Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Real Name: Vanessa Villanova

Alias: Miss Mimicry

Home City: Carbon City

City description: Carbon City is located in central Pennsylvania, near the Appalachian mountains. It's well known for being a major center of manufacturing in the past. The most famous image of the city is a picture of a blocky skyline being almost completely obscured by the smoke from hundreds of factories. That picture was taken decades ago though. Carbon City was hit especially hard by several recessions over the years, and today, most of the factories stand completely empty, save for the ones taken over by gangs and the homeless communities of course. The downtown area is actually pretty nice, with several huge skyscrapers and universities and plenty of parks, but you can't take the train for more than a mile in any direction before running into the poverty and urban decay that mainly defines the rest of Carbon City. In recent years, the city has tried to turn its fortune around by offering massive tax breaks to science companies, and generally not caring at all about whether those companies were actually following the really petty laws against things like human experimentation. As of today, Carbon City is currently well on its way to becoming the Mad Science capital of the world. On the bright side though, at least the sports teams are pretty good. Let's go Metalheads!

Character description: It's not very easy to pin down a character description for a shapeshifter, but Vanessa does have 3 forms that she uses far more commonly than any other. The first form is Vanessa's civilian persona, and the one that looks most similar to her "original" self. Vanessa is about 6 feet tall, and is only slightly overweight. She has pale skin, brown eyes, and long messy black hair. She usually looks like she hasn't slept in days.

Her second form is her public persona, Miss Mimicry. She uses this form whenever she has to do an interview or talk to anybody important. Miss Mimicry is 6'4, has tan skin, and is absolutely ripped. She also has dark blue eyes and a short purple haircut. This form is basically just a mashup of several different characters from several different comic books. She doesn't bother wearing a mask in this form because uh... yeah.

Her third form is the one she actually uses for crimehunting. It's basically just a black/gray humanoid silhouette, and maybe sometimes it has wings instead of arms or something. This form is optimized for moving around the city quickly and quietly. The arms and legs on this form are just a bit too long and spindly to be natural, and it tends to majorly freak people out when they catch it following them around in the middle of the night.

Character personality: Vanessa is 29 years old, and lives alone in a run-down studio apartment not far from downtown. Her "secret lair" is truly horrifying to behold to any decent member of society, as it is almost perpetually covered in garbage from meals that she started eating months ago. She has a degree in biology from Carbon City University, which she mainly went after to try and figure out how to move her own organs around inside her body without being in horrible pain constantly. She runs a semi-popular blog online, which she mainly uses to either post long-winded rants about the evils of capitalism, or sometimes just funny pictures of animals doing things that animals would not normally do. (All selfies of course.) She tells most people that she works as a "Wildlife Photographer", traveling all over the world on exciting adventures. But this is only a cover story, to explain why she keeps disappearing to fight crime for days/weeks at a time. She makes a small amount of money selling pictures of "endangered wildlife" on her website, but all of the pictures she takes are actually just pictures of herself, standing in front of a green screen in her apartment. She's hardly ever even been outside of Pennsylvania.

Vanessa has a deep distrust of authority figures in general, but most especially of police. She tries to play things more diplomatic with her public hero persona, but it's still pretty obvious that she does enjoy humiliating the city government and the police whenever possible. As the daughter of an ex-con, she also really kind of hates prisons in general, and prefers to try and talk things out rather than getting non-violent criminals thrown in jail if she can. Vanessa has never killed anyone before and hopes to never have to, but she's willing to make that call if it's "for the greater good", whatever that means. Her main goal in life is be able to change things enough for the better that she can go back to hermiting herself away again at home without feeling guilty about it.

Character background:
Vanessa was originally born under the name Vincent Villanova II, and she was the second grandchild of two of the world's most famous and wealthy geneticists, Victor and Vilma Villanova. Together, the two of them had created dozens of amazing inventions that changed the face of the medical industry, and started a massive new corporation, The Villanova Institute of Limitless Evolution. (Or VILEtech for short.) Vanessa and her sister spent most of their early years living in a modest, upper class house in the suburbs.

