Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Real Name: Eva Gattulsco

Alias: The Revenant

Home City: Paraselle Falls

City description: A beautiful city situated in a forest, Paraselle Falls is a college town at heart. The city itself is structured such that the main area, full of shops, restaurants, and parks, is planted between Kordes University, a technical university, and Northern Unity College, a liberal arts school. The basis of the economy is tourism, as people are constantly coming and going; be it people visiting their relatives/friends in school, actual students flowing in and out, or people coming to visit the nearby waterfall that gave the city its name. The locals typically work at either one of the two schools or in the city's recreational areas. Because the city is starting to expand, there is also a steady construction business.

The city's architecture is a mix of new and old, with most buildings being either restored and expanded from their previous basis, or being remodeled and renovated to draw in a younger crowd with different tastes. In addition, many people who have lived there for a while, as well as some of the younger people who enjoy the 'quaint and out of the way' atmosphere that the city had dislike the fact that the place is growing and often protest to the local government against the construction going on.

Character description: Eva is of Italian descent, and looks the part. She has an olive skin tone, though it is currently on the lighter side of things due to her recent predicament. Her hair is long and black, usually done up in a ponytail, and she possess striking green eyes, just like her father. She's tall, around 5'9”, and is built like an athlete, with well defined muscles, a strong posture, and a confident aura about her.

Character personality: Eva is a happy, high energy person. She loves being active and seeks out any opportunity to do something athletic, which eventually evolved into a coping mechanism for her. Her main motivations include helping people out and working out. Eva had always been a bit of a daddy's girl, and loved her father to pieces. She believes in helping people out as much as she is capable of, and works to do her best to solve the problems of others. She's also bold and headstrong, and can get stubborn when it comes to helping others, occasionally getting more passionate about the solution to a problem than the person who needed the problem solved in the first place.

After her father's death, however, Eva became more withdrawn. She was still bouncy and peppy, but a lot of it seemed forced, and she didn't seem very motivated anymore. In addition, she had taken to isolating herself, oftentimes only being seen by her roommate for entire days, which was always unusual considering how much Eva loved being outside. Once Eva's powers surfaced, she seemed to more or less return to her normal personality, though something about her felt a bit different than before, as she seemed much more willing to compromise with others and was more driven to help other people out. She also seemed to have developed a strange desire to go to random places, acquire assorted objects, and pull off strange stunts.

Character background:
Born in a quaint town in the midwestern United States, Eva Gattulsco was always one for the outdoors. A stark contrast to her older brother, Eva was always outside, running and playing and doing activities. She was a daddy's girl from day one, and spent as much time with her father, Leo Gattulsco, as she possibly could. Like any good family, her uncles and aunts (mainly from her father's side) often times came over for visits. Most of Eva's family was rather close-knit, and Eva spent a lot of time with the family members that could tolerate her rambunctious energy.

One such member was her uncle Nicholas, who works in high school, educating kids about health and coaching a few of the sports teams. It was her uncle's passion for fitness and the fact that he was one of the few people that could keep up with her that made Eva aspire to be like him. For Eva, life was more or less uneventful, and much of it through high school was just like any other. She figured out what she wanted to do in life, made some friends (one of which, Kimbal Rodger, would end up accompanying her to college), and did the academic baseline for her college of choice, Northern Unity College, a liberal arts school on a beautiful, somewhat out of the way campus in the city of Paraselle Falls. She was eventually accepted, and went on to study Physical Education and Coaching at Northern Unity, and later got a job as an assistant soccer coach.

Eva's life changed in the middle of her sophomore year of college. She got a call from her mother one day after class, tearfully informing her that her father had died in a car accident.

Eva, torn up by the sudden loss, immediately headed home with her roommate Joey in tow. The event wasn't long or huge or overly planned (that's not what her father would have wanted, after all), but it did, for a little while, bring the family together.

