Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Max succeeded in getting the fabricators up and running, producing a number of spare plasma cells that could be loaded into the plasma rifles when they ran dry. He could also create drones, but each one would take a small amount of time. Meaning he couldn't exactly flood the aliens with them.

As Desmond, Akira, Maria, Layla, and Sharie moved towards one of the doors leading further back into the ship, all but one door into the section (of which there were eight) suddenly opened, and scores of aliens rushed into the sections. Some were in power armor, many were in power suits, and they were accompanied by a seemingly endless stream of flying combat drones. This included the door in front of them, which was now producing an enormous wave of enemy soldiers. Elena had taken up the rear with her lightning gun, and quite frankly, the entire group seemed like it'd be surrounded if they stayed in the section. Ceridwen, meanwhile, had disappeared into the darkened parts of the section.

Fighting through the group in front of them and keeping up a running fight was a possible option, as was retreating back into the hangar (as the door leading back there was clear of aliens). It was their choice: fight or flight?


Marcus recorded a large portion of the map. A minute or so into his recording, however, he looked up to notice one of the possibly-psychic soldiers staring directly into the vents. His eyes seemed to be glowing purple.

And Marcus felt a strong pressure on his mind.

The other psychic soldiers were turning to look at the vent, as well.


As Simon and the soldiers weaved through the city, battling small pockets of aliens as they ran through the path of least resistance, Simon heard a blast on the other end of the line. Robin was letting out a scream of pain, while both Sam and Jason were screaming panicked curses as sounds of a fight erupted.

It seemed as if even his support team wasn't safe. And now he was without his eyes and ears, still a fair distance away from the Pentagon.

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