Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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Desmond stayed behind cover as the aliens unloaded a flurry of fire at him. Then a flashing green orb that looked a lot like a grenade flew back to where the three heroes were hiding.

They all ran like hell, presumably yelling for the other soldiers to get the hell out of there. The grenade went off, cratering that entire sandbag emplacement, and the three ran for cover, firing on the aliens. The several alien bombers came down, blowing the hell out of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and collapsing the entire structure, sending smoke and debris everywhere.

At the Lincoln Memorial, Maria stood over the alien, speaking her message to Tlaloc. Then, without further ceremony, she stabbed the alien in the chest. Its life left its eyes, and a few moments after that, Maria saw its soul recede into the ground. A portion went to Maria, giving her power. Its soul was a bit more valuable than the average human's, but was nowhere near as valuable as a bug alien's, or a demigod's.

Meanwhile, Casey shot a few more aliens before a massive eight foot tall red hulk of a power armored alien rushed at him, tackling him him back and stabbing at his gut with an energy wristsword.

Sig attempted to shoot down a dropship, but his plasma cannon wasn't exactly precise. He immediately redirected his aim as a bomber came in low, priming its torpedoes to fire at the Memorial. He fired three shots, two of which struck, sending it spiraling down into the ground twenty feet from the Memorial's steps. It narrowly missed Layla, who deflected the shrapnel and explosion from herself with a quick shield, before unleashing multiple shockwaves upon the aliens around her. This injured a great number of them, and the soldiers rushed forward to drag them back to Maria. Maria would get eight more in total.

Elena flew off from the Capitol Building and tailed a dropship, aiming her lightning cannon at it. Its rear defensive cannons activated, firing back at her, causing to engage in evasive maneuvers. Fuck, this wasn't working. Without much other option, she zoomed low and fast, then flew up, jumping in through the side and boarding the dropship. It was empty, fortunately, having dropped off its soldiers. The interior was mid-sized, with seating for eight, as well as a front door that led to the cockpit.

The dropship intercom immediately yelled something in a guttural alien language, before several electro-turrets came from the ceiling and fired on her. The power armor absorbed most of it, but she still fell to the ground in significant amounts of pain.

Akira was outside the Lincoln Memorial, still punching and kicking her way through the aliens. As she did so, an alien in black armor advanced on her, firing what appeared to be a grenade launcher at her. The space beneath her feet exploded, nearly vaporizing her legs and sending her top-heavy husk back into one of the pillars. She hit the ground, still alive, but in enormous amounts of pain.

Yet her legs were already beginning to heal. And that blast made her feel incredibly strong. Like she could punch through a tank.

Speaking of tanks, many larger dropships were coming down, carrying enormous red hover tanks with huge plasma turrets, and many autonomous laser machine guns. They dropped four of them off in the upper mall, near the Capitol Building, where they began to descend down the plaza, gunning down soldiers and KNIGHT agents left and right. Plasma weapons simply scorched the armor, while conventional weapons did nothing at all.

Marcus picked off another officer, further damaging the enemy leadership, before he noticed a dropship coming in a hundred or so feet from the Washington Monument. He glanced off down the mall, and saw an alien bomber coming in low, priming its torpedoes to fire at the monument. Without much chance for delay, Marcus fired down at the dropship, tying off a zipline before jumping off the monument. The torpedoes were fired from the bomber, striking near the base of the structure, and gutting the inside. The monument began to crumble and collapse as Marcus hit the top of the dropship hard, grunting out before covering himself with the stealth cloak. A few seconds later, the entire structure collapsed, filling the middle of the Mall with smoke and burning rock.

DC itself was rapidly crumbling as buildings were demolished and fires were started throughout the city. The soldiers were being slaughtered. Despite their bravery and training, they were no match for the technological superiority of the enemy they were facing. Alien ships were beginning to fill the skies as the plasma guns went down, and the military aircraft were becoming scarce.

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