Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Real Name: Marcus Loxley

Alias: Marcus has refrained from taking one. He wants his actions to speak for themselves to inspire people to action.

Home City: Shermingham

City description: Located in central Virginia, Shermingham is a city nestled in the center of forests and hills. As such, it initially had a booming lumber and mining industry. These industries were a draw to immigrant workers, however in the city's early days, corruption and prejudice choked the city to its core. Though reforms and protests, over time, managed to make things much more manageable, the undertones of the city's dark past can still be found.

Shermingham town center has a mostly modern look, with the occasional Gothic or Victorian themed tower dotting the skyline (some of the city's entrepreneurs had a flair for the dramatic.) Some of the older, western-styled buildings from the town's distant past remain as protected landmarks, though the city's center has shifted dramatically since then, "Old Town" now marks the center of the city's poorest neighborhood, and the only the library has remained unmoved from its original historic location.

Character description:
Standing at 5'6", Marcus doesn't strike a particularly imposing figure in his civilian clothes. Sporting short-cut brown hair and hazel eyes, Marcus keeps himself clean shaven. His eyes betray a poor sleep schedule, though Marcus himself is always alert and vigilant.

In his civilian clothes, he tends to dress rather unassumingly, wearing basic colors, ballcaps, and khaki pants.

Character personality: A traumatizing childhood has left him unable to connect with most of the people he's known. Marcus is a stoic young man with a heavy sense of responsibility. Whatever free time he has he spends improving his physical ability or helping those in need. He believes he is no longer deserving of a regular life, having forsaken that to protect his city from the human evil that he believes is set to consume it.

Marcus is cynical to his core, but not without conflict. Though he believes his mission will leave the world a better place, he sometimes still struggles with whether the results will be the net gain he wants them to be. He also has a fear of becoming the man who trained him. While Marcus walks a dangerous path now, it's not impossible that someone could turn him towards a path of less lethality. Or not.

Character background: Marcus is a bit of a childhood celebrity, but not in a good way. When he was eight he was kidnapped by an insane survivalist war vet, who believed he had to train a young generation to kill the dark political masterminds manipulating the world. He took Marcus out to a cabin far out in the woods, and, along with seven other children, drilled them in the art of the bow, close combat, and survival. Marcus was taught everything from parkour to engineering, yet his captor was always one step ahead of them, preventing his wards from using these skills to escape.

Finally, after four years of brutal training, his captor decided it was time for "graduation." The eight children would become four, and once they had killed another of their number, they'd be free to return to the world, equipped to save it from the Illuminati that were determined to destroy it. However, his training had gone unexpectedly, horribly right. Out of the four pairs set against each other, two managed to set up mutual kills, one escaped after killing her opponent, and the last pair, Marcus', refused to fight. However, when his captor threatened the other child's family, Marcus was forced to defend himself, and the end scenario resulted in the pair struggling at the side of cliff. Marcus wounded the other child with an arrow through the leg, causing him to stagger back. However, as his leg gave out, he also fell off the side of the cliff, to Marcus' horror. Their captor came to him then, declaring that he had graduated, that he now truly understood what it took to survive in human society. As a reward, the captor went on in deranged glee, he would tell Marcus who the nation's secret puppet masters were, and how he could topple them.

As he did this, the captor turned his back to Marcus, not understanding that the child didn't care the least about his delusions. He was still ignorant to this as an arrowhead seemed to sprout from his throat without warning. Gurgling in betrayal, the madman fell off the cliffside opposite of the one his friend had.

Marcus gathered what supplies he could and made a long, arduous trek to civilization. When the police raided the facility, the found only five of the eight children's corpses, and the captor's was nowhere to be found, though large amounts of his blood were found at the cliff's base, too much for any human to survive losing. It was ruled that mountain scavengers must have found the corpses first, dragging them away.

Marcus spent the rest of his childhood cold, and in a daze. Though is parents mourned the loss of the happy child they once had, they did their best to help him, taking him to the best therapists and trying to talk at length with him about what he had experienced. Marcus never told them much, only talking to the police detectives in charge of the case and the one therapist who had managed to get through to him. Still, a wound remained in his heart. He looked to the world, man hurting man, man delighting in the ruin of man, and he saw that his captor, while insane, may have had a point. So began the philosophical battle within Marcus's heart, a battle that his morality finally lost when one of his friends was found bludgeoned to death in an alley. The suspects caught were known bigots, but with good lawyers and curiously good luck within the legal system, they easily got out on parole. And so Marcus took the tools given to him against his will, declaring it was time to start setting things right...

