Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door (Dead)
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Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door (Dead)
The year is 2050. Our story begins in New York. A classic melting pot of cultures. Our view drifts lazily through the streets to set the mood. Cars congesting the streets. People walking with stooped heads on the sidewalks. Plenty of glass and concrete. A guy in a full cowboy outfit riding a horse.
Wait. What?
Uh... well this is the city after all. You're bound to get the occasional weirdo. Anyway where were we? Ah yes. Setting the mood. We see a street vendor selling hot-dogs. A quaint little flower shop sandwiched between two larger building. A hover car flies past.
Wait. What?
A hover car? That's not right. There aren't any hover cars. I mean yeah it's the future but... not THAT far into the future. Hover-cars aren't even practical yet. There wouldn't be one just flying around New York. What's going on hOLY SHIT THAT'S A TYRANNOSAURUS REX!

Uh. I think I may have messed up here. This might be the wrong year. Or maybe even the wrong universe. Just give me a moment while I fix the problem...
Uh... this is the right universe apparently. Whatever. I got you here, I've done my job. I'm sure things will work out fine.


Here are the signups for the game. In case the title didn't make it obvious, this will be a time travel adventure game.
Just for the record, the time travel aspect is just so I can do whatever the hell I want with the setting. So if you're hoping for, say, an adventure thoroughly rooted in historically accurate settings in human history, you may be a bit disappointed. But feel free to give me interesting settings or time periods to consider via PM.
Just don't expect me to do a lot of research on a time period or setting just because you suggest it. If there are important details then give them to me in the PM.

Name: Pretend I gave a clever joke here for how obvious this field is.
Appearance: This is what your character looks like at game start. This includes what they are wearing.
Skills: You get five points to put in skills. This means that you can choose five skills and put one point in each. Or you could choose one skill and put five points in that one skill. Or choose three skills and have one point in two of them and three in the third. Or... you get the idea. The more points you put in a skill, the better you are in that field. You will get more points as the game progresses to learn new skills or improve old ones, so don't stress yourself too much.

Skills are pretty much whatever you want them to be. Not everything is a skill for the record. I'm not going to have you unable to drive stick just because you don't put it in your skills. But being able to shoot a gun would be a skill. If you have any questions about skills (or anything else for that mater) be sure to send me a PM.
Bio:This is where you give your character's back-story, justify your skills, and show off your writing skills to help me decide who gets in.

Here's the interesting part. Your character doesn't have to be from 2050. As you may have noticed, time is doing some really weird stuff right now. So your character could be from France during the revolution, or a renaissance era Italian, or a US citizen during the great depression. Of course you could also be from the future. Just be sure to give some flavor. Just saying "The future" doesn't cut it. Also, if you're from in the distant past your not going to be able to justify an advanced computing skill, so keep that in mind.

Character Roster
Grog Played by Fuade
Martin Stein Played byDenizenShipper
Grégoire Bélanger Played by MasterBlade
Jayne Masalini Played by ICan'tGiveCredit
Sir Wilhelm Heinrich von Radeburg Played by Demonsul
Ser Stiofan McCullaghi Played by Galloglasses
Louie Stevens Played by Palamedes
Matthias "Dark Rose" Bartholomew Played by TruthHurts22
Pirate Crewman Played by calibornio
Novikov Played by Acolyte Doctor
David Robinson Played by Purple Walrus
Kamen "K" Angelov Played by Vancho1
Nick Played by Solax
R∆-943 AKA Dude Guy Played by Yewchung
Arpak Yarvine Played by Anomaly
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RE: Time travel. With blackjack, and hookers
[Image: GROG.png]
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RE: Time travel. With blackjack, and hookers
Martin Stein

Young man, probably 20-25ish. Thin build, glasses, pale complexion. His black hair is heavily gelled in a way that is probably supposed to look careless but ends up just being silly.

1 Historical errata detection
1 Running
1 Futuristic weaponry
2 Disguise
9001 Trying to explain complicated temporal phenomenon by scribbling a chart on a napkin but predictably everyone just ends up more confused, including yourself

Martin loves time travel so very, very much. And even though he has been born into an era where it is considered impossible, he has nonetheless attempted to mold himself into, as he calls it, the "penultimate time traveler." He has mastered the art of blending into any society, practiced using unfamiliar advanced technology without instruction, learned all he can about the portions of the world's history that are currently available to him and maintained peak physical fitness just in case the opportunity to visit another era should present itself. Maybe if he saves the world his mother will get off his back about finding a job.

Of course, this is in addition to devouring every work of fiction on the subject he can get his hands on, credible or no. The references get old quickly.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
So this is my fault for forgetting to mention this in the first place, but linguistics are for the most part not going to be a problem. So you can go ahead and put that point in another skill.

EDIT:Some more stuff that might be important to mention.

The people and things that are appearing are for the most part just appearing out of nowhere. One frame they aren't there. The next they are. But sometimes they appear in very different methods. Terminator style for instance is not all too uncommon.

The game will start just a little after these anomalies start to occur. By shortly after, I mean at most an hour. More likely just a few minutes.

Your characters do not have to be in New York! You can have an entirely different location for your character to start. Another country even. By default you will start somewhere in New York. If you have a preference for where you'd like to start at the beginning of the game say so in your Bio.
Unless you want to start in a well stocked bunker designed to survive the apocalypse.
Because that's probably not going to happen.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
(French revolution you say?)

Name: Grégoire Bélanger

Appearance: If photographs existed in the early 1800s then one would consider Monsieur Bélanger to be a rather photogenic frenchman. His beautiful complexion is only complimented by his long, flowing lochs of golden hair and matching sapphire eyes. This beautiful form is only matched by equally stunning attire; a red velvet surcoat with black britches. These choice colors match the red and black flag of the republic rebels, which Grégoire has strapped to a polished musket he swears his life by.

Coersion- 2
Gunmanship- 2
Construction- 1

Bio: Grégoire serves as leader to the 14th section of the Society for the Rights of Man, the most prominent secret society responsible for the June Rebellion. The Bélanger family was once a great military family, though the constant changes in regime had since sent the name plummeting into obscurity. Every male in the household was brought up to wield arms like... arms (the women were taught to use brooms to surprise thieves in the night, but that is a completely different story altogether). Being stripped of their title, the family had hoped to use the local rebellions to regain notoriety. Aid the resistance to a formidable state in secret, then crush them to regain standing in the royal court. It was a foolproof plan!

