Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
In response to all the people trying to make armor, Kenneth laughed.

"Don't worry about that! KNIGHT has xenotech armor available for your use. Won't bother with the powered variants for those of you with enhanced strength, since your strength is superior to that of the armor, but the rest of you are certain to need it."

Max was given some HEAVY DUTY POWERED ARMOR, which would protect him very well, and would also give him enhanced strength! It had a built-in radio, slots and storage for his gear, and a back-mounted complete omnitoolbox.

He mounted an alien plasma gun to SIG. SIG seemed to like this.

Max also made Desmond's bottle. And gave Sharie her cloth!

Marcus made some timed explosive arrowshafts. He was also given laser arrows from KNIGHT. In terms of operation, he'd fire them, they'd latch onto the enemy, drill a hole in their armor via built-in laser-drills, then fire a mini-explosive through the created hole. Marcus received an active camouflage stealth cloak from KNIGHT, as well as a suit of light powered armor that allowed for strong agility and enhanced jumping. Finally, KNIGHT gave him some of their armor-piercing shock arrows.

Raven received a similar suit of powered light armor, and his Nalgone bottle.

Maria warmed up, then asked about the alien hearts and crying. Apparently the aliens did indeed have hearts (in the center of their torsos), and they did indeed cry. She also received two shock knives (which worked as regular knives too), a shock sword (which worked as a very sturdy regular sword too), shock knuckles, a grapple gun, shock arrows, electric arrows, and finally...a suit of light powered armor similar to Marcus's. Finally, she sent out her message to Rosa, who did not immediately reply.

Sharie claimed a room (it was nice, with a bed, dresser, desk, bathroom, and all that nice stuff), e-mailed Grace, and received a metal bottle. Sharie received a laser pistol and a sunray gun from KNIGHT, and got a nice suit of medium fire-resistant power armor. She'd have to take the helmet off and shoot herself with the sunshine gun on occasion, as well as hydrate. The armor was custom-built, with a retracting visor that would allow her to spit acid, as well as holed gauntlets that would let her shoot off her pollen. Finally, if she wanted, she could eject herself from the armor at any time. She also got her cloth from Max!

Akira received a resilient helmet, electrofists, an electro-sword, and an electric shotgun.

Casey received a heavy suit of power armor, a marksman laser rifle, two plasma SMGs, a plasma rifle, a magnetic shotgun, a shock-hammer, a bunch of grenades, water canteens, salt-free rations, and super durable rope. He also warmed up.

Elena received a massive lightning cannon and electric fists, as well as a suit of light power armor that would still allow her to fly. Her wings would still be a weak spot, but hey, can't protect everything.

And then Akira begged Casey, so Casey lifted her up and snapped her spine over his knee.

She fell to the ground after a resounding crunch, paralyzed and dying.

Or at least she should've been. About ten seconds later, her spine reconnected itself, and she felt WAY THE FUCK STRONGER.



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