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RE: Spheres of Influence
Herinhia understands the concerns, but emphasises the need for the sole investigation, too many cooks spoil the broth and the more factions involved only further fans suspicions and causes more opportunity for misgivings let alone planting or covering up evidence. In essence, overseers would only result in Herinhian investigators being distracted while keeping eyes on the observers and only result in wasting more time.

But in a concession, Herinhia will allow the body checking of its investigators as they enter and leave the site, to assuage concerns of any false tampering by bringing in false evidence and to prevent Herinhian investigators from sneaking out any intact technologies.

Otherwise time is of the utmost importance.

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RE: Spheres of Influence
Mortemia thinks this argument is tiresome, and trusts Herinhia enough to not screw everyone else over. She simply threatens to do "all kinds of unpleasant things" if Herinhia does screw her over.

She's heading back to Strasidel herself. Good luck, nerds.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
That is acceptable. General Hasan trusts that those remaining will check the investigators sufficiently, and that Herinhia will act in good faith.

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RE: Spheres of Influence
Zo is fine with this level of security, and is also willing to offer what small supply of scrying mirrors we have to help with the security of the investigation if Herinhia wishes.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
Without any further objections, Herinhia engages in the investigation with at least 15 specialist paladins from each of its respective orders as well as one more from the Outremarian's guard itself to use their skills to investigate the destroyed fortress for traces of what caused the explosion and to find any salvageable technology that may have been lost.

They will also submit to the body checks going into and out of the site.

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RE: Spheres of Influence
The Consul is Dead, Long Live the Consul
Word arrives from Kalvesiya:

Asena Volkov has died. Power has been transferred to her daughter, sixteen year old Tsura Volkov. She has taken this position quickly and is initiating what she calls "a got-damn internal affairs blitz," reaching out to tribal leaders and heads of the various departments of government in an attempt to bring stability to the state her mother left behind and work towards rebuilding a new Amaro Zor.

Whether or not her mother's centralization policies will continue or be relaxed under Consul Volkov II has yet to be seen. All that's known is that she's promised a "breatha fresh air" for the new Amaro state.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
Herinhia announcers its findings on the destroyed area after emerging.

We managed to deduce that the explosion was caused by some party setting explosive charges on the main power core, causing it to explode catastrophically. We managed to find traces that indicate the explosive charges used were dynamite. Addoban and his troops do not, to the best of Herinhia's knowledge, appear to have adapted or copied this technology to us and do not seem to have the technology with them on their bodies or ruins despite this technology being available on the free market.

As a result, this was a clear result of sabotage after the castle was shot down, but Herinhia's investigators were unable to determine any evidence as to the identity of the exact culprits. Unfortunately, short of some outside powers managing to sneak through all of the Alliance troops around the destroyed castle, plant the explosives and escape undetected, the implications are clear for those nations who had troops on the ground during the time period it occurred.

In happier news, they were however, able to recover one of the lost technologies, namely Artificial atmosphere generation. Herinhia submits its evidence and technological discovery with the other Great Powers as agreed upon, and agrees to have its investigators pat down after exiting the ruins.

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RE: Spheres of Influence
Mortemia claims innocence, on the grounds that she was really fucking interested in studying that power source and only an unfathomable idiot would do something as BARBARICALLY, IMPOSSIBLY STUPID as blow up such a valuable item of research. Hell, she'll devote some investigators to help determine who did this.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
Arcavat also offers resources to investigate this matter, and thanks Herinhia for its efforts and recovery of one of the lost technologies.
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RE: Spheres of Influence
The Eorelan Republic,
Thanks the Herinhian investigators for their hard work
in retrieving the atmospheric generation technology.
As there is a possibility of potentially reconstructing
more of the technologies, the Republic proposes to lend
personnel to this task.

We are prepared to send to the Heart of the World
our genius scientist Mira Napa, who with only a few
months' work managed to recover some of Bietz's
inventions. We hope that her mind, when applied to
this task, will allow more technology to be recovered.
We also propose, if other powers do not object,
to send the investigators from Eorelan National
Intelligence to the rubble. They will of course be
subject to the same scrutiny as Herinhia's paladins,
and may perhaps uncover more evidence as to
which among us, if any, set the traitorous charges.

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RE: Spheres of Influence
Rudahog believes that there the inclusion of any other "investigators" into the remains of the castle is not worth the complications it will bring and will only allow the saboteur to hide their tracks. Ultimately though, they'll follow the lead of Herinhia's decisions in this matter and support them.

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RE: Spheres of Influence
Consul Tsura has made preparations to begin investigations, but will hold off if requested!

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