...until the night of the actual battle came and Grégoire was on the barricades with the rebel forces. Despite the intentions of his family, the heir was more loyal to the people than the ruling house. By the time of the fight Grégoire had managed to use his looks and wiles to amass a large body of his countrymen to hold the streets of Saint-Martin. Turns out the lad was a pureblooded patriot, barking tales of freedom and liberties all across the line. The barricade he maintained there would outlast both the national guard and his family's onslaught, going into history as the last bastion of the republic to fall. Bélanger Senior wasn't too happy about it, and even moreso when the king dissolved the family in the wake of discovering their involvement.

Starting Location: Paris, France (June 6th, 1832). The barricades at Rue Saint-Martin. It is the sunrise of the famous June Rebellion, and Grégoire is one of the few remaining on the Saint-Martin barricade. With supplies low and his allies' numbers dwindling, it would take a miracle to be saved from almost certain execution by the French National Guard. Unfortunately for Monsieur Bélanger, the anomaly in 2050 was about to send him into a far worse battlefield...
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RE: Time travel. With blackjack, and hookers
Name: Jayna Masalini
Skills: Observation (1): She can speak/write/understand a few languages. You may see some weird text in her responses. Also, she no speak goood EEENGLEESH mspa This has taught her to get more information out of what she reads/hears/sees.
Heavy lifting (4): Did you know, thees one time in thee motherland, Jayna leeft TWO BEEG HORSAY aneemals at once for the HAYVAY LEEFTING COMPEETEESHUN!
[Image: rolling-pin-2.jpg]

Bio: Jayna was born in a small village in Russia where it's very cold and everyone is a hardy person who takes care of one another. The country is clearly in a dictatorship but the government doesn't want to admit that, DO THEY?

It's the 1960s in the Post-War Era when Jayna was born and Russia is still "communist". Gouzenko didn't really help things. Neither did Fidel Castro. Khrushchev be damned if Truman doesn't get into another tussle with the potential for full-scale nuclear war. Jayna thought she'd get in on this when she's older in the 1990s but not before learning the customs and language of her culture.

The language isn't that hard. The customs, however, were hard to understand for little Jayna. She learned how to help out in the farm, do menial labour and house chores. This strengthened her a bit. Though Jayna wouldn't be saying "a bit" later in life when she admits she could lift more than her mother. But this was kind of hereditary. Jayna's great-grandparents were strong. Their children were stronger than them. And then their children. And then their children. They always seem to hold these heavy-weight championships in her village. The prize isn't that great; a goat. But it's more the honor. As each generation of children in the village gets stronger and stronger, there is increased pressure for them to perform well. Jayna came out on top when she was twelve and could juggle several different farm animals at once without flinching. She almost lost to Ivorn, who balanced 5 cows on his nose while on one foot (although he kept changing feet so he was judged poorly in the final round).

Finally, as attitudes changed near the end of the 1980s, Jayna's family realized that she can't stay in Russia if she needs formal schooling. She was an only child (very rare in this country, it's more a policy of "have lots of children or no children at all" (perhaps out of fear that the child would become spoiled?))So they sent her all over the world. She did fairly well in all her classes except when she was learning the language of the country she was residing in, in which she had done exceedingly well. She had learned a wealth of languages, absorbing her experiences in each country like a sponge.

When it came time to travel to an English-speaking country, her parents didn't want to send her to North America due to the U.S's then-rampant practice of McCarthyism. They feared for her life and decided to let her go out into the world, regardless of whether she knows good English or not.

Starting Location: 1990, Montreal, Quebec. She is currently being a language interpreter for a French man who has to deal with Russians daily. And what they're saying is so secretive... they can't really be talking about livestock can they? Is it all metaphors? Is the drug trade beginning? She'll never be able to live in this time period to discover that anyway and would be caught mid-translation in a time anomaly in 2050.

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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
ICan'tGiveCredit... there is no way your character would be able to juggle horses... definitely not with only one point in heavy lifting.
And like I said in my last post, language isn't going to be a skill in this game. So if you want your back-story to come close to making sense, I'd suggest migrating those three points in language translation over to heavy lifting.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Sir Wilhelm-Heinrich von Radeburg

Appearance - As He Currently Is: Sir Wilhelm is a knight of imposing stature from the Holy Roman Empire, and wears an adapted version of the Gothic plate armor of his forefathers in his role as a fully-armored Renaissance cuirassier. He is equipped with two early gunpowder pistols and a hand-and-a-half sword inherited from his grandfather.

Appearance - Sans Armor: Sir Wilhelm is tall and broad-shouldered. He has the musculature of a medieval swordsman, giving away the fact that he uses his sword more than his role as a pistol-wielding cuirassier should imply. He has a decent amount of curly brown hair, and a very short stubbly beard due to his time spent on the battlefield away from a good razor.

  • Heavy Armor Use: | (Fighting in plate mail is difficult, but Sir Wilhelm knows how to make decent use of it.)
  • Firearms: | (Gunpowder firearms are tricky to use, but Sir Wilhelm at least knows how to load, aim and fire them reasonably well.)
  • Melee Combat: || (Sir Wilhelm perhaps resorts to his sword sooner than most cuirassiers should.)
  • Animal Riding: | (Cuirassiers are cavalry, and Wilhelm is a decently skilled horseman.)

Bio - Personality: Sir Wilhelm-Heinrich von Radeburg considers himself the modern evolution of a knight. He knows that the true days of knights are long over, and sometimes thinks wistfully of what he believes were the glory days of knighthood when his ancestors rode with their lances on the medieval battlefield.

However, he also knows that progress will march ever forwards, and is the kind of person who readily adapts to new situations, as demonstrated by his former role as a cuirassier on the battlefields of central Europe. Which is fortunate, since he has been thrown through time and new opportunities to adapt will likely present themselves soon.