After the funeral, Eva insisted on returning to school, saying that it was what her father would have wanted. Her mother agreed and wished her luck, but Eva wasn't quite the same upon her return to Paraselle Falls. Her actions seemed forced, her emotions faked. Joey and Kimbal became worried for Eva, constantly trying to cheer her up and get her to do things that she used to like doing. Eventually, they turned to Charlotte, another friend of Eva's and the resident stoner, if she could try to help cheer Eva up, as the two had been hanging out for a while before the accident.

Charlotte didn't seem to be the best idea at first, as her presence often caused Eva's mood to deteriorate further, as Charlotte's method of attempting to help Eva consisted of wrapping Eva up in some blankets and telling her 'facts' about the afterlife, spirits, and how reincarnation has a decent chance of existing, but most humans tend to reincarnate as slugs or similar invertebrates, so there wasn't a lot that could be done.

One day, however, something Charlotte told Eva seemed to pique her interest. Charlotte had moved on to the topic of ghosts, and how some stuck around for years after their death. Eva had perked up, asking if it was possible to contact any ghosts that still remained, specific ghosts. Charlotte told her that it was technically possible, but that she didn't believe in that Ouija board nonsense.

The two began cooking up a scheme, and Eva appeared to be in a much better mood as the pair gathered up the necessary supplies. They spent most of their time reading texts and scrolls, trying to find what they needed. While they worked, however, Eva realized something. If she didn't find her father during this contact, then that was it. There wouldn't be anything else that she could do to find him. So she asked Charlotte if there was any way to maintain a constant connection with the spirits. Charlotte told her that there was one way, one that involved straddling the line between life and death, but there was no way to know whether or not it would actually work. Eva pushed her into doing it anyway.

The two locked themselves into Eva's dorm room later that week, and had more or less disappeared from the minds of everybody except for Joey, Kimbal, and Eva's immediate family. Joey and Kimbal did their best damage control with Eva's family. The two also made sure to check in on Charlotte and Eva, doing everything they could when they were allowed in. A couple of days later, Joey and Kimbal were forced out of the room, and Charlotte eventually emerged, looking shaken up and wiping off her hands with a rag. She wouldn't let either into the dorm room, claiming that Eva had to come back first.

Eva came out the next day, to Charlotte's relief and Joey's annoyance, claiming she was now ready to begin looking for her father. She also assured Charlotte that the 'ritual' worked, and said that all she had to do was talk to the spirits, and they'd eventually lead her to her father. Hopefully.

Costume Description: Currently a simple white summer dress (to emphasize her 'ghostliness'), and a black masquerade mask that her friend had laying around.

Character advantages: Otherworldly Connection - Eva has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts and spirits of any kind. This power only applies to herself, and doesn't allow her to provide other people with the abilities that she gets. This is the basis of Eva's abilities and is always active. In addition, apparitions and spirits of all sorts are naturally drawn to Eva, and she claims to be surrounded by spirits on the regular.

Part Ghost - Eva has become part ghost, with many of the abilities that it brings. She is capable of flight/levitation and can temporarily become incorporeal, allowing her to move through solid objects. Eva also seems to possess an electromagnetic field around her, causing electronic devices to function strangely, but not enough to cause significant damage. She also tends to lower the temperature of any area she's in. The latter two powers are mild, however, and Eva has little control over them.

Friends and Family:
Rita Gattulsco – Eva's paternal grandmother. A kindly old woman that worries for Eva and her family after the accident. Retired.
Milo Gattulsco – Eva's paternal grandfather. An old man that stays in touch with Eva often due to their shared grief. Retired.
Delilah McGillan – Eva's maternal grandmother. A grumpy woman that disliked Eva's father's side of the family and only keeps in contact for Eva and her siblings. Retired.
Tomas McGillan – Eva's maternal grandfather. A boring old man that cares little for his children and lets Delilah stay in charge of the pair's shared contact with the rest of their family. Retired.

