, it only tends to come out in times of crisis. It can sometimes turn him into a different person entirely, though only for short amounts of time.

Sexual Mastery (earned from the Nights of the Hundred Whores)
Description: The whores of the Venture say the name "Altais" with a mix of reverence, lust, and awe. Altais, meanwhile, has tried to forget about it.

Fluff weakness:
Cold weakness
Description: This character has a heightened weakness to cold.

Bad Dancer
Description: This character is really crappy at dancing.

Backstory: Altais is from the planet Ersos, homeworld of the Nusenics and the Cidellian Empire, one of the more powerful spacefaring nations in the galactic center. His father was a military officer from a long line of military officers, and his mother was a nurse for one of the general hospitals in Bertrol. Altais had two brothers, both of whom joined the military as was family tradition.

Growing up, his family constantly pushed him to achieve and become successful. Altais, unfortunately, wasn't very good at being successful. He was never able to commit to any career choice or field, instead dabbling in multiple things. Regardless, his father tried very hard to militarize his son. Upon reaching the age of twenty, and maturity, Altais joined the Imperial Reserve Corps, where he received basic training as a reserve soldier. In his spare time, he drifted through life, pursuing various hobbies including mechanical work, computer science, military strategy and tactics, and marksmanship. He even tried public speaking out for a short time. This gave him the reputation of a Jack of Trades, though he was never particularly good at anything due to his lack of commitment.

When Altais was twenty-nine, things between Altais and his family finally came to a head. He ended up leaving Ersos on the first transport he found, and wandered for a year before joining the crew of a salvage ship. This is where he's been since.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Merlin

Race: Space Wizard

Race Description: Space Wizards are a humanoid species with extremely pale skin. They generally hover about two inches above the ground instead of walking as their limbs are brittle and not really suited for anything but vague motions. Their diet consists of things that have some sort of magical essence in them, which of course has made them few friends among the magic-users and artifact collectors of the world. They have no mouths as far as anyone can tell and just kind of suck the essence right out. They adopted the species name 'space wizard' when they met humanity, without realizing that it was a joke made by a rather juvenile officer about their race. It kind of stuck.

Head: Wizarding Hat - The Earth-creature told Merlin that no proper wizard goes anywhere without one. Thankfully the Earth-creature didn't realize that the junk he was peddling was actually enchanted to offer minor protection against mental attacks.
Armor: Cloak of WHAY- Powered by some strange Space Wizard magic, the Cloak of Where-the-Hell-Are-You (renamed after a copyright issue forced a change from 'invisibility cloak') allows the wearer some manner of cloaking as long as they channel some of their magic energy into it.
Left: Book of spells - Because she never cared for a lot of the ritual garbage that some spells need, she keeps a book filled with them (as well as some personal tips of her own so she can cheat her way through some of the more boring or memory-intensive steps).
Right: Magic amplificator - It basically looks like a short staff. It allows Merlin to focus her magical energy and she can technically use it as a melee weapon as it has a pointy end, but she'd likely just hurt herself

Character History: Merlin was raised in a backwater Space Wizard village, unwitting as to what lay beyond the stars. When she got older, she was apprenticed to an experienced member of her race instead of being set to a school like many of her villagemates. Her mentor, who was an avid adventurer, would always travel, leaving Merlin alone to her studies for weeks on end sometimes. Merlin of course, being a rebellious teenage space wizard, hated the typical magical studies he was forced to do and instead spent her time listening to wizard rock music and using powers to light random things on fire (and then immediately putting them out because, you know, you've got to be careful). As such she'd often get in trouble (or at least, as much trouble as her carefree mentor really cared to give) when she'd fail to properly remember the pomp and ceremony of magical cultures. She did get very good at bullshitting her way through the lazy questions thrown at her after a while though.

What eventually caught her interest was her mentors escapades, especially when he'd bring guests of different species over. She would talk with these strangers for as long as they'd stick around, putting her studies even further behind then they already were in lieu of developing advanced social knowledge and skills when it came to other races.

When Merlin eventually left her mentor's service, she immediately decided to go off on her own and adventure the stars. She promptly got lost and ended up in the cesspit that is Frontier Station Epsilon Gamme Fuq'uo. Even she hates it. She also picked up her 'human' name, Merlin, after a misadventure involving some sort of magical sword.

Gender: Merlin communicates with others using their own voice (since space wizards can communicate telepathically so don't need names [and also they don't have mouths]), so girls tend to say she's female and guys tend to argue he's a dude. Has a typically male name though, so most people, out of respect of the space wizards' typical inability of knowing when they're being made fun of, refer to Merlin as a she.

0+Computer (What is this witchcraft) + 1 (<3 Okon) + 1 (Email Connoisseur)
0+Command (Space wizards care little for this foolery) + 1 (Responsibility takes hold)
0+Combat (My bones so weak)
0+Firearms (Even this is too much)
0+Physical Engineering (Seriously you jerks)
12+Space Wizard (Trope Namer) + 5 (SPACE WIZARDS) + 7 (Magical Girl Merlin)
8+Attunement (What a natural)
2+Ceremonial (Booooriiiiiing)
0+Science (How do you science)
6+Diplomancer (It kind of sounds like magic)
2+Bullshitting (Yes I studied this incantation sir, I swear)

The Holy Blade - Merlin has, with her at all times, a magical sword of no small power. So extreme of course that she can't siphon any energy off of it. While it is of course not actually Excalibur, she refers to it as such and encourages others to do the same. Now having the incredible physical weakness that all Space Wizards have, Merlin cannot use the sword herself, but she can choose a 'champion' to wield it and work with her. Unfortunately, the blade is extremely picky, and characters who generally perform immoral deeds will be completely unable to lift it, or in the worst case scenario, get blasted by some of its magic. Moral characters find themselves able to wield the blade so long as they are fighting the 'just' fight, but the instant they stop or do something a true hero wouldn't do, it drops to the floor. Finally, being Merlin's sword it can never leave her sight.

A Species Sentient - Merlin is exceedingly knowledgeable about the cultures, beliefs, and abilities of most well known (and a couple of barely known) sentient species in the galaxy, due to her mentors endless torrent of guests that kept him from ever actually teaching her much from his own experience. When she meets a species, she'll be able to tap into her memory and remember just how to not instantly piss them right off.

Fluff Skill: Trivia Master

Stat Sheet:
[Image: Mainlen%201.png][Image: Mainlen%202.png]

Super Merlin Outfit Time!
Classic Merlin: aaaa Disguise Merlin: aaaa New Merlin:
[Image: Merlin%20portrait%201.png][Image: Merlin%20portrait%202.png][Image: Merlin%20portrait%203.png]
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Astrid Grigori

Race: Human

Character History: I had gained quite a reputation back on Earth. If you were to ask any man on Earth who I was you would most likely hear me being referred to as "The Reaper." Leading a group of four people and forming a group known as "The Four Horsemen" we strived to rid our home of criminals and sinners through actions that others would have most likely found excessively violent. I had established myself as the very symbol of death in the eyes of my foes, became very good friends with "The Warhammer" Felix, and started a relationship with "The Disease" Cecilia. Life was more or less ok for all of us until "The Locust" Xavier tried to kill the rest of us stating that in order to rid the world of evil we had to die as well, it was a long battle but eventually we put a stop to his betrayal. With our group one horseman short we started to go our separate ways. Felix has basically disappeared since the day we disbanded but Cecilia and I still kept in touch, everyday of chatting through vidcoms with her I began to miss being by her side. I had to see her again in person so I decided to save as many credits as I could to buy a trip off of Earth and meet with her, unfortunately when I got to the planet she had lived at the last time we spoke I learned that she had moved several days before my arrival. Since then I've been traversing the Frontier searching for her to no avail. My funds have finally dried up and I have no personal means of transportation, with luck I might be able to find a ship crew that might allow me to hitch a ride.

Character Description: Astrid acts very different depending on two factors, whether he thinks he can trust someone and how long he has known that person. For people he has just met he will typically remain distant and keep interaction as infrequent as he possibly can, but when he is seen around his loved ones or people he is familiar with then he is very open and caring towards them.

Gender: Male
[Image: JaDyk.png]
[Image: 3h6wbLx.png]


Blood Magick: Astrid has the ability to control his own blood in various ways such as firing small orbs of blood, ensnaring his foes using his blood as tendrils, controlling others through mixing his blood with blood from a wound he's inflicted, and hardening his blood to provide the same protection as his armor.

Went to Death's Door and Lived to Tell the Tale: Astrid was known as The Symbol of Death for a reason, after he has been killed with no heartbeat present he is known to rise from the abyss to rain vengeance upon his killer. The sight of this caused some of his enemies to believe that he was the actual Grim Reaper come to Earth to reap the souls of the damned, this was far from the case. In actuality Astrid was able to come back to life because of his skill in the art of blood magick. When Astrid's heart stopped beating and he was effectively dead his blood magick would absorb any blood in the immediate vicinity and restore any injured organs or body parts back to peak condition, though useful the process of restoring the wounded areas is extremely painful (it has been put on record that he has described it as being similar to "being impaled by a thousand swords all at once.") so much in fact that he is unable to do it again in the span of 24 hours. Because of this if he were to die twice in the same day he's gone for good, as an added side effect his blood magick is only half as effective as it originally was for the rest of the day.


Judging a Book by Its Cover: Astrid often doesn't associate himself with others. The only people he has been known to interact with have been people who he thinks can handle themselves in a fight. He usually assessed their capabilities based on their appearance, his assumption of the person starts to match how they really are once he sees how they behave in various situations but because of this he has been known to rub quite a few people the wrong way.

Fluff Skill: Killer Instinct: As the stories of his past life on Earth would suggest Astrid was known to "give no quarter" when facing down his enemies and they, in turn, showed no mercy when attempting to take him down. As time moved on frontal assaults seemed futile against him causing them to resort to more subtle, stealthy, and underhanded approaches. Over time Astrid became more cautious of danger and more aware of his surroundings, up to a point where he gained a sixth sense that allowed him to visually see an aura or "vibe" resonating off of people. These vibes functioned as indicators of whether an individual possessed the intent to harm/kill someone, if they were depressed about something, and much more.

Head: Tactical Breathing Apparatus, designed for quick use if space suits aren't necessary or readily available for maintaining air supply.
Armour: Onyx Mk IV, a compact module programmed to cover all areas of the body to effectively eliminate the danger of exposed skin in space. As the Mk IV (Mark Four) in the name suggests this was not the first model, since previous models were too cumbersome for anyone save the most muscular and fit consumers efforts were made to make a model that was lightweight and took less effort to travel with while still maintaining the same durability and precautionary measures as previous models. Utilizing the latest technology for the materialization of matter, the Onyx Mk IV was designed as a compact disk-like module that materializes armored plates on the user's body upon application to any part of the body. Though the armored plates are as durable as the bulkier models it is also extremely flexible and weighs next to nothing, making it very versatile compared to earlier models. As the plates materialize onto the user's body it completely ignores the attire that he/she is currently wearing and hugs the body almost acting as a second skin for the individual wearing it, this greatly reduces the amount of time needed to put on the armor making the need for preparations beforehand unnecessary.

