Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Name: Laurel “Laurie” Lin-Jones
Home City: Albatross City, a coastal city famous for her seafood cuisine and her biblical-swarm-of-locusts levels of seabirds.

Albatross City’s economy is currently dominated by metal-processing corporations, whose lack of regulation had led to the ruination of Albatross Bay and the local major industries (fishing and tourism). This had led to a massive depopulation leaving only the stubborn, the criminal, or the destitute in Albatross City.

Albatross Bay is the most famous landmark in Albatross City. It is a natural harbor modified for human use with imposing harbor walls and criss-crossing piers. Albatross Bay is unique for its endemic wildlife, the most (in)famous being the endangered Dire Seagull (Diomedea exulans carnifex), which is not really a sea-gull but does that distinction really matter when you’re being bombarded by a flock of them?

Character Description: Laurie is a tall woman of Philippine descent who subconsciously dresses like a lumberjack in her casual days. She used to be average-looking but her superheroine makeover gave her super-luxurious green hair and pointy ears. Fun!

Character Personality: Laurie is good with animals but not really good with people. She is strong in her convictions but has a self-righteous streak a mile long. So in essence a person who you should not give superpowers to, but hey! Mistakes happen!

Character Background:
Laurie is a native of Albatross City. Old enough to remember when the harbor was actually blue, Laurie naturally gravitated towards environmentalism. She dabbled in a wide variety of protests, but her heart grew dark at the lack of perceived progress. Eventually, her frustrations got the better of her and she joined MEAT, a radical animal rights organization

She took into it like a fish to water until one fateful night, a raid on a Genetech Lab went horribly wrong. Laurie was bitten by the irradiated forms of every conceivable genetically modified animal and it just so happened that said Lab was built on top of a Pet Cemetery. The weirdly specific combination of science and magic would had killed lesser men, but it just so happens to give her superpowers instead.

After getting her shots, Laurie realized her amazing hair and mysterious powers came with a great responsibility, and the responsibility is to GO GREEN, and dammit, she’ll make Albatross City GO GREEN again, even if it means kicking in the teeth of a few corporate CEOs.

Costume Description: Laurie has a hobo-asethetic going on with her costume. Hair-obscuring cap, face-obscuring kerchief, body-obscuring trenchcoat, and so forth. For last resort, she carries around a kevlar vest and a taser just in case her powers do not quite cut it yet.

Character Advantages:
Wild Empathy. Laurie has a supernatural ability to communicate and influence animals. To her, animals speak like humans – not unlike something you see in a Disney movie.

Laurie is also a veterinarian of AACC, a shelter that houses strays, lost, abandoned, and surrendered animals. She has moderate income, enough to afford a decent apartment.

Friends and Family:

Slyvester Lin – Maternal grandfather. Retired zookeeper.
Flora Lin – Maternal grandmother. Retired schoolteacher.
Elwood Jones – Paternal grandfather. Retired sailor, but isn’t convinced yet.
Marigold Jones – Paternal grandfather. Fishmonger.

Ashley Lin – Mother. Avian Veterinarian.
Rowan Jones – Father. Florist.

Oliver Lin – Uncle. Adventurer-Naturalist.

Employees of AACC (Albatross Animal Control Center):
Boris Hortaya – Laurie’s boss. Veterinary Manager.
Anne Avery – Local college student. Frequent volunteer.
Felicity Blue – Laurie’s co-worker. Veterinary Surgeon.
Drake Creston – Information Technology Consultant.
Colonel Panic – Rescued Dire Seagull. “Team mascot.”

MEAT (Methods Exemplifying Animal Terrific-ness) – radical animal rights organization akin to PETA.

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