Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
The door opened, and a man in a tan suit walked in. He was tall, thin, old (perhaps in his eighties), Caucasian, and had white hair and a massive white mustache. His eyes were a fearsome blue, and he carried a cane with a gold head in the shape of a lion. He smiled upon seeing them all, then rushed over to the front of the room with surprising dexterity.

"Good day to you all!" he said, his voice carrying a hint of an Northern English accent, though he'd obviously lived in the United States for quite a while. "I am Kenneth Bevill. Sir Kenneth Bevill! Sorry for the wait, the day has been quite busy, what with the planning for the invasion and what-not."

He cleared his throat.

"Right! Before we begin, know that you will all be headed into certain danger. The odds of us surviving this day are VERY slim! However, with the right amount of determination and strategic acumen, we will all live, and stop this alien invasion from consuming the Earth!"

He laughed, gripping his cane in front of him.

"Any questions, before we start?!"

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