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Gridhood Neo (Gods Wanted)
Hello! It’s me, Murllyshevo! Today I’ll bring you the next installment of the ever popular Gridhood series. It’s going to be a little more complex than most games I make, so be sure to read the instructions below. It takes inspiration from many others “Civilization-style” games, in special Reyweld’s RAD.

The game is ongoing right now. Application for Civilizations is closed, but you can still join as a God.

Playing as civilization
Every turn your civilization will consume units of food equal to the population. If there’s not enough food for everyone they will become starved and generate unhappiness. If they stay starved for too long they will die! Don’t let it happen!
Sacrifice 2 units of food to create an individual of your own species. It cannot work the turn it’s born. If the adult population becomes higher than the cap, unhappiness will be generated. So be nice and build houses for everyone.

Happiness is the measurement of contempt of your population. Ideally you’ll want your happiness to be equal or superior to your population. Too little happiness and there’ll be a chance that some people will refuse to work. Excess happiness will result in a chance of triggering special events.
Every person will generate 1 point of happiness if they are healthy; have food and a home to live. Several events can change the total amount of happiness.

At the start of the game you’ll be able to choose a technology to research. Anything can be researched, but more advanced techs will take many turns to complete. Once it’s done you may choose another research.

Issuing orders to population
Every person on your civilization may do ONE of these jobs on a turn:
  • Build something they know.
  • Work a building or animal.
  • Scout or scavenge the tile they are on.
  • Attack an enemy on the same tile.
  • Pray to any specific god.
Additionally, they may move 1 tile before OR (exclusive) after doing their work. Resources may be used on the same turn they are gathered.

Any worker may be turned into a specialist. Specialists can do one specific job better than the average person, with the downside that they cannot do anything else. Once specialized, they cannot return to normal.

Every civilization starts with the knowledge of these buildings:
House: Increases population cap by 2. Can be built on any kind of solid terrain. Requires 3 units of any solid building material.
Farm plot: One individual may work one farm plot and produce 2 units of food. Can be built on any flat, fertile terrain and require 1 seed or vegetable to be built.
Pasture: A pasture holds up to 3 animals. A person may work a pasture and generate 1 food per animal. Alternatively, they may butcher the animals on the pasture and generate 2 food per animal. Captive animals will reproduce automatically. Requires any flat terrain and at least one live animal and 1 building material.
Shrine: Will automatically generate 1 faith point per turn to the god it’s dedicated. Requires 2 building material and an object of worship.
Additional buildings may be discovered with research. Any given tile cannot have more than 10 buildings.
Every civ starts with 10 Houses and a Palace. The Palace marks the capital of the civilization and protects the tile it’s on against the wrath of the gods. It does not count towards the 10 building limit, but you cannot build more Palaces. The Palace also houses a stockpile capable of storing 10 items. Any item not on the stockpile will be lost at the end of the turn.

An average creature has 1 Health and 1 Strength. Health is a measurement of physical fitness while strength is military prowess. The main use of those stats is during war. During a battle, both parties will attack each other, adding their stats together, plus any bonuses that might be worth mentioning, and kill people based on damage dealt. Unless some sort of strategy is devised, units with less health die first, followed by the ones with less attack. Here’s an example of a battle:
Squad A has 5 soldiers with 2 H, 1 S and 5 soldiers with 1 H, 2 S, and engages Squad B, with 10 soldiers at 3 H, 1 S. Squad A total stats are 15 H and 15 S while Squad B’s are 30 H and 10 S. Squad A’s power is sufficient to kill 5 soldiers from B, while B can kill all strong soldiers and 2 of the healthy ones from A. Aftermath: Squad A stands with 3 soldiers of 2 H, 1 S; and Squad B still has 5 soldiers of 3 H and 1 S.
All combatants are considered to be at full health on the start of battles so I don’t have to keep track of wounded soldiers.

