Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Real Name: Elijah "Eli" Harris

Alias: Elijah hasn't come up with one yet - his MO is not being noticed.

Home City: Kingsport

City description: Kingsport is an old Virginia city, settled by the first tobacco planters early in America's colonial history. Its location on the coast made it a prime trading port, and many came to work in the fields. Over time, a few families consolidated their power, becoming a sort of new aristocracy in the city - they owned the plantations, the trade, and most importantly, the government. These people, known as The Families, competed with each other under a veneer of civility and genteel behavior. Kingsport became filled with ballrooms and galleries, theaters and opera-houses, the battlefields of the high class. Meanwhile, the poor, both white immigrants and Black slaves, settled in the city to work. After the civil war, freed blacks built their own neighborhoods, creating the city as it is today.

In recent years, there's been a move by a few corporations trying to muscle in on the Families' turf. These nouveau-riche don't care for the complex dance by which the Families competed for power - they're cold and ruthless. And of course, stuck in the middle are the regular people, who find themselves being used and exploited by both sides.

Character description: Eli is a tall young man standing just shy of 6'2". He has short brown hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. He is a bit thin for his size, but otherwise healthy.

Character personality: Elijah's personality has two pillars - his strong sense of justice and his belief that with kindness the good can be brought out of everyone. He avoids personal confrontation, but will not hesitate to defend those weaker than himself. He will not start a fight if he can talk someone down, and he's always willing to listen.

Character background: Elijah is a young man just out of high school, working his way through college in a local state school. His family has always been poor, with both his parents working - his mom as a housekeeper for one of the Families, and his father as a construction worker. Until recently, they'd managed to stay afloat, but around three months ago, Eli's father was injured in a workplace accident. His legs were paralyzed in a bad fall when his safety harness failed, and the medical bills racked up very quickly. Elijah, while out getting coffee for someone in the offices of the construction company, overheard one of the owners talking to a shift supervisor. He followed them and discovered that they were intentionally cutting costs by not doing full safety inspections, and not replacing their old equipment. As he was listening in the hallway, the exec suddenly walked out, seeming to spot Elijah. The young man pressed against the wall, and miraculously the owner walked right past him, seeming not to notice him. That's when Elijah discovered that he had the power to turn invisible, and when he swore to take down the corrupt system of Kingsport.

Costume Description: Black ski mask, running shoes, navy t-shirt, comfortable pants.

Character advantages:

Invisibility - When he concentrates on it, Elijah can turn invisible, becoming unseen to both human eyes and regular cameras. While invisible, all sounds he makes are muffled, though he can still be heard. It takes more concentration to become invisible when there are a lot of people who can see him, so if he turned invisible in the middle of a crowd, even getting bumped into could break his concentration and reveal him.

Parkour - Ever since high school, Eli and a group of friends have trained freerunning. Inspired by videos of runners in the French banlieus, they've ran and climbed and rolled through the alleys and rooftops of Kingsport. His running skill has gotten Eli out of many a sticky situation, and it's given him a fluid fistfighting style.

Friends and Family:

Father - Charles Harris, Jr. - A former construction worker with Black and Irish ancestry.

Mother - Maria Diaz - An immigrant from Venezuela, her family claims to be criollo but she has some indigenous features in her face.

Paternal Grandfather - Charles Harris, Sr. - A crotchety old man living out in the countryside. His father was an Irish homesteader and his mother was a free black woman.

Paternal Grandmother - Layla Smith Harris- A kindly old lady, in poor health.

Maternal Grandfather - Christian Diaz - A formerly well-off Venezuelan who was been down on his luck recently. Still lives in Caracas, disapproves of his daughter's choice of husband.

Maternal Grandmother - Elena Ramon Diaz - Lives with her son, speaks very little English. Only wants the best for her children and grandchildren.

Maternal Uncle - Rodrigo Diaz - Working as a engineering consultant in Kingsport. Helps his sister as much as he can, but having debt trouble of his own.

Aunt by marriage - Josephine san Marco - Granddaughter of an Italian immigrant, married happily to Rodrigo Diaz.

Cousin - Tomas Diaz - In school to be an engineer like his father. Close friend to Eli.

Older Brother - Charles Harris III - Known as Charlie. Dislikes his father, moved away some years ago. Hasn't been heard from since.

Younger sister - Katie Harris - Still in school, loves her brother very much.

Paternal Uncle - Tom Harris - Unmarried, travels a lot, especially overseas. A bit secretive about his work. Brings gifts for the kids.

Paternal Aunt - Keira Jones - A widow, lives in another city.

Uncle by Marriage - Kevin Jones - Deceased.

Cousin - Michelle Jones - Lives in another city, works as a carpenter.

Friends :

Runners -

Jade - Best or second-best runner in the city, depending on who you ask. Is madly in love with Jess, to the disapproval of her very traditional Chinese parents. One of the founding three of the (???)s

Marcus - The heart and the muscle, Marcus is an old friend of Eli's from school, grew up in the same building. One of the founding three of the (???)s

Conner - Bit of a loudmouth, but he's a good runner. Has an annoying girlfriend and a very on-and-off relationship. Hates his parents, who are rich but don't care about him. Joined the (???)s after a particularly bad fight with them over his future.

Irwin - Quiet kid who got picked on a lot before the (???)s took him under their wing. Has a passion for art and photography. Finds the most innovative routes through the city, is usually perched high-up in an impossibly precarious position.

Jess - Not actually a runner, Jade's girlfriend. Deaf in one ear due to a bad infection as a child. Is sickeningly cute with Jade. Mascot of the (???)s.

Others -

Allison - Conner's annoying girlfriend. Hangs around, smokes. Overhears a lot, parents are some sort of city government officials.

The one, the only, Vancho!

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