Right: Deliverance, a scythe that has been passed down his bloodline for generations, made with an alloy that cuts as cleanly as lasers.
Left: Sacrifice, a pair of gloves enchanted to augment blood magic and various dark arts.

Emerald Pendant, a gift from Cecilia that he never parts with.
Syringe, a quick way to utilize large amounts of blood in a short time.

Credit Chit, more credits you can carry, less weight you have to worry about.
Four Vials of Blood, a swig of one of these can heal your wounds in an instant.
Lighter, there have gotta be some cigarettes somewhere.
Earpiece Communicator, a hands-free communications device (not pictured)
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: diazepamprofile.png]

Name: Diaz Epam. "Dr. Diaz."

Race: Unknown.

Race Description: Humanoid. Apparently, his species is extraordinarily long-lived and collectivist.


Head: n/a

Armor: [FUCKED UP] INTERCEPTOR GEAR. Labcoat and armor suit hybrid with a large personal inventory. Intended to guard the wearer aganist experimental hazards (chemicals, radiation, biological, electricity) but has enough physical resistance to deflect conventional firearms.

Left: [FUCKED UP] MORNINGSTAR. A mechanical contraption that acts as a healing device. Has an electroshock weapon as an attachment for self-defense.

Right: None.

Character History: UNKNOWN.

Gender: Male.


10+Computer/ 8 Security/ 0 AI Affinity
3+Strategy/ 0 Command/ 0 Tactics
2+Improvisation/ 0 Combat/ 0 Unarmed
2+Firearms/ 0 Marksmanship/ 0 Heavy Weapons
0+Physical Engineering/ 0 Weapons Engineering/ 0 Jury Rigging
0+Space Wizard/ 0 Attument/ 0 Ceremonial
10+Science/ 8 Chemistry/ 8 Biology
0+Diplomancer/ 0 Bullshitting/ 0 Bootlicking


10 comp
3 strat
2 improv
0 firearms
0 physicaleng
0 spacewizard
10 sci/ 3 chem/ 2 bio
0 diplo

+2 chemistry
+1 biology

+3 chem
+5 bio
+2 firearms

+8 security

Universal Anesthesia- Epam can knock out and stabilize a character of his choice, regardless of bonuses or species.

Collaboration - Epam can apply his science bonuses to other people when he aids them regardless of job and relatedness to science.


DIAGNOIR2 SCAN: A state-of-an-art handheld scanner build for powerful scientific applications. Contains a built-in flashlight and Hypernet access.

GROUP DYNAMICS OF ALIEN CULTURES: A collection of journal articles exploring the anthropology and sociology of multispecies settlements. Inside information is fairly expansive and has numerous reliable sources to back it up.

SONIC SHOVEL: A mysterious tool with mysterious purposes. Former property of the Gardener. Hope he doesn't miss it too much.

UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR NECKLACE: A weird-looking necklace that somehow translates everything. Even cryptic languages.

LADY: A juvenile female "Gallodog" - a quadruped alien species that is infamous for its poisonous spine-filled tail.

3xGIRLIE MAGS: Publications containing contents that are frankly pornographic in nature. The carried titles are: FOXXERIA'S SECRET, BUSTY MELONS AMONG MELODIOUS METEORITES, and BOXXX.

MAGIC PAINT: A big fistful of thaumaturgical pigments.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Idegen

Race: Cuttlefish-people. Technically the name for their race is Balnishan. But everyone just calls them Cuttlefish-people. They sort of learned to get used to it.

Race Description: Cuttlefish come in a variety of colors and patterns. Likewise so do the Balnishan. They have the natural ability to breath underwater even though they no longer live primarily in water. They have suction cups on their palms that can be used to climb even flat surfaces with relative ease. Other than these differences, and their cuttlefish faces, they are pretty much look like humans. Because bipedal lifeforms with two arms seem to be the default evolutionary path for intelligent creatures throughout the universe.

Their most useful ability is a natural camouflage ability that lets them blend into the area around them. This comes with a high awareness to their surroundings. Not exactly "Eyes in the back of their heads" but it is hard to sneak up on them. Slightly less useful is the ability to light up in the dark with tiny lights on their body. Pretty much useless because of how weak the lights are.

Their greatest weakness it their size and strength. A Balnishan isn't likely to grow taller than five and a half feet. This leads to a general physical disadvantage to other species. Just as bad is the fact that oxygen is mildly toxic to the species. Prolonged exposure to what is considered normal levels of oxygen for most species leads to decreased muscle control, hallucinations, exhaustion, and other debilitating mental and physical symptoms. When traveling Balnishan always wear rebreathers.

Gender: Male

Character History: Idegen was never what you would call a social guy. He had maybe two or three friends growing up. None of them he would call close. This trend kept up later in his life. He only ever knows two or three people who he might call "friends" even though really they're just people he can stand to spend an evening with without wanting to kill something. But really, isn't that what friendship is all about?

He can't identify the exact point when he decided he wanted to be a mercenary. He seemed to always have some proficiency with computers. When he was in middle school he hacked into the schools computer to change his grades. His father died before he finished school and he had to drop out to get a job. Later one of his friends asked if he wanted to make some extra money if it meant doing something not strictly legal. It involved breaking into someones house to hack their computer and check their mail. He started doing more jobs like this, each one more dangerous than the last.

Eventually he decided that if he was going to keep doing this, he was going to have to get a gun and learn how to shoot. Spending time at the firing range became something of a pass-time. Despite spending so much time around guns, he never got around to proper maintenance. He always paid someone else to fix or clean his guns for him. All the while his reputation was growing. His prowess as a marksman landed him his first assassination job. And not long after that, he got a contract he would have never thought he would get.

They never said that they were space Germany. But they were so obviously space Germany. They hired him to break into a base for space Britain, and he took the job. Not that he had anything against space Britain or anything. He just really liked money. He broke into the base and took the information that space Germany had wanted. While in the base he came across a really cool looking railgun. He decided that it would make a nice addition to his collection so he stole it. Last thing he expected was for his gun to turn into a robot named Callum and help him escape the base by blowing it the fuck up. It was like a scene out of a cheesy action movie.

They have been working together ever since. Idegen doesn't always hold Callum in the highest esteem. On more than one occasion he seemed to not take the mission seriously. But for every joke he cracked he made up for it by helping out of a tight spot. He doesn't consider Callum a friend, but he doesn't hate him... most of the time.

Bonuses: Deep breath- Saying he doesn't miss would make Idegen a liar. But every once in awhile he feels everything click into place. He takes a deep breath and, not only will he not miss, he's going to REALLY ruin his targets day.
Active Camo- His species can naturally blend into the background, and his armor is designed to blend into the background with him. Although he can stay invisible for hours, his suit can't work for nearly as long.

Species Skills: Underwater breathing- Speaks for itself
Hypnotic Camo- Cuttlefish are able to change the look of their skin rapidly. The Balnishan can do this as well. They are able to distract simple animals by creating a shifting hypnotic pattern over their skin. A useful defense mechanism against simple animals as well as a valid hunting technique.
Suction Cup Hands- Useful for climbing walls and not much else.

Fluff Skills: Seamster- Before he became an assassin Idegen was an accomplished tailor. Capable of patching up holes in clothes and making it look good as new or putting together a custom fit suit is well within his abilities.

Weaknesses: Lightweight- Not only is he smaller and lighter then most other people, but he can not handle spicy food or too much alcohol.

Appearance: A dull shade of blue with stripes of black running from the tips of his tentacles down to his toes. Stands at five and a half feet. Tall for his species.

Inventory: Body- A black full body suit covering the neck down doubling as light armor. It isn't effective against anything but small arms fire and not at point blank range. The back is covered in power cells to help power the armors active camo feature.
Head- A rebreather designed to silently filter out mild toxins, including oxygen. A week without this and he will start experiencing symptoms of oxygen poisoning.
Right arm- Empty
Left Arm- The Deluxe Haxor Multi Tool. This armband can wirelessly interface with electronic locks and computers at close range allowing the wearer to hack the system directly, and not worry about busted interfaces or DNA recognition.

Belt- Sidearm. Callum can't be there every time you need to shoot someone.
Silencer. This equips to the sidearm in order to render the gun silent. Bullet velocity is reduced while this is equiped so it is only used when stealth is the objective.
Classic multi tool. Not every lock is electronic. This is used when you have to unlock a non electronic lock or open up an access panel.
Wireless communicator. A small device capable of fitting in an ear that allows for wireless audio communication. Can also be equipped to the inside of most helmets. Directly connected to Callum's communicator.

Backpack- Sewing kit. A fully equipped sewing kit with plenty of sewing needles, various colors of thread, and even a variety of buttons.
Miscellaneous Sewing Supplies- Not everything fits in the kit. This is various types of cloth and materials for repairs to ripped clothing.
Helmet. This is for work in environments with no air.
Backup Rebreather. For if his first one breaks.
Backup Backup Rebreather. Seriously. Balnishan who suffer from oxygen poisoning don't always return to normal.
Bathing Suit- Just because your species has aquatic roots doesn't mean you can go skinny dipping in the public pool.

Due to recent events, Idegen only has an uncomfortable white hospital robe on.

Stats: Computer Skill- 4
Security- 7
AI Affinity- 3 4
Firearms Skill- 5
Marksmanship- 9
Heavy Weapons- 2
[Image: FrontierFuckedstatsheet_zps15723037.png]
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Callum

Character History: For the main part of his life, Callum was what you might call “sheltered”. He would never be allowed to go anywhere without his caretaker, and was homeschooled. This predictably led to his not having many friends. He always felt like he was something of a trophy to his parents, as they would frequently invite people over to brag about all he could do, and how amazing he was. While Callum spent much of his life under the close supervision of his parents, always being gawked at and complemented by others, he spent whatever time he could away from them learning how to fight, dreaming of one day escaping and going off on an adventure of his own. One day, that opportunity came when a man broke into his parent’s house, and Callum asked the man to take him away from this horrid place.

By the way, did I mention that Callum is a robot?

Callum’s very first act of freedom was to blow up his parent’s house. After all, what’s an unruly teenager without a couple of highly destructive parties? Though this one was less “Party” and more “Robbery”, but that’s besides the point.

Now, the two of them quest through the stars, fighting crime and doing good. Or the other way around, though it really doesn’t make much of a difference to Callum. All he cares is that he’s free to do what he wants, and to punch anyone who objects. While Idegen may be a bit of a downer sometimes, Callum doesn’t hold that against him, though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to cheer the gloomy bugger up. Callum feels somewhat of a sense of loyalty to Idegen, and would absolutely never abandon him if he were in need. After all, he is his best, and only, friend.

Race: Transforming British Robot

Race Description: He's a robot that can turn into a gun. He's also British. That's really all there is to say on this matter.

[Image: FF1r6_zps80a64d54.png]
Head: Personality core. This is where Callum's true self is, his entire AI and robotic processing thingamadoohickey.
Armor: Carbon Phlebotonium plating. This plating is made of Carbon atoms arranged in hexagons, several atoms thick. This armor is very strong and light, and resists physical blows quite well, but transmits heat and energy extremely well. As such, while Callum can take punches well, in the presence of lasers, fire, radiation, or even an overly bright light, his internals overheat.