Playing as a god
Creating tiles
The main power of a god is that of creating tiles. Every turn they may create 1 tile of their preferred terrain plus 1 of any kind on any empty tile of your choice. When creating tiles they may decide to add special features to them, such as being populated by a particular species of animal or vegetal, or having shallow veins of a particular ore. If nothing is specified they simply have typical features of that type of terrain.
You are not allowed to create overly ludicrous things (such as an incredibly powerful dragon that’s docile towards one specific civ, fish that can be used as building material while still being somehow edible, etc.) unless you take a miracle.
Animals are not created docile. They need to be tamed by a civilization before they are able to make use of it. More powerful creatures are harder to tame.

Every person that prays to you generates a Faith Point to you. You can use miracles as long as you have FP. Here’s a table of sample costs:
  • 5 FP: Divine Providence. Give a civilization 1 unit of any resource known by it.
  • 5 FP: Wrath of Gods. Kill one person or destroy 1 building. Cannot target anything on the capital of a civilization.
  • 5 FP: Holy War. For one turn, increase the strength or health of one individual by one.
  • 5 FP: Divine Favor. An individual works more efficiently this turn.
  • 5 FP: Create Tile. Change a blank tile into one of your choice.
  • 10 FP: Change Tile. Change any particular tile to one of your choice. This cannot affect the capital of a civilization. Does not cause damage to people or buildings.
  • 10 FP: Mutate. Add a pair of pro and con to an individual.
  • 10 FP: Specialize. Force an individual to become an specialist (or take a caste or destiny or whatever more).
  • 10 FP: Generalize. Remove an specialization or other acquired trait from an individual.
  • 15 FP: Divine Inspiration. Decrease time to complete a research by 1.
  • 20 FP: Create Artifact. Create a magical object that gives its wielder any particular advantage.
  • 20 FP: Create Hero/Monster. Give a person or animal one advantage or remove one of its disvantages. A monster released in the wild will eventually create a race of similar monsters, but a hero will not pass its divinity to its offspring.
  • 20 FP: Weaken. Add a disvantage to a person or animal.
  • 40 FP: Create Avatar. Create a semidivine creature controlled by your God on any tile. It has 2 Strength, 2 Health and is considered to be a Hero. More charcteristics can be added through other Miracles.
  • 1 FP: Roleplaying. Appear before your worshippers as ball of fire? Send an angel to deliver a message to the civilization? Call the wind to play a swift melody in calm meadows? Anything can happen, as long as it doesn't affect gameplay.
  • ? FP: Anything Else. Whatever you might want to do. You are a god after all. PM me or post in this thread for an action and I'll give you a cost.

Every god also has an exclusive set of powers only they can use. They do not require FP but are generally weaker than miracles. You may only use one power per turn.
Sample powers include: Making it rain somewhere, empowering some guys for a turn, creating rabid killer bunnies, etc.

Turn Order
For reference purposes, turn order works something like this:
  1. God creates tile(s).
  2. Research continues.
  3. Citizens move and work.
  4. Citizens and animals are born or die.
  5. Citizens consume food. Any building or machine that requires maintenance will consume their resources now.
  6. Resources out of stockpiles are lost.

Divine powers and miracles have no set turn stage and may be used anytime.
One turn is about one to ten years in-universe.

Applying for civilization
Tribe: The name of your civ, of course!
Race: What kind of creature inhabits the tribe? Describe appearance, culture and social structure.
Color: A color to represent the tribe.
Favorite Food: For flavor purposes only.
Pros/Cons: A list of any characteristics that are worth mentioning and may affect the game in some way. Remember that for every pro there must be a con of equal impact.

Applying for deity
Name: The name of your god.
Object of Worship: A symbol that represents your divinity.
Preferred Terrain: Do you like plains, mountains, beaches or something else?
Powers: Up to 3 powers that are unique to you. Nothing too overpowered.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I am 100% interested but am curious as to what sort of ideas you have in mind if a civilization gets completely shafted by the gods.

