Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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Casey is curling up in his room under several blankets, eating ice cream and pizze whilst watching tv sadly now he's on the down swing.


The next morning, he was woken up at around 7 AM by a text from Grimm.

<Need you in the control room.>

"Grasbplb" He said, upon reading the text. He slowly typed out <Be there soon.>

No time for a shower or anything, urgh.

Right, getting dressed in fresh clothing, water to the face, chug down about 2 litres of water to wake up and be acting semi-presentable and off he went.


Grimm was in the command center, facing the hologram projector at the center of the room. The model of the Earth had been replaced by a model of the solar system, and Casey could see a large fleet of warships heading in towards Earth. They were moving quite fast, and were currently moving past Neptune!

"Agent Kane," Grimm said, looking towards Casey. "Earth is about invaded by aliens."



Casey stared at the warships, then the Earth and then at Grimm.

He asked tiredly "What's the plan then?"


"You're going to Washington D.C.," he told Casey. "Once there, you'll meet with some other KNIGHT-affiliated specialists, and you'll work to convince the aliens that Earth isn't worth it. Meanwhile, we'll do our best to defend Scath."

"Really? Not someone..." He tried to think of who was here who could specialise in fighting aliens.

He sighed. "Yeah, all right. I'll get more orders up there? Do we know anything about these aliens? What they want? How bad this is?"


"You will. We know a fair bit, but there'll be a briefing in Washington for you guys."


Casey stood there for a moment. Then he went up to Grimm and offered out a hand.

"Good luck Sir."

Grimm took it and shook.

"To you as well. The plane is waiting at the airport."

"Oh. I guess I'll just..."

Probably was a bad time to bother packing for the trip to D.C.

Hoped he could get pictures for the fam that wouldn't need to be erased for national security and secrecy.

"Right. Again, bye then."

Time to go flying.

He'd never gone on a plane before. Felt nervous about the idea. Although that could be the fact that the planet was about to be enrolled in an alien war...

He resisted the urge to call anyone and leave a soppy message for now. Plane time, yaaaay.

He went down to the airport, and went out onto the airport runway, where he was driven in a small car to a waiting military cargo jet.

"Right!" said his driver, a little airport security guy. "Head on over, that's your ride!"

He was not with KNIGHT. He just worked at the airport.

"Cool, thanks dude." Casey tipped the guy a 50. Money may not matter in a week so...

"I'd spend that quickly. Not for any reason but...Y'know, never mind, have a nice day."

He quickly got out to walk off over to the plane, the car noticeably moving as he got out of the vehicle.

He found that there was only two people on the airplane: his pilot and copilot. Seemed he was having a nice private plane ride.

In a cargo hold.

With a bunch of military-grade stuff.

Was pretty tempting to open up one of these crates.

Also, as it turns out, Casey was not only terrified of water, but also of flying.


At least if they crashed they'd probably make a really big explosion.



A short while later, they landed in DC!

A KNIGHT agent met him at the airport (tall fellow, rather quiet, but polite) and drove him off the runway and out the gate. They went down to a nearby office building.

"The office building is a cover. The KNIGHT HQ is hidden underneath," he told Casey as they pulled into the nearby parking garage.
"...What's the secret entrance for this place then?" He asked, still annoyed that Scath's was a toilet.

"Also, when's the meeting and everything. I assume us out-of-towners will be staying at the HQ for this?"

"Secret entrance?" asked the KNIGHT agent. "We just use the elevator. If you're authorized as a KNIGHT agent, the illusion on the elevator control panel is lifted, and you can see a button for the B2 floor. You press that? You're teleported down."

Casey stared at the guy.

"God, that is so much cooler." he complained, shaking his head in disgust.

"Alright then, but oh." He put up a finger.

"First things first, where's the bathroom? Because I drank my days water at about 6 AM this morning, then got on a plane here and I need to go."

"There's one right out of the elevator. I'll accompany you down there," he said. "Follow me?"
"Lead on."

"Also, you don't need to accompany me to the bathroom, just pointing it out will be fine. Unless, you're got like, super-advanced toiletries I guess."

"More meant down into the base," he replied, as they got into the executive elevator.

The doors closed, and the agent pressed a spot beneath the B1 floor button.

A few moments passed. The elevator was not moving.
Casey looked at the guy.

