Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Akira and Casey rushed down the walkway, smashing, punching, shooting, and destroying turrets as they ran. With the extra cover provided by Casey, Akira managed to avoid getting shot in the face! TRIUMPH!

Elena fired on turrets, frying them!

Maria drowned all the engineers (who struggled valiantly but nevertheless succumbed) and shot her water around to cover people! A bit went out to help clear a path (though she didn't have much left for that), all the while she shot some fire at a turret. It didn't seem to do much, since it was designed to handle plasma.

Layla raised shields to defend people while absorbing some energy. She got a fair amount (delicious delicious engineering drowning fear!), though it'd take a while to recharge her batteries. So to speak.

Sharie spat out some honey at some turrets, melting through them and demolishing them!

Finally, Max rushed to the central console, ducking a few times to avoid fire as he worked. He could indeed cause the reactor to blow, using his AWESOME HACKING SKILLS. If he did, they'd have about two minutes to get the hell out of there.


Marcus rushed through the vents, making his way back to the appropriate hangar! Upon arriving, he saw about fifteen KNIGHT agents guarding the various doors, shooting through them into the overwhelming numbers of aliens seeking to take the place back.

Shit looked bad.

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