On matters of combat, Sir Wilhelm is quick to fight if he believes the cause is just, and tends to think with the mindset of one who has dedicated a good portion of their life to knowing battle. He is dangerous if enraged, and his moods can quickly change if given provocation. He has a fondness for food and drink, and is often happy to get involved in a good honest duel or brawl.

Bio - Backstory: Sir Wilhelm-Heinrich von Radeburg was born to be a knight in an era where knighthood was long since dead. He became a cuirassier of the Electorate of Saxony and a protestant convert during a tumultuous time, as it was the year of the lord 1634 and the Thirty Years War was devastating Europe.

Sir Wilhelm joined the war as an adventurer before his liege, John George I, Elector of Saxony, officially picked a side, and fought for what he believed was right. After witnessing the horrors of war, he eventually decided that he had had enough adventuring, and decided to go back home - only for Johann Tserclaes to march into Saxony and drag his liege into the war.

Sir Wilhelm's involvement in the wars had dragged on for some years before he was seized by destiny. One night, while retreating from a defeat in a skirmish with a Bohemian raiding group which had killed his horse, the sky was suddenly filled with a swirling storm, the like of which had never been seen over Germany before. Battered and tired from the retreat, Sir Wilhelm looked up, and the storm seemed to suddenly fill with blinding light.

Next thing he knew, Sir Wilhelm saw a number of terrifying visions of various times and places as he was catapulted roughly through space-time. Believing it to be a sign from god, he drew his sword and climbed to his feet, finding himself suddenly in the year 2050 in New York city. Sir Wilhelm really has no goddamn idea whats going on at this point.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Since historical accuracy isn'tmuch of a concern, would a Pirate Captain(from Pirates: A Misadventure with Scientists) expy(if you could call it an expy) be okay?

[Image: tumblr_m89thxih7c1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti2qf1P1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti533mx1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tieX3hv1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tillJz41qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m89tiqBWIY1qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m3dyn8mGBA1qesb9j.gif]
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Sure. I guess.
Although I've never seen A misadventure with scientists so I'm not sure. Let's see your app first.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Posi and Nega
Appearance: They're naked, luckily their bodies are morphable and luckily for you, they have standards. They normally appear as two slender dudes. With spike-like electric stuff on top of their heads which are shaped like a shield. They have thin arms shaped like a mantis and thin legs shaped like a v. If v's were long as fuck and were curved. Their legs are their primary weapon and they look like they are in a sitting position.
Electric/Lightning Morphability - 1
Speed - 3
Machine Control (Going in a machine and controlling it) - 1
Tap Dancing - Infinity

Bio: Posi and Nega were created when numerous bots with different types of technology fought near numerous generators during a thunderstorm. A bolt managed to hit near the area and a large electrical disperse happened. The electric explosion created Posi and Nega. They discovered that their bodies were morphable and could naturally control robots due to being entities of pure electricity and started hijacking technology, stealing money, causing shenanigans. Due to the shenanigans, they learned how to run fast as fuck so they would not be caught, They eventually hijacked a space ship, flew to space, let go and found another ship filled with bots. They destroyed most of the ship, controlled most of the bots and went off. They went near another ship and threw robots outside and stopped controlling them. They were ready to fuck Frontier Fucked ship up but they teleported into New York, 2050.
They were originally at Whatever time Frontier Fucked is, Wherever Frontier Fucked is.

How many players are you looking for?
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Because this is a game that doesn't require a lot of keeping track of player stats, I don't think I'll need to put a player cap.
I don't have a minimum player limit in mind either, and I don't think that will really be a problem.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
I saw this and was like ''Man, I'd like to play a knight fromt he Holy Roman Empire instead of doing yet another Irish character." Then I saw Demonsul's post "Ah hell, fuck it, TYPECAST, HO!"

Name: Ser Stiofan McCullaghi

Appearance: Large and imposing, Stiofan stands at seven feet (without his power armour he is six foot five inches), rippling with muscle and face criss-crossed with minor cuts and one large scar across his forehead tinted blue from whatever the hell had caused it. Mostly he never takes off his Powered armour, which is a very weather worn conglomeration of exactly what you think he means by power Armour that has obvious signs of repair work and modification over its apparently long usage. Whatever colour it was, it is now mostly painted bright white which is now flaking off and showing signs of the colours the armour had been previously.

It has chevrons painted in red which spread the bredth of his Breast-plate and an Armour point that is functionally superfluous yet shows off his heraldic arms. Which is green waves below a setting sun with two upraised swords on either side.

His helmet is exactly what you think it would look like only with a red and white feathered plume out the top of it. On his back he carries a pack containing various tools and ammo for his Ancient, Venerable and Ancestral powered rifle Grásta Dé.

1 in powered-armour use
1 in Heavy weapons use (he is from the future, a point of time where all weapons where either heavy weapons, or pointy sticks.)
1 in melee fighting (he IS a knight afterall)
1 In vehicle use (given enough time he can figure out how to drive anything that doesn't require very specific and regulated training. For example, his time doesn't have hover cars, as there were none left, but he could reasonably learn how to drive one. But this does not mean he could learn to fly a plane or pilot a large boat.)
1 in Maintenance and repair. (Post-apocalyptica makes these skills nigh invaluable to the modern up and coming knight.)

Ser Stiofan McCullaghi is the third son of his Lord Father Baron Geraldus McCullaghi of Little Limerick. He is from a point in time after an apocalypse occurred which involved limited nuclear exchange and extensive use of biological and chemical weapons. It is unclear exactly when this particular apocalypse occurred as Ireland has yet to make contact with any other kingdoms outside of the Island through the 'Fog of Sidhes' to compare time keeping systems with. Having been forced to rely on a localized calender that roughly correlates with the ancient Gregorian calender. Or at least they think it does. As such it has been at least 130 years since Ard Ri Derrick of House O'Lain, united the High Kingdom of Ireland and rose it from the ashes, so it has at least been that long since the war occurred that effectively ended what had been known as the 'Digital Era' with no sign of eventual world-wide recovery anytime soon. The house of McCullaghi was descended from an officer in territorial army the old Province of D20 1 of the European Congressional Union, who gathered his soldiers and their families into underground bunkers to survive the war. It is not exactly clear when the McCullaghi's emerged in the post-war world but they where one of the first fiefs to swear loyalty to Ard Ri Derrick in his conquests.

