Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Real Name: Elena Amador Herrera

Alias: None yet. Ask later.

Home City: Mishawum, Massachusetts

City description: An expansive metropolis located on the coast of Massachusetts, on the Quinobequin River. It is a major sea port due to the presence of the Mishawum Harbor, and is one of the largest cities in the New England region. It is also a city of much historical significance, being the site of multiple battles of the American Revolution. Much of the historical city was destroyed in the Second Siege of Mishawum in 1778, though many of the ruins were rebuilt later on.

Character description: A short Hispanic woman of altogether unassuming appearance - mostly because she prefers it that way. She has dark brown eyes, and long black hair that covers a good half of her face. Slightly overweight and altogether vaguely unhealthy-looking - definitely not someone who has ever worked out for any considerable length of time. Dresses in an oversized blue hoodie and altogether uninteresting clothes.

Character personality: In a word, reserved. She doesn’t really talk much, except with close friends - she mostly comes off as rude otherwise. Moderately ambitious, but doesn’t have a whole lot to turn that ambition toward. Mostly prefers to be left alone. Of course, the universe has other plans.

Character background:
Elena is the youngest child of a moderately-sized family from Lamar, Texas, one of the largest cities in the southern U.S. Of course, now she lives nowhere near there. A recent graduate of the Mishawum Technological Institute, Elena now lives alone in a small Mishawum apartment, working for a small biotechnology lab. Specifically, she’s the quiet lab assistant, working on coding-related projects for the lab’s cybernetics program.

Elena has a few friends in the city still, mostly from her university days. Being a bit of a shut-in, Elena talks with them online far more than she actually sees most of them in person. She also runs a blog, because of course she does. More than anything, her life has, up to this point, been extremely mundane.

Of course, that all changed one night. Working late at the Genetech lab, Elena was just about the last person left in the building. As she was leaving, though, she noticed a normally-locked door had been jammed open, leading back into the labs beyond. Naturally curious and rather hard to notice (in case anyone was around), Elena crept through, just to take a look.

But then, as fate would have it… Nothing happened. The labs beyond had been securely locked up for the night, and besides, none of them were working on any top secret experiments, and even if they were, getting bitten by an escaped lab animal would be more likely to result in super rabies than superpowers. So, she just decided to leave, shutting the door behind her.

Later, her car managed to break down, forcing her to pull over a few blocks away from her apartment building. About at that time, she was jumped by what looked like some kind of horrifying butterfly-man, who also happened to have a knife. One grievous stab wound later, she was on the run, and also bleeding all over the place.

Perhaps fortunately, the alley she ducked into held not a mugger, but… an oversized dragonfly nymph, from the looks of it. Things got a little weirder when it started talking in her head. To make a long story short, said giant bug was from an alien planet, came here to track down the advance scouts of an invasion fleet, and needed a host to accomplish its goals and such. Said host would obtain great power, and also have a much lower chance of bleeding to death in an alleyway. It was an easy choice, honestly.

Costume description: She doesn’t have a costume yet. This “heroics” thing is new, okay?

Character advantages: A high degree of competence with computers - programming and the like, maybe some light hacking on the side. Gotta start somewhere. Possibly more important, though, is the alien symbiote inside of her, that lets her shift (partially or completely) into a superpowered form - looking something like a humanoid dragonfly with a garishly pink-and-red color scheme.

This form comes complete with wings, a carapace, and a couple extra arms for good measure. Plus some antennae and compound eyes and stuff, to drive the whole “bug” thing home.

Secondarily, Elena has BUG STRENGTH. Which is to say, she’s extremely strong in bug form, and to a somewhat lesser extent in her regular form as well. She can utilize this while human, but that might result in partial shifting if she isn’t careful.

Thirdly, Elena has some sort of improved healing factor, although regenerated parts tend to be somewhat buggy for a while. Carapace-like scabs, that sort of thing. She can regrow entire limbs, but they’ll be hard to conceal.

And, finally, Elena has the ability to change size - down to the size of an actual dragonfly, or up to, say, the size of a truck. Again, this is only possible while shifted.

As a notable downside, large amounts of electricity will force her back into mostly-human form, albeit with some bug features remaining, and even moderate amounts will severely incapacitate her. Gotta avoid bug zappers. Also, significant use of her powers results in parts of her bug form remaining while unshifted. Antennae or arms or whatever else. Not the best exactly.

Friends and Family:
Julia Herrera Martinez - Elena’s mother. She’s a doctor. Enjoys reading, somewhat stern.

Ismael Amador Parades - Elena’s father. A petroleum engineer, works on an offshore oil platform. Open-minded and rather philosophical; enjoys fishing in his spare time.

Sancho Amador Herrera - Elena’s older brother. A writer, travels around the US most of the time. A witty and down-to-earth sort of guy.

Roberta Amador Herrera - Elena’s eldest sister. Currently unemployed and looking for work in Lamar, TX. Stern and serious, doesn’t get along with Elena well.

Ysabel Amador Herrera - Elena’s other older sister. An accountant for none other than Genetech Laboratories. They’re actually pretty widespread. Laid-back and easygoing; gets along with Elena better than the rest of her family.

Katherine Li - Elena’s best friend. A biologist, and a skilled tailor in her downtime. Good-natured and only slightly more outgoing than Elena. Lives in Mishawum; the only friend Elena sees on a regular basis.

Naveen Agrawala - A computer engineer friend of Elena. Always working on one project or another, though exclusively on one at a time. Never really seems to sleep. Lives in Musketaquid, Massachusetts, a part of the greater Mishawum area.

Anya Ng - An internet friend, living in Great Bay City. A writer and artist, though she works as an audio technician as a day job. Her art sometimes extends to (illegal, mind you) street art - graffitiing bridges and the like. A reliable friend nonetheless, Elena confides a lot of things in her.

Puck - Elena’s pet ferret. A friend.

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