Costume Description:
His "costume", as it is, is a green hooded jacket, underneath which he wears a combat vest he bought from a military surplus store, a pair of tactical pants (so many pockets) and a pair of unassuming hiking boots. He uses a thick green scarf/bandana to cover his mouth (the ends of which are starting to fray, betraying poor sewing skills on behalf of the maker) and wears, depending on the time of day, either a pair of tinted motorcycle goggles, or clear goggles with black frames.

Character advantages:

The George Program: Marcus's captor proclaimed that his training regimen was developed to save America, and as such named it after the first president. This training from hell involved everything from close quarters combat to wilderness survival, but curiously the only ranged combat the children were trained in was archery. Markus was one of the best long-distance shots of his group, and developed an uncanny eye and sense for making a shot. While it's been ten years since then, Marcus has always maintained archery as a hobby and spends an hour each day training his skills in close combat.

A Fresh Engineering Degree: One of the few skills he was drilled in that translated to society, Marcus was a natural when it came to engineering. While he can't build fusion engines or anything ridiculous, he's gotten good at machining parts and building prototypes of relatively basic devices. His crown achievement has been the construction of a light-weight, collapsible compound bow, though he's also been working at producing "trick" arrows.

Character weaknesses:

No Rest for the Wicked: Marcus has a difficult time resting, thinking back to the people he's lost and the threats facing his city. While this was initially a boon to his planned mission of justice, it's also something that leaves him on edge. Even as durable a person as Marcus has their limits, after all...

Trust No One:
His captor was horribly paranoid and believed that almost everyone outside his compound was an illuminati spy or agent. While Marcus does not believe this, the extended time spent in that environment, combined with the mindgames his captor played to try to turn his wards against each other, took a toll on his ability to let others in to his life. As such, Marcus has become a contradiction of a man, wanting company and people to relate to, but also eternally wary and resistant to letting anyone in.

The people he's lost and the deeds he's committed has left Marcus with a burdened mind. As such, he believes he doesn't deserve to live a normal or happy life, and has somewhat become his own worst enemy.

Friends and Family:

Leon Loxley - Marcus's father, an industrial engineer by trade. He's a patient and loving man, and one obsessed with home security. He blames himself for Marcus' childhood abduction.

Camilla "Cami" Loxley - Marcus's mother. A pharmacist, she's a bit of a health nut and spends a lot of time worrying over her family's health. She's very well-read on mental health issues, having done so in an attempt to try and break through the shell her son has lived behind ever since his abduction.

Lilly Loxley - Marcus's younger sister, currently 14. She doesn't know her older brother very well, as he's always been somewhat distant to her, but when she was younger she has fond memories of her older brother helping look after her. She wants to be a doctor.

Mr. Ruffsley -
Lilly's dog, a large German Shepherd. While he lovingly dotes on Lilly, he is also VERY defensive of her and her mother. He is ambivalent to Leon and Marcus, though he does enjoy the treats Marcus brings him when visiting.

Nana Blanche Loxley
- Marcus's grandmother, who lives with his uncle on a farmhouse far out of town. Is fond of shotguns and the death penalty.

Oliver Hardy Loxley - Marcus's uncle, a hunting enthusiast who has made a good deal of money by becoming an internet hunting video celebrity. Apparently, those exist. Took Marcus out hunting once when Marcus was 16 ("It'll be good for him!") only to be surprised at how skilled the boy was at hunting already. Marcus turned down his requests for him to be in his hunting videos. When his nephew was kidnapped, Oliver bought his brother a shotgun for home security, to his sister-in-law's chagrin.

Max Richards
- Marcus's grandfather on his mother's side. Lives alone, has become somewhat isolationist since his wife's death five years ago. Walks with a cane. Has few hobbies, and as such has turned to television and politics via papers and television. Old, conservative, kinda-racist, and grumpy as hell. Marcus doesn't visit often, but he does have fond memories of visiting Grampa Max and Gramma Beatrice as a kid, before The Program.

Marianne Winters -
One of the other eight children abducted alongside Marcus, a year his senior. Marianne was as good a shot as he was, but more skilled in close-quarters combat. She was more cold than he was, but he still had a crush on her. Within the program, Marianne eventually found him somewhat endearing, becoming protective of him, but warned him that caring about others would be something their captor would turn against him. No clues to her whereabouts were found in the aftermath of the Program, but her family still holds out hope that she's survived.

