Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Maria could accept that shitty apology. She wasn't sure he was going to get there. Like, she was about ninety-eight percent sure the next thing she did was going to be throwing a punch at him. Probably would have broke her hand, that mask looked tough. For the best things went this way. She wanted to offer him some more hopeful words to end the interaction on, maybe tell him she had faith in him, that arguably she'd be there for him if he wanted it and was willing to stop being a dick because the world was terrible and FUCK if she didn't know the sorts of things that lurk where magic hides, but she was still too angry. Fuck that guy, she thought.

Flipping down her visor, she made sure to dry him off if she'd missed any in his clothes when she splashed him, and the coyotes ran off. One flew up to aid Valence, disrupting ships for her. The other joined the wave across the green, in its attempt to drag aliens back to them. Let's see... she was at twenty five for Tlaloc and one for Xipe Totec? Yeah, she'd sacrifice one more to Xipe if she grabbed another, and any others up to where she could feel her limitations would go to her father. On the off chance she got more than THAT, she'd... Well, she'd lift up her helmet just enough to let her mouth free, and start eating hearts for Huitzilopochtli. No sense wasting soul power for that one. She could stand that, if it came down to it.

She turned her earpiece back on so she could hear people. "Hey, Valence, still have your earpiece on after that?"

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