Hands: Callum's hands are large, round, and heavy, ideal for punching the snot out of people. They can also be used to manipulate things, with small fingerlike appendages folding out of the hand. His hands can be removed and replaced by the alternate hands that he carries around with him.

Space Poker Cards: Featuring a full 106 cards, including the jokers, Callum carries these around for entertainment.
Space Poker Chips: Worth 1, 16, and 64 fake money, these are used for betting in Space Poker.
Space Army Knife: Every tool you could need, from screwdrivers to scissors to a fork and spoon. Also a knife, in case you feel the need to stab someone in the gut.
Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics(Volume 1): The first 146 laws of robotics, generally regarded as the "Core Rules". All the other volumes are just "Auxiliary Rules".
Lighter: For lighting things on fire.
Pencils: For writing things down with.
Tape: For sticking things together with.
Wireless Communicator: Connected directly to Idegen's, this allows Callum to talk to him from anywhere, anytime.
Replacement Hands(Sword Type): Replacement hands that act as swords. Very pointy.
Replacement Hands(Spike Type): Replacement hands with spikes where the knuckles should be. Very spiky.
Replacement Hands(Gun Type): Replacement hands that can fire a laser blast out of them. Callum hates them.

Gender: His personality is male.

[Image: FF2A2_zps1e8c7947.png]
Computers: 3 (Doesn't delete System32)
Command: 0 (What do you expect. He's a robot)
Combat: 6 (This robot knows how to fight)
--Unarmed: 11 (Kung Fu Black Belt, Wrestling Star, Boxing Champ)
Firearms: 0 (Which end is the barrel?)
Physical Engineering: 2+1 (Has passed High School Physics (with an A+))
--Weapons Engineering: 8 (Takes one to know one)
Space Wizard: 0 (All he can cast is Punch)
Science: 0 (Physics, but neither of the other two)
Diplomancer: 0 (That British accent has to count for something though)

Racial Abilities:
Gun Forme: Can turn into a Railgun Sniper Rifle, plus whatever upgrades he's assimilated.
Electric: Doesn't eat or sleep, but instead just recharges.
Hydraulics: Is stronger than an average human by a significant bit, even when not overdriven.
Data Management: Has a perfect memory of everything that he's seen or heard. Is also really good at ignoring people or things by just deleting everything he knows about them and filtering them out of his vision.

Overdrive: Puts extra strain on his internals, causing some overheating, in exchange for temporarily improved Speed, Strength, and all other such things.
Assimilate: Can absorb gun parts and upgrades, and even full guns, and incorporate them into his gun form. It takes time though, at a few hours for an upgrade, and a full day for a full gun.

Fluff Skill:
British Accent: His voice is both rich and foreign, making him very popular with the ladies. If only ladies were popular with him.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: charsheet2_disguise_small.png]
Francis Petrak
Character Skills

Race: Human

Race Description:
Ugly simian aliens from Sol III, these creatures are practitioners of advanced military technological science. Inquisitive and curious but with an infinite capacity for stupidity, humans waged several wars upon discovering alien life (accidentally, involving a battleship from one human homeworld country pursuing one from a colonial planet into uncharted space) and conquered some reaches of the galaxy before backing down in the face of an actual full-size alien empire messing up their shit. Most of what is considered 'human space' is actually a fractured patchwork of polities that rarely get along.

Character History:
Some would tell you humans are adaptable and make good diplomats, but those people have clearly never met Petrak. He's never actually been to Earth, having being born and raised on some backwater ocean world and moving out on the frontier in search of something interesting to do. However, he ended up being lumped with a horrible monotonous job involving the upkeep of the station. He had trained to work with maintaining ship weapons systems of all kinds, not fixing leaking water pipes and oxygen flows. Screw that! He's banding together with this bunch of misfits, not because he likes most of them, but because he wants out of this dump.

Gender: Male

WIRED REFLEXES: Having had his hands and arms 'wired' in what was at the time a relatively new procedure, Petrak has mechanisms in his limbs. They don't really make him (much) stronger, but they allow him to perform mechanical motions faster. This means quicker and more skillful repairs off the battlefield, and faster hand-using actions in combat (if he ever planned on getting into more than a drunken brawl).
SOLID THOUGHTS: Petrak has his own ideas, and he sticks to them. No matter how logical the argument he is facing, not matter how passionately and eloquently they put it to him, no matter how forcefully they try to ram it telepathically into his skull. He's just generally resistant to people changing his mind about something. Some people (a certain doctor comes to mind) chalk this up to a genetic mental defect, but Petrak just thinks it's because he's always right. Good luck convincing him otherwise.

Fluff Skill:
SIMPLE COOKING: Petrak is familiar with basic dishes such as macaroni cheese, and he can make a mean tikka masala with whatever meat the nearest alien supermarket is selling.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Jarl (pronunciation: jar - l)

Race: Garg

Race Description: Jarl's race is a race of creatures that didn't get to the space age themselves, but hitched a ride into it as very good hired muscle. They are very resilient to most damage and can even survive in the vacuum of space for a few minutes before all heat leaves their bodies. They will also eat anything any other race would eat and then some. It's common drinking advice to turn down a Garg who has offered to make you a "firebomb". It's an alcoholic drink that has crude oil as a primary ingredient. Garg will even eat other races, which adds to their brutality.

Character History: Jarl has lived a good long Gargian life. He has fought, drunk, and fought through many adventures. Well, there's not much more to his past than that. He's hired muscle, like 95% of all Garg. Moving to personality, Jarl's an interesting guy to be around. Unlike most Garg, he loves the company of other races. The differences in the bodies and minds of those he meets fascinates him. However, you don't want to make him an enemy. Garg are known for eating people they don't like, and Jarl is mostly the same. He'll eat you, but you need to give him a really good reason to. If he finds a corps however, you should be quick to tell him not to eat it. He'll grumble and possibly kick the body, but he'll comply.

...oh! He's also addicted to two things. The first is whisky. The second is Ovalquick, a powdered chocolate. You know, the kind you put in milk to make it chocolate flavored. You give him a steady stream of this stuff and Jarl will be your friend for life (or at least until the powdered and liquid happiness stopped flowing).

Gender: Male

-Garg Body: This is a trait obviously tied to all Garg. Because of Jarl's skin, he is a minitank, being highly resistant to most any damage. This generally helps when he flings himself towards any creature, even in the middle of a shootout. His skin is also the reason he can survive in the abyss of space for a short time without messy depressurization. His skin does not, however, fix the problem of running out of air. His lungs help that problem by being able to hold a good amount of air. Not that much, but enough to float from ship to ship if need be. One other fun thing to note is that it takes quite a lot of alcohol to get a Garg drunk. If you want to incapacitate a Garg, don't use liquor. They'll just ask for more.


-Technologically Impared: This is a weakness most Gargoyls share. They can use ATM's and home computers just fine, but they don't mesh well when it comes to reparing or working on anything electronic. It is possible for a Gargoyl to be adept in these skills, but Jarl is not one such Gargoyl.

Skill Distribution:
[Image: jaMWA5o.png]
To give an idea of what that many points in one skill can do; Jarl can snap a tank in half.

Fluff Skills:
-Master Alcoholic: Jarl can hold his liquor better than most Garg, which is saying something.
-GMMA (Garg Mixed Marshal Arts): Jarl really enjoys getting up and personal with his enemies and could have probably gone pro in the GMMALeague if he only fought fair.

-Your limbs
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Mantiran Construct #343, "The Watcher" (also known as Kavali)

Race: Mantiran Construct

Race Description: The Mantiran Constructs are so named for their creator, the reclusive space wizard Nero Mantira. Each is unique in appearance, abilities, intelligence, and other aspects, though each holds some consistencies. For one thing, the bodies of each naturally produce some amount of magical energy which can potentially be used as a power source (and is also the only thing keeping them alive). Another commonality between the Constructs is the method that went into their creation

Mantira was, first, an artist, though his works were entirely rejected as "uninspired" or "hideous". His failure as an artist caused him to instead study magic, something he had a strong predisposition toward. Necromancy was of particular interest to him, and as he grew more adept, he had a thought. Why give up on the art? Why not... combine the crafts?

And so the Constructs came to be. Mantira cut himself off from society, taking up shelter in an abandoned building bought with a large sum of his inheritence. The newly-dead would not just be revived - they would be given new life, greater than they had ever known. This was Mantira's great delusion - what was essentially necromantic sculpture. The Constructs, of course, held no memory of the beings they were constructed from, no more than a robot holds memories of a chunk of metal that went into its construction.

Construct #343 was considered by the mad wizard to be a fine work (though he considered them all fine), a humanoid creature with many eyes, clawed hands and talonlike feet, able to levitate indefinitely. Unfortunately, he forgot to properly secure her afterwards...

[Image: Kavali.png]

Character History: The Watcher's first experience was in containment - no more than an exhibit in an ever-expanding freak show. Disgust filled her as she watched the old man staring at her from beyond the bars. She did the only reasonable thing for anyone in her position.

She killed him. One night she discovered that her door had not been properly sealed, and she immediately escaped. Mantira never saw it coming. The Watcher went on to free the other Constructs as well, turning them loose upon the universe. Some were flawed, and died soon after. Others integrated with society as best they could. The Watcher, however, could not be satisfied with such matters. Adopting the name "Kavali", she stowed away on the first starship she found to seek a new life.

Unfortunately, the destination of this ship was Frontier Station Epsilon Gamme Fuq'uo.

On this station she was not at all out of the ordinary - aliens of all types wandered the decripit old station, thieves and impoverished alike. She made her way at first by stealing - a weapon here, some cabling there. She made extensive use of the station's firing range - the combination of an excessive number of eyes and having no real need to have her feet on the ground led to the development of her triple-wielding style.

Getting off of the station proved to be much more difficult - security measures prevented her from stowing away a second time. The only option was to collect enough money to leave. Reluctantly, the thieving construct signed on with the station's security force, using her newly-acquired skills to assist in preventing crime.

That was seven years ago. Finally, the time has come for departure.

Gender: Female


Energy Production: Her body, as mentioned, naturally produces a magically-energetic substance which can be used as a power source. As such, she draws power from herself in order to power her weapons. It also gives her an accelerated rate of healing, and can reasonably maintain a shield around her body.

Energy Sap: In addition to her slow natural production of energy, Kavali can also extract it from other sources. Physical contact with a source of magical energy is enough to absorb it into her own body, be it from touching a wizard's beard or licking a battery.

Flaws: Poor people skills - Kavali does not like to deal with most people. At all. She's mistrustful of most everyone she meets, unless by some unlikely coincidence it's another of the Constructs. She can still bullshit her way through conversation, but she's not very good at it.

Weakness - Kavali has little in the way of physical strength, and, if her shield is breached, is extremely vulnerable to injury.

Fluff skills: Semipermeable: her body is not entirely solid - items may be stored within. She uses this in lieu of a backpack or other such storage - there is a surprisingly large amount of room within her body, possibly through the ample application of hyperspace. Nonetheless, she still keeps her larger gun strapped to her back, just in case.

What is "walk": She always floats slightly above the ground - this eliminates the need for standard locomotion and allows her to use her talons as secondary hands.