Paul Roberts - Marcus' best friend within the Program, same age as him, and his eventual Graduation opponent. Paul and Marcus refused to fight each other, planning to take down their captor instead, until their captor showed footage of Paul's family, claiming to have planted bombs throughout their house. Paul decided he couldn't risk their lives and, while apologizing, attacked Marcus. Last seen plummeting off a cliffside with an arrow through his leg, Marcus has nightmares of the expression on the boy's face as he fell.

The Prophet Orwell, Father Teacher, the Captor - All names used by the children held prisoner in the Program to refer to the man holding them captive. When police raided his compound they found multiple forms of identification, all falsified. DNA tests came out inconclusive. As such, the man's real identity is not known. He still haunts Marcus' nightmares and subconscious thoughts. Believed to be dead, as he both took an arrow through the throat and lost an enormous amount of blood.

Jenifer "Jenny" Estovar, Will "Willy" Wyatt, Arnold "Arnie" Chu, Clint Queen, and Susannah "Suzy Q" Jackson - All other victims of the Program. All were confirmed dead, with bodies found. Jenny was the best shot of the group (didn't help her against Marianne), Willy and Arnie were both skilled at tracking and camouflage (they both simultaneously shot each other fatally with arrows, so that didn't factor into their fight), and Clint and Suzy were the best at close quarters combat (which is how they wrestled each other off the cliff). Out of the whole group, only Suzy and Willy were successfully brainwashed by their captor, both fervently believing in his teachings of the global conspiracy. As such, Suzy got special training in explosives, and Willy was given a stun baton, which he used to torment his fellow prisoners during exercises. Again, neither of these advantages helped them in the end.

Old Man Joe Jenkins - A conservative retired factory foreman who owns the land Marcus is staying on. Joe lived his life a hard-working man, with one dream, to one day retire to a patch of land to call his own, far away from the city and the government. Unfortunately, the best he could manage was "right outside the city", and the government still insisted he pay taxes for it, gat-dang-'em. Joe is a believer in determination and hard work, so when a determined young man with an engineering degree came to him looking for a place to stay, Joe's only requirement was that the whipper-snapper help him maintain the property. And maintain he did, the boy got the barn back into tip-top shape, organized and polished the tools in the toolshed, fixed the plumbing, mowed the lawn, even killed them dang varmints that done got into his trash cans every night. Joe doesn't much care what the boy does on his free time, though he suspects he may be one of them danged liberals, the kid ain't much for talk. Which suits Joe, as he ain't much for talk either. He just wants to sit and watch his T.V. shows. American Swamp-Coots is REALLY good this season, I tell you what...

Sam Hunter -
A close friend of Marcus's, and one of the few he made after the Program. Sam was patient, smart, and unafraid to call Marcus out on his bullshit. Unfortunately, Sam was also gay in a city with an unfortunate past of bigots and hate crimes. He was attacked in the city one night and left to die in an alley. The death shattered the tenuous grasp to morality Marcus had.

Manuel "Manny" Cruz - Sam's partner and another of Marcus's friends. Though Marcus isn't as close to Manny as he was to Sam, the two still share and understanding and, now, grief. Manny is dealing with the loss somewhat better than Marcus, however, and is concerned for his well-being.

Emily Lexington - A friend of Marcus and Manny. A reporter for the Shermingham Courier, she's been chasing after leads on the corruption and hate crimes within the city. She aims to expose the roots of injustice within the city to light so they can be pulled out. Once had a thing for Marcus, unreciprocated, but they talked it out, and now share a good platonic friendship.

Harvinder Singh - The only therapist to have ever gotten through to Marcus, mostly by defusing the self-destructive excuses he hid his past behind. Even then, Marcus only told Harvinder MOST of the story, leaving out details on the extents of the training he was forced to undergo. Marcus hasn't seen him in five years. It wasn't quite a decision on his part, rather, he missed a few appointments then stopped going. Harvinder is a Sikh and a strong believer in charity, volunteer programs, and humanitarian pursuits.

An anti-establishment hacker who runs an underground black market. Not so much an acquaintance of Marcus's, but rather someone he met at a club with Manny and Sam. SHORTWAVE palmed Marcus a business card. Marcus returned the favor with a right hook. That was how Manny and Sam both learned that Marcus has a hatred for anarchist-conspiracy theorists, and how Marcus got banned from that nightclub.

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