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RE: Spheres of Influence

National newspapers across the Heartlands are calling it the 'Night of Smoke'. Almost nobody in Teor Aradel got a full night's sleep last night, as explosions and gunfire rang out and fires spread rapidly within the compact, mostly-underground city, filling the streets with choking smoke that spread confusion and alarm among the population. Hostile agents struck at several major locations in Teor Aradel, burning down banks, libraries and factories in a massive act of coordinated sabotage. Many lie dead in the aftermath.

Sheilloa, the witch of the Mortenwood, was reported to be detected trying to sneak into the city just as everything started, though sources in the Aradel military claim that although she wasn't captured, she was physically pursued and prevented from entering the city. Despite this, there are reports that some of the Rudahog scientists seized by Aradel might have escaped during the confusion, possibly aided by the attackers.

Many in Teor Aradel have already assigned blame, quite fairly, to Rudahog. The streets ring with calls for revenge. The Dragon's official response is expected soon.
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RE: Spheres of Influence

- The Great Mortemia
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RE: Spheres of Influence
A Statement from Lady Kisaiya

This level of escalation is, frankly, ridiculous. Hate begets more hate. An honorable war, I can understand, but this level of senseless violence directed toward a civilian population is indefensible.

For this purpose, we draw a line in the sand: Let the armies fight. Let this be a battle of general against general and soldier against soldier. Should either party continue on with the cycle of escalation and underhanded attacks on civilians thus far, Amaro Zor will be forced to take measures to end this war, not just for the sake of the poor men and women of Bleeding Ahsar, but for the whole world.

We are asking that both parties forbid the use of superweapons for the coming war. This, and the cease of attack on civilian targets, will prevent our involvement.

Let me make this very clear: Should another civilian target be attacked, or should neither party take any measures to prevent the use of superweapons, Amaro Zor will begin viewing and treating this as a matter of national security. We care not for who started it. It will be ended.

We trust that the Dragon and Empress Jagan will be wise enough to see the error of their actions thus far. We hope they will ignore the cheers and jeers of the violent crowd and their calls for bloody vengeance, and remind them that wisdom lies not with pride, but with foresight.

Lady Kisaiya
06-07-2017, 12:30 AM
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RE: Spheres of Influence
This attack is frankly, unacceptable, and Arcavat can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch. Arcavat fully condemns Rudahog's actions of terror, the moral injustice of which vastly outweigh the injustice done by Teor Aradel in holding foreign civilians. Arcavat strongly suggests that other nations do the same, even if it is just that.

Assuming no solution is found within the close future, economic sanctions may have to be considered against Rudahog as well. It was my wish that this didn't have to be, but even though Arcavat has no desire to become involved in a full on continental war we must stand by our ally.

On a similar note, we echo the call of the Amaro. Any nation involved in Ahsar which deliberately attacks civilian targets, threatens the escalation to superweapons, or performs one more significantly disgusting action will become an enemy of Arcavat - regardless of previous relationships or agreements. Enough blood has been shed, but at the very least parties can avoid it remaining primarily innocent blood.

Zo, Ruler of Arcavat.
06-07-2017, 02:16 AM
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RE: Spheres of Influence
The Rauthurian Confederacy calls for the abstinence of alliances if the Rudahogi-Aradel conflict. Let them fight it out between each-other, Provided the regulations the Amaro Zor proposed to be upheld. No superweapons and no needless civilian targets, Although civilian casualties are almost unavoidable, There hasn't been one war such a action as the night of smoke hasn't been taken. We don't have to like it, but lets not kid ourselfs we are somehow more righteous then others, Both parties are at fault and both parties should solve it themselves without the rest of the world meddling in a delicate situation