Archangel-class plasma rifle - fires powerful bursts of plasma with extreme accuracy, easily enough to kill a man if aimed properly. Connected by cabling directly to the hammerspace within her body, and modified to be magic-powered. Very draining when used for decent periods of time. Wielded with both "feet".

Lachesis-class laser pistol (x2) - much weaker than the rifle, but still deadly in the right hands. Powered by magic-storing batteries (modified), which tend to become uncharged quickly.

Energy shield - not equipment exactly, but functions as armor. A protective barrier forms around her body when necessary, in order to prevent damage to her when possible. Can be breached with enough force, especially if her reserves are low.

Magic-conducive cable (10 ft.) - a spare cable, used for powering certain items (mostly batteries). Can be connected directly to her body.

Magic-storing batteries (x3) - spare batteries, kept charged for quick replacement into the Lachesis-class pistols.

[Image: Profile1template-1.png]

[Image: stats1-1_zps54791ae2.png]
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Okon

Race: Human Cyborg

Race Description: He's a human with a robotic eye. Nothing special.

Character History: Okon has lived just about his entire life as a small-time mercenary, taking jobs from crime-bosses and local sheriffs alike. Most of the tasks he received were just "tax" collections or thief-hunts, nothing exciting. It didn't make him wealthy, but he could live a good life. Or he could have if he wasn't dragged into a game of cat and mouse by some douche, constantly running away from space-cops and rival mercs and general misfortune! Okon found a man stranded in space (due to one circumstance or another) one earth-day on one of his regular delivery routes. The life-pod he was in was covered in ominous markings in an alien language. Reluctantly, that pod was brought aboard Okon's ship and pried open to reveal an energetic but absolutely mental pirate, who happened to appreciate being saved. The two of them proceeded to get caught up in many kinds of space shenanigans until they fucked with the wrong man. Said wrong man chased them down personally across half the galaxy, killed the pirate, and mutilated Okon's right eye, slipping up just enough to let him escape with his life. Okon crawled his sorry ass to a friend living in the coldest, dustiest corner of space and had his eye replaced. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done about his ship, which now lay in practically a heap. Maybe he could find some locals who know a thing or two about craft-repairs..?

Gender: Male

Diplomacy Resistant - Okon has had to deal with a lot of crap in the past couple of years, especially bull-shitters and boot lickers, and because of it he's developed a kind of social callus, usually referred to as stubbornness.

Fluff Bonus:
"Super Cool Robo-eye" - Okon's robotic eye has a zoom feature, which is pretty sweet, but not all that useful.

[Image: 2s01sec.png]
Gut-Wrencher Shotgun - Okon's trusty old shotty. A custom copper-plated magazine fed pump action slug-slinging life ender. The end of the barrel has several sturdy hooks protruding from it, in case somebody's in need of a bad day. There's a clip of five slug rounds inside the gun.

Tazer Knife - A generic concealable self-defense knife, with an electronic mechanism built in to give a nice, hearty shock. The battery inside has ten more shocks left.

Shotgun Magazines (2) - An eight capacity clip for the Gut-Wrencher. Both clips are full of slug rounds.

Grapple Gun - A pocket grappling hook, useful in plenty of situations. The pressurized gas canister in the gun only has about seven uses left.

Red-Star Card - A membership card to the mercenary group the Red Stars. Should be useful if Okon could get back to one of their stations.

Batteries (3) - A couple rechargeable batteries for the tazer knife. One's empty, another is at half capacity, and there's a full one. Huh, what a coincidence.

Shotty Slugs Ammo Box - An ammunition container for a twelve-gauge shotgun. It's empty, except for a discount coupon at the bottom.

Vintage Swiss Knife - An all-mechanical swiss army knife, from the good ol' country itself. Well, from when the country even existed. This thing's probably worth a fortune to earth memorabilia collectors.

[Image: xbx0kz.png]
Computer: 3

Command: 2

Combat: 5
Unarmed: 2
Improvisation: 2

Firearm: 12
Marksman: 3
Heavy Weapons: 3

Space Wizarding: 4
Ceremonial: 2

Diplomancer: 2
Bullshitting: 2
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: bth_LOLWUT.gif]

Name: Meari-chan (Usomi Michiko III, Witch of Mearisu, 2nd Star)
Race: Magical Witch Girl ☆*:.。. o(^ u ^)o .。.:*☆
Race Description:
Whilst Near-human both in appearance and genetically, The Magical Witches of the planet Mearisu rarely associate with offworlders, except for a ritual 'leaving' exercise that occurs during their 'formative years', either to test their ability to interact with the galaxy at large, or to avoid having to listen to their post-pubescent problems. We may never know. Their magic is powered by their Inner Kawaii, which is sometimes employed via the use of supernatural melee weapons known as Wand-blades. \(- – )
Character History: A few hours into her 'Leaving', Meari-chan has been wandering around Venture, looking for a way to explore the Galaxy and meet interesting people. I wonder who could possibly be that interesting...

Things that the crew know about her thus far:
- She has a habit of being naive, or coming to the right conclusion for the wrong reasons.
- Her journey to Venture was on a tramp freighter. The circumstances of her journey were pretty shitty, but she doesn't really care much.
- She may or may not have been well-liked on Mearisu. Given the fact she hasn't talked about it at all, you'll have to guess which.
- My god, that face is cute.

Gender: Female (☆^ー^☆)

Her Kawaii-based powers are most useful for self-buffing, de-buffing foes, or the powering of magical weapons, such as her two keyblades. But, of course she would never use those powers for evil! She is disgusted that you would even consider the possibility of combining Evil with Kawaiiness! (#`д´)

Bonus Ability:
Cuteness Incarnate - Her supernatural levels of charm are capable of attracting amorous attention (except from those that are either genderless, resistant to suggestion or have magical powers capable of negating its effects). While she can activate it at will, she has little control over how powerful the effect is. Worse still, this 'curse' makes those affected act in an irrationally-polite and courteous manner towards her and it affects both genders! How horrible! (ノ゚0゚)ノ

0 Computer
0 Command Skill
8 Combat 2 Improvisation
0 Firearms
0 Physical Engineering
10 Space Wizard 5 Attunement 1 Ceremonial
0 Science
6 Diplomancer + 2 Bootlicking

Fluff Skill: Stomach of Nano-Steel - She has an ability to consume pretty much anything without ill-effect. Including small high explosives. The exact mechanics of this is one of the great mysteries of the Galaxy and has been highly sought-after by dieticians. Improves over time depending on one's actions. Her magical powers lead to her having demanding nourishment requirements. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

LH Super-Magical Wand-Blade of Lightning Storm Releases a pretty cool-looking arc of electrical energy, perfect for dealing with robots... or ghostbusting. It is also pretty magical.
RH Mega-Desu Wand-Blade of Love Sparkles Bombards foes with the power of KAWAII; either draining their willingness to fight, or transmuting them into something incredibly cute (and harmless). Has secondary healing function.
Mearisu Witch Uniform Wonderfully-decorated, gleaming magic-imbued Light Armour, fitted with removable, telepathically-operaed magitek wings.
Strange Helm of Magical Vision Allows wielder to protect her pretty head, partially-mask her curse of beauty and 'see' the magical auras of living beings around them.
Honeybabu Meari-chan's pet Fleeb; a small, furry pink ball with clawed-toes, a powerful beak, a vicious attitude, and an utterly adorable relationship with its owner.
Spell-manual of incredible Convenience (pocket edition) - Meari-chan has a habit of forgetting how to cast some of her charms or spells; this book is useful for overcoming her short-term memory loss.
Magic purse A suitable place for securing storing personal mementos, various magical items or treasures. Has a space for 'quarantining' of potential evil artefacts, or cursed objects without risk of tampering or causing and problems while stored. Has a potentially-infinite capacity, as long as the item in question can fit through its mouth.
Holy Symbol Blessed insignia of Meari-chan's Patron Deity within the Mearisu Pantheon. Resembles a Question Mark, with an eye instead of a dot and a curve that morphs into a dragon-head. Kinda shiny and glowy, if somewhat unnerving...
Nondescript Brown Robes of Incognito An elaborate name for not-so-elaborate clothing. Generally worn when being incognito.
Mediocre Wand-Blade of Ordinary Utility A wand-blade without major magical effects, but able to do things like open doors, find small lost objects and clean things.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Hot Damn, I love Space games.
(If we cannot take races from other continuities I will change this) /sadness

Name: Ril-Yor

Race: Risks

Race Description: Roughly Humanoid, Risks are small, reptilian creatures with four arms and two feet. They stand upright, the tallest standing at roughly 3 feet tall. Faces include Two pale blue Eyes, and a mouth with very sharp teeth. Notably, they have a flat face similar to that of a human, rather than a snout. [strk]They breathe Methane.[/strk] They also lack ears, a feature for which they are often mocked. The Risk Races was nearly wiped out years ago in a planetary conflict. The few Risks off-world at the the time found themselves homeless, with little hope of redemption. Almost all records on the Risk species were destroyed. As such, little else is known about the Risk, even by themselves. In current times, you may find an occasional Risk working on shuttles or stations, but the majority of the few that remain work as soldiers-for-hire, planning military strikes and developing complex strategies.
[Image: Spacegame.png]

Head: Fully covered by a Helmet. Helps deflect bullets, blasts, and also keeps him alive.

Armour: Command Armour. Armour comparable of stopping bullets, plasma, lasers and roughly any other type of weapon out there, to a degree. It is equipped with built-in Methane Tanks which hook to the Helmet.
-Special Addition: Cloaking Device. Passed down from father to son, this is a unique generator pillaged from some far-away world, presumably. It was equipped to his armour and still functions well, despite its age. Ril-Yor is not too sure how it works.

Right Weapon: Plasma Pistol. Shooting superheated plasma bolts at the enemy sure can do some damage! Too bad it tends to overheat when overused...

Left Weapon: This Risk packs another goddamn Plasma Pistol! That's right, you pick a fight with him and you have two bolts of plasma for the price of one!

Other: Ril-Yor keeps an energy grenade that he found with him at all times. He also has an emergency medical kit (he doesn't know how to use it well), a cloth, and an extra pistol, just in case.

Character History: So he is an average Risk, right? Small, fragile, but good at planning and yelling. Ril-Yor is different from the average Risk in one way, he has a purpose. He dreams of becoming the ruler of a Planet, one where he can rebuilt his Race to the stature they once had. His race is almost extinct, you see. He grew up on this godforsaken station. His father left him here with everything that he owns and left for good. Told him to 'Survive and make it big', whatever that means. He fought a bit, learned everything he could about strategy and command, decided to set out on his own and explore the galaxy. If he can ever get off this station, that is.

Gender: This dude is a dude, dude.

[Image: SpacegameStats2.png]

Double Shots to the Face - Ril-Yor can overcharge his pistols and fire both at once, dealing major damage but requiring time for them to cool before they can shoot again.

Who, Me? - Ril-Yor is not viewed as a threat very often. He gains a Stealth/Infiltration bonus when he pretends to be harmless, both in and out of combat.