I'm also interested in seeing what others would be interested in playing before I make an app since that will probably determine which of the two roles I'm more interested in playing.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Civilization Application

Tribe: Felkusha
Race: The Felkusha are bipedal creatures with brown or red fur, powerful rabbit like legs and sharp claws. Male Felkusha stand only about three feet tall on average while females can grow as tall as five feet.

The Felkusha are capable hunters, though they generally prefer various plants over meat. They are quite territorial and are moderately more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors than other civilizations.

Felkusha tend to live and hunt in packs, a man or womans worth in Felkushian society is based on how much work one can accomplish. Heavily injured or handicapped pack members who cannot pull their own weight will generally be left behind or worse. Day to day survival tends to be on the forefront of their minds.
Color: Red (May be changed for the purpose of giving the GM less trouble)
Favorite Food: Plants
2 Castes: Female Felkusha have higher stats than the males, but also require more food. Upon creation each Felkusha has a 50% chance to be of this caste.
Festival Day Every X amount of turns (decided by the gm) the Felkusha have a "Festival Day". On this day prayers are more effective (and specialists who are not faith based may pray at a reduced effectiveness if they normally cannot). Festival day is the only time the Felkusha can pray, and unhappiness is generated for every Felkusha who does not pray on a Festival.
Legacy of Vulsiss: The Felkusha retain an aspect from their previous patron god from the Squidhood era. Felkusha are less likely to be injured in hot areas, but become unhappy in cold areas.

God Application

Name: The Sanguine Moon
Object of Worship: Fresh Blood
Preferred Terrain: Solemn plains- A barren and empty tile that can be easily crossed. Initially the tile grants nothing but after battles are fought over this tile it will be converted to fertile plains which can produce food.
Grim Harvest: A selected non-champion mortal dies; but whatever work it did this turn produces much greater results than normal.
Psychopathy: Doubles the damage dealt by all units on a single specified tile
Bad Omen: A demon spawns on a random non-empty, non-palace tile. The demon is hostile to all races and will attack whenever it can. The less prayer that the Sanuine Moon gets, the stronger the summoned demons will be.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Name: Izhuit
Object of Worship: Hummingbird
Preferred Terrain: Ocean tiles.
Powers: 1) Summon Seagulls. Summon a flock of seagulls or other terrain-appropriate scavenging birds to take an action in a tile. The flock disperses at the start of a new turn.
2) Flash Flood. For a turn, a terrain tile becomes flooded. Ships and other water-locked units may treat this tile as a shallow water tile for purposes of movement.
3) Perpetual Motion. Doubles the movement of all units on a tile for one turn.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Applications look very good and are more or less in line with what I had in mind, though I have to say that Izhuit's power of Summoning Seagulls looks a little useless. I'd recommend switching, but maybe Whimbrel had something cool in mind when he choose such a strange power.

Palamedes, I'll have you know that the reason I had players making both Civs and Deities is that, if worse comes to worst, players could become their own gods. That way, they would have at least one deity that favours them. Let's hope this revelation doesn't inspire the creation of overpowered gods.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Of all my powers, I actually thought that was the one that you might say needed revision for being too powerful/versatile for a power, just based on how many different uses I can think of for a flock of seagulls that can do an action in a tile for a turn.

