Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
"Heads up, just got word from wizards in Solomon City and the west coast, they're suddenly getting very busy again. Might be local stuff but I dont know anything more." the Raven said over the comms to the others as he walked away from his tank.

"Ceridwen?" Raven called out whenever he neared particularly dark areas around the pentagon on his rounds, most of the rest of the destroyed alien siege lines had been cleared so he was just left to his wanderings. Whatever had caused Nick and Elizabeth to suddenly become very busy didn't seem to be bothering people here just yet. He had taken the comms away from his mouth so he wouldn't be shouting his cat's name into peoples' ears as he went around, but still had the earpiece. It was a forlorn hope but, well, she had surprised him before. Maybe she got off in time too?

"Ceridwen!" he called out again. He then turned back towards the dropships suddenly, a thought struck him. What if she had gotten into one of the other ships that crashed? What if she had been unconscious or hurt when everyone tried to hurry and escape? He rushed over to the edge of the Potomac and stared down forlornly at the sunken wrecks at the bottom of the river. He hadn't even thought, what if she couldn't have gotten out in time?

"Ceridwen." he said more weakly.


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