If Aradel gets its allies involved, We are going to honor ours as well, although i loath to commit any resources other then rebuilding, needs must.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
A correction has been posted to the previous news story. Apparently Sheilloa was not there - it turns out the Teor Aradel guard responsible for telling the story had in fact been chasing a lookalike. After being reprimanded by his commanding officer for running off chasing smoke while the city was under attack, the offending guard was dismissed from his military company and was last seen going into hiding to escape public accusations of cowardice.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
Last night, trained Rudahogian military stealth teams attacked the city of Teór Aradel, aided by Anduran spies. They specifically targeted banks, factories, academies and laboratories, aswell as perpetrated theft of valuable resources. These targets seem to have been prioritized over actual military targets - they even attempted- but failed- in the wholesale slaughter of all of Teór Aradel's research personnel. They also attempted to use false information to mislead Teór Aradel's defenses, planted by our own agents turned against us - gods know what Rudahog has put them through; the supposed sabotage which Rudahog earlier claimed they perpetrated is no doubt similarly planted.

This dishonorable, ruthless attack exposes Empress Jagan as clearly intend only on amassing military power by any means necessary - whether by theft, sabotage or manipulation. Such a cowardly attack also directly violates the Great Powers unspoken agreement to never threaten core territory. In light of all of this, extreme destructive measures would be more than justified.

Instead of such mindless destruction, the dragon will seek alternative punitive measures. For their growing list of crimes committed before and during this conflict, the dragon will look to extract due reparations for the damage done from Rudahog's side, by force if necessary, and will shortly seek retribution against any Rudahogian military forces that are found within Ahsar's borders. A blow has been struck at Teór Aradel's heart, and by all measures, a response is required given anything less than Rudahog's immediate and total surrender. The blood of innocents freshly slaughtered demands justice, and as such the dragon shall do everything in his power to bring a swift and decisive end to this ridiculous conflict, once and for all. Let it ring clear that a terror-action such as this will never be tolerated anywhere in the Heartlands.

Also, the dragon finds Rauthuria's response amusing yet sad, considering that they were the ones who first chose to involve themselves. Perhaps if Rauthuria wishes to be taken seriously by the international community, its representatives should strive to spend less time lying and posturing openly when they've just participated in the greatest terror action to date. At the very least, show some respect for the dead.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
Rudahog wishes to end this.

We apoligise for the act of terrorism commited in Teor Aradel. All I can say in apology is that this was not our intention. The plans were to set up the structure and allow Teor Aradel to see this, to distract their defences from our scientists. The combination of overzealousness and misunderstood orders combined with an underestimated amount of resistance led to our agents fighting to free themselves and the loss of life of soldiers and citizens, no planned intent existed to directly target the citizens of Aradel. Irregardless of intent though, I commanded one thing and my people committed another, and the damage is done and the responsibility is on Rudahog. I don't expect true belief or even forgiveness for this.

This act though has let me see the madness of this confrontation. I continued this clash due to a desire to not appear weak in the beginning of my rule, and I now see the depths of failure and ruin that can arise from this folly, and the lengths I could go to if I follow such a path. The Dark Hand was a man obsessed with keeping up the appearance of strength, to allow no evidence to pierce the illusion of his iron-fisted rule or admit any slight to show indecisiveness or mistake of intent. I do not wish to follow in his ways. A leader should admit weakness and put such an action before the good of their people. I do so, through my actions this destruction has been wrought and I can not apologise enough for it.

As of now, Rudahog is surrendering the contested territory of Ahsar. We are returning any Aradel agents we have. If so wished, we will continue the work of the shared project and the spoils will be Aradel's in entirety. Any materials or goods taken from Aradel in this attack will be returned alongside the sum of 5 million gold in reparations, and our offer to repair the damage to Aradel's great city ourselves. I hope this goes some way to showing the earnestness of my regret.

We will also, of course, show all our plans and information relevant to the attack to show our intentions and how we did it, and those of our actions in Ahsar too involving the actions and preparations made there.

I must add that, the agents of Rauthuria involved, had no knowledge of our plans outside of the rescue of our scientists. They are blameless in this terrible action.

I understand that this act was a grievous one and that the rage and hurt of the people of Aradel must indeed be great. I humbly request that the Dragon accept my offer of peace and tribute, so that we may afford war. A continued fight in Ahsar would bring ruin to an already ruined populace and further cripple our two nations still recovering from the fight against Addoban. I have said my part, and again, I humbly apologise and hope that this business can be done.