So uh, I guess we'll see how it works out in play. :D
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Oh, I hadn't seen the part where it said the 'gull takes an action. For some reason I thought your power just called some birds and they, I dunno, stayed there. Now it looks a very interesting power. Let's see how it plays out.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Name: Atelidae
Object of Worship: Howler Monkeys.
Preferred Terrain: Rainforest
1. Quicksand. Turns any tile into quicksand. Units in quicksand at the end of the turn have a small chance of dying. If the quicksand was placed on a rainforest tile, it has an increased chance of killing the unit
2. Tears of the Gods. A storm appears for a turn.
3. Here they come. A swarm of howler monkeys appear, attacking a unit for a turn before running away.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Race: Gobuleppe, a race of roughly spherical humanoids with two short legs, two short, frontal arms, and four longer side arms. They have tough carapace along their back and limbs and softer flesh on their fronts and joints. Having no neck, their head is a slight extension from their body.
Color: Green
Favorite Food: Meat
Destiny - each Gobuleppe is born and trained for a singular purpose, and are more effective at performing it. However, they are less effective at any other task. This stacks when they become specialists.
Born Ready: Gobuleppes are born ableto perform actions, but cost one extra food.
God-Fearing: The tribe must worship a god who has performed a miracle or action directly involving one of their people in the previous turn, if possible. This includes wasting resources by using a specialist who gains nothing from prayer. The only exception is if there are no Gobuleppes to spare (through lack of numbers or actively fighting), or if there would not be enough food left to feed their population.

Name: Shawarse
Object of Worship: Crossed blades
Preferred Terrain: Forests
1. Predator: Populates a tile with a predatory species, with cost and strength of species depending on power spent and number of buildings in tile.
2. Terminate: Destroys any one unit who has not participated in a real battle in the last 10 turns.
3. Last Hero: The avatar of Shawarse arrives at the site of a large battle, doing battle with all involved enemy sides but focusing on the winner. Whatever unit defeats this avatar becomes significantly more powerful.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
@Palamedes: I'm a little confused by you first divine power. Gods get to create 2 tiles per turn for free, at no Faith Point cost (I assume that's what you meant by "power spent on tile"). You DO need to spend FP to create additional tiles in a turn, but this is an exceptional case, and the tiles created will be no different than the free ones unless you pump A LOT of FP on them. And what's this "cost of species" you speak of?

@TryTryAgain: Being able to make a tile permanently impassable at will sounds a little overpowered, even without the delayed death effect. If they get stuck, they are gone unless some other god interferes.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Name: Thuon
Object of Worship: A Wheel
Preferred Terrain: Flat Plains [Units moving through this terrain are able to move slightly farther during that motion. If any Buildings other than a single Shrine to Thuon are on a Flat Plains, it no longer grants movement assist and instead further construction of Buildings is easier.]
1. Swift Feet [All Units on a specific Tile may move much farther next Turn unless any of them enter a Tile with any buildings other than a Shrine to Thuon.]
As we ran, I could have sworn that our feet had tiny wheels on them. But when I looked they clearly didn't ...
2. Curse of Slugs and Mosquitoes [All Units on a specific Tile move much less next Turn unless all of them enter a Tile with a Shrine to Thuon.]
It was terrible Sir! Slugs under seemingly every step, and a Mosquito every hour!
3. Quick Thinking [A Civilization that is specifically researching a technology that would make movement easier becomes happier next Turn.]
My mind was plodding along at its usual pace ... and then it wasn't. *smile and tear*
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RE: Gridhood Neo
First power does not create a tile, it creates a predatory species on an already existing one (basically it makes a space naturally dangerous from then on). I also figured that there was a chance that animals created might be different in danger (ie a wolf versus a dragon) and wanted to account for that.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I updated the quicksand power so it's hopefully more balanced.
02-01-2016, 10:07 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I'm a little worried that this game may struggle due to a lack of players. I propose a way to alleviate some of the stress: A hexagon grid to accommodate three civilizations instead of 4.

[Image: eCz6keH.png]
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I'm not going to start the game before Friday, when I have more free time. If until them I see no more applications then I guess I can leave signups open while the game is running. Maybe there will be more people interested in the game if they can actually see how it plays out.