It is now the year of our Lord 2180, (2050 being the latest year ever recovered from a calender found in the ruins of Dublin, but it was apparently old even by the time the war started) And the soldiers who were loyal the High King ended up granted their own fiefs to rule in his name, some of his favoured generals even becoming Ris in their own right. The McCullaghis had fallen on hard times and lost the majority of the desmense since the unification crusade. But Stiofan refuses to except his family's fall from grace.

As such he has opted to become a knight errant, managing to convince his father to grant him one of his families sacred suits of Powered-Armour, which are truly ancient and revered to an almost superstitious level amongst the common folk of Ireland. His is a society built on a new understanding of chivalry and valour. 'Protect the meek, honor women, obey the laws of Church and Liege, and beware the mutant, who is to be pitied but never to be trusted.' He was granted the sacred gun of Grásta Dé, much to his brothers objections, Stiofan set out to find fame and glory in the wilds of the poisoned Irish countryside that the High Kingdom was making slow progress to reclaim, even now a century after Derrick's Crusade.

Many where the terrors of this new Ireland beneath the bleak, consistently dirty and brown sky, behind which shone what was rumored to be a great ball of fusion energy far away from the planet that God in His wisdom placed for the benefit of mankind. Stiofan was a fervently religious man, but a great gigantic ball of fusion and nuclear energy in the great void that had been burning for billions of years sustaining the earth with life? Come now, Peasent superstition, Stiofan wondered why the priests kept referring to it in homilies. It was silly, all the learned people of Eire knew the light and darkness of the great fog of the Sidhe was the constant warring between the summer and winter courts of the fey.

It was during one of his musings about the world, trudging his way through a bog in what had once been known as the the county of Tipperary, seeking out the fabled Shannon river which according to legend, was the greatest river of the northern Islands but had been inaccessible since long before the Crusade, that Stiofan was knocked unconscious.

Very few things are capable of hitting a man in powered-armour so hard he loses consciousness. And even fewer of which hit so hard as to require actual repair work on the helmet, but over he went. splashing in the Bog as he fell.

He awoke gasping for breath, his helmet had come loose and he was sucking in water. He splashed frantically for his rifle, bringing it up and arming it, producing a low, threatening hum as he scanned his surroundings.

He was in a fountain.

There were people everywhere, and buildings taller then even the ones he saw in the great ruins of Eire. He did know exactly where he was but he wasn't ruling out that he was either dead or stolen away by the fey to the otherworld.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Louie Stevens

Appearance: typical 1930s/1940s gangster. Clean shaven, well dressed but practical, brown hair. He is, of course, always with a nearby suit jacket in case of an impromptu need for some fancy meeting but prefers to leave it slung over a chair or his shoulder. His shoes are just cleaned and polished enough to hide a couple bloodstains around the sole. He is rarely seen without a weapon of some sort, his preference going towards tommyguns and revolvers in a real fight and a good bat for more diplomatic issues.

+1 in guns
+1 in criminal knowledge
+1 in busting skulls
+1 in not being born yesterday
+1 against wiseguys

Bio: Louie was born and raised just south of Detroit. His mother was a flapper and his dad was a Canadian rumrunner with a penchant for lapsing into violent PTSD hallucinations. He was a surprise to both of them. It was an interesting childhood, to say the least. When he grew up he met a nice Belgian girl, an immigrant from some far off place in Europe he had never heard of before. Not much ever came of it - they split up two years later when Louie started taking after dear old dad and got involved in more criminal enterprises - but it brought him to appreciate good European cuisine. Especially for breakfast.

Anyways, he started off as a small time crook in Detroit, but just like all small time crooks he was eventually faced with the option to either join a larger group or get knocked out of the way. Said group became his family for the next year, until they were almost completely wiped out by a rival gang and he was forced to leave the city with a handful of his fellow survivors. They eventually found themselves in New York, where they once again tried to form a small enterprise of their own, and were once again picked up and given the option to join, leave, or die. Once again, Louie joined.

During his time with the gang he became a true gangster, he even picked up a nickname for himself. Crazy Legs, for his penchant to use his own to dance any broad off her feet or use a bat to knock out the ones of any lug who thought they could cross his group. Sometimes, when he was particularly daring or was forced to explain his name to some wiseguy he'd shoot out a pair of kneecaps and watch the attached legs go even wilder than usual.

One day Louie was walking out of his favourite waffle joint when he suddenly found himself in a mysterious, futuristic world. He asked people where he was and how to get to New York but they kept insisting he was already there - even with busted kneecaps.

He is now running from the law, but that's nothing new.

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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
More medieval you say? well why not, fair sir?

Name: Matthias Bartholomew (goes by "Dark Rose")
Appearance: It's hard to tell what he looks like, for he always wears a dark red mask. He seems to be a young man of average size, with short black hair, but that's all. He is quite distinguishable, however, due to his outfit. Along with the mas stated earlier (think cheesy superhero sidekick), he wears a flopping hat with a small red feather in it, and a simple, matching red and brown peasant-ish clothing. At his waist is a belt, which holds several bags for gold, and a Rapier.
Sneaking: 2
Thievery: 2
Chivalry: 1

Bio: Matthias had once been somewhat well-known as the King's top adviser! Then as his moderate Jester. And then as the King's least favorite peasant. Turns out that he began nicking things from the royal treasure, and he was not ashamed because of it. Though it began as a few pickpockets, it soon grew into the "Dark Rose", Bartholomew's alter-ego which he uses in his nightly heists. Most of the time, though, he messes up so bad he gets throw into the dungeon. But luckily, Matthias doesn't, and only "Dark Rose" does...
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Pirate Crewman

Appearance: He has the general pirate look about him with all the ruggedness and adventure about his face, his magnificent reddish brown beard and coat standing out the most. What he lacks in eyepatches and peg legs, he makes up for with enthusiasm.

