Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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Real Name: Absalom Avery


Home City: Great Bay City

City description: Across the nation, Great Bay City is known as being quirky, diverse, libertine, and beautiful. Wrapped around a bay, the city is inescapably coastal, frequently foggy, sometimes rainy. It is set upon rolling hills and it is famously bad to drive through.

The city is broken beneath the surface. The same 'cool' image that inspires tourism and creates jobs also draws in rich kids who force poorer folks onto the streets. The city's politicians would rather pass bans on certain fast food chains than address the suffering homeless on the city streets. The police rarely get anything done, and when they do it's often something abusive.

However, in spite of it all, the soul of the city is still strong. It is a city where dreamers thrive, where people struggle and fight for their economic, political, and social rights, where most folks will not judge you for the color of your skin or the gender of people that you love, where the most eccentric individual might be treated like an Emperor. It's a city that is flawed, corrupt, filthy, and entirely worth fighting for.

Character description: Absalom is a young black man of average height and a somewhat lithe build. Short hair, green eyes, and sharp features.

Character personality: What parts of his personality shine through depend on the situation. At work, he's fairly soft-spoken and compassionate. When among friends and family, he's witty, uplifting and fun. He's not sure how he'll act at night, and that worries him a little bit. Still, he's got a tremendous amount of self-control and mostly trusts himself.

Character background:
Born and raised in the poorer parts of Great Bay City, things were never easy for Absalom's family. His mothers adopted him when things were simpler, before the economy took a brief nosedive and dragged the middle class of the city down with it. They never quite recovered, but they got by with what they had.

Started going to a local boxing gym run by former heavyweight champ and Olympic gold-medalist Muhannad Aalam at the age of 12. Showed great potential, and became one of Aalam's favorite pupils. Still goes for lessons to this day.

His family's financial situation got especially dire during his teens, on account of the 2008 financial crisis. At the age of 14, Absalom took to thieving to try and lighten the load on his parents, slipping bits of money he'd make from it into spots where they wouldn't think twice about it.

Absalom kept to a strict set of rules during these activities: First, he'd stay in the poorer parts of town - his parts of town - where the corrupt and lazy GBCPD would be slower to respond. Second, he would run rather than fight if he was caught, not just because he was younger but because Muhannad would be incredibly disappointed in him if he did otherwise. Third, he'd only steal from gang members and drug dealers, the sorts of folks who were actively making the community worse and profiting off of the poverty of the city.

The first couple of years of this went well, and his family's financial situation improved, if only marginally. At sixteen, he hit the house of yet another local drug dealer. As he slid in through the window, he noticed something odd: he was in a child's room. Before he had time to question this, he heard footsteps coming down the hall and he ducked into a closet. From the closet, he witnessed the dealer carrying his daughter into the room, tucking her in, reading her a bedtime story, and checking under the bed for monsters.

When the man left, Absalom was left with a few hours of sitting in a closet waiting for the child to fall asleep. He had time to meditate over what he'd just seen. This man - hard as he was on the street - clearly loved his kid. In a lot of ways, the way the man treated his daughter reminded Absalom of his own mothers. Why, then, would he put himself at risk of arrest, or worse, death?

The answer was simple. Absalom's parents were lucky to have the jobs they did, and even then they barely paid the bills. The man was dealing because it was - or at least it seemed like - the only reliable to provide for his daughter. He wasn't feeding off of the city's poverty; he was one of its many victims.

It was then that Absalom renounced thieving. These people did what they did because they were desperate. He was too, sure, but turning against them was just as bad a response as what they did.

He had the next five years to think about what the city needed. It didn't need to be left to consume itself, that much was certain. It might need a competent and morally upright police force, but that was far, far from attainable at this point. No, what the city needed, what its people needed, was help.

Absalom has decided that he'll be the man to give it to them. Now twenty-one years old and an employment officer by day, he's prepared something of a crime-fighting outfit and is going to use his skills to help victim and criminal alike by night. For those whose crimes clearly stem from an economic root, he's decided he'll talk to them. Try to convince them that there's a better way. Try to give them a second chance.