Fluff Skill: Sleight of Hand(s)
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Name: Drosera Solanum ‘Sunny’

Race: Organic Space Plant

Race Description: Commonly referred to as ‘space weed’ these beings are literally sapient plants, Although not the dominant species on their origin planet they seemed to have formed a sort of symbioses with the main species of their world, growing into their buildings and performing a variety of services.. However this became a problem when the main species deploved spaceships. The plants became widespread throughout the galaxy,They gained a sense of individuality and self preservation. These individuals infested various places for better or worse. Spreading more seeds into the galaxy. Now these plants are a common sight in the universe, Either as pest or as blessing.

Character History: ‘One spore finds nourishment in decay and grows to become a ancient’
What started as a little lost plant seed in the back of a primitive space vessel grew up into a part of the ship itself, Its roots and vines enforced the hull, Its vines spread throughout the ship... This was Drosera’s first life, However that one ended when pirates boarded and blew the ship apart. Vines tore, Leaves ripped, Petals were squashed and all she could feel was pain

However this was not the end, One little spore latched to one of the pirates backpack, Hidden within the engine room the little spore grew, Infesting the ships systems..Silently waiting...Creeping.

She would be watered with the blood of her destructors....And that happened. Not a single pirate was spared.. She continued to grow within the husk of the station, Living upon it until she was found by wandering scavengers, She finally allowed herself to grow seeds and wither to die.

This was Drosera’s second life...The seeds however were not planted but traded away..after a long time Third life began. As one of the now retired traders lost it in a frontier space station..Here it grew, Functioning as a symbioses with everyone else aboard. However she was decaying along with the station.. Focused on survival she deposited a new seed in one of the unsuspecting traveler’s bag

Now Drosera’s fourth life was about to begin

Gender: Female


Not so Hasty: If given time and proper care she can grow into a force to be reckoned with, able to move her appendages throughout the ship and man multiple systems or do multiple tasks. However this takes time and she must pass trough her inital flaw first

Natures Fury: Is capable of growing various of mother nature's defenses on the spot, thorns, poisonous, Carnivorous appendages. perfect for repelling invaders. Although this will depend on her health.

Fluff Skill:

Botany: She can grow the finest goods on the station! Used by aspiring cooks everywhere! However she is pretty protective of her 'garden' (Basically a hydroponics's tray) and will get agitated when someone messes with it

Regenerative: Can grow lost 'limbs' (Vines) back without a care in the world...after the pain of losing a limb is gone.


I have no mouth, and i must speak: Due to being a plant she cannot communicate audibly with other living beings, She must rely on sounds, smells and feel to learn about her environment. She can hear just fine though..and people with magic capabilities might sense some sort of connection

Squashed flower: Due to being a new seed she has to grow all over again, making her early form not quite usefull, She is not yet intertwined with any sort of building, item or other thing and is therefore quite squishy. Hates fire for a reason

[Image: Statschaper35_zps1fb27b9b.png]

[Image: Horribleartz.png]

Flower Pot, Book: "Monstrous weapons of mother nature vol 1,2 and 3", Gnaw the Gallodog.

A mean looking blade styled like the ones of a praying mantis. She also can fire thorns out of one vine she uses as a grappling hook, She also uses her vines as combat weapons


First Stage: A simple purple/yellow seed, Deposit somewhere hot and murky and then it grows in stage 2

Stage Two (Main Form) : A simple yellow/purple flower with numerous tendrils and vines of varying length, Capable of limited self-motion but its tendrils have almost unlimited movability. All the roots and stuff that isn’t the the flower has a blue greenish hue. Given enough time it grows into the final stage.

Final Stage (Ulitmate/Accient form) : The eventual growth of the plant depends on the place its on, However all Plants of this species have the core flower, Located where they originally sprouted, This looks like a bulb made of flower petals, However it is defended by thorns

Character theme:
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: kocel_charsheet1.png]

Name: Wedge Biggs
Race: Human (Born in space, those born in space are known by various slurs/ethnicities depending on the sector in which they were born and what their parents do. Young asteroid miners tend to be called Asteroid-Rats, though a more politically correct term or those who lack any other ethnic identity would be "Scavenger," not to be confused with an isolated alien race who excel at mechanics. Needless to say, Wedge really wishes he had been born on a planet, if not just to simplify things.)

Race Description: Wedge is a regular human, however, having spent most of his life in space, his senses have somewhat adapted for this life. He is very comfortable in zero-g environments and seems to have an exceptional sense of direction in the void of space.

Character History: The Biggs Mining Company used to be a highly profitable asteroid mining operation based in a nearby asteroid belt. However, Grandpa Jax "Blackjack" Biggs had two loves in life which just didn't seem to mix, namely, alcohol and high-stakes gambling. As such, the company went belly-up, and the Biggs family splintered. One of Blackjack's sons decided to remain in the area, living at a nearby station as a free-lance miner, while his siblings squabbled and took off to other sectors of space.
The wayward Biggs, whose name was Aceton, managed to eke out a meager life on the station. Eventually he and a young nurse on the station hit it off, and, together, they had a son, Wedge. Aceton worked hard to provide for his wife and infant child, often engaging in highly dangerous mining missions deep into nearby asteroid belts, all to get the most valuable minerals for the highest-paying buyers. While he promised his wife that he'd be okay, he secretly took out a life insurance policy on himself, should anything ever happen to him.
One day, after a particularly arduous outing, he returned to find the apartment they lived in ransacked. Blood was scattered on the floor, blaster shots marred the wall. A security guard rushed in, his face somber, to give him the dire news; his wife had been taken by slavers, who had ransacked various apartments in the station before escaping. Aceton, for the first time in his life, felt gravity press hard upon him. He sank to his knees, knowing that, if his wife had been taken, surely his son had been too.

And then he heard a cry.

Standing in an instant, Aceton rushed to the bedroom he and his wife had shared. There was another cry, this time, it was clear it was that of a child, it was that of his son. He tracked it down to the top shelf of the closet, which, miraculously, the slavers had missed while raiding the room. There, tucked safely away, was his son, crying as if he sensed what had happened. Aceton, on the verge of tears, tenderly took the child in his arms and silently thanked whatever god there was for this small mercy...

The child grew up strong and healthy. Aceton, who know didn't trust the station security enough to keep his son safe, began taking the boy out mining with him at a very young age. He outfitted his mining ship to accommodate the child and took less dangerous missions. To keep themselves afloat, the family constantly worked. While Aceton would perform the more dangerous aspects of the job, a young Wedge learned how to do various repairs on the ship's equipment and systems. Eventually Aceton taught him to pilot the ship as well, and Wedge learned the finer aspects of navigating veritable fields of death, dodging debris with ease.

Then, right after Wedge turned 18, a man named Spayde arrived at the station, claiming to be his uncle. He accused Aceton of owing his company the New Biggs Mining Corporation, hefty sums for equipment he "stole" when the first family business went bankrupt. Aceton rebuked the man, but, just as he was about to show him the door, Spayde produced Human Federation Papers backing up his claim. Facing either losing his livelihood or going to Federation Jail, Aceton picked the former, not wanting to leave his son alone on the station. After Spayde left with their ship and equipment, the station, recognizing Aceton's status as an important member of the community, granted him a cushy government job, earning just enough to cover the family's living expenses. Aceton, with no other choice, accepted.

His son, however, was more reluctant to accept his fate. For the longest time, he had planned to build up a fortune with his father before leaving off for a major planet to live his dream: owning his own restaurant. He knew if he stayed on the station that this would never happen. He had savings, but not as much as he wanted. And, so, when at the local pub with one of his friends on the station, he agreed to accompany him on a trip through the stars...

Gender: Male

Debris Dodger: Having navigated asteroid fields throughout most of his teenage years, Wedge has become rather skilled at navigating debris fields and avoiding floating wreckage.

Born Spaceman: Having been born in space, Wedge has spent plenty of time in zero-g environments. As such, he is somewhat naturally skilled at navigating the void of space, as well as operating in low gravity.

Fluff Skill: Aspiring Chef: Wedge loves nothing more than cooking. Seriously. Hand him a dried piece of garlic, a moldy lemon, and an ice-caked piece of mystery meat, and Wedge will somehow make it into food that's not only palatable, but tasty. His meals tend to increase the morale of those who eat them.

Puts the No in Casanova: Wedge seriously sucks at speaking with women about anything other than strict business, and, hell, even that he has issues with. This also causes SOME ASSHOLES (coughcoughFranciscoughcough) to get kicks out of giving him hell over it.

Space Hick: Though he is, academically, somewhat smart, Wedge is by no means cultured. Turns out living with your dad and doing nothing but mining asteroids in your free time does that to a guy. As such, he is horribly behind on pop culture, galactic news, and which of the little forks you use to eat your salad at fancy dinners.

Skills: 4 in Computers (1 in AI affinity as he's worked on mining drones before), 3 in Command (With 2 in Tactics, as he knows how to evasively pilot a ship), 2 in combat (with 1 in Improvisation thanks to a few bar fights), 2 in firearms (with 2 in Marksmanship, as he knows his way around a mining laser.), 5 in Engineering (with 4 in Jury-Rigging), 0 in Space Wizardry, 1 in Science, and 1 in Diplomacy (With 1 in Bullshitting.)

LEVEL UP! (Level 2 Point Distribution) : + 1 in Computers from fiddling with the ship's controls, +1 in Command from helping direct everyone out of the Station, +1 in Tactics from Jerry Combat, +1 in Marksmanship from shooting at Jerry and Techies, and +1 in Physical Engineering thanks to Hallway Building.

LEVEL UP! (Level 3 Point Distribution): +1 in Computers from fiddling with control consoles, +2 in command due to new Captainship and reading, +2 in Tactics, +2 in Strategy, +1 Combat skill from reading and practice with new sword, +1 in Space Wizard (due to messing around with the Webbed Glove during the time skip, plus a little talking with Merlin and $), and, finally, +1 Diplomancery.

LEVEL UP! (Level 4 Point Distribution): +1 in Computers, +1 in Command, +1 in Strategy, +1 in Tactics, +1 in Combat thanks to crazy robutts, +2 in Diplomancery.

TOTALS: 7 Computers (1 in AI Affinity), 7 Command (6 tactics, 3 Strategy), 4 Combat (1 Improvisation), 2 Firearms (3 Marksmanship), 6 Engineering (4 Juryrigging), 1 Space Wizardry, 1 Science, 4 Diplomancery (1 in Bullshitting.)

Equipment: [SPOILER] Weapons: Biggs Mining Laser MK. III - A bulky laser rifle that appears to have been rather crudely welded together. Painted on the side is "BIGGS CO." and "MK. II: THE DEUCE", clearly done with home-made stencils and spray-paint. It has a high-capacity battery and is mainly intended to blast apart hunks of rock, though it works just as well on hunks of flesh. Newly modded out, if now has improved battery life and laser-strength.

AVENGER Model 2X Custom Laser Pistol with Laser Sight: Passed on from Aceton to Wedge on the latter's sixteenth birthday, this little pistol was also nicknamed "The Cheap Piece of Shit." The red and yellow paint job on it is starting to fade, but it still fires well and accurately enough. While it's not very strong, it comes with an "Overload" function, allowing the user to drain the weapon's battery into a single shot, clearly mean to combat users with energy shields. Has been repainted green, and given improved laser-strength and battery capacity with added aiming laser-dot assist.