+1 Showmanship (he can turn a dull lecture into the most exciting thing since sliced bread)
+1 Swordsmanship
+1 Disguises (he can even disguise himself as a girl scout disguised as a scientist)
+2 Leadership (although his crew might not be the best on the 7 seas and although most of their adventures don't end up rewarding them with much treasure, Pirate Crewman is the one thing tying them all together)

Bio: Pirate Crewman was the captain of a crew of misfits that weren't all that good at being pirates, but were very dedicated to their jobs. Their lack of skills ended up making them and Pirate Crewman in particular, the laughingstock of the pirate world. Pirate Crewman wanted to remedy this by winning the Pirate of the Year Award, which was given to the pirate who plundered the most treasure that year, so Pirate Crewman decided to plunder even more ships than usual.

Although most of the ships contained nothing of value or interest, one of the ships happened to belong to Charles Darwin. Just as he was about to be thrown off the ship, Darwin realized that Pirate's "parrot", Polly, was actually a dodo, and Darwin wanted to present her at the British Science Convention to receive the prize that was being offered.

Believing the prize would be money, Pirate entered Polly into the convention himself so that he might get enough money to win the Pirate of the Year Award. Pirate ended up winning, but the prize turned out to be a meeting with Queen Victoria, who hated pirates and liked to eat endangered animals.

Pretending she would take good care of Polly, Victoria offered to pay Pirate over 10 million pounds for her, and Pirate accepted. However, Pirate's crew eventually abandoned him after they realized he sold Polly and Darwin told Pirate about Victoria's plans to eat Polly. Pirate ended up trying to save Polly from Victoria's naval vessel and ended up exploding her ship by combining too much baking soda and vinegar. After the big adventure, Pirate promptly got swallowed by a giant sea monster and ended up in 2050 New York.

[Image: tumblr_m89thxih7c1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti2qf1P1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti533mx1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tieX3hv1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tillJz41qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m89tiqBWIY1qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m3dyn8mGBA1qesb9j.gif]
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Novikov

Appearance: Normal Human Beingahahhahahahahhaahahhahah what a joke.

While he tends to pass himself as a bland albeit slightly attractive male, his actual form is a embarrassment of tentacles and mismatched limbs. A massive fish-tail provides a counterweight to all that. Holes constantly form and dissolve on his body - they tend to accumulate where his face is. Fortunately for all who are lily-livered or Japanese schoolgirls everywhere, he is an accomplished shapeshifter and yes, he does wear pants. He has a fondness of three-piece suits for some reason.


+2 Self-Consistency - Shapeshifting and regeneration in one little nice package. As of this point level, shapeshifting is limited to physiology - superficial appearance and all. Not exactly the Modern Proteus but it can fool devices - he had snuck into places he isn't supposed to be. Also he is rather notoriously hard to kill.
+2 Lucky Fuck - Novikov's presence has a tendency to distort the space-time continuum. To go into detail would require a semester of Quantum Mechanics and perhaps an internship with a theoretical physicist, but the short answer is this: Novikov is fucking lucky and his luck is fucking contagious.
+1 Engineer - Jack of All Trades in terms of applied sciences. If it can broke, he can fix it. If it is still broke, then he can at least understand it.

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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: David Robinson

Appearance: He is 26 Caucasian man of average height and build. He as a fine curly black moustache and brown eyes. His black hair is nicely combed and clean. He wears RAF pilot uniform with a white scarf. He carries a golden pocket watch and a pistol.


Bio: David has a joyful personality and often likes to make witty jokes, though they can be a bit offensive at times. He was a RAF pilot during the World War 2 and a bloody good one at that. He had been in 23 dogfights and had shot down 78 enemy planes, though these number often get bigger when he tells people. He is a quick learner when it comes to flying anything. Though it's not to long before he crashes it, he even once crashed a whole hot-air-balloon. As a result his squad mates called him The lucky Robin. David loved planes ever since he was young. In fact it's one of the reasons he Joined the RAF, that and he wanted to impress women. In fact David has done a lot of stupid things to impress the opposite sex. He once told a girl that he could fly his plane with one hand tired behind his back, it didn't end well. At any rate life was pretty good.

But in late summer 1941 while he was on a routine scouting mission across the English channel. When suddenly a strange frog came out of no where. It was pretty thick so he thought it best to return to base. Unfortunately his compass was acting odd, in fact all his instruments were acting odd. He tried to contact base but the radio was dead. He decided the best thing he could do was keep flying straight and hope the fog clears. As the fog started to clear, to his confusion he found himself flying over what sort of looked like New York.
05-29-2013, 08:28 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Kamen "K" Angelov
Appearance: A young man who was hurt in a fire, causing scarring on his face and chest and the loss of his left eye, left arm, and permanently damaging his scalp. He has replaced his arm and eye with various cybernetic components of varying quality; his eye looks almost identical to a biological one, while his upper arm is barely disguised by a thin layer of artificially grown skin. He wears a wig and hat to hide his bald scalp, which does not grow hair despite having the skin regrown. He has also integrated cybernetics into other parts of his body, the most prominent being the Schriebmann Port on his neck.

K wears jeans, a t-shirt, and a light jacket. While they appear to be made of regular materials, they have been woven on the nanoscale with various synthetic material. His clothes are lighter, more durable, and better at temperature regulation; they even wick away sweat. The jacket is waterproof and contains a universal charging port and battery for mobile devices. His shoes are mid-range running shoes, again integrating technology to ventilate the shoe and provide optimal support to the foot.

He carries with him what appears to be a cellular phone. It has an illegal nanoscale quantum computer, as well as connectors for various proprietary ports. Unfortunately, he left his custom-built laptop at home.


Hacking: 1
Use Electronics: 2
Improvise Device: 1
Burglary: 1

Bio: Kamen Angelov was born to Todor Angelov and Ai Angelova. His parents were researchers in an advanced electronics lab in one of the high-class neighborhoods of Hong Kong. Unfortunately, their employer was not one of the most morally upstanding individuals, and was making money off of selling computers and body mods illegally to street dealers and exporting advanced technology to the Neo Russian Empire-dominated European Union (НРИ/EU), the enemy of the Pacific Rim Federation(PRF). These two alliances emerged, along with a few others, after the global conflict begun by the United States and China. Rather ironically, they are now allies, though uneasy ones to be sure.

