Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Yeah, it was her eyes that betrayed the wariness. Not, like, her brain or the whole emotion-reading thing Valence could do. No way!

With a half-hearted, forced grin that's more teeth than smile, Layla returns the thumbs up. Yeah. That's a pretty damn pathetic looking upward thumb.
"It's...everything, I guess?" Though the question is oddly phrased. "I can draw power from a lot of stuff, but, uh. Anger and...fear...seem to work best?" That's weird to say, right? Like spare batteries! Hahaha! "Or-- uh. There's positive ones, too. Happiness, or confidence..." She trails off. "Haven't really had a whole lot of experience with using other people as energy though, honestly. Uh. None, actually. Never tried it before. No sapping knowledge whatsoever." At least, not in the battery sorta way she just described to Maria. More in the 'you're feeling this and I have empathy so now I feel it and am using my own emotions you've influenced' kinda way.

"But-- hey if there's a good time to try it, it's before the end of the world, right?!" There's a force lilt to her voice as she spreads her arms, her enthusiasm...also...a little bit forced. Right! Great!

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