Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
The internet was currently down. There was no access to the media.

All the satellites in space had likely been destroyed. 3G sure as hell wasn't going to work. So Layla had no idea what Burt's status was, or her family, or friends.


Regardless, Bevill left the room after getting the various requests. After a short while, he returned wearing a fresh suit of power armor.

"Raven, North Dakota did suffer significant alien incursions. Even the rural bits had dropship landings. The status of your people-of-interest, though, is unknown. Our awareness of Earth activities isn't exactly what it was," he said, first off before leaning in to whisper to Marcus. "Agent Lexington did her best to rescue your parents, sister, Manuel Cruz, and Joe Jenkins. And she was largely successful, though your mother was heavily injured in the escape. Afterwards, Agent Lexington participated in the attack on the alien destroyer. She was one of the agents injured in the attack, and she's currently in critical condition."

He frowned, then went to Max.

"Your family's status is currently unknown. Our apologies, we uh...we can't be everywhere, I'm afraid," he sighed.

He then went to Akira, finally.

"I apologize. The KNIGHT stronghold your sister was in suffered a deep penetration bombardment. Agent Thompson and Umeko were both heavily-injured, and only survived due to the timely arrival of Agent Kari. They are both doing better now. The trauma seemed to spur on your sister's natural abilities, she healed incredibly swiftly. She was better by the time Kari got her to the car," he explained to Akira. "Your sister is safe now, the destroyer's been dealt with. Provided we can destroy the mothership, she'll likely suffer no further alien threats."

Simon reestablished contact with his team! Robin and Toby had apparently been heavily-injured after the base they were hiding in suffered heavy alien bombardment. Jason was the one to get them out, having killed an alien in the escape. They were safe now, though without their equipment, they couldn't help Simon much. They were lying low.

Elena received no immediate response from Kat.

Penrose was a Bastille action figure. A rather melted one, at that.

Still, he did what he could to nod his head at Gabriel!

"Good day!" he said. "I am Penrose, Royal Adviser to Her Majesty: The Starbright Prince!"

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