As flawless citizens of the Hong Kong Autonomous City, Todor and Ai secretly gathered data on their employer and prepared to turn him in to the authorities... or so they thought. Like most dirty businessmen, their employer had bribed the local officials, who promptly notified him instead of filing the report and informing their superiors. He arranged for a local gang to cause an "accident" at the Angelov residence.

At 2:36 AM, November 17, 2067, the sixteen year-old Kamen was admitted to the burn ward of the Asian Liberation Front's Free Clinic in the outskirts of Hong Kong. The ALF was a paramilitary organization founded to free the northern portions of China from the Neo Russian Empire. It was founded shortly after the fall of Beijing and the move of the Chinese capital to Shanghai, and is tolerated by the government of the PRF due to its fighting in South Korea, which managed to delay the invading НРИ forces until the government was evacuated, and for actions leading to the preservation of the autonomy of Japan. Currently, they are watched warily by the PRF due to fears that ALF fighters could reignite the war between the PRF and EU.

Kamen transitioned rather well from life as a high-class citizen to a life on the streets. He used his computer skills, picked up from being around his parents' lab, to secure a job as a freelance hacker. He has since improved his cybernetics (the only original piece from the Free Clinic being his upper arm) using the income from his work.

Now at age nineteen, Kamen, known by his street moniker "K", has a little problem. He was hired to break into a secure laboratory in one of the rich districts of Hong Kong and steal a certain prototype. However, he currently seems to be hurtling through time. Maybe it's because he accidentally activated the device? Who knows?

The one, the only, Vancho!
05-29-2013, 08:31 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
I think now would be a good time to ask; how exactly is this considered a game?
05-29-2013, 08:34 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Presumably, there will be some sort of hit points and quantified measure of character skill. If not, then it would be simple to move the thread to the roleplaying section.

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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Douglas Jay

[Image: RV-AD064A_maste_OR_20110601183944.jpg]

  • Swordplay (1)
  • Rhetoric (2)
  • Political theory (1)
  • Firearms (1)


A gentleman of 18th century Maine and a member of the Federalist Party. Jay is a member of the Maine legislature and has hopes for the United States House of Representative. A veteran of the Revolutionary War, Jay received training in combat, but spent much more of his time chatting his fellow officers. He got quite good at it, talking, that is.

He is a distant cousin to high Federalist John Jay, and hopes the relation will help his political career. He is currently in New York attending a convention of some sort.

It seems as though some anti-Federalist ruffian has burst through the doors to insult our honor and our good name! Well, Jay will have none of that. He challenges him to a duel.
05-29-2013, 09:00 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
The same way frontierfucked is. Its essentially a roleplaying game were experience is doled out every now and again.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Nick
Appearance: Nick stands at 5 feet tall with a slender build. His hair is pitch black and very messy. He has jade eyes with bags underneath them so big you'd think he'd been decked by a bodybuilder. His skin is pale. So pale in fact that people have thought him dead while he slept on many occasions. His chest has several scars from "operations" he has done to himself. He has creepy tattoos up and down his left arm that move too.

When it comes to cloths, where should we start? Black labcoat with lots of pockets full of sundries? Check. Red pinstripe vest with pocket watch? Check. White dress shirt underneath that? Check. Black pinstripe pants? Check. Dapper shoes with matching socks? Check. Goggles with various lenses? Check. Robo-arm? Check.

...What? Do you not think robo-arms can be considered clothing? Well I'll have you know Nick has a massive collection of robo-arms. If only he got to take them with.
  • 2 in robotics
  • 2 in biology
  • 1 in occult
Bio: Well, there's not much to say about Nick. He's a (possibly mad) gentleman scientist from the year 2154 with dreams of fusing man with machine and magic. Did I mention he chopped off his right arm and replaced it with a robo-arm because why not? He spent most of his time locked up in his lab doing god-knows-what to god-knows-who before this little adventure. Someone should probably check his morals to make sure he didn't chop them off too.

Several edits to his appearance.
05-29-2013, 02:01 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Edited my app
05-29-2013, 02:11 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
So did I.
05-29-2013, 07:30 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Is Grog hitting Stiofan in your app Fuade?
05-30-2013, 01:47 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
05-31-2013, 03:14 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
So we've got:

A caveman, a history buff with dreams of timetravel, an officer from the French Revolution, a Russian housewife, a knight from the Holy Roman Empire, lightning people(?), a knight from Fallout: Ireland Edition, a gangster from the Prohabition Era, a klepto thief presumably from the 1200's to the 1400's, a pirate from the Victorian Era, a shapeshifter from who-knows-when-or-where, a RAF pilot from WW2, a hacker thief from 2067, a polition from right after the American Revolution, and a mad "gentlman" scientist from 2154.

This is going to be fuuuun
05-31-2013, 04:48 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
The biggest porblem will be for us guys to try to figure out who we all are and what exactly we're supposed to be doing. Seeing as none of us are from New York 2050 it'll be pretty easy to establish that something is very wrong with the universe.
05-31-2013, 06:20 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Well let's wait for the plot to actually start then, shall we? We're going to know nothing until we get our first clues.
05-31-2013, 06:50 AM (This post was last modified: 05-31-2013 06:56 AM by Yewchung.)
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Bah I'll have time over the summer so whatever.

Name: "Dude Guy"

Real Name: R∆-943

Appearance: A "fairly normal" looking human with all the normalcies of modern humans. Four arms, lack of muscles, all that normal stuff. It's what he's wearing that's weird.

Dude generally wears a white wife-beater with "Ironic statement" written on it over his plaid hand knitted sweater. He wears a paisley scarf around his neck, a pair of shutter sunglasses, and a floral fedora. He generally wears no shoes, though he carries around a pair of straw woven sandals for when he really needs shoes. He also owns and uses an ironic "Handheld Computing Device", choosing to use it rather than his Neurocomputer. He also carries around a "Carrier Bag", custom fitted to hold his collection of replica Vinyls. (Titles include "The Beatles", "The Rolling Stones", and "Lady Gaga")

Leadership: 1 (He was chapter leader after all)
Knitting: 1 (He makes a lot of his own stuff)
Computers: 2 (Despite not being a computer nerd, he did live in the superfuture. That alone makes him good at computers.
Historical Knowledge[Modern Day]: 1 (He's studied a lot about the modern day. Modern day meaning whenever this game is set.)