Drillex "X-Cavator" Personal Hand-Held Laser Drill MK II: A small pocket drill capable of drilling through most types of rock. It's also often used by thieves to drill through metal locks and doors, which led to station security to require those who carry them to get a permit to do so. Wedge has such a permit. Now has an improved ability to pierce shielding and metals.

Captain's Laser-Edged Sabre - A weapon Wedge had custom-built, this cutlass has an ivory and gold handle (made with one of Jerry's tusks and a bit of his golden teeth), a titanium alloy hand-guard, and a blade with a laser edge that is triggered with a switch on the hilt. Comes in a sheath, also decorated with gold and ivory. Cannot be activated while sheathed in order to preserve battery life.

Equipment: Ol' Reliable Helmet and Life Support Systems MK II: Various equipment that Wedge has owned for years that allows him to mine and operate in hostile, oxygen-free environments. Consists of a helmet with a crude HUD, music player, internet browsers, and oxygen filters, an oxygen tank, gloves with toggable magnetic grip, and boots with weak rocket boosters. Wedge is always either wearing this or carrying it on his person. He has recently upgraded his suit to include light armor plating, a kinetic shield module (toggable), electro-magnets in boots (toggable), chest-mounted flashlight (toggable), sensor systems in the helm, infrared vision, thermal vision, night vision, Hypernet capable browsers and interface for helmet, slightly larger oxygen tanks, larger fuel reserves for jet-boots, reinforced visor on helmet, toggable map hud, ability to download maps of ships and locations to helmet from databases, reservoir for water with a tube leading up to a straw in helmet, and, finally, external speakers on helmet capable of playing music or, preferably, acting as a megaphone.

Ropes, Climbing Equipment, collapsible grappling hook: Though Wedge does little rock-climbing, such equipment is invaluable in mining in zero-g. The rope also now has a collapsible grappling hook attached to the end.

Holo-Stic Personal Journal: A memory-stick journal with a holographic interface, Wedge has mostly filled this with notes, musings, and, most importantly, his recipes.

Cheap-Ass Personal Sonar Scanner: The Biggs' Sonar Equipment was taken by Spayde, so Wedge managed to scrounge up this replacement. It's not that good, but it can map small, dark areas, at least.

Swiss Army Multi-Tool Supreme: Wedge doesn't know who these Swiss guys are, but he knows they make good cheese and good Multi-tools. This little guy has EVERYTHING, multiple screwdrivers, a wrench, a freaking soldering tool.... It is one of two pieces of Wedge's personal repair kit.

Three Rolls of Titan Brand Duct Tape: This is the second piece of Wedge's personal repair kit. It's said this is one of the five strongest brands of duct-tape there is, which is saying something.

Drillex Owner's Permit: A permit for the laser-drill. They're not that hard to get, most of the questions for the test are variations upon: "Is it okay to use this tool to steal shit? Yes or No."

A Diploma from the Online University of Alpha-Gemini 9: A diploma that announces that the student has completed up to standard high school classes. Yes, from an Online University. Wedge has only had to show this to one person, and they laughed in his face. While he's pretty well-read and did well in his courses, he has a feeling that no one takes this school seriously.

Love Among the Asteroids- A Romance Guide for Space Miners: Given to Wedge by a friend, this "gift" nearly instigated a drunken bar brawl. Wedge has kinda forgotten he even still has it in his bags. It contains such invaluable articles as "Space Oasis of Love: Sizing Up your Options in Backwater Space Stations" and "Eggs In Your Abdomen: Ten Reasons Why You Probably Don't Want to Sleep with Suspiciously Slutty Aliens."

One steel flask, half-full of Piss-Coffee-And-Whiskey, AKA, The Fuq'uo Special: The liquid inside is potable, but just barely.

Six ivory tusks of various sizes: Grisly yet valuable trophies looted from the Station Master, Jerry.

Various gold teeth and fillings: Disgusting yet valuable trophies looted from the Station Master, Jerry. Sold for a cool 3000 credits. Aaand a bit was made into a sword.

Webbed Glove- A glove attuned with magic for the manipulation of energy around the fingers. Energy can be concentrated to act as finger extensions, or can create a webbed aura that can act as a personal shield. Picked up after it was dropped by Da Vinci prior to his getting shot. Wedge has no idea how to use this and will probably mess with it later, that is, if he doesn't just give it to Dr. $ or Merlin instead.

Maaaaaagic PDA - A PDA that belongs to Da Vinci, given to Hans, which triggered the self destruct on the Station. Was left in the mess hall, Wedge picked it up to get another more Computers-centric character to look at it. Given to Cyber, stolen by Hans. Directly led to the tragic deaths of Hans and Coard.

Deployable Stasis Field - A baseball sized grenade-like-orb that, when thrown, deploys a six foot radius stasis field, slowing whatever gets caught within it. However, this is very energy-depleting, and, once thrown, the field will only work for about fifteen seconds before dying. Luckily, the orb can be recharged pretty quickly. These are usually used by engineers in various applications.

Green Spandex Pants: Wedge does not remember buying these, but apparently he did. Most likely on accident. Still, he carries them for a pair of emergency pants, mostly because they're light and not that hard to lug around. He really, really, really hopes that he never has to wear them.

Maeri's Wand Blade: Yet another potentially dangerous magical artifact that Wedge has taken hold of. He'll likely return it to Maeri later.

Gargoyl Tooth: Wedge, why did you pick this up.


Several change of clothes, including various t-shirts: The shirts are as follows: two "Biggs Mining Co." shirts in dark green, two "Epsilon Gamme Fuq'uo" shirts in dark blue, one in with long sleeves, a "Epsilon Gamma Fuq'uo" shirt" (Wedge is unsure if this one is a typo, or if the other two are. Luckily, he doesn't care that much.) in brown, one "Drillex" shirt in bright green, and a yellow "TITAN TAPE" shirt. It's clear that, at least, Wedge shows brand loyalty. Now also includes...
"IMMA CAPTAIN" baseball cap- Captains should have Captain-y hats. Wedge knows this. Sadly, he does not know how to pick Captain-y hats. He will probably only wear this during rest and relaxation hours.

Venture T-Shirt - A shirt bearing the insignia of the Venture. It's bright yellow, the insignia is black.

Various pants - In denim and kakhi.

Venture Vest - A brown vest with a black stripe around the center. On the back is the Venture insignia. It is made of thick fabric.

A Nice Tuxedo - Not too expensive, but not too cheap, this is a basic, classy tux that Wedge bought just in case.

Dress Shoes - Black and leather.

Work Boots - Brown with steel-toes.

Three pairs of boxer shorts- One plain-white, one in yellow and black danger stripes, and one red with black "Venture" symbols.

Green Space Babes of Delta-Six, Space Amazons of Keppler-VII, Intergalactic Delicacies: Well read magazines that Wedge has hidden deep within his bag. While the first two are smut, the third, surprisingly, is instead a rather innocent culinary magazine. It seems more worn than the other two, however. These are hidden under his mattress in his cabin.

"Don't Vaporize the Cook" apron and chef's hat: Something he's owned since he was fifteen that has mostly been kept in his closet, Wedge packed this out of impulse.

Chef's Knives, Spatula, Spoons, Personal Spices, and a Cheese Grater: Wedge's personal cooking equipment, it all sees regular use. Well, except the cheese grater. He has no idea where he got that.

Captaining For Dummies - A book on Captaining, made for those who are very, very new to the job.

How To Swords - A basic book on fencing, taking in regard the various styles of alien races that use melee weapons in combat.

How To Space Magic - A basic book on Space Magic, written especially for the magically clueless.

Cherry Tomato Plant - Only the most badass of badasses grow cherry tomatoes. Wedge knows that Sunny will have full-sized tomatoes in hydroponics, but this baby is meant for his room.

Aunt S.A.N.D.13's Homestyle Recipes: A recipe book claiming to possess "real Earth recipes for the space-farer on the budget!" After Wedge bought it, he noticed that all the recipes look awful. The bookseller merely smiled insidiously and muttered two words that no shopper wants to hear: "No refunds."

Decorative Spaceship Bookends: Cheap little things for keeping books from falling over.

Lava Lamp: SO COOL.

One box of Titan Tape Brand Duct Tape ™, with complimentary poster: Oh Sol you can never have enough of this stuff.


Super-Awesome-Memory-Foam-Mattress: YESSS, SO COMFY.

A large tub of that chocolate powder stuff Jarl likes so much: Bought just in case he ever needs to bribe the Gargoyl.

A Really Bad Romance Novel: Wedge bought this from a kiosk in the mall. He thought the summary sounded good. He totally didn't buy it because it's about a relationship between an Angel and a Human. That'd just be pathetic, and he's not that sad, no sirree.

A pen with his name on it: A brass pen with "Wedge Biggs, Spaceship Captain" engraved on it.

Appearance: Wedge is, in all regards, unremarkable. He is of average height, of average weight, of average build. He has short black hair and green eyes. He is currently wearing his mining gear, it has been repainted white with the occasional bit of gear painted a dark green. His helmet is painted a similar scheme, white and green, with a green "B" on both sides. Underneath his mining gear he wears one of his green "BIGGS MINING CO." shirts, a pair of black and yellow striped boxers, and a pair of dingy socks. That's right, he's not wearing pants underneath his mining gear, as this shit is hot enough and the lower bit serves as pants anyways.

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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]

[Image: ECdx2.png]

Name: Manheim Billiard (Stage Name: The Fistin’ Piston)
Race: Robot
Race Description: BEEP BOOP
Character History: The Fistin’ Piston. A name feared in the Robot Wars Intergalactic Circuit. Said to be able to punch a hole through a shipping vessel, Piston has won an unprecedented twenty seven championship tournaments. Built into a life of poverty, Manheim was a born fighter, originally built to defend a bar tender from drunk pool players. It was here he was noticed by a recruiter and admired his skills. From here Manheim entered a series of low tier fights, and started to build himself up to the big leagues. All money earned went right back into Manheim, providing an extensive amount of bodily modifications until he got his trademarked Piston Fistin’s. His career as a fighter quickly escalated from there.

After blasting a referee or four into the crowd, Piston was forced to retire twenty years ago, and is now living a lower-middle class lifestyle after losing much of his fortune to a series of failed investments. Piston himself has fallen into disrepair in the recent years, and has sold off many of the weapons and equipment he has collected in his career.

