Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
The Raven balled his fists looking down at Maria.

"Don't you fucking dare you hypersensitive shit." He snarled, "Do not you fucking dare think you know me you fuck. Where the fuck where you when I was crawling my way through a pitch black forest and entrails were falling on me from above in the dark? Hm? Where the fuck was your advice on empathy and being too cold and disregarding for lives when blood sucking vampires were rooming through the streets of an unseen city slaughtering all before them and you could do nothing about it because there was something worse you had to fight? When dozens of people were enthralled and siphoned off as meat sacks, chained to decaying ruined buildings in the warrens beneath Solomon city and all you could do was burn your fucking face off in a desperate attempt to save a paltry sum of them before they were all torn to fleshy ribbons? When everything you do is only done to prevent something worse than what is happening and you are powerless to do anything about the real horrors that actually seethe in the underbelly of fucking creation waiting to rip apart the innocent and suck on their fucking marrow!? YOU FUCKING DARE COME OVER TO MY FACE SCREAMING ABOUT HOW MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE I AM ABOUT TRYING MY FUCKING BEST TO MINIMISE LOSES WHEN THATS ALL THAT CAN REALLY BE FUCKING DONE IN A GOD DAMN WAR? You best step the fuck off before you try my patience any further you sack of know-nothing trash. If I knew of some way I could suddenly get another powerful fighter to help out I wou-"

The Raven Paused, as if a thought had just struck him.

"I wonder if..." was the last thing people heard over the comms before he took away the mic so he wouldn't be shouting down everybody's ears, walking over to the darkest parts of the memorial. "CERIDWEN!" he called out, "CERIDWEN! IF YOU'RE OUT THERE, I NEED YOU!"


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