Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Maria looked up from her position. She could work with this.

... She was going to deck that son of a bitch if they got through this. "Jesus Christ, you do NOT know how this works, just- fuck, uhh..."

She looked to the big fuck off random mist, and identified where they were, and where that tank was, as she assumed he was shooting the lightning at that. And awesome, Akira was back and out of the way. "Akira, Kane, hold back one second."

Back to the earpiece. "Ok Raven, I see you, for the love of- goddamnit- EVERYONE WITH RAVEN, GET BEHIND HIM, DON'T STRAY TOO FAR TO THE SIDES!"

Maria held onto the sandbags to steady herself, and she looked behind her, staring at the river. Every ounce she could grab rose, up above the Lincoln memorial, forming into a skull as she collected. She made it roughly the shape she could tell the aliens had, having punched enough of their faces to get a feel for what such a collection of bones looked like. It chattered its horrible teeth, and stared out, until she'd collected all she could, and it FLEW, avoiding Valence and landing in front of friendly forces. "NO FEAR, EARTH IS OURS!" She shouted out, as the skull melted to the ground and the wave resulting pushed across the green. She'd of course be pleased with any knocked over aliens along the way, but her main target was this:

As the wave approached where she knew the tank and aliens had to be, it veered to the right, and then crashed as hard as she could throw it from behind them to the right. Her aim was to catch whatever was there and throw it to the side and then past the group, so they were clear to fucking bolt.

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