Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
"I'd recommend our headquarters," Agent Hung said to Simon. "But I saw the building get destroyed. The entrance is likely unreachable at the moment."

She sighed.

"The Pentagon is your best bet, if you can get there. Good luck, Sy," she told him.

And then she, and the rest of the KNIGHT agents, boarded the dropships with Desmond, Elena, Sharie, Max, Maria, Casey, Layla, Ceridwen, Sig, and Akira (who was already there).

Max quickly hacked the three dropships and shifted their IFF and identification tags to something he hoped the aliens wouldn't shoot at. Afterwards, the three dropships took off. A few heroes and KNIGHT agents were on each one, to avoid making one dropship too vulnerable. Elena was flying one, while KNIGHT agents (as the most experienced) were flying the other two.

They quickly zoomed up towards the dropship, using the built-in autopilot functions to soar up towards one of the hangars. As they neared the battleship, they found that the weapons...didn't fire upon them. It seemed that Max's trick worked. They passed through the battleship's shields, entered a hangar, and landed in three empty spots.

The downside was that the hangar was absolutely filled with power armored and power suited aliens, who noticed their arrival and prepared to fight them! There were two exits to the hangar: one going towards the back of the ship, and one going towards the front.


Meanwhile, in another part of the colossal battleship, Marcus pulled himself up a ventilation shaft and eventually reached the top level of the ship. Once more, there was two directions he could travel in: forward or backward. In the forward direction, he heard alien voices echoing through a vent.


At the Lincoln Memorial, Simon was standing with the forty surviving army soldiers. The three dropships were going up towards the battleships, leaving him the sole remaining hero on the ground.

The lives of the soldiers were in his hands now. He could work with Captain Sullivan to fabricate a plan.

One thing was certain, though. They had to move. The aliens were preparing to assault the memorial soon, and due to the absence of Layla, Maria, and Sig, the alien bombers would soon have free reign to bomb the shit out of them.

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