Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Maria shot her water forward, knocking many of the aliens over and causing significant damage to the drones and lighter aliens! Then she pulled it back, knocking whatever ones were left standing off their feet.

Then the entire group rushed forward, firing into them (or occasionally spitting honey acid to melt through their armor). Akira grabbed a drone and slammed it into the helmet of a power armored alien, killing them instantly, while Casey, Desmond, Elena, and Sharie fired off a load of plasma into them. Ceridwen appeared out of a nearby maintenance hatch and grabbed a screaming alien, dragging them inside.

Casey, Desmond, and Maria sustained a bit of damage in the scuffle, receiving plasma scarring along their torsos (with Maria's actually burning through to the flesh and searing through).

Still, they made it, moving beyond the door and into a large corridor filled with automated turrets.

They immediately shot plasma down at them, striking Casey in the face, Akira in the torso, and Desmond in the leg. It burned through Desmond's leg armor, and fried his left shin, causing him to fall to the ground.


Marcus backed up through the ventilation shafts, the pressure growing on his mind. One of the psychics yelled something out, and the officers at the table jumped up, rushing towards the vent.

Marcus's mind was filled with images of alien vessels glassing giant hives, genocides of races less advanced than humanity, and the terrible onslaught of close to a million ships.

A pain flashed through his body, causing him to spasm, but he kept partial control. And kept moving.



Simon rushed through the city, the soldiers behind him! As they ran through, maneuvering around aliens and shooting when they could, some dropships and flying drones closed in, gunning down five of the soldiers!

They went through an alley and up a grassy hill, aliens firing on them! Beyond the hill, they could see the Pentagon, surrounded by hundreds of alien tanks, all firing into the building. Despite that, the humans inside had deployed some strange energy shielding over the building, which was soaking the worst of it.

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