One day, when Vanessa and her sister were both a couple of Edgy Teens, they decided to go down and secretly explore their grandparents' private lab on their own. There were many strange and confusing machines in the lab, but the most interesting thing by far was the glass terrarium that seemed to hold a strange, alien-looking insect. The Parasite spook to Vanessa in words that only she could understand, telling her a heartbreaking story about how a pair of old, evil scientists had kidnapped it and had forced it to endure a countless number of cruel experiments. Vanessa had completely fallen under the Parasites' trance, and it was soon clear that the only reasonable course of action was to smash open the glass case, and free this poor, innocent creature.

Surprisingly this plan turned out to be a huge mistake, since immediately after freeing it, the Parasite decided to jump up and jab its stinger directly into its own savior's neck. Vanessa could feel her body melting away from the inside, her bones bending, her skin boiling, her blood turning to acid. She would have died right there if her sister hadn't been there to drive the Parasite away before it could finish the job, or if they hadn't already been standing in a room with a bunch of fancy experimental medical equipment all around them. When Vanessa came back to, they realized that she had somehow gained the ability to shapeshift into almost anything she wanted. From that point on, it was clear exactly what they needed to do........... so they quickly cleaned up the lab and pretended like they were never there.

Anyways a few years after that, her dad got arrested for embezzling over a million dollars from his parent's company, in a widely publicized scandal that naturally caused a lot of Family Drama™. A couple years after that, she came out as trans and changed her name from Vincent to Vanessa, which of course caused even more Family Drama™. A few years after that, she finally graduated college and started working as a superhero full time, and was finally able to live in her own garbage without any annoying roommates to get mad at her.

She never did find out what happened to the Parasite that gave her her powers, but every once in a while she'll hear another horrible news story about some other poor soul in Carbon City who had disappeared from their bed at night, only to be mysteriously replaced with a pile of acidic goo. She's determined to track down this Parasite and put an end to it, at all costs.

Costume Description: Vanessa doesn't technically need a costume since she can just shapeshift into whatever, but her typical outfit is just a black skirt + tank top with a violet "M" written on the front. Her sister has tried to convince her to go with something a bit more flashy in the past, but has only succeeded in getting Vanessa to sarcastically explain the meaning of the word "stealth" to her. When she's out crimefighting, she typically carries with her a smartphone, a first aid kit, a combination flashlight/stun gun, and a bag of zip ties to use as makeshift handcuffs. This gear is all carefully stored within her own torso, for safekeeping.

Character advantages: Vanessa has the ability to shapeshift into any form that she wants, as long as that form in question is made out of organic material, and as long as the transformation doesn't violate the law of conservation of mass. (In other words, if she weighs 200 lbs beforehand, she'll still weigh 200 lbs after, etc.) Using her powers, she is able to fly, to impersonate other people's faces and voices, to reach things across the room with little effort, and even to heal her own wounds within seconds. However, Vanessa does not have the ability to reabsorb any pieces of her that are completely cut off from the rest of her body. Vanessa's friends often marvel at her ability to constantly eat junk food and not gain weight, but in reality she's really just trying to regain mass to make up for all the bits she losses from getting shot at on a regular basis. While Vanessa can easily soak up bullets for days, she has no real defenses against anything that can damage her entire body at once. Things like fire and explosions will put her in a real bad place real quick.

Friends and Family:

[Image: Villianova%20family%20tree_zps4lllksue.png]

Victor and Vilma Villanova - Paternal grandparents. Formerly a pair of world famous geneticists and insanely wealthy CEOs, now skeletons. They didn't leave anything to Vanessa's side of the family in their wills of course, lol.

Vincent Villanova Sr - Vanessa's father, now estranged. He was formerly employed at his parent's company doing business stuff, but has now spent most of the last decade in prison for embezzlement. He hasn't spoken to either of his children in many years, but they've heard rumors that he's currently working odd jobs for his younger brother under the table now. He could not possibly be more disappointed in his children, and the feeling is more than mutual.

Vaughn Villanova - Paternal uncle, also estranged. He's been the CEO of VILEtech ever since the deaths of his parents a few years ago, and lives in a huge mansion up in the hills. He always seems to be finding new and exciting ways to waste massive amounts of money, and Vanessa absolutely hates him for it. So far she hasn't be able to find any evidence that he's actually doing anything illegal, but she's wholly convinced that he's a supervillain in waiting, because like, come on.

