Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Damn if leaving anyone behind doesn't hurt. Though maybe hurt isn't the right word for it. It's like an itch in the center of Valence's chest, accompanied by a voice in her head that isn't an actual entity. Her conscience, maybe? Or guilt. Lots of guilt. It implores her to go back, to help those people, but for a reason she's not sure is entirely right. Going back to save them so they can live, most certainly, but also so she doesn't have to sense even the slightest hint that they've been...been...

The others take time to talk around her, but it's distant. Layla can't really properly make out their words. Her head feels hollow, like their voices are from far away while she's at the center of a cavernous room. Even Aracheor remains silent, and she makes absolutely no moves to speak to him. This is something she needs to come to grips with on her own.
Most people struggle for years to come to grips with their own mortality. How is she supposed to rapidly accept hundreds-- thousands-- of others?

Nausea clutches at her stomach as she boards the dropship. Tears threaten her, but she chokes them back with a dry swallow, fists clenched. If the others can be so damn strong, so she can she.

Luckily, it seems like her storing her emotions is probably a good thing! It makes her head hurt, but judging by the mass of aliens that greet them, they're going to need her firepower!
The tears start to fall as she focuses energy into her palms. It's only logical, really. When your powers revolve around emotions, you can't exactly hold your feelings back forever. The beads drip down below her mask, rolling over her jawline and spattering to the floor unceremoniously. She tries not to think of it as metaphorical, tries not to liken it to the way the human body might splat.

A cry rumbles through her chest as she springs forward, propelling herself at an even faster velocity with the help of the energy at her feet. She's aiming for the closest power-armoured fucker, her eyes wide, wild and red as she hurdles closer. Just before impacting she fires off a point-blank blast with both of her hands, roaring something unintelligible.

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