Leo Gattulsco – Eva's father. A kindly man who loved his kids almost as much as he loved his wife. He was a constant source of brightness in the family, and many said that Eva takes after him. Is currently dead.
Ruby Gattulsco – Eva's mother. A strong figure in Eva's life who kept the immediate family together even while working two jobs to keep the herself and her daughters afloat financially. Eva loves her a lot. Works double time as a barista in the day and a bartender at night and refuses to quit either.
Antonio Gattulsco – one of Eva's uncles on her father's side. He was close to Leo and was broken up about the accident. Checks in on Ruby and the kids often. Works in construction.
Nicholas Gattulsco – one of Eva's uncles on her father's side. He was the one that inspired Eva to be a coach and often comes by to visit. Works as a high school coach.
Sonia Gattulsco – Eva's aunt by marriage to Nicholas. Caring to the point of being overbearing, always brings food whenever she drops by. Complicated relationship with Camilla. Works as a chef.
Camilla Lutz – Eva's aunt on her father's side. She likes to dote on everybody and is very touchy-feely. Also makes more than enough money by herself to keep her family afloat. Complicated relationship with Sonia. Works as freelancing software engineer.
Percival Lutz – Eva's uncle by marriage to Camilla. A pretty unlikeable man that likes to take credit for things he hasn't done. The family secretly tries to figure out why Camilla married him. Works as a journalist.
William McGillan – Eva's uncle on her mother's side. Married in to the family, but his wife, Rosalin, died due to health complications. A recently retired soldier and proud only father of three. Spends a lot of time with Ruby and Eva's siblings because he worries about his own daughter off in the military. Former soldier, now retired.
Blake O'Neill – Eva's aunt on her mother's side. She isn't very close to the family, and is rarely heard from outside of family gatherings and events, like Leo's funeral. Supposedly works as the head of a small business.
Joseph O'Neill – Eva's uncle by marriage to Blake. Dislikes most of the family, and often times has bouts with Tomas at family gatherings. Supposedly works as a stockbroker.
Nina Higashi – Eva's aunt on her mother's side. Takes her work seriously and easily gets sucked into it. Not much of a talker. Works as a lawyer.
Yuuta Higashi – Eva's uncle by marriage to Nina. A quiet and traditional man, easily gets along with his wife and anybody she likes. Works as a civil engineer.

Mordecai Gattulsco – Eva's older brother. Does his best to take some of the pressure off of their mom. Currently lives at home and works as a physician.
Mai Gattulsco – Eva's sister-in-law by marriage to Mordecai. Lives with Ruby and Eva's siblings and does her best to keep things tidy. Mainly a housewife, works irregular hours at a nearby convenience store.
Flavia Gattulsco – Eva's younger sister. Still in high school, Flavia is lazy as all get out and spends most of her time watching movies and playing video games in the basement.
Gerald Gattulsco – Eva's younger brother. Also in high school, Gerald has his sights set on being an artist, and he practices on the daily in the backyard.
Tracy Gattulsco – Eva's younger sister. Still in middle school, she gets along with Eva due to their shared disposition when it comes to sports. She is on both the track and swim teams at her school, and adores Eva.

