Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Desmond rushed out of the dropship, firing his plasma rifle while running for the cover of a dropship. Two aliens were shot in the chest, while two power suited aliens were struck by a chain lightning bolt that temporarily paralyzed them. Ceridwen, meanwhile, found a shadow beneath a dropship and disappeared from sight. In order to get much use out of the shadowcat, Desmond (or the others on the team) would need to start shooting out lights. The ship was too brightly lit.

Layla rushed out of her ship, propelling herself around the room blasting the fuck out of aliens. All energy bolts launched at her were deflected by her shields, and she unleashed all of her rage upon them. It inspired quite a bit of fear from the aliens, who were being driven back towards the center of the hangar.

Max went to a wall panel to hack the hangar. He didn't bother with the interface, instead tearing the computer panel off and using his impossible technical expertise to hotwire the panel directly. It turned out that all the ship's systems were local and closed, meaning that he could only control the hangar's systems from the hangar. Still, he was able to lockdown the ships to keep any from leaving, and also locked all the doors to keep reinforcements from rushing in.

Maria brought her waves of water down in the hangar, sweeping them around, and knocking many aliens off their feet. This allowed the KNIGHT agents, who were disembarking, to get easy shots. The aliens suffered many casualties as a result of their teamwork.

In another part of the hangar, Akira rushed into the fray (suffering many injuries, as usual) and started punching, kicking, tackling, and grappling! Her strength only increased, while the lethal head blows scarred her helmet!

Sharie ran for cover, firing her gun wildly at the aliens! She put down two herself!

Ceridwen emerged from beneath a dropship and grabbed a power armored alien, dragging him back beneath the dropship, where his screams echoed through the hangar.

A minute after the group had arrived, the hangar was clear. The group had done their work, with a couple casualties amongst the lesser-armored KNIGHT agents (one was killed, while one was wounded). There were eighteen of them left in fighting condition. On the flip side, fifteen aliens were on the ground. Still alive, with critical injuries.


Marcus moved towards the vent and saw a large meeting room, with a huge circular hologram table (which was currently displaying a 3D map of DC). Nine officers, all wearing black armor with red stripes, sat around the table while a tenth officer in golden-striped black armor gave a briefing, highlighting parts of DC as he spoke. It seemed that the Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon were the only buildings left in human hands, and he was describing the planned assaults on those positions. All ten officers had their plasma pistols holstered at their sides. There were also strange power suited aliens standing guard all around the room. They had larger heads than most, and were wearing purple armor, as opposed to the usual gray. They also carried plasma pistols, rather than the heavier rifles.


Simon consulted his team for the best possible path. Currently, the bridge over the Potomac was mostly unguarded by the aliens. Though this could be an attempt to lure them out before cutting them down.

Not like they had much choice. The alternative was attempting to battle through the fortified alien positions. The siege lines were looking pretty strong at this point.

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