Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Real Name: Radka Fyodor Rykov
Alias: Siphon
Home City: Hooverville, New Jersey

City description: Located East coast. Its main industries and economic cornerstones are Biopharmaceuticals, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Technology. It doesn't really have a culture. It's aesthetic is livable trash town. It has pretty wide income gaps, some gentrification going on, slums, middle class houses on the outside of the city. It doesn't like putting a lot of money into parks or other miscellaneous projects, mostly putting its income into infrastructure and government run facilities.

Character description: She stands at 5'10, Violet hair (long wavy hair with a full left side undercut with her evil symbol buzzed in the undercut.) Green eyes, her age is 25, pierced left eyebrow. She is decently buff, has an athletic build, Pale skin, a few scars along her arms legs and torso.

Character personality: Radka is very self centered, selfish, and vain. She isn't prideful though, willing to stoop to lows and run the fuck away if shit hits the fan. She doesn't really care for people despite running a clinic, and finds no qualms using her powers on civilians. She especially loves using her powers on people who slighted her, such as cutting her off in traffic, or spilling her drink.

Character background: She had a normal family and a normal upbringing. Her severely degraded morality came from the internet really, internet sites such as 4chan and social media bullying has erased any sort of morality she would had have (Plus a very unflattering viral video didn't help at all.) She went to college with a major in Biomedical research with a minor in Physiology. Shortly after discovering her new ability, she looked up a picture of Baba Yaga and just bought cloths matching that and opened up a back ally clinic to get a nice cash flow going.
She got her powers when she went with her family to their annual extreme camping trip in Canada. With global warming melting the ice caps, it also released ancient microbes, bacteria, and diseases. So during the trip she contracted an ancient disease, giving her her powers.

Costume Description: Slavic priestess work cloths. She usually is always seen with sunglasses and a beanie in street cloths.

Character advantages: Siphon has the ability to transfer diseases and fleshwounds, basically any negative health ailment, and transfer it from herself to another person through bodily contact. Her negative ailment transfer can only go through herself, so she can't say, make two people touch and transfer negative health. The wounds she receives can no longer be transferable after a certain amount of time (dynamic time determined by gm.) She leaves her mark on the victim where she touches them on their body when she transfers the negative ailment. The harsher the ailment the bigger the mark is. For big transfers such as AIDS or ALS she has to keep contact the victim for a prolonged amount of time.

Friends and Family:
Juri Rykov- Grandfather, is suffering from Dementia, surprisingly still ill.
Todor Rykov- Father, pretty decent guy, doesn't know about her daughters villany. Works in a factory. Wants his children to do more in life.
Katarina Rykov- Grandmother, Strict, bitchy, bossy, impossible to please.
Nika Rykov- Mother, Is happy with her children and babies them constantly and trys to make them live an easy life.
Nadia Giordano- Older sister, Is Married, mostly lives with her family.
Boris Rykov- Younger Brother, Mysterious, keeps to himself, always gone.
Lila Hamilton- Her BFF from high school. Drags her to workouts, pilates, and zumba classes. She tries to hang out with her as little as possible.
Sherry Ross- Her other BFF from the same friend group, actually cares about Radka, Radka kinda cares about her.
Online guild- think /pol/ /b/
Krystal Baldwin- Ex Girlfriend.
Dwight Beck- Ex Boyfriend.

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