Empress Jagan of Rudahog.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Spheres of Influence
After due consideration... the dragon will accept this, if only to bring an end to the conflict. The suffering brought upon Teór Aradel by this recent action is great, and will not soon be forgotten, neither by himself nor its people - but, reparations are a start. If Jagan truly wishes to learn from this conflict, the dragon will be watching with doubt. For now, he will release the remainder of Rudahog's scientists and allow Rudahog's military personel to leave unharmed, provided that they follow Jagan's instructions to the letter.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
Following this joyous news of peace, Arcavat announces one more portion of good news.

An investigation by Herinhia has cleared Jaem's civilian government of conspiring with Addoban's forces. They instead found evidence pointing towards tampering by Addoban's agents to sow discord throughout the Heartlands, similar to several other apparent attempts they uncovered during the war.

With this matter cleared and Jaem free of any wrongdoing, Arcavat happily now begins to move forward towards a friendly and amicable relationship with Jaem as an independent city state.

Zo, Ruler of Arcavat
06-09-2017, 04:48 PM
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RE: Spheres of Influence

The latest news coming from Wheatvale is reporting the shock murder of the circus owner and divisive figure Triumf, perpetrated by President Patsmith Pilveruth. The most widely disseminated form of the story comes from the pro-Triumf paper Frightgart, which describes the lamentations of Wheatvalean patriots across the country at the death of their champion. Today, they declare, was the day Wheatvalean democracy died, as the 'President' demonstrated clearly that he is willing to take any action, no matter how brutal, against any who challenge their superiority.

Some argue that Patsmith was in the right to execute Triumf for his monstrous crimes, but they are in the minority compared to those who believe he deserved a legal trial. This extrajudicial killing has shaken popular faith in Patsmith, and likely heralds a watershed moment in his presidency.
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RE: Spheres of Influence

- The Ever-Excellent Mortemia
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RE: Spheres of Influence
The Republic takes the official position that the rule of law must be respected above all. The Slovei is disappointed in President Pilveruth and his actions, though he will take no further action at this moment.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Spheres of Influence
A Statement From Kisaiya

An convenientem finem, homicida est. Et pes iumenti gradietur in sempiternum est in inferno. Fiat ei pulmentum.

Justicia fiat.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
President Patsmith defends his actions, as Triumf was given the chance to turn himself in for fair trial. He talked his way out of it, and the commanding officer of the force sent to take him in died a mysterious death. He then proceeded to continue to spread blatant unrest and misinformation nationwide. Frightgart, in particular, spreads dangerous lies about key Wheatvalian allies, the Amaro in particular.

Triumf was guilty of high treason, attempted genocide of citizens of the Wheatvalian Republic, and conspiracy to murder a Wheatvalian officer. All who assisted him are, naturally, guilty as well, but will have the benefit of fair trial if they so choose. If not, if they resist Wheatvalian officials and attempt to run about the country continuing their wanton chaos, they will be labeled as enemies of the state and dealt with summarily.

Now, Triumf is not the only significant figure convicted of war crimes against the Wheatvalian state. Triumf is very glad Mortemia approves of Triumf's execution, as next he intends to execute the infamous war criminal and former Addoban general Rhode Carrion. He will be, against heavy insistence of his aides, be entering her infamous "Thunder Dome" to do so. If she is intent on using Rhode for entertainment, Patsmith will respect that, but he also hopes she will respect his desire for satisfaction and justice for his people.

Once he has finished preparing governing and goals for his country, Patsmith will depart to bring back justice and victory for the Wheatvalian people.

Several Wheatvalian aides are quoted as saying, "Oh Harvester, Oh Harvester, why can't we talk him out of this, why wouldn't he listen to us, oh Harvester."
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RE: Spheres of Influence
Mortemia approves of this plan, and will prepare the Thunderdome for Patsmith's arrival.

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