Oh, and TryAgain, I do not want to be an ass but maybe it's not a good idea to have a power that works for multiple turns. It's going to be nightmare for me to keep track of. How about changing it to "Turns a tile into Quicksand for a turn. Units on Quicksand can't move and have a small chance of dying at the start of the next turn. If the transformed tile was Rainforest, higher chance of death."?
02-02-2016, 02:59 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Sure, tha sounds fine. This is my first time playing one of these games so I'm still learning, so thanks for the advice.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
here's a civ app:


Race: Nauchians are humanoids with a characteristic red tint to their hair. Apart from the hair, they look almost identical to humans. Additionally, their hair does not change color over the course of their lives, which allows them to divide their tribe up into groups.

Social Structure
Nauchian social structure is decided by hair color. The brighter and redder it is, the higher of a social rank a Nauchian is, and the more intelligent a Nauchian is considered. There are 5 "castes" of Nauchians:
Bolkis Nauchian-The ones with brightest hair of the caste, these make up the royal family and high society. The king or queen is elected by vote among the Bolkis, and serves for life.
Umar Nauchian-Moderately bright red hair, serve as scribes, craftsmen, researchers, and doctors. Some Umar decide to command the Nauchian Army, serving as generals.
Evas Nauchian-Not very bright red hair. Some serve as doctors or researchers(usually as the understudy of an Umar), while many serve as soldiers, merchants, and traders.
Nisar Nauchian-Red hair is barely noticable. These Nauchians serve as common labor and footsoldiers, and are regarded by many as inferior
Rasus Nauchian-No red in hair. Considered by many to be no better then slaves, and are usually treated as such. Generally ostracized by the community, and as such there is a fair amount of dissent among Rasus.

Nauchians prize advancement and science. The most valuable members of each caste(apart from Rasus) are those who create and invent. This leads to a competitiveness between groups as each tries to outdo the other.

Unbeknownst to many, the Bolkis have a supply of red hair dye that they have invented. They use this to ensure their power is cemented, and crack down on any mention of this dye or any attempt to trade this dye. This hasn't stopped some Rasus from stealing dyes and trading them to other Rasus to pass off as Nisar or Evas.

Color: The blue of scientific imperialism.

Favorite Food: Zasce, a vegetable grown in Nauchia. A key point of research revolves around finding more uses for this vegetable.

Caste System: Any population member can be assigned to a caste. Each caste has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Once a member is set as a caste, that caste cannot be changed without intervention from Deities.
Bolkis:The Bolkis, while ferverent in their activities, do not enjoy moving around much.. Prayer from a Bolkis is worth the same as prayer from two non-Bolkis, but Bolkis cannot move and perform another action on the same turn.
Umar: More resililent due to their training as doctors, but unable to kill. Umars have 2 H and 0 S to start with.
Evas:Great assistants, but cannot act on their own. If an Evas works on a tile with a different caste, then one extra unit of resources/prayer is generated. Evas cannot work on tiles by themselves except farming for only 1 unit of food.
Nisar:Excelling in combat, but not much else. Nisar gain an extra Health in war, but farm only 1 unit of food, and produce only 1 unit of food when butchering an animal.
Rasus: Rasus work well together, but too many of them might cause issues and dissent. If 2 or 3 Rasus are assigned to the same tile, they generate 1 more happiness, and if 1 or more then 3 Rasus are assigned to the same tile, they generate 1 less happiness.

dC Wrote:donut is A FILTHY TRAITOR unreliable
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I would like to point out that if you design a ridiculously extensive caste or class system and don't put any pratical effect on the Pros/Cons bar, then it'll be YOUR job to enforce it, not mine, and you receive no benefit for complicating your society.

I also find very odd that every civ app so far has only one pair of Pros/Cons. Not that I'm complaining, it makes my work easier, but remember you can have more pairs if you want.

And Timetech, Units don't research technology. That's something the civs as a whole already do automatically without input. I can let you give a happiness bonus to a civ who's researching, but accelerating research is a little too strong for a divine power.
02-04-2016, 10:30 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
You mentioned a caste system being ridiculously extensive and not giving a benefit for complicating a society. I think you are talking about the Nauchia caste system but I'm not ruling out the possibility that my two caste system will also cause some similar issues. Would you like me to remake the Felkusha without the two caste thing?
02-04-2016, 10:53 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
(02-04-2016 09:50 AM)Murllyshevo Wrote:  And Timetech, Units don't research technology. That's something the civs as a whole already do automatically without input. I can let you give a happiness bonus to a civ who's researching, but accelerating research is a little too strong for a divine power.