Bio: R∆-943 was just one of many. He was one of the later middle children that his parents had cloned to populate their private planet. His parents gave them everything they could ever want, from custom top of the line neurocomputers to their own mini-bioworlds. Yet, throughout all this, R∆-943 felt like he was out of place, out of time. All this technology, the infinite pop-ups and advertisements of the hypernet were confusing and nauseating, and sometimes he wished he could go back to a simpler time.

One day, while browsing the hypernet, he discovered what seemed like a community for people like him. People who felt like the modern world was too much. These were people who had studied and searched through history for a time period where they felt more comfortable, and a group of people who they could better relate to.

Eventually, throughout many hours of searching through ancient texts, they discovered the Hipsters.

This was perfect for them. A group of people, from thousands of years ago, with whom they could relate, who faced similar challenges to them. So, this community decided that if they were going to relate to the Hipsters, they should think and act like Hipsters. This was the beginning of the Hippie movement.

They hid their extra arms and wore "Hipster" clothes, researched from ancient databases, and chose their own "Hipster" names as well. R∆-943, after researching the humans of this ancient past, decided on "Dude Guy" as his name, since that seemed to be an extremely common name back then.

Although when "Dude" joined the community, it had just recently begun building a presence, soon the community began spreading more and more, and though still a great minority, the movement grew to include chapters across all of the hundreds of galaxies the Human race controlled. Dude, as one of the earliest adopters, was the head of his chapter. He would lead the meeting and study with his partner, "Ke$ha Holmes", and would bring in ironic raisin and oatmeal cookies as snacks. His parents did their best to accommodate his interests, though really they just gave him whatever he asked for without even asking why.

One day though, Dude didn't show up at the meeting. Ke$ha was able to lead the people on her own, but still she worried for Dude. She talked to his parents, who didn't even realize that he had disappeared. But after a quick scan, it was evident that he was missing, seemingly having simply vanished into thin air. He was gone.

-The Hipppie movement went on to gain massive support and popularity, even being talked about on universal television and being classified as a major belief of the universe. However, as the original members grew up, some began to leave the community to pursue jobs and other interests. The community survived a bit longer due to some younger members trying to take charge, but many left, and it died down to simply a small thing that was kind of kept alive by a few aging members.

-Ke$ha, unable to stop at simply a "he disappeared" explanation, began a search for Dude. She teamed up with another member of her Chapter, "Doctor Who", who had long had a crush on Ke$ha. They left the chapter, though they kept their mannerisms and attire, and quested across the universe, solving many mysteries and stopping many crimes. Known as "Sherlock and Doctor Who", their adventures would no doubt fill many hours, possibly from 8 to 9 every Friday for 12 consecutive seasons, though for various reasons the actor playing Doctor had to be changed almost every season, though Sherlock was only ever played by two actors throughout the entire show's run.

-R∆-942 went on to become a successful writer, and R∆-944 a slightly successful actor. R∆-941 died while trying to build a better mousetrap, and R∆-945 mostly just kind of lived with his parents.

-Dude's collection of Hippie clothes and paraphernalia was left in his room and collected dust.

-Dude's pet parrot was able to bite its way free of its cage and escape into the forests of the planet. It is now a real estate agent, and is married with a loving wife and kids.

-Dude's pet turtle was not as fortunate, as it's cage was metal rather than wood, and thus died.

EDIT: Oh wait I forgot about skills. There, added.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Name: Arpak Yarivne

Appearance: Arpak resembles, roughly, a specimen of U. ostrommaysorum, more commonly known as the Utahraptor. Yes, the feathery kind, not the Hollywood kind. The main difference is the lack of the small, winglike arms you'd expect on such a creature, which have been inexplicably replaced by pterodactyl-esque wings. Strange indeed.

Also notable are the numerous cybernetic parts wired into his body. Among these are a pair of robotic arms attached below his wing-arms, each with four fingers and two thumbs. His legs have been removed and replaced with cybernetic ones, similar in form but with the added bonus of improved speed and maneuvering thrusters. His tail is similarly mechanical, with a high degree of prehensility and a three-pronged claw at the end. The claw is able to be heated to very high temperatures, in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the right half of his face is gone, also replaced with cybernetics, including two cybernetic eyes.


Engineering: 2
Improvisation: 2
Knowledge (science): 1


-- THE YEAR 2000 --

(Please note that this is not the year 2000 expected by your feeble, primitive race, but the 2000th year following the end of the Great Extinction, which itself marked the beginning of the Reconstruction Period followed by the eventual establishing of the Third Empire of Humanity.)

The Second Empire, for those curious, lasted many thousands of years, spreading across many, many galaxies. What killed off almost all of humanity across the universe needs not be explored - what is important is that it happened. In short, humans pissed off the wrong interstellar nightmare beasts.

But what does this have to do with dinosaurs? you may ask. It has everything to do with dinosaurs. In essence, the humans were made to realize how vulnerable they truly were. Scientists set to work to create a superior species - if not to replace humans, then to supplement them. At some point, one of them dug up files on ancient Earth creatures known as "dinosaurs", and decided to use their research as a basis for the new species.

Thus, Arpak was born, first of his kind and certainly not the last. The destruction of almost all humans and their worlds did not cause the loss of the advanced genetic technology they had developed over thousands of years. Within a year of Arpak's birth, many hundreds more "dinosaurs" were created, at no small cost to the Empire. They matured alongside humans over the course of 20 years, the vast majority possessing mental acuity on par with humans, in varying degrees. They were not advantageous mentally, but physically.