Gender: Male
Fistin’ Pistons: ‘Nuff said
Pneumatic Knocker: Each of Pistons arms can be converted into an air powered cannon. Using a set of matter synthesizers “donated” by his rival “The Gravel Gargler,” Piston can create cannonballs to use as ammo. A cannonball is not necessary, however, as most anything that will fit in the chamber can be launched. In areas with no atmosphere to fuel the pneumo, he can use the gas from his smoke machine
Smoke Machine: A relic from his stage days, Piston likes to keep these around for dramatic effect
Dosh: Piston has about six thousand credits left over from his prize fighting days
Fame: Piston is still somewhat well known. This can apply to his fans, his opponent’s fans, and people he owes money to

[Image: TUJKpS1.png]

Name: Coard
Race: Coaxlings
Race Description: Coaxlings are a synthetic race of worms designed to assist in maintenance and repair of starships and other delicate machinery. Using their circuit board-like mouths, they can easily interface with most standard forms of machinery for the purposes of control and data assessment. This trait makes them a popular alternative for drones when it comes to space travel, as the Coaxlings can not only guide the shuttle, but also repair it without the need for extensive life support or moving space, though some prefer to obtain robotic bodies for style purposes.
Character History: The life of a Coaxling is a thankless one. You either fix up an emotionless lamp or some bot that wants nothing more than to trample you to death. If I was lucky I could have been some personal fix-it buddy for a head mechanic, but nope. General repairs for me. Day in, day out, forever. Well fuck that. I grabbed myself a security bot that was totally dead when I found him, took over his systems, and went for my first chance off this floating hunk of metal.
Gender: Male
Synthetic: Coaxlings are machine then living creature. As such, they require very little in the way of sustenance or life support as long as some form of machinery is around to feed off of. (If acceptable, this also lets them survive in the void of space)
Duct Tape and WD40: Coard could never get the parts he needed for most jobs, so he learned to improvise. He is more than capable of cobbling together some sort of contraption to make it work.
Fluff: Most AIs really dislike Coaxlings. They’re like spiders with medicine instead of venom. Sure, they help you, but they still have to crawl all over you and bite you everywhere to do it.

[Image: 14Qg5.png]

[Image: 0be4m.png]

Body: Standard C.O.P. unit. I didn't want to risk grabbing any of the more heavy-duty mechs, so this will have to do. Still, it offers pretty good all-around protection. I'll have to be sure to reinforce this later.
Head:Lucky for me C.O.P. units have a built-in hud. With this I can get the specs on most of what you'd expect to see on a buisy space station, though if I encounter anything too exotic it probably won't register. Also come with a set of flashlights in the eye sockets.
Left Arm: Standard issue plasma rifle. Normally, thanks to the protocols, this is set to stun and has a limited fire rate. Not anymore.
Right Arm: Stun Claw. I've messed around with the wiring a bit and turned his other arm into a lethal shock stick. Might even be able to shoot it, though I haven't tested it.
Handcuffs: The robot had some on him, so why not?
Bits and Bobs: Just some bobbles to play around with, maybe make repairs with. Most likely a snack for my little buddy.
Little Blobbles I found this little guy around in the vents trying to chew through the power cables. Liked him so much I decided to keep him. I keep him in a glass case inside my evidence drawer. If I ever get off this station I'll probably get him a fish tank or something.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: 0BARRACKS.png]
The door cutting finally comes to a halt and a blazing cut can still be seen on the door as the metal cools...

[Image: 0BARRACKS.png]
...And then.....silence.

[Image: 0BARRACKS.png]
In a sudden motion and the scream of tortured metal the starboard blast door is suddenly lifted from where it was rested and moved briskly forward towards Astrid who, on instinctive reaction to the motion made to move forward while keeping himself anchored in the bar but stopped himself when he realised he was about to charge a fucking huge slab of metal that was currently rushing to meet him.

Piston and Jarl wasted no time in jumping to action, the first of the boarders they saw where two large, brutish looking suits of armour, droids? that seemed to have took the time to embed large handles on the blast door and where rushing forward with the blast door shielding their advance. Making to aim for them, they were suddenly stopped short by two smaller robots on either flank of the Bruiser Bots carrying large directional shields projected from their left arms. Jarl's good fist beat down on one of them and the bot struggled under the force of the impact, but the shield held, the same story happened on Piston's side.

Then the Grenades came.

The droids waiting behind the forward guard threw grenades over their heads into the space cleared by the advancing bruiser bots, one such grenade happened to catch Jarl in the jaw.

[Image: 0BARRACKS.png]
The dining area of the common room became a blaze of inhumanity and devastation and cucussive force rocked around the room as the deafening sounds of the four explosions cascaded and reverberated around the room.

Those wearing suited helmets where fortunate in that their helmets helped minimize the dizzying effect of the tremendous noise by closing out the auditory sensory suite temporarily until it was safe to turn them back on again.

The explosion that caught Jarl sent him reeling back into the far wall, bloodied, bruised and in serious fucking trouble, the explosion, having caught jarl in such proximity to two of the battle droids, destroyed one of the shielded battle droids outright and severely damaged another, destroying its shield arm and slightly damaging one of the advancing bruiser bots.

Piston had his back raked by the explosive force of the grenade that landed in front of the TV, but despite the damage Piston retained the lion's share of his functionality.

Astrid was both lucky and unlucky, having been caught inbetween two explosive grenades and suffering the effects thereof he is heavily damaged but still standing, though his head is incredibly addled from the damage.


[Image: 0CARGOBAY.png]
Indegen attempts to hack the enemy ship with a mixture of Diaz' scanner and Callum. However, it turns out hacking a ship outfitted for electronic warfare capable of disabling an entire other ship with what effectively amounts to a very ghetto version of baby's-first-hack-kit turns out to be a very bad idea. It seems, however, to have been enough of a distraction to allow francis a brief interlude to get a bit more power to his engines before the stream came back to put the foot to the frontier fucker's proverbial skull.

A voice is heard through the scanning kit.

A very camp voice.

"Ohhhhh myyyyy, aren't we a naughty boy?"

[Image: 0CARGOBAY.png]

Callum is being flooded with an uncountable amount of viruses right now. Diaz' scanner is starting to spark dangerously.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Diaz barges into the Engineering Room. He had a sack full of puppies and a head full of confusion.

"Hello." He says to a Francis and an Idegen. "I am here."

Diaz was here to aid them in the cyber-warfare aspects but that was implied because he didn't said it out loud. Diaz hopes the implication went across.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Astrid attempts to regain his composure and sends the blood spikes flying towards the crowd of droids.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Sunny shouts form the room.

What is dast voice? Did we piss off somekind of gay space dancer or sometin?

Godamn, The tremors were making her quite sick
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Altais looked back at the chaos, then forward towards his door. They were dealing with droid. Fucking great. At least he picked the right weapon for the job.

"Kavali, Alexey, Cassann, get over there and reinforce them! Push them back!" Altais yelled out, his instincts taking over. "Make sure to stay behind the bar! Use it as cover!"

Merlin, when they come in and prepare to throw their grenades, erect a shield in front of them. Make sure they've primed the grenades, and they'll blow themselves up

Altais kept his grenade launcher aimed at the door. He made sure his laser rifle was out, along with his EMP grenades. He'd open fire initially with his grenade launcher to deliver some shock damage, then switch to his laser rifle when they readied their grenades. Merlin would erect the shield to make their lives hell, and when she lowered it, Altais would throw an EMP grenade and resume making their lives hell with his grenade launcher. He'd switch to his laser rifle when down to three grenades (he has a 9-grenade drum).
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
"Oh no you don't."

Idegen never let his equipment go without firewalls. He throws up several layers of security to protect Callum. It was probably a losing battle though. He prioritizes protecting vital functions and memories and starts isolating any infected areas in Callum's CPU.

"Callum cut off your wireless now before you or this piece of shit breaks."
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Merlin kind of freaks out a little at the carnage. Then she hears something. Well, not so much hears as picks up - someone is obviously trying to think hard at her, probably hoping she can pick up the message telepathically.

Merlin... prepare to... grenades... erect shield... front... make sure they've... blow... up[/]

Merlin looks at Altais in confusion. Wait, grenades, sheild... he obviously wants her to block off those robots from getting in and blowing up more things! She starts to make a shield around them and looks at Altais for approval. He just glares at her general direction, then nods his head towards the still-unopened door.

[i]No... That door... block when... grenades from there... do you got... BLOCK THAT DOOR... BLOCK GRENADES...

OH. Now she got it. She quickly threw her spell out towards the opened blast door and prepared to throw up a shield. She makes a direct telepathic link with the captain as well for ease of communication.

"Commander Altais, just give me a signal when I should block the entrance, after all I can't exactly see it from here!'

Altais' bits done with approval from Cid.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
The hacker tool sparks a bit more.

"Fuck it. Cutting off your wireless whether you like it or not."

Idegen proceeds to turn off Callum's wireless to protect him from further viruses.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Will do, Merlin.

Altais would give the signal to block the grenades either when he saw them, or a few seconds after the breach (in case the residue from the exploded grenades became too serious for him to see clearly). Hopefully, Kavali and Alexey would be able to turn them back on the other side.

Altais turned to Alexey.

"And make sure to use some goddamn cover! Not just your shield, use the bar, too! Sarvalai's ghost!" he yelled, wondering if Alexey had a skull thicker than the ship's fucking hull. He turned back to prepare for the insertion, still aiming his grenade launcher at the door as the battle raged behind him.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: shenanigans.png]

It is safe to say the situation is as shitty as the quality of the picture portrayed.

[Image: shenanigans2.png]

You rush to Idegen's aid and lend him your expertise on the realms of cybertronics. Although your knowledge on computers is not exactly substantial as Cyber or hell, maybe even Idegen, it is pretty substantial to at least put up the fight.

Sentient Artificial Intelligence is sophisticated but it is made of the same stardust as other softwares - which you could use to your advantage. You tell Idegen an emergency system reformat might be a good tactic. If done correctly, they can reboot Callum virus-free...and as few parts missing as possible.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
"I was thinking of that. Priority is locking this guy out first. Rebooting him while he's under attack like this can lead to mistakes or memory loss. It doesn't help that this equipment is complete SHIT!"

Idegen continues to try everything he can to lock this guy out. Twice this month his partner had been hacked. First out near those fake coordinates. Now here... that was just coincidence right? There was no way he would run into those guys again while he was on a completely different ship right? That was about as likely as... well accidentally running into a cloaked ship in the vastness of space.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Diaz shrugs.

He starts to work on Callum.

A computer virus is an insidious thing but that does not mean it cannot be defeated-or repurposed. Diaz boots up a separate executive file, proceeds to detect the trojans, gateways...any malicious software that attempts to dig in and spray its filth into Callum's soft insides

...and redirect them back to sender.

You see when you hack into something, you are opening a hole into not only a target's hole but also opening a hole into your systems. In order words, you are leaving yourself open, defenseless, vulnerable just like your opponent. An opponent that might be clever enough to know how to fight back.

Contrary to popular belief, hacking is not an esoteric skill. Any idiot can cause enough destruction and woe if they know the power words of particular executions and know where to place the semicolon break. Hacking is very easy. It's hard to build a program from scratch but it is easy to ruin a perfectly good one just the same. It's easy to fuck shit up. However, if you want to fuck someone up, you have a chance to get fucked up yourself.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Jarl slammed into the wall and slowly slumped down to the floor. What the hell had just happened? The door was knocked off its metaphorical hinges. The bots had very good shields. The Garg was going to try ripping or throwing the bot about, but then there was a loud bang and bright light. Now here he sat against the wall, doing his best to hold on to life. There's only one thing that could do that. A grenade, at point-blank range.


Jarl sat slumped against the wall, putting on the best "I'm dead" performance he's ever done. It's almost not even an act.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Sunny felt the chaos above and beneath her..However she was of calm mind.