Ahh, understood. I shall modify that to fit. I like your idea.
02-04-2016, 11:18 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Decided to add a new pro/con to my civilization app. Let me know if anything is wrong with it.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
i was debating about adding a caste-related pro/con but hadn't had time to actually go over it(and wasn't sure if i could). when i find time i'll work on that caste system set and add it in.
e:it's set up, let me know if all of the pro/cons work out

dC Wrote:donut is A FILTHY TRAITOR unreliable
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Donut, as I said, units don't research technology. Consider giving a different ability to the Umar.

To both Donut and Supernerd, I've noticed you two chose the same color for your tribes. While it's not vital that every tribe have different colors, I would rather have one of you to change.
02-05-2016, 09:04 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I picked red first. But I'm not going to make a big stink about it and you may change it to yellow or something if you think that would be better.
02-05-2016, 11:49 PM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
First update will start somewhere today (or tomorrow, depending of timezones).

Civilization players will be: Supernerd, Palamedes and icanhasdonut.
Deity Players will be: Whimbrel, TryTryAgain and Timetech.

I'm thinking of creating an new thread for the game proper and turning this one into a discussion thread. Any thoughts?
02-06-2016, 12:25 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
No opinion regarding whether we use one or two threads from me.
02-06-2016, 02:25 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Sounds like a plan
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Alright, new thread is up and running. Images are a little big, so I used links instead. Tell me how you like the little sprites.

EDIT: Also, exceptionaly this turn only, Units will not consume any food. This will give time for players to set up a food source.
02-06-2016, 09:05 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Guess its too late to tweak pro/cons now.
Eh, I'm fine with it as it is now. I'd only end up making it more complicated anyway.
02-06-2016, 09:12 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Does my forced specialization do anything for me benefitwise, or is it basically just a con? In retrospect it might have been better to hash this out beforehand but I sort of lost track of time, sorry about that!
02-06-2016, 09:24 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
It is to my understanding that the Gobuleppe specialty on birth thing is separate from specializations, and stacks with it.
02-06-2016, 10:27 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Palamedes, you are not forced to choose a Specialty upon birth, right now no Units have Specialties. Also, Supernerd has the right idea, Specialty is different from Specialists(I knew I should have given a different name).

In retrospect, I don't think both abilities should stack. I mean, it would create situations like "Now I'll make this guy to be good at fishing, which means it'll suck at anything not fishing-related, and I'll make him a Fisherman Specialist, who can't do anything but fishing anyway, so I get both benefits for no more penalty".

Specialties are like Specialists-lite. Provides a smaller bonus at a job but you are not forbidden to do other jobs.

It was a very "derp" moment. I should probably have discussed it more throughly or explained better before starting the game. Apologizes for the inconvenience.
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Ah, yeah I hadn't noticed the difference because the two words were similar enough that I assumed they meant the same thing :S.

I altered it originally both because I noticed it contradicted the established rules and was basically a weaker version of donut's thing, would it be better to change it more? Some ideas would be making it so they can have a second, poorer ability (so fighters, could, say, fish regularly but do nothing else but those two) or making them specialists who can do a really shitty job at everything still. I could also just nix that ability, but I wanted to try out a bunch of odd concepts like being forced to pick specialists right away but getting a small bonus on it.

QE: Also noticed my forced worship was edited out, was that an error or is there a problem with it?
02-06-2016, 10:46 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I like the solution I found right now. Being good at something while not being limited by it gives them a great level of adabtility, and adaptility seems to be the Gobuleppes "thing".

