Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
"Lux?" An almost-hometown hero! Man, they were really bringing out the big guns, and like, all of them. Matrose sounded sort of familiar, but in what was now her clear excitement, she couldn't place it. "Holy shit... Yeah, ok, honestly, we're... Most of us are fine. Gonna get people out and uhh, go destroy everything attacking the Pentagon? That's what I'm gonna do at least. Hell with it. The water's with us, if you two didn't know yet."

Maria put her helmet back on (most of the alien blood washed off, a pity). She'd help everyone get to shore, even the dead, as she didn't want them swept away when she let the Potomac back. When everyone was out, she let the Potomac go, and flow as normal. It didn't stay that way for long, however.

She thought, and as she did, a low sort of giggle escaped her. Yeah, ok, THAT was gonna look cool. A gigantic, watery hand rose, and then slammed onto the shore to the left of the group, an arm trailing behind it and into the water. Another settled on their right. It made a motion like it was pulling itself up, and the water rose, two hollow eyes peering out. Further it climbed, its face absolutely ghoulish, its body following suit, looking like a a terrible half-dead water titan, rising from the Potomac, as big as Maria could hold up.

The little woman laughed, in what would make an excellent evil one. This was just, the biggest and best she could pull off, and this feeling of power pushed off most others. She'd have time to worry when she was going home. She'd have time to mourn. Right now, there were people to save, glory to gain. For a moment, she was even more amused, as Adrasteia was missing yet another ridiculous tidal wave.

She unsheathed her sword and lifted it, feeling, for a bit, really fucking cool. "HAHA, GREAT, BE RIGHT THERE HUNTER!" Sure was a good thing those Xipe sacrifices kept her from being tired, because very soon after surviving all sorts of crazy things with her new pals, Maria bolted.

Just a girl, and her sword, and the gigantic terrifying watery being flying forward over her team to go and bowl over and drown literally everything it could manage to in its path.

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