Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Maria made the O.K. gesture with her hand, as she was as good as she was going to get. She'd finally figured out a somewhat less sketchy way of explaining her gimmick, and would do so when they were about to head out there. For now, she was a bit more focused on other things. There was still quite a bit of her that was scared, and that wished she was back home, to watch over her family, and her friends. She was glad Claire was back there, and that John wasn't an idiot, and that apparently her mother had some??? Secret bullshit??? That might help out??? Yeah she was going to ask about that when she got back.

... If she got back? That was a depressing thought. A horrifying thought. It generally wasn't, as Maria was still in a manner unafraid of death (eh, just meant she got to hang out with her dad and maybe some other cool people for eternity). This time though, she reminded herself, it wasn't just her on the line. This was a part of something that, well it might scare their enemies away, send a message to the reaches of space, something like 'FOR REAL, FUCK OFF, WE'LL MESS YOU UP.' If she didn't get home, then she increased the chances that all of her friends and her family wouldn't get to. Her fights just kept escalating in their direness, it seemed. Well, that just, settled it. Her focus, until they got out there, was the need to fix things here, so she could get the hell home. Went along with her goals, too, she supposed. This definitely fell into the divine role she claimed for herself, that being 'making the world suck less.'

Yeah. That'd do. It'd have to. She sighed, seeming a bit more tired than she had been, and then looked to the Raven. "Can you just, take that question back? Because honestly, I don't want to hear the answer."

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