I removed your God Fearing ability because, in the end, it granted no benefit whatsoever.
02-06-2016, 10:58 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I propose allowing civilizations to make some tweaks to their pro/cons until the next turn due to the fact that stuff is still being changed.

Also, god fearing actually does grant a benefit. Its just a bit less obvious than the other pros. If you were a god, wouldn't you be more inclined to help the guys who would be guaranteed to worship you for it?
02-06-2016, 11:23 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Tweaking civilizations is what we are doing right now.

Even then, I don't think it's that much of a benefit. It risks the civilization into a vicious circle of perpetual praying just because a god keeps giving them bread (or throwing lightning bolts at them, as the ability don't specifies the god must help them).
02-06-2016, 11:25 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
What does health and strength do outside of combat?
02-06-2016, 11:32 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Actually I haven't thought much about it. I guess having more Health could be useful in case of a plague or poisons while Strength could benefit some jobs. Right now their useability is limited to combat.
02-06-2016, 12:06 PM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Fair. Supernerd was right re: the pros and cons of it, but you're right in that vindictive gods could use it to screw me and I can't think of a way to change that (like letting me make choices on the matter re: what counts as beneficial or who I worship that would fix it.

Unless maybe putting a turn limit on it? Like I have to pray to anyone who's used power on me in the last five turns. Or give me a prayer bonus, either a flat one or to my specialism (is: my regular guys can all pray normally, and my specialists can do a weak prayer).
02-06-2016, 12:12 PM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
My suggestion is that obviously malicious actions by a god will cause forced prayers to REDUCE their faith points; since you would be praying to make them stop.
02-06-2016, 12:15 PM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I motion that all civilizations worship me and thus reap the benefits of a happy god
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RE: Gridhood Neo
I motion that you make a tile that I can put farms on so that my people won't starve to death before they are even capable of praying.
02-06-2016, 12:51 PM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
caste systems are gonna be fun when i accidentally lose half my population because i set too many of them to a non-food producing caste

dC Wrote:donut is A FILTHY TRAITOR unreliable
02-07-2016, 01:41 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Palamedes, if you don't like the way your civ works, just say so. If you really want your God Fearing ability, I can make it work. There's still time for big changes.

Sometimes I do things on impulse. I admit it was wrong of me to just make changes without asking. I apologise for all the trouble it caused.
02-07-2016, 05:39 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Nah it's okay, I'm only throwing out ideas because it's still round one but I'm fine leaving them.

Other question: do pigs breed or do I need to research something for that?
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RE: Gridhood Neo
The starting buildings have not been specified in the game thread, but they are in the first post of the discussion thread. Here are the effects of the pasture.

Pasture: A pasture holds up to 3 animals. A person may work a pasture and generate 1 food per animal. Alternatively, they may butcher the animals on the pasture and generate 2 food per animal. Captive animals will reproduce automatically. Requires any flat terrain and at least one live animal and 1 building material.

I also have a possible idea for the Gobuleppe destiny thing. Perhaps their specialists should be able to perform their destiny profession even if they have a different specialization?
02-07-2016, 12:28 PM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Waiting for Timetech...
02-08-2016, 06:05 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
GM tip: You can safely ignore any IC thread posts from me that do not have bold text in them. Due to the fact that stuff can be used as soon as it is made, I will be adjusting actions accordingly. I'll also be removing the old actions to prevent confusion. Let me know if you would like me to change how I post.
02-08-2016, 06:56 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Palamedes, the Destiny system will continue the way it is. It'll stack with Specilizations and, if they are related to different jobs, the Unit will be able to do both (the Specialization will be weaker, though). Since it's the first turn you may assign Destinies to your starting Units. Any objections?

Donut, you may change your actions if you wish. In the future I would recommend Civ Players to wait until the Gods act before submiting their own actions.
02-08-2016, 08:34 AM
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RE: Gridhood Neo
Bluh. Sounds like updates will be more than two days apart.

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