Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy

Welcome to a world of fiction and adventure. Well, actually, this world is just getting started on that. Before this day, the world was relatively normal, or so you think. No superheroes, no supervillains. In general, there were very few crazy guys dressing up in costumes to beat criminals to a pulp. That was all...well...that was all comic book stuff, you know?

But then, for some unexplained reason, the world seemed to change. People began getting powers. Some magic-based, some science-based, and some based on other crap entirely.

What kind of person will you be? A hero? A villain? Or something else in between?

So, this is a game where you play a superhero. Or a villain. Or an anti-hero. Or an anti-villain. Few ground rules, first.

Don't want any full-on Joker-tier psychopaths amongst the villains. Mainly because there'll be events from time-to-time where all the characters have to team up in some way to bring down a world-ending threat. And if your character literally burns buses filled with children, the heroes would probably just kill you or throw you in prison. I also want MOST of the players to be heroes or anti-heroes. I'll probably only be accepting a couple full-on villains.

Also, there will be benefits to embracing non-lethality for both heroes and villains. For heroes, it'll eventually gain you acceptance from the city's populace and police force. For villains, it'll make the creation of more extreme heroes less likely. By going around wantonly murdering people like the Joker, you might encourage the creation of more extreme anti-heroes. Like a Punisher. And having a Punisher going around is bad news for most evil-doers.

And remember, each power can only be used once. Only one player can have laser vision, or super genius intelligence, or whatever. I want to keep things really diverse, if possible. If somebody else has already created a full app around the use of the power you want, think up something else.

Finally, this is a comic book type universe. Meaning that reality will pretty commonly be bent. The masked heroes and villains will be more competent than the police, and FAR more competent than random mooks.

I'll probably be selecting about 8-10 applications, and sign-ups will either end in a week, or whenever all the apps are in. Whichever comes first.

Real Name: Rather straightforward. What is their legal name? And if applicable, stick a nickname in quotes.
Alias: You don't actually need this if your character wouldn't make a nickname for themselves. Either the media or the character's friends will make one of these for them if they refrain.
Home City: What is the name of your home city?
City description: Describe your home city. What are its issues? Where is it located (on the coast, near a river, on some hills, etc)? What are its main industries and economic cornerstones? Does it have a culture, and if so, what's it like? What's it's aesthetic? There's a significant difference between Gotham and Metropolis. Every city that you guys create will exist somewhere within the New England-New York-Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland area, to make you guys are close together. However, the cities themselves will all be fictional. Think DC.
Character description: Describe your character's physical appearance, including hair color, eye color, skin color, build, height, and any other noteworthy features.
Character personality: Describe your character's personality. Who they are, how they act, etc. Are they self-centered? Selfless? Brave? Cowardly? Pragmatic? Idealistic? What is their personal code of morality? The list goes on. Give me an idea of who they are and how they act.
Character background: What is their occupation and what is their history. If they have powers, how did they acquire them? Alternatively, if you want them to acquire their powers in the early RP, that's fine too. Just describe how you WANT them to acquire their powers in that case. If they have a particular set of skills, what led to them having those skills? If they possess shitloads of money, name how they have their money. I advise putting them at the head of a family multi-billion dollar corporation to give them a continuous source of cash.
Costume Description: What do they go out fighting crime in, at gamestart? Keep it within reason for the background. And remember that this is a comic book universe. You can have capes and heels and still fight fine, and a regular ol' black mask will protect your identity without issues.
Character advantages: A character can either have powers, have badass skills and experience, or have a shitload of money. Every power except flight, super strength, super speed, super healing, and super durability can only be used once. I don't want an entire universe of super geniuses. That would get incredibly old. The more powers you add, the more watered down they become. Invulnerability also requires an explicit weakness to that invulnerability, as otherwise your character becomes unbeatable.
Friends and Family: I want a detailed list of your character's friends and family. For family, I want everybody up to the character's paternal and maternal grandparents, including cousins, uncles, aunts, and what-not. If you want to include more, go right ahead. Include a short description of his or her relationship with each. Also include romantic relationships, or former romantic relationships.


Acolyte Doctor - Henry Drake
Anomaly - Seona MacLeòid
Bigshot - Wendelin Weiß
Galloglasses - Desmond McDonagel
Kocel - Marcus Loxley
MQuinny - Casey Kane
Pail - Cassandra Caldwell
Protoman - Isidora Cruz
Vancho - Maximilien Carlssen
Whimbrel - Alexandria Escher

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