"So, this teleportation thing. Does it like tingle or hurt or wh-"

Suddenly, Casey's entire perspective changed. They were now in a rather massive lobby with a KNIGHT insignia spread across the floor, and across the far wall. There were hundreds of KNIGHT agents walking around the underground base, tending to their business, running reports, doing their business.

"Here we are."

He turned around. Then a bit more. And a bit more. And finished a full 360.


Casey was fulled with a bit more confidence on seeing all these guys and this big set-up.
"Ah. Well. Nice place you got here."

He sniffed casually. "Wouldn't say it's exactly homey though." Still feeling some loyalty to Scath HQ.

"Anyway-" He looked at the guy. "Sorry, never got your name? Official introduction. I'm Casey Kane, currently looking for the bathroom. And yourself?" He put out a hand for shaking.

"Agent Sean Rogers," he said, shaking Casey's hand.

He led Casey to the bathroom.
"KNIGHT regional HQ for the entirety of North America," he told Casey.
"Are you...Are you just gonna wait here whilst I go?" He asked awkwardly, hand on the door.

Didn't really like the idea of someone waiting outside whilst he went to the bathroom.

"Yeah, I'll be out here. I need to lead you to the conference room afterwards," he said, taking a seat on a bench outside the restroom.

He kinda wanted to take a crap also, but now...he didn't want Sean to think he was taking like, a dump-long piss, but he also didn't want to tell the guy he was taking a dump too.

He just stared at Roger for a bit, then awkwardly went in.

Fuck it, he'd just take a piss.







What a dilemma.

God, fuck it, he'd already taken too long. He was just going to take a dump then.

So long as no one came in, it should be fine. He couldn't go with someone like, a foot away from him.

As he sat down, still nervous, he remembered that he was actually super heavy and shouldn't sit down too hard, as he was already descending.

Casey obliterated that toilet.




It was, indeed, a disaster.

Casey stood up, and went over to the mirror, and just rested his head against the glass.

Wincing as the mirror cracked.


Alright, after about 5 minutes of getting his shattered bearings together, he did his business in the other stall.


He finally managed to take his crap and piss.

Now he just had to leave.

Soaking wet.



He nutted up and just walked out.

Sean was outside, seeming worried.

He looked at Casey.

"Whoa. What the hell happened to you?" he asked.

He shook his head.

"Look, just...Can I get some spare clothes please?" He said miserably, looking up at Roger and giving a serious sad puppy look.

"Uh...yeah, sure, we can get you a spare suit," he said, nodding.
"Thanks. Let's...Let's just go please?!" He asked pleadingly.

He nodded, and led Casey to the quartermaster, where he got Casey a new suit.
Fuck it, Casey was taking a shower too, he just had toilet water over him, he did not care about being late, so bugger off anyone who tried to stop him from a five minute god-damn shower.

The shower was done, the new suit was acquired.

All was well.
Casey had just relaxed into his rocky form in the shower, and as he'd put the suit on.

"Right, ready to go then. Sorry for the...issue, there, Rogers."

"All right! Right this way."

He led Casey deeper into the facility, to a conference room! It had sixteen leather rolling chairs, a conference table, lots of room to stand or walk, and a lot of people already present!

Rogers told Casey to hang out there for a bit, and that others would be along shortly.

Then he fucked off.
Outside the door, Casey sighed, rubbing his eyes. Christ, he could hear people arguing and yelling in there. Shit must be heating up as they discussed the whole BUG WAR invasion and dealing with it. Probably were coming up with tonnes of different plans and things. He took a moment to pray they didn't ask him to volunteer any advice. Right, well, he looked presentable anyway. Just outta the shower, wearing a fresh and simple KNIGHT suit, good professional look. Was in his rocky form, so, ideally he wouldn't get questioned too much about his dark cyan sandpaper skin and the blue/green rock/gems sticking out of his flesh, like around his right eye, or his silvery metal hair, or his feralish cloudy green teeth, or stupid weird eyes...

He paced up and down behind the door a few times again. God he looked like a fucking freak.

And he was short. But that was an old issue that was somewhat negligible relatively.

Right, okay, they're professionals, it'd be fine. Few looks, probably seen weirder, some of them COULD be weirder.

Deep breath. Casey opened the meeting room door.

Yep, he was right, some of them WERE weirder, or at least just weird.

"Er, k-he...Hello?" He asked, voice cracking slightly. "This is the 'specialist' 'bug-war' meeting, right?" He smiled timidly.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible

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