Benny Gattulsco – Eva's cousin, son of Nicolas and Sonia. Has a passion for underground music and often times butts heads with Eva due to their differences in outlook. Works as a DJ.
Raquel Gattulsco – Eva's cousin, daughter of Nicolas and Sonia. A cheeky girl that is always playing pranks and getting people annoyed at her. Currently in high school.
Percival “Percy” Ryan Lutz II – Eva's cousin, son of Camilla and Percival. The firstborn son of his parents, Percy Ryan had the (mis)fortune of inheriting his father's name. He didn't like that, so he instead tells everybody to call him Percy Ryan, which he knows pisses off his father. He and Eva get along well because they both dislike his father. Currently in college, majoring in database management.
Calvin “Cal” Conrad Lutz – Eva's cousin, son of Camilla and Percival. Was a perfectly normal, if dense, boy until his first day of sophomore year in high school, where he decided that he wanted to start a religion. Is now obsessed with the idea and wants to name his religion “CalCium”, after his nickname and the first letter of his middle name. Nobody has the heart to tell him Calcium is already a thing. Currently in college, majoring in religious studies.
Diana “Diamond” Belinda Lutz – Eva's cousin, daughter of Camilla and Percival. She's spoiled rotten by both of her parents, and is almost always fighting with her brothers because of the fact that she thinks she deserves anything that they have. Currently in middle school.
Megan McGillan – Eva's cousin, daughter of William. She's the oldest and wants to be just like her father. Thus, she signed up for the military the moment that she got out of high school, even though her father didn't want her to. Currently an active member of the military.
Anna McGillan – Eva's cousin, daughter of William. A shy wallflower, Anna is a quiet and gentle soul that hates getting yelled at. That was, at least, until she set fire to a pile of desks and books on the school's front lawn during her junior year of high school and got sent to juvie. Somehow retained her meek and frightened disposition throughout the entire ordeal. Currently lives at home with her dad and works as a waitress.
Steffie McGillan – Eva's cousin, daughter of William. She's a bright soul, a sharp contrast to her sisters' flatness and meekness respectively. She does her best to keep Anna's mood up, and loves to spend time with everybody. Currently in her first year of high school.
Grace O'Neill – Eva's cousin, daughter of Blake and Joseph. A cold and blunt woman of a gloomy disposition. Has been preened and prepped to be Blake's successor. Despite that, Eva is aware of her secret love of all things fluffy. Supposedly works as her mother's assistant.
Stanley O'Neill – Eva's cousin, son of Blake and Joseph. A fun loving boy that doesn't fit in with his prim and proper parents or sister. Because he isn't the firstborn, his parents don't care about what he grows up to be, as long as he doesn't do anything to damage their reputation. Eva's okay with him, but suspects he smokes weed. Currently in high school.
Hajime “Jojo” Higashi – Eva's cousin, son of Nina and Yuuta. A young boy that aspires to be just like his favorite cartoon heroes. Was nicknamed by Flavia because he always pretends to be fighting things. Currently in elementary school.

Josaline “Joey” Trevors – Eva's friend and roommate. She has super pale skin and shaggy brown hair that is constantly hanging down in front of her eyes, making people wonder how she can see when she walks around. Joey is a grumpy girl that oftentimes has troubles focusing in class and gets snappy with people she doesn't know well. Expect her to constantly be chewing on something. She and Eva are really close, and Joey was one of the few people who had regular contact with Eva during the period of time she had locked herself in her room. She appears to have been sworn to secrecy about it, however. Currently majoring in photography at Northern Unity.

Kimbal Rodger – Eva's friend. He's an African-American man with fluffy hair and a preference for fancy clothing. He's considered a fashion genius around campus, and is the general authority around Northern Unity when it comes to clothing. Kimbal doesn't mince words and isn't the kind of person to lie to make somebody feel better, but he's far from unkind and does his best to assist people when he's able. He and Eva are friends from high school, and he was one of the few people who had regular contact with Eva during the period of time when she had locked herself in her room. However, he appears to have been sworn to secrecy about it. Currently majoring in fashion design at Northern Unity.

Charlotte Kollum – Eva's friend. She's a character. Eva is pretty sure that Charlotte is always stoned or about to get stoned. Obsessed with the occult, Charlotte is known for being that person around campus. Despite that, she gets along with Eva, and the two will often go get lunch or breakfast together, and Eva has even convinced Charlotte to work out with her on a regular basis. Charlotte was the person who inspired Eva's strange plan involving locking herself in her room, and was one of the few people who had regular contact with her during the time she was locked in there. Charlotte doesn't like to talk about what went on. Currently majoring in film studies at Northern Unity.

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