Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Simon was given a new suit of medium power armor, and was sent to join the Pentagon's KNIGHT agents and soldiers for the sally.


Maria raised an enormous fifty foot tall water construct that emerged from the Potomac, flying towards the alien siege lines and crashing into it, smashing it in bits, and knocking aside tanks, soldiers, drones, and everything else that was in its path.

As this happened, Jasper piloted the dropship around and gave Lex a good shot at the siege lines.

And boy did she take advantage of it. Bringing her scepter to bear, she said her bit and fired, blasting the living fuck out of it. Several tanks were destroyed, and a number of aliens were killed.

Just after this, Elena appeared at the siege lines, tearing the turret from a tank before smashing it repeatedly. She then flew to another tank, bashing it as well!

And then the others joined the fray. Marcus was firing arrows, Casey, Max, Gabriel, and Akira were in close quarters, using their powers or armor to their advantage. Meanwhile, the Raven, Sharie, Sig, and the KNIGHT agents were staying back, using their plasma guns.

At that point, a bald eagle's scream (or was it a hawk's?) rang out throughout the battlefield as Bald Eagle came down on his glider. His suit was singed, burnt, scarred, and outright damaged in parts, but Bald Eagle was still fighting on. He began broadcasting the Star Spangled Banner as his glider unloaded plasma rockets and plasma fire.

Finally, parts of the Pentagon shield were lifted as KNIGHT agents, some US army soldiers, and Simon Almaw (wearing a new suit of power armor) sallied forth to slaughter the aliens.

With the water surging around, and several more shots from Lex, followed by the increasing destruction from the rest of the group, the area around the Pentagon was soon cleared. All that was left were corpses, horrifically injured aliens (of which there were scores), demolished tanks, and various alien fortifications.

The Pentagon was saved. While there were still many aliens in and around the DC area, the Pentagon was secure for the time being.

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