Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Elena fired her tank gun up into the doors and vents, while Lex did the same thing. This helped stifle the amount of drones entering the room! The two also followed after Gabriel.

Akira rushed through, punching and smashing and ripping and crushing. A few moments into it, she was beating aliens to death with the dismembered power armor leg of another she'd killed. She was absolutely wrecking shit.

Up above, Layla was similarly blasting drones, using her wider blasts and narrow lasers in equal measure to shoot them out of the sky. At the same time, Marcus shot a grapple hook arrow up to one of the drones, sliding through the gaps in the gattling cannon. It immediately reeled him in, and using his EXPERT AGILITY, managed to hop onto the top of it. He began drawing plasma arrows, firing them into the groups of drones while the drone he was riding spun around, trying to knock him off. After a few seconds, he was forced to shoot another of his grapple arrows, swinging to the safety of another crane! It was pretty badass.

On the ground, Maria shot water around the room, covering the squishier group members while assaulting the aliens. At the same time, she made a few more sacrifices to Xipe, boosting her healing factor. Across the room, Max found that he couldn't mess with the drone IFF. But he was able to fuck them up with his magnet, which was a good feeling.

Sharie shot a few aliens as she rushed. Alien engineers to be precise. Eh. She kept close to Gabriel, covering his rear as he ran.

Desmond emerged from the dropship, shooting lightning at a few alien drones (frying them out) before blasting a power armored alien right in the face. Shaking his head, he spotted Gabriel running towards the edge, and followed after him.

Casey was staying with the rest of the group, shooting and punching. Covering their asses.

Throughout the hangar, occasionally a massive claw would appear from beneath a ship, tripping a soldier or engineer and dragging them under.

Finally, Bevill was out in the hangar alone, punching, ripping, shooting, and screaming as he tore the aliens to pieces. It was rather inhuman. He turned to Gabriel as he ran towards the door, yelling out over the comms.

"Not that way, gents! This way!" he said, leading them towards another door. Upon reaching it, he tried to get Max to hack it, but Lex summoned her sword and hacked it the more traditional way. The group proceeded through (with Marcus shooting a zipline arrow down and landing to follow them). Simon also followed, covering their escape with heavy fire, and Layla did the same, landing and covering the group with shields as they went through.

The group proceeded through the door into a long corridor, blasting the turrets and armored soldiers as they plowed through. Smashing through the door at the end of the hallway, they stepped through into a large multi-level open atrium, with several stairwells and elevators leading up. At the very top, a walkway led from the side of the atrium to a cylindrical suspended room overlooking the entire atrium.

"That's the security room!" Bevill said, pointing to it. "We need to get Max up there, so that he can hack the teleportation inhibitor, and let in the others!"

As if on cue, a part of the ceiling parted, and an enormous mech dropped down from it. It was semi-humanoid, with four arms (each loaded with various giant alien weapons), four legs (fitted with rocket boosters), a shield generator, thick armor plating, and a transparent cockpit in the central torso. Inside, they could see an alien in a massive suit of violet power armor with numerous golden stripes. In total, it was about thirty feet tall, and looked incredibly formidable.


The mech raised its weapons to aim at them.


The atrium was roughly six stories and three-hundred feet tall with an overall cylindrical shape that was six-hundred feet across on the ground level. There was a number of fountains, statues, benches, seats, and walls to act as cover.

It'd be a hell of a fight.

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