Costume Description: He doesn't have much to work with. Right now he's wearing a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, and a bright red motorcycle helmet. He's got a bit of padding on underneath his clothes, particularly on his knees, elbows, and chest. Also wears a yellow scarf his mom gave him because he promised he would if it was cold.

Character advantages: The Sweet Science: Muhannad was not called "The Supreme" lightly. Even though his physical abilities have been laid low by age, the man still knows how to fight, and has trained Absalom incredibly well. His style involves maintaining his range, dodging opponent's blows, and peppering them with hits of his own. Once they're worn down, he goes in for a knock out punch. That's how it works in the ring, anyway. He understands that fighting on the streets works a little bit differently.

I'm Not Your Enemy: Absalom grew up poor. He understands the circumstances that motivate someone to become a criminal. He understands how hard it is to find alternatives, and he gives a shit. As such, he's able to better reason with people in situations where they're economically disadvantaged.

Character weaknesses: Love You, Ma: Absalom adores those close to him, and will go to any length to ensure their safety.

There's Gotta be Another Way: Absalom firmly believes that murder is an absolute evil, and that it is not the place of a vigilante to dole out ultimate justice.

Friends and Family:
Eula Avery: His adopted mother and the source of his surname. Black American descent. Deeply loving and doting, frequently concerned with Absalom's safety.

Izar Avery, née Izaguirre: His adopted mother. Half-Mexican, half-Basque. Much like Eula, she's very much a loving and dedicated parent, but she's more prone to trusting Absalom to take care of himself.

Mattin Izaguirre - Grandfather on Izar's side. Basque-American immigrant whose parents came to Great Bay City, America in the wake of the Spanish Civil War.

Paz Izaguirre, née León - Grandmother on Izar's side. Mexican-American. Moved from the west coast to pursue an ill-fated career in stage acting where she met Mattin.

Ford Avery - Grandfather on Eula's side. Moved to Pauldros from the south at the age of 18 in search of work. While there he met and married Jenna Bynum. Moved to Great Bay City with her because Pauldros is no place to raise a child.

Jenna Avery, née Bynum - Grandmother on Eula's side. Born and raised in Pauldros to a pair of working-class parents. Has seen some shit as a result.

Muhannad Aalam - Boxing coach and former heavyweight champion of the world. A friendly old man who - in spite of facing degenerative diseases - still has a lot of fight left in him.

Siana Kaur - Ex-girlfriend who he's still good friends with. Founding member of a worker's bakery cooperative. Compassionate, hard-working, and altogether too busy.

Hector Bar - One of two best friends since kindergarten. Met Absalom when him and Isaac stood up for Hector against some bullies. Works as a doctor. A bit of a goof with a heart of gold who only takes his job seriously.

Isaac Kwon - One of two best friends since kindergarten. Works as a cop, one of the few who sincerely wants to change the way the city works. Fiercely loyal to his friends and family. Him and Absalom share a strong sense of right and wrong, though Isaac trusts authority to solve certain problems more than Absalom does.

Irwin Barrett - Absalom's sparring partner and friendly rival. Professional boxer. A bit of a braggart with a hot-blooded streak, but he's still most certainly a good man.

Isadora Clark - Friend. A defense attorney who met the group through Isaac. Defends those who other attorneys would turn away, and does a lot of pro-bono work. Holds her alcohol better than the rest of them.

Haley Grey - Friend. An up-and-coming reporter who specializes in muckraking. Fearless and relentless, when she catches a story's scent she chases it down to the last. Met the group through Hector, who she met while doing a story on the newest strain of flu that had the public in an uproar.

Dr. Elaine Bellamy - Friend. Met through work. Psychologist who provides counseling for many ex-cons. Makes a lot of bad psychology jokes.

Biological Parents - Whoever the hell popped him out. He doesn't really think of them much.

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