Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Skipped through a bit of stuff, since it'd mostly be stuff like "FIRE AT THE ALIENS" or "GET ABOARD THE SHIP". There wasn't much else to do during the escape sequence. Not much time for talking either.

Vigil fired off several explosive arrows (as well as a couple laser arrows into some unfortunate officers leading the charge). It was pretty effective at slowing down and disorganizing the assault, which helped the KNIGHT agents out considerably!


Max made the reactor into a massive bomb, and the group turned back towards the way they came! Maria shot a massive wave in front of them while the buffer party members presumably acted as a line of bulldozers, smashing through whatever was left. Using this rapid running screaming tactic, they managed to plow down the corridor, then through that into the industrial section, where the ranged people fired covering fire at the aliens as they ran through. As they went, alarms blared, and the aliens began to run in panic towards the sides of the ship, leaving them relatively clear to escape. Seemed they knew what was about to happen, and didn't like it very much.

The group reached the hangar with not much time to spare, rushing in to find KNIGHT holding down the fort alongside Vigil! The hangar was still mostly secure (Vigil had arrived in time to keep the KNIGHT agents from losing it), so it was a relatively simple matter to withdraw to the dropships, load up, and take off!

With KNIGHT agents flying two, and Elena flying the third, they cleared out of the hangar and flew back out into the open air. A few brief seconds after they left, the battleship exploded in a massive, blue, lightning-filled explosion that shot debris and shrapnel every which way. The three dropships were peppered with it (with the hulls taking the worst of it), and the engines began to fail, sending them crashing down towards the Potomac!


Lux was aboard her dropship with Jasper when he called her up. Before her was the ruins of DC, with most of the city smoking and flattened. Above it was an enormous battleship, imposing and spitting out a constant stream of dropships and fighters.

Then it began to spit out a constant stream of smaller pods throughout the DC area.

And after that, massive growing streaks of blue lightning began to flash through it, before the entire thing exploded in a massive cloud.

"Jesus Christ!" yelled Jasper, flying in low towards the ground to try to avoid any fallout.


Gabriel, aboard his dropship, had a similar experience. Except they came upon DC right as the battleship exploded, which seemed to surprise (and satisfy) his pilot.

"Fuck yes!" she said. "FUCK. YES."


All three dropships, with the group aboard, crash landed into the Potomac near the Pentagon, submerging all three dropships completely. They'd need to work quickly to get the fuck out before their suit air supplies ran out.

Or in the case of those without helmets: before they all drowned.


Hunter shook her head at Simon's question.

"Nothing on this level," she told him as he sorted through his broken gear. "Still, I think it'll ho-"

An enormous, ear-shattering explosion sounded in the difference. Looking out the window, through the transparent shield, Simon saw the battleship explode in a massive, blue, lightning-covered explosion. Shrapnel and debris rained down towards them. All of it was fortunately absorbed or deflected by the Pentagon's shielding.

"Holy FUCK they actually did it," Hunter said, surprise on her face as she watched the explosion. Her surprise grew into a smile. "Holy fuck they ACTUALLY DID IT."

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