Valerie Villanova - Paternal aunt, married to Vaughn. She works as a lawyer, and is therefore just as evil as her horrible husband. She also has a job on the city council, where she tries to push through the worst laws imaginable.

Vance and Vicky Villanova - Cousins to Vanessa, and twins to each other. They're 25 and are both still in college "finding themselves" and basically just killing time until they have to go get real jobs. Unlike their parents, they still keep in contact with Vanessa's family over [insert facebook parody here], and are actually not that bad as far as spoiled rich kids go.

Jackson and Penny Price - Maternal grandparents. They live out on a small farm in eastern Ohio. They're in their late 80's now, but still make a trip out to visit their grandchildren about once or twice a year. Also not that bad as far as old people go.

Janet O'Conner - Vanessa's mother. She has a strained relationship with Vanessa, but they still clearly love each other. Whenever they're around each other the rest of the family has to steer the conversation away from anything even slightly political, because there are few topics that the two of them are unwilling to argue about. She works as pharmacist downtown.

Marcus O'Conner - Vanessa's stepfather. She thinks he's boring and kind of an asshole sometimes, but a well meaning asshole at the very least. He lives in a small house in the suburbs with Vanessa's mom and brother, and works in a cubicle. She's only met his parents once and doesn't really remember their names, but she's pretty sure that they live in Florida or Texas or somewhere else completely.

Cory O'Conner - Vanessa's half brother. He's a quiet, nerdy kid who is currently going to her old high school as a freshman. They get along pretty well, but don't always have much to talk about due to the age difference. She helps him with his homework sometimes, and plans to take him out for some illegal drinking crimes once he turns 18.

Virginia Bradshaw - Vanessa's older sister. The two of them have been best friends ever since they were children. She's 31 years old and lives in a cozy apartment downtown with her wife and son. She works as a nurse in a local hospital downtown, and the long hours at work have kept her from talking to her sister nearly as much as they used to, but luckily they both have Becky to relay stories back and forth every day. Vanessa is constantly amazed by her sisters' supernatural ability to actually throw away her own garbage and have her life together in general.

Becky Bradshaw - Sister-in-law/friend/partner in justice. Becky is 30 years and was first introduced to her future wife by Vanessa, back when the three of them were all in college together. She works from home as a web designer, and is usually the first person that Vanessa calls up whenever she needs help while out crimefighting. She likes to talk herself up as being a "Master Hacker", but honestly like 90% of what she does is just looking things up online and sending anonymous tips to the police on Vanessa's behalf.

Quintin Bradshaw - Vanessa's nephew. He's actually just Virginia's son from a previous "relationship", but Becky usually has more free time to watch over him while Virginia's at work. He's 5 years old, and his interests include whatever 5 year olds like these days I guess. He wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Benjamin Drake - Friend/Ex. - Ben isn't the only person that Vanessa has ever dated, but he is the most recent and only one that she still keeps in contact with. They broke up a few years ago, shortly before she started crimefighting full time. He's the only other person that knows about her powers besides Becky and Virginia, and he seems to be worrying about her constantly, or about any number of other things. Sometimes they meet up together to get chinese food and complain to each other about how hard their lives are. He works in the main library downtown.

Emily Cho - Friend/relentless gossip. - Emily used to be roommates with Vanessa back in college. Nowadays she works as an intern down at City Hall, and mainly just calls Vanessa up to talk about whatever new dumb law that her evil aunt is trying to pass today. Vanessa knows better than to ever tell Emily anything important, because if she does the whole city will probably know about it by the next day.

Alexis Valentina - Friend... maybe??? - Alexis works as a reporter for the Carbon City Dispatch, where she frequently criticizes the wealthy CEOs and corrupt city officials who let so much of the city around them fall into poverty. Vanessa is a big fan of her work, and once offered to give her an exclusive interview as Miss Mimicry. Alexis often does her writing at a coffee shop not far from Vanessa's apartment, and Vanessa has a huge crush on her but will never admit it. NEVER.

Sampson King - Ally? - An older, bearded homeless man. About a year ago, Vanessa caught Sampson selling a bunch of knockoff Miss Mimicry shirts out of his van. He immediately apologized and offered to pay her royalties, but she didn't really care about that. Instead she asked if he could keep her updated on any recent news with the local gangs, and he was more than happy to help, in exchange for a 0% royalty payment.


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