There were many occations she has felt useless, This was the worst one however. She and Rill-Yor were supposed to defend the engineers? and the potential refugee crew after the bots plowed through? If that was so, She would do it, The moment she sees unknown figures decending the shaft she would alert the others.

She was content to hold the invaders, She would close in via grapple, Try to tackle them with her vines maybe getting some cuts in and grapple away agian then Repeat after each attack.

She got in possition. Readying herself for the first pounce.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
"If you get Callum's CPU fried because of this... well chances are I won't be able to get back at you because we'll probably be dead. Point is don't fuck this up."

While Diaz works on offence Idegen works on defense, Isolating every major system from the rest and putting firewalls between them. This was bullshit. Complete bullshit. Working with bullshit equipment to defeat some bullshit guy with a bullshit voice in order to save bullshit maniacs with their bullshit doctors lugging around a bag of bullshit puppies while- this mental tangent goes on for quite a bit.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
The ordinary Altais would have been nervous in this situation. Chaotic fighting going on behind him, more chaotic fighting about to erupt in front of him, and a two-bit defensive plan created in a matter of seconds to counter at least 4-to-1 odds.

It was a good thing the ordinary Altais wasn't present at the moment.

Nusenics, as a species, had a set of instincts inherited from their warrior ancestors. These instincts calmed them in the most hellish of combat, quickened their reflexes, and replaced their fear with a strong will to fight. This, combined with the genetic memory of his family's militant past, had completely supplanted the civilian, kitten-video loving Altais for the immediate future.

He glared at the door with his grenade launcher raised, squeezing the pistol grip for a moment before relaxing his hold. His breathing became regulated, his body less tense. He was ready for war, battle, and victory.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]




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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: 0BARRACKS.png]
Hell continues to reign in the common room.

Astrid's blood spikes ar elong and lethal but were thrown in vain. They ebedded themselves in the thick metal of the oncoming door as the two bruiser bots slam into Astrid. Alexey, under Altais' orders moves down the room, jumping between the exercise sets and takes careful aim behind the cover of his shield and fires a burst from his SMG, the laser bolts wing one of the Bruiser bots on the back shoulder of one of the Battle Bots whose back was turned.

Its back was turned because terrible things are happening to Piston.

Piston continued to pound on the battle droid till its shield fell and one of his punches crumpled a substantial portion of its chasis and it fell back, its comrade fell back as well, allowing Piston's momentum to bring him forward...

...And into the direct firing line of an enclosing circle of bots who proceeded to lay into Piston with their laser rifles.

Alexey's other shots merely winged the metal door the bruiser bots were carrying and the wall beside Jarl. The bot who has survived Jarl catching a Grenade with his teeth moved forward and tried to raise his weapon with his remaining arm but the servos gave out and he dropped it, the droid considered its options.

Its eyes then glowed. It is scanning the room.

Cassann, following Altais' instructions, moved down the bar and let her pistols bark at the two battle droids with their backs to her and got two solid shots on the droids.

Ril-Yor (who I totally didn't forget last update, nope) opened fire wildly with his pistols.

Every shot missed.

The Port door still hasn't opened yet. Though a disturbing smoke is issuing forth from the cuts in the metal.

The entire ship lurched however, almost as if something physical had hit it.

[Image: 0CARGOBAY.png]

Something Physical had hit the ship alright, the boxes in the cargo bay lurched visibly from the impact and Sunny looked up(down) at the cargo bay entrance.

She was seeing very bright splotches appear in the metal.

Diaz' counter hacking attempt, despite all reason, had an effect. The enemy's ship's electronic warfare suite lurched temporarily as Diaz attempted feedback loop caused it a minor stutter, allowing more advantages for Francis. "Ohhhhohohohohoh, clever girl... not clever enough."

The enemy ship creates some kind of counter-counter feedback loop, which should be impossible, which is causing all manner of hell. Fortunately Callum has just been disconnected from the wireless and the scanner just in time.

The scanner however was not so lucky.

[Image: 0CARGOBAY.png]
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Idegen was dazed after the equipment he was holding exploded.

"Cheap piece of shit."

He looks over to Callum. He should probably get around to rebooting him now. It should purge all the viruses from his system. He goes over to do that.

"Someone pass me a multitool. I need to get his access panel open."
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Jarl continued to not move at all and silently played the "let's not bleed to death" game by himself, which mostly consisted of not bleeding to death. The Garg seems off to a bad start, but he's sure he can win the endgame!
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
"Piston, move the fuck out of the way!" roared Altais as he prepared two electrical grenades and his grapple gun.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Merlin backs herself more into the corner, nervous about the super suspicious smoke.

She otherwise continues to prepare for operation 'form a shield to make their shit explode in their own faces'.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
The power from the engines was a brilliant little moment. It was nowhere near enough to bring the ship up to full speed, but the engines did more than propel the ship. The engine drives were the main source of power - even when idle, they could output enough juice to run the entire weapons suite of the ship. This little dribble of power was enough.

Francis slammed it through the ship's systems, routing it into the ship's control circuits. Communications and security were restored, suddenly; Francis could see the ship through emergency viewports, and see what was going on outside too. There was a lot going on in the common room; he hoped Altais could keep that situation under control. The view from the under-ship cams was more concerning - a third boarding pod had positioned itself beneath the cargo bay door, and was trying to cut through the ship's heavy armor there. Francis snarled under his breath; all the fighters he could see were up in the common area. Sunny was apparently attached to the ceiling waiting for them to come through, but that damn plant wouldn't be able to hold the breach by itself.

Fortunately, Francis had designed this ship. He had a few tricks up his sleeve.

Directing through the emergency command, Francis sent a pulse of energy into the bases of the cargo bay door's hydraulic columns. There were a few high-velocity separation charges set as explosive bolts. The cargo bay door had been designed to fire off at high velocity in the event of an emergency to create a place to escape the ship. It was intended as a survival method.

The cargo bay door was still a heavy sheet of high-strength starship armor. The charges could launch it at several hundred meters a second relative speed. Directly into the breaching pod below it.

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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]

Piston grabs what's left of the table and uses it as a shield. He retreats behind the bar and around the corner. He hangs his arm out the side of the door and launches canonballs while his repair systems do their work.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Astrid pushes against the door as much as he can and guides the blood in the door and from his blood arm around the edges to form blood spikes that will protrude from the door.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Altais turned and fired his grapple gun at the ceiling on the opposite end of the room, flying across the room to rest above the robots. He threw one electrical grenade through the airlock, and dropped another where Piston was before, then used his grapple gun to zoom back across the room to his previous position.

He picked his grenade launcher back up and continued aiming it at the airlock door, waiting for the breach.

"Shoot them now, they should be paralyzed!" Altais yelled back at the defenders. "And Merlin, you might want to shield yourself when they breach, in case they use a breaching charge or something."
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Merlin throws her arms up in the air. What the heck did he want her to do?

She forms a shield in between her and the door, and prepares to 'push' it into the breach when Altais gives her the signal.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Okon covered his face as the scanner device began to spark incessantly and exploded. He was fortunately far away enough to avoid any negative repercussions of the blast, but not everybody else. He went over to Diaz and Wedge first, pulling them up off the ground. "Shit, are you guys okay?" At about the same time he felt a shock-wave of kinetic energy through the floor, as if something had slammed into the ship from below. Then another when Francis activated the charges. Of course, Okon was unaware of the little safety feature that was built into the ship. "What was that?!"
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]

Diaz stared at the scanner. The screen shattered with the heat. Motherboard fried beyond comprehension. Smoke rose like the smell of chemicals in the air. Bits of plastic. Metal. Murder. Diagnoir2 was dead. Long live Diagnoir. May it live in the realm of shattered technologies.

Diaz would be shocked. But no, he could not feel anything. He could not feel anything save for an extraordinarily negative pit within his extraterrestrial gut. Is this anger? he asked himself. No, it felt too bright. Is this rage? No, it felt too light. What was it then. He asked himself. Indignant.


Indignant was the correct term for what he was feeling.

He was feeling indignant.

"Do you know who you are messing with?" The words hissed between his hidden red teeth, deaf to his opponent's ears. Barely audible to anyone. His finger strained across the keyboard of a spare computer - his gloves stretched so much you could see the plastic form around his distended claws. "Do you know who you are fucking around with?"

He processed in the specific executions, entered in the certain amount of variables, entered in the correct letters. Diaz created a closed system - a software designated to draw all the opponent's cyberweapons from the less tender parts of the ship - essentially a target dummy in computer-ese. But oh, the purpose is not only defense - no, that would be too kind.

Diaz is going to use this closed system as a distraction. He is going to use this closed program as a feint to gain access to the antagonistic hacker's systems. Mano-e-mano. A tango of letters and numbers. Why him have the fun of fucking around with your systems when you can do the same with his too?

Diaz smiled. It was a cruel, red gash that reached from ear to ear. He smiled as he ran the program, knowing he was up for a little dance across systems.

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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
War. War never changes.

But this was hardly war so much as chaos, and chaos changes all the time by nature. Kavali hadn't honestly seen much worse than this, but was that going to stop her? Hell no. Altais had disabled the attackers. Kavali's armor could hold against far worse than these robots were putting out, even in their online state. And it sure didn't look like they were plasma-proof.

In spite of the inherent grotesqueness, there are quite a few advantages to having roughly thirty eyes. Advantage one: seeing goddamn everything. Despite the fact that she was focusing on the unbreached door, Kavali could see the chaos unfolding behind her. And as soon as Altais made his move, Kavali made hers. She opened fire on the defenseless droids with a spray of plasma, intent on frying each and every one of them before the next wave could hit. She'd practiced for hours, days. She had the best vision on the goddamn ship. She wouldn't miss. They would all die.

In a metaphorical sense, of course. Robots don't really die. But Kavali's crewmates also wouldn't die, if she had any say in it.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Altais was aiming his grenade launcher at the northern door still, waiting for the fuckers to enter. He could guess at this point that it was a stratagem. They were waiting on the other side until all attention was on the starboard side, at which point they'd rush in and absolutely slaughter them. And if it wasn't a stratagem, he'd sure as hell not take the chance.

He was going to tell Merlin when to move her shield into place to knock back the grenades. If he saw them moving the bulkhead forward, like they did before, he'd have her use ice to temporarily freeze it shut.

One hell of a fun battle was coming.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
[Image: loading.gif]

Callum reboots, feeling a bit disoriented but a lot less virusy. He got up and stumbled around a bit, not quite fully loaded yet.

Then, he heard an explosion from upstairs. Snapping to attention, he decided that he couldn't help here, especially with the levels of viruses he had faced, and ran towards the elevator shaft, jumping as high as he could and climbing the rest of the way.
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Idegen talks to Callum on his communicator.

"Nice. Just leave me here with the idiot brigade. I'm stuck down here with the ugly mustached douche bag, the probably insane doctor, the captain who keeps seeming to space out, and... what the ever loving fuck. Is that... Okon? No way. What the fuck is he doing here?"

Idegen seems to notice Okon for the first time and stares for a minute.

"Hey... are you Okon?"
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RE: Frontier Fucked Thread 3 [Act II Part II, Bounties for everyone!]
Well shit, there was /something/ happening alright

"Francis, Lock the engineering doorz Something is about to get way worse"

She saw the robot moving to above


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