Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
02-07-2017, 10:04 AM
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
While Valence isn't super sturdy either, she still pushes herself in front of the rest of the group, throwing up energy shields as needed to defend herself and anyone behind her. At the same time, she aims her laser blasts at the aliens in front of her, and whatever turrets she might still be able to reach. She's aiming to really harm this time, rather than to maim for Maria. These guys were in the way, they were dangerous, and they needed to be taken out immediately.
She's serious enough about eliminating the threats that she shoots a few concentrated, precision lasers from her fingertips as well. Valence aims for the forehead and the chest; those fuckers gotta have internal organs still, and her smaller blasts pack a wicked punch.

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