Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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Real Name: Maria Maldonado Bezos

Alias: None (from her anyhow)

Home City: Ciudad City

City description: Ciudad City is totally NOT Miami. It's a beautiful city if you only walk the coast, lovely beaches and palm trees and roller skaters on the boardwalk aesthetic. Not so much when you step away from the water. There's a lovely nightlife scene if one is able to afford such things and is willing to face a violent crime rate much higher than the national average. Unemployment, poverty, an increasing homeless population, and an incredible income gap plague the city. It's a mess, to be frank.

Plus, it's a tourist town, which doesn't make for stable living, along with its status as a major trade town (Puerto Port is a major stop for Caribbean trade to the Americas.) It's beautiful, a lovely, safe city for roughly 1% of its citizens. Let's not even start talking about the... eccentricities, of Florida in general. It needs some hard work, and a lot of it, in most areas. In recent years it has been focusing extra money on cultural project, but most Ciudad citizens would prefer anything to another branch of the Museo Museum to talk about the city's history, or another college art project in their 'good' park. Schools are also surprisingly alright, for a city its size and income.

Character description: Maria is short and wiry, with tan skin with cool undertones. Her eyes are large and very dark brown, and her hair is nearly black and when un-done falls down to her rear. It is rarely un-done however, as she generally keeps it braided. She has a birthmark on her right shoulder blade that her father thinks looks like a marigold. It is just a splotch, and Maria is sure he's just making that up.

Character personality: Maria feels cold to most, though she excels at having a false sweet demeanor. She figures she gets this from her mother, along with a 10-foot nose that she so dearly enjoys poking into business that isn't hers. She's very self-righteous, and has a hard time believing she can be wrong about something, as she considers herself very objective, looking at things from the perspective of some far off bigger picture. She isn't one to concretely explain this bigger picture, either. Something about what's good for the universe, how small areas have entirely off-balance good/evil ratios and that's what's wrong with this world. She enjoys her own personal struggles, feeling that her own life is in good balance, but she is also quick to anger, and is easily perturbed by... a lot. She's not known for being SUPER consistent, to be honest. She despises political corruption and things along that vein, as she feels they are not constructive to universal health like other deeds. There needs to be rules, and order, for chaos and balance to mean anything at all. She throws herself whole heartedly into her work, desiring greatly to change things for what she feels is the better.

Despite this, she loves her family unconditionally. They're good folk, she knows, and her sister Rosa is her closest friend. Sometimes she makes Maria question her own ideals. She's still a little weird with them, but she is attentive in particular with them, and is a surprisingly good listener. Some might say it's a manipulation tactic, to be so suddenly sweet, eh, but never with her sister. Other folk? A whole other story, dependent on whether or not she is pissed.

Character background:
Maria was the first born to her family in Mexico City. Her father came from a wealthy background, and met her mother on a trip down south while he was in college. Her parents had another child (with a significantly different facial structure, funny) and moved soon after to Ciudad City, which at the time claimed it was making strides in safety and employment opportunity. Turned out that wasn't the case, but the family was already settled, and had two more children before calling it quits. The neighborhood that had seemed so promising when they got a home turned less than ideal, and while school went well for Maria, not too much else did. Being, for lack of better words, a weirdo, she made no lasting friendships, and eventually found her calling in politics, hoping to start the process of fixing up her city. During college she found she loved to travel, and did the whole backpack-across-Europe thing while she finished up her bachelors in Germany. While there she picked up a curious habit, homicide. The first was an act of self defense, the second because she feared walking through a certain alley one night with the person there, but after the third she couldn't justify herself. It just felt right, and really, what did a few people matter in the grand scheme of things? Reasonably good at hiding her work, she returned home and took up a paid internship at City Hall, finding her sister and self a small apartment out of the suburbs as of roughly a year before game start. She's about to find out her pop isn't her pop, and learn some answers to some questions she's long since put aside.

Costume Description: She has some black clothes, her sturdy sneakers, and one of those plain black full-face masks you can get at a party or craft store. Nothing fancy yet, not even in colors she likes. Just sort of weird but practical.

Character advantages: So Pop is the Aztec god Tlaloc, and as such, Maria's thing is powers. She doesn't have them yet (I imagine she'd get them at the start of the game). When she does, each sacrifice she makes, depending on how it is done (and who to) gives her a reserve of energy in the element chosen via mode of sacrifice. Thus, when sacrificing to her father, she gains a store of water energy for use later. The amount gained and type cannot be changed until the next different sacrifice. Also, she cannot use more than one at a time, and is at risk of getting in trouble with some, as god-politics sure exists.

Disadvantages: She has a horrible fear of both rats and buffalo. She is also easy to anger, which can impede her ability to perform a useful sacrifice. In addition, if she was to go into water so deep she can't touch the ground, she gets sucked under, who knows where.

Friends and Family: She lived with her younger sister in an apartment close to city center, while her parents and minor siblings live in the suburbs. No previous or current romantic relationships.
She has a VERY annoying neighbor, Justin Jibuski.

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