Though Arpak and the others were favorites of the scientists that created them (and of quite a number of other humans), many among the Empire's general population disagreed with the project and the implication that these creatures would one day replace humans. Several attempts have been made on Arpak's life, infliciting various degrees of injury, including but not limited to being shot in the face, multiple stab wounds, several attempts at poisoning, and severe explosive damage to his legs and tail. Fortunately, cybernetic technology had once more reached the point it had been at prior to the Extinction, and all of his injuries only served to augment him. He even worked on the design himself.

Unfortunately, the project was set back a bit when Arpak mysteriously disappeared - unbeknownst to them, sent back in time over 8,000 years, to the still-habitable Earth, among the inferior, primitive humans of the time.

How quaint.
06-01-2013, 09:38 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
So before I get any questions about when the game is going to start I thought I would make this post.

My original plan was to have sign ups last for exactly one week, and start the game on the next day.

The first part of this plan still stands, so sign ups will end Monday 10 PM eastern time. If you live in a different time zone, just check the original post, and fast forward seven days.

However, the game will likely not start the next day, and instead will start the day after. The reason being that, everyone is going to be starting in different locations, and in some cases different times. This obviously leaves me with a bit of a daunting task.

It's actually looking rather monumental. I'm feeling short of breath. Am I the only one feeling claustrophobic? Oh god. The walls are closing in on me! The pressure is too much! I'm going to crack!


This has been an update from your GM.
06-01-2013, 09:49 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
A promising start!
06-01-2013, 10:16 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
(05-31-2013 04:48 AM)Galloglasses Wrote:  The biggest porblem will be for us guys to try to figure out who we all are and what exactly we're supposed to be doing. Seeing as none of us are from New York 2050 it'll be pretty easy to establish that something is very wrong with the universe.

My character is from 2050. I think I forgot to keep that when I edited my app. He can be from whatever English speaking country is convenient.
06-01-2013, 10:38 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
The biggest problem I see myself having is capturing ye olde English decently. Oh well.
06-01-2013, 11:13 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
The biggest issue for me will probably be credibility. This game is going to only be loosely based off of actual historic events. It lives in its on little world where the Bubonic Plague was cause by [spoilers], and that's how Elvis saved Christmas... wow I got way off topic there.
06-02-2013, 08:28 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Not trying to be buggy, but it doesn't look like much other people will join...
I can still wait for Tuesday, of course. Why am I even writing this post? Ignore me I'm dumb.

Punching people with the truth.
06-04-2013, 01:00 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
And like that the sign ups are closed. The game will start soon...ish.
06-04-2013, 01:15 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Didn't you say tomorrow? At what time?

Punching people with the truth.
06-04-2013, 01:21 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
I said the day after tomorrow. It may be tomorrow if I can finish writing out everyone's opening situations soon enough. But I seriously doubt it. As for the time, early afternoon.
06-04-2013, 01:23 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
drat i was to late
06-04-2013, 01:27 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Ohh. Alright, I can wait another day.

Punching people with the truth.
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
So my character is going to be immature, arrogant, hyperactive, mocking electrical people who don't care about the law, manage to get everyone to hate them and have the most annoying voice that gives you the urge to punch them in the face but you can't because you're too slow. Solax, Fun doesn't even fucking DESCRIBE IT!
06-04-2013, 03:18 PM (This post was last modified: 06-04-2013 05:04 PM by Raptarion.)
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
On applications: I'd give a list of those who are accepted but it would be easier to make a list of those who have been rejected and why.

dmabster- Douglas Jay
Lackluster Bio

Lightning Scorpion- Posie Nega
Very poor character concept (lazy and clearly trying to be over powered)
Very sub-par writing
Bad history in other forum games (has been known to edit posts repeatedly after people had already reacted to his in game actions along with just plain bad game-play in general and trying to be over powered)

Note that Lightning Scorpion's character was the only one rejected as a concept. If I'm understanding the application right, they are lightning bolts made sentient? Given how it was written it is hard to tell. I'm allowing an eldritch being and a sentient robot dinosaur into the game I know. But I have to draw the line somewhere.

You both have until the game starts to improve your applications.
dmabster, I just need your bio to be a bit more fleshed out. Keep in mind I don't really care that much if you bend history a bit in your application.

Lightning Scorpion, You need to completely rewrite your app. If your character isn't conceptually over powered, and your app doesn't have any grammatical or spelling errors, and it blows my fucking mind with how awesome it is, I MAY let you into the game.

Also, I don't want to hear one word about how I didn't put Fuade onto this list even though he only has three words in his Bio.
He's a caveman. A simple bio works for his character.

Finally, I may open applications later in the game. But I want to see if I can handle the batch of players I have now before I let more in.

EDIT: Upon further review, I've found that Solax's post is also lacking. I'd like to know more about his experiments and how they were funded if nothing else.
06-04-2013, 11:41 PM (This post was last modified: 06-04-2013 11:43 PM by Solax.)
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
Well, I wanted to save it for in-game, but if you want more, I'll explain a bit. Nick is funded by the government of a small country like North Korea and Nazi Germany combined. They just call the government "The Homeland" and the people controlling the government "The Party". The Party is a group of Orwellian type folks that capture "threats to The Homeland" (see PoW's, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and those who disagree with The Party) and send them to either concentration camps or the scientists. The scientists have no morals and conduct a wide range of experiments that would be in violation of the Nuremberg Code if the code was still around in this time. Nick focuses on removing body parts and seeing what can and can't be replaced with robotics. Things like limbs and organs and bones. He even replaced his own arm on a whim.

If you want more detail than this, I'll give it.

Edit: Oh yes, and The Party keeps The Homeland very isolated from the rest of the world.
06-04-2013, 11:44 PM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
I wonder what will happen if we end up visiting World War 2.

[Image: tumblr_m89thxih7c1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti2qf1P1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89ti533mx1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tieX3hv1qesb9j.png][Image: tumblr_m89tillJz41qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m89tiqBWIY1qesb9j.gif][Image: tumblr_m3dyn8mGBA1qesb9j.gif]
06-05-2013, 05:51 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
What will happen if we visit WWII?

If it's anything like this I'll consider the game a success.
06-06-2013, 06:10 AM
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RE: Time travesty- The other side of the crimson door
I'm starting to wonder if taking a modern day character would've been fun as well...Too late I suppose. Ah well.

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