Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
He looked to Elena.

"And you'll have them...provided this IS a bug invasion, that is. Don't worry. We'll arm you all well, and armor you as well."

He looked to Desmond!

"The Confederation's weakness is their physical size. Without their power armor and power suits, they are roughly three feet tall, most of that being their head. Without their suits, they are physically helpless. And their psychics can employ telekinesis, as well as telepathy and mind control over particularly stupid people! As for the species in the confederation, well, they only employ one in their military. They call themselves the Highborn, or the Citizens, they are the founders of the Confederation."

He looked to Max.

"We do, though the problem with outfitting the Dragonfly is that she can both shrink and grow. Finding an armor that protects against electricity while still allowing her to use the full scope of her powers is difficult."

He then addressed Simon.

"We haven't truly fought them before. They were better than the hives about not violating the DMZ. Likely because they can have a unified policy, and were gearing up for war for the last few decades," he said.

He then answered Casey!

"EMPs do not work on their gear, unfortunately. It's all ruggedized."

He looked to Layla.

"Noted! If you'd all prefer, you can be sent to the worst areas as a unified team to back up all the KNIGHT agents and army soldiers that'll be fighting here in DC," he said, nodding. "Might be preferable to spreading you out."

And then to Marcus.

"They should be here in a few hours. We have time to prepare, but not as much time as I'd hope for."

He smiled.

"Anything else